Monday, October 31, 2022

T Minus 8 Days and Counting to the Election: King Barack Fails to Get Expected Royal Treatment; Covid Hysterics Seek Amnesty Hysteresis; Democrat / Media Censorship Complex Still In Meltdown Mode Over Elon's Twitter Takeover

The lighthouse and adjoining structures on the Pacific Ocean below the Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma peninsula,
San Diego, Calif.


Last Day of October and therefore Halloween 2022 with 8 days until the election, so we might as well have a political entry ...

First up, this is a deeply satisfying story [link embedded]: Barack Obama Gets the Detroit Style Heckling Treatment Campaigning for Democrats.

It shows King Barack of the self-annointed Royal House of Obama at a Gretchen Bitchmer campaign rally in Detroit on Saturday enduring nasty heckling and a general breakdown as he tried to work his tiresome self-righteous magic.

There were leftwing hecklers accusing him of being a mass murderer for the Ukraine-related mayhem that the U.S. helped trigger. What was really odd and hilarious was that some people in the crowd started chanting "Fuck Joe Biden!"

Sorta like Nicolae Ceaușescu in that last speech he gave ...

I never could have conceived in 2008 how much sociocultural destruction and resulting political mayhem that Barack Obama would personally bring to the United States.

Look at him: King Barack I of the House of I SHAT Marble While Wearing My $650 Fendi Floral Shirt at My Sacred 60th Birthday Party on Martha's Vineyard With My Various Multimillionaire and HollyWOKE Celebrity Ass Kissing Minions.

Did you realize that event was NOT a "Covid Superspreader Event" because everyone there was all vaxxed up and REALLY SOPHISTICATED.

Meanwhile, everyone else was a GRANDMA KILLER if they weren't holed up in lockdown -- miserable, obese, masked, alone, children's childhoods being destroyed.

Oh, and fuck you about "amnesty". You'll get "amnesty" after the Covid Nuremberg Trials and all the people responsible for the destruction of our civilization are properly punished.

Saifedean Ammous is absolutely right in this tweet thread (above and below) -- the key part being "there is no contrition or admission of error" but instead "a demand to be excused from the consequences."

And most importantly of all, "they do not tell you want they are going to do when they programmed to get made about bad weather & demand to shut off your heating & take away your car & beef to fix the weather, do they?"

As for Biden, you can bring out this senile, brittle, creepy-pervy, rage-a-holic shell of man only so often in between extended rests and drugging him up.

The notional election is now just 8 days away -- in fact, it's underway now -- so maybe I should say the results will be known in 8 days ... Except in Pennsylvania, where it will take 6 weeks, many court battles, and 3 a.m. mystery ballot drops to even get a sense of what happened. Libs love that. They thrive on it.

I've been wanting to post the above Tucker Carlson monologue from his show two weeks ago (Oct 17th):

The topic is on how the midterms give voters a chance to "render judgment on the unprecedented moral atrocities of the last two years." A transcript is available here.

About the election, the New York WOKE Times / Siena / Eat Shitma push-poll racket dropped a series of its usually wildly Democrat-favoring Senate polls (see image directly above). Given how wrong it has been in the past several elections, that means the Republicans are probably in good shape. As it is, most polls have showed a significant improvement in the GOP position / large deterioriation in the Democrat-Communist position in the past few weeks.

Hahahaha ...

Just FYI, the woman (biological female?) who became this screaming liberal meme is named Jessica Starr -- and that event happened in Washington, D.C., on the occasion of Donald Trump's Inauguration.


As for Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, the Purge has begun of its cossetted Millennial / Zoomer / Groomer and all around obscenely bloated workforce. Actual formal changes in policy to undo all the grotesque WrongThink bans and algorithm based shadow-banning and suppression have yet to begin.

This is a huge topic that warrants a separate entry, but having this particular multi-billionaire -- Elon Musk -- in control of the Twitter social media platform and ideologically opposed to Censorship Regime of the Deep State and its Cultural Marxist-minded Big Tech enforcers is so critical. Maybe it should be that way, but it is.

Preliminarily, though, we can say that the Reign of Censoring Terror at Twatter was even worse than we imagined -- and it happened while the lazy, entitled, historically illiterate, hateful, and all-around-stupid Bubble Children who "worked" there enjoyed wine bars, romp rooms, yoga sessions, gourmet lunches, meditation lounges, and the like.

At the very least, he got rid of the CEO, the CFO, and that demon she-devil Vijaya Gadde, "Legal, Public Policy & Trust and Safety Lead" -- i.e., Chief WrongThink Censor -- and he did so WITH CAUSE so they won't get their multi-million dollar golden parachutes, at least not without a nasty and protracted legal fight.

There was a lot of Communist / Democrat Media Complex caterwauling about how we're all supposed to start boo hooing because Ms. Gadde lost her $17M/year job, not to mention her tens of millions of dollars in golden parachute stock options.

As ever, Glenn Greewald cuts to the chase most brutally in the searing hypocrisy of billionaire-owned mass media outlets complaining that a billionaire now owns Twitter:

Staying on the topic of the Left / Regime's reaction to Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, this really tickles, me and it so nicely encasulates the Illiberal Left's mindset:

Our favorite Mascot of the Washington Consensus and Synecdoche of the Perma-War Deep State -- is fretting that he might have to make a "quick exit" from Twitter because of Elon Musk's new reign:

That is, he's worried out being censored -- which is PRECISELY the thing Elon does NOT want to do even with people who strongly disagree with him. But libs are so clueless and their projections so transparent that they expect their political enemies to behave EXACTLY as they do.

Will Chamberlain summed it up nicely in his response to this Marc Elias tweet. Keep in mind Elias -- a Democrat super lawyer and key player in ClintonWorld -- is supposed to be a Really Smart and Sophisticated Person.

What's really going on is what Pedro Gonzalez says in this tweet, the content of which I'm reposting below it as text:

Twitter has been a tool for manufacturing consensus on everything from Ukraine to elections and vaccines. It spreads misinformation under the guise of fighting disinformation. Musk is a threat because he threatens to remove Twitter from the regime's toolkit.

For a deeper dive on this matter, see this wonderful Ben Shapiro tweet thread starting sequentially here (if the log in screen pops up, hit "log in" and then "X" out). I've screen-shotted the first four tweets above into a compendium image.

It goes without saying that the Regime will strike back...

Likely with a DOJ/FBI weaponization of law enforcement campaign against Twitter, Tesla, and Musk personally. Expect FBI raids on Twitter HQ by mid-2023 and indictments involving the usual trio of DOJ go-to charges: Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Conspiracy Against the United States.

OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry -- and skip much commentary on what happened at the Pelosi home in Scat Fransicko, except to note the borderline mass psychosis and even desperation in the Left / Democrat Media Complex related to the Paul Pelosi incident.

I refer to its unhinged effort turn a drug-addled and clearly mentally ill nudist fetishist who thinks he's Jesus Christ living in a Berkeley retro hippie commune decked out in BLM and LGBTQIA2S+++ flags and whose incoherent writings denounce capitalism is a Trump "MEGA MAGA supporter."

Above: God, I hate Rob Reiner. He really is his All in the Family "Meathead" character -- only far more insufferable and relentless.

OK, I am really signing off now.


Thursday, October 27, 2022

A Big, Long, Complicated, and Multi-Topical Blog Entry With Lots of TV Talk Marking the 4th to 8th Iteration of 4 to 6 Different Would-Be Political Themed Postings -OR- Who's Being Served??

Walkway in South Pointe Park, Miami Beach, Fla., 4:16 p.m., October 23, 2022

This image was taken while I was in South Pointe Park on Sunday late afternoon for about 75 minutes. My previous entry explains why I was there at that time.

As for the guy in the lead picture, to clarify, he walked by one way (see images farther below) and then quickly returned. Here is a zoomed-in image of him returning:

The other pictures in this entry were taken over the past 10 days or so here in Miami Beach. This includes a set from last Wednesday night when the weather was showery and (for here) unpleasantly chilly (temps only about 63°F). Some are captioned / described, others are not. But all have files names providing place/time information.

I went over to Española Way (most of the street signs don't use the n-tilde and instead spell it as Espanola Way). I went there to go to Tropezón Miami ("an Andalusian gin and tapas bar") in order to see Sarah, who was bartending. However, she was so busy that I just left. Thereafter, I went to an very festive Italian restaurant called Hosteria Romana and sat at the bar (taking the main meal to go).

OK, for starters, I'd like to note that this particular entry is actually the fourth iteration of what started out as a political-themed posting I had initially intended for Saturday and then tried again a second time on Monday early afternoon.

Both times, though, I ran out of time to format and post it as a result of Gary's visit here to Miami Beach. He arrived on Saturday evening and then left on Tuesday. On both occasions, I needed to meet him.

However, the story gets more complicated in what amounts to a third and fourth iteration of this entry. On Tuesday night, when I tried to complete the original Saturday posting, I went off on a detour about the topic contained in the previous entry.

However, I didn't want to mix that discussion and its pictures of Tammy and Lee with an intensely politically-themed posting, I moved that political content / commentary into another draft. That represents the third iteration, which is still in draft.

The daily journey of Lufthansa Flight DLH 463 on ascent out of MIA for its trans-Atlantic journey back to Frankfurt (FRA),
5:11 p.m., October 23, 2022.

Always as an old-school 747 jet (albeit part of the newer 747-8 series Lufthansa fleet), this MIA-FRA daily R/T flight arrives into MIA as Flight DLH 462 and departs a several hours later for FRA as Flight DLH 463.


The reason that iteration is still in draft -- and representing a further complication -- is that it contained too much of a personal update including commentary on TV-related matters.

So, I separated out the political component (still in draft) and this entry -- marking a fourth iteration of the original Saturday would-be post -- is just the "personal part," which, by the way, I didn't actually complete until tonight, i.e., Thursday night.

What's more, also in draft is a reposting of this awesome Compact Magazine article Why Gen X Failed by Nina Power that is interspersed with approximately 33 images from my San Diego trip last month.

Needless to say, all these "iterations" versions result in oft-altered content based upon daily events or things that capture my attention with changes in emphasis.

The bottom line is after this entry, there remain (for now) two entries in draft -- the political-themed posting and the Compact Magazine article reposting -- but with a chance for new ones.

There is also a draft entry on The Munsters (yes, the 1960s TV show) featuring a stream of consciousness connection to the name "Yvonne" in my childhood hometown of Long Branch, N.J. That one has been in draft for about 15 months now...

Got it?

One good thing is that this week is a very suitable one for me to try to catch up on entries. Next week will NOT be that way, nor will the following one.

The following week is when what many conservatives see as the "Flight 93 - 2.0" midterm general elections that notionally occurs on Nov 8th.

I say "notionally" because they're already underway now in many places -- with ultra-blue Democrat areas having functionally open-ended, ID-free voting. The goal of this is to create as much mayhem as possible with double and triple counts and that chaotic "ranked choice" horseshit that ensures the Democrat "wins" one way or another.

The original Flight 93 Election with its still-indeterminate outcome was in 2016, and based upon the horrific Biden / Democrat atrocities of the past two years, everything Mike Anton feared proven terribly, horribly true.

Indeed, DOJ indictments of Trump and other Republican candidates aside, we're, like, one strategically placed "domestic rightwing" mass terror attack from having elections just outright cancelled in perpetuity by the Regime.

Also that following week, I go to Atlanta to visit Chris over the Veterans Day holiday weekend -- and hopefully see the trees at fall peak (although the color turnover this year has been noticeably earlier farther north in the Mid-Atlantic owing to a rather chilly October).

I'm home alone and feeling very down as dusk falls. I've the blinds closed (drawn?) and the air conditioner is humming. It's dim in this apartment and quiet despite the exterior location.

OK, that follows is what I wrote on Tuesday night, picked up midway through a thought...

About that, I live an odd existence considering my residence is right here in Miami Beach at what is basically Ground Zero of its South Beach Entertainment District (10th and Collins).

I'm listening to one of the various stations through my laptop. Currently, it's the Smooth Jazz 24'7 station and a Brian Culbertson tune ("Straight to the Heart") is playing. Previously, it was Cindy Bradley ("Lost and Found"). I rather like both of those artists.

My TV viewing is very limited because I have no cable TV and although I have the Samsung Plus as part of my internet connection, I watch virtually none of it except that FilmRise channel that shows Robert Stack-era Unsolved Mysteries on a 24/7 loop.

At this point, I've seen most of the episodes and, honestly, I don't like a lot of them -- I don't like the violent crime and "WANTED" segments, which I guess sort of defeats the purpose of so much of the show.

Above: The hallway of the "Nine20 Apartment by Lowkl" -- previously (or still currently?) the Princess An Hotel -- where Gary stayed and located across the street from my apartment building. An interesting / unusual hotel, but it would take too long to explain here.


And there is something depressing about looking up the follow-up (on to those stories 25 to 35 years after the fact -- back into what was a lifetime ago for me.

Once in a rare while, I'll watch other channels -- such as MagellanTV if it has a good nature documentary.

Trouble is, those documentaries are often WOKE-infused Cult of Decarbonization shit about how we're all going to die in 10 minutes because of The Climate Crisis (TM) if we don't revert to a "net zero energy" neo-feudal existence ...

... all while Bill Gates, John Kerry, 4'2" Mark Fuckerbook, and Al Gore fly in their fleets of jets between their mansions, meetings in Davos, Jeffrey Epstein's islands, and 6-million acre sundry private cattle ranches owned jointly by the Emperor Xi's CCP and Chi-Com billionaires even as Greta Thunberg does her Children of the Corn routine.

Of note, my internet is through what had been Atlantic Broadband, but what was rechristened earlier this year as Breezeline (not to be confused with Brightline). I am paying frickin $120 for internet -- even though my building offers internet through another service provider.

That is a new service -- only in the past six months or so -- and I've just been reluctant to switch. However, the building's property management company is levying a $30 per month charge on everone for it -- something I think that is rather shitty -- but it is prompting to me to switch and give up Breezeline. In theory, I save $90 a month. Yeah, right.

One last thing about my TV reception here: My digital antenna gets very little partly because it is a poor quality one and partly because of where I am in this building combined with its thick and old shell.

The ONLY channel I get that I watch sitcoms is Cozi-TV carried as WTVJ's digital channel 6.2 out of Miami -- and that's only for The Nanny and, occasionally, a funny Frasier episode. But Cozi TV has cut way back on The Nanny and is showing other stuff I have no interest in.

This includes weird shows such as Bones, Monk, and Las Vegas -- none of which I have the slightest desire to watch.

There is also the old stand-by of the 1990s-era Roseanne, a show I've hated and found unwatchable both in its original form and after its 2017 reincarnation.

Recall the show was rebooted in 2017, but in May 2018, a contrived Trump era WOKE Maoist moral panic on Twatter and CNN resulted in Roseanne Barr's titular character, Roseanne Conner, being "killed off" by shithole craven ABC network executives and the show retooled as The Conners.

As you may or may not remember, Roseanne's Big Race-Infused Original Sin was posting some stupid Trump era Twitter joke about Valerie Jarrett, another insufferable member of the self-annointed Obama Regime Royalty.

And if you don't know who that is, Valerie Jarrett is another insufferable member of the self-annointed Obama Regime Royalty. Her decidedly mixed racial identity and great wealth make her -- in American WOKEOLOGY -- among those Most Oppressed by the System and Structures of White Supremacy since 1619, the year Nikole Hannah-Jones created the Universe by shaking her bright orange hair.

For me, the most unforgiveable aspect of Roseanne-Jarrett non-affair is how everyone of her cast members turned on her aggressively -- doing their Holier Than Thou media tours.

Rather than doing the honorable and, indeed, basic human decency thing and staying quiet, these cheap and soulless asshats opportunistically turned on her on in a mass media / social media compaign against Roseanne.

That was a hybrid mass and social media campaign designed to end her career and "cancel" (silence and destroy) her as a human being -- the very person who is single handedly responsible for their gilded lives as otherwise forgettable B-list celebrities.

As I recall, the only possible exception to that back-stabbing hit list was the now-scary-looking John Goodman, who mostly (to his credt) stayed out of it.

I believe Laurie Metcalf -- who played her sister Jackie on the show -- also piled on in a shitty and basically unforgiveable way. While I don't recall the details, I don't want to look it up because I love her role on Frasier as Nanny G in the hilarious episode "Caught in the Act," and don't want to have a reason to dislike her.

All of the actors who played her children can go to hell. I have a particular contempt for Sara Gilbert. I'm glad her marriage to Linda Perry ended in divorce. I guess two ultra-WOKE Communist lesbian peas-in-a-self-righteous-pod can only "nest" together for so long.

Above: Sara Gilbert and singer Linda Perry, in her Halloween costume best, in May 2014 in L.A. at "An Evening With Women" -- which begs the Matt Walsh question: What is a Woman?

Lucky for us, thanks to the Genderqueer Mass Formation Psychotic Lunacy of 2022, there's no better person to answer that question than this individual:

You can read all about Joe Biden's new "Voice of Women" here. Of course, Biden himself mustn't really view Dylan Mulvaney as a actual biological young female -- rather than a cry-bullying ("RESPECT ME OR YOU'RE A NAZI!!") mockery of a woman -- because this didn't happen:

I can't wait until The Conners is cancelled.

The only reason it hasn't happened already is because ABC is so WOKE that it doesn't want to have another major cultural fixture -- which Roseanne itself certainly qualifies -- die a WOKE-infected failure like they all do. Having said that, let's be clear, the WOKE Communists don't give a shit about that -- in fact, they welcome it -- because the destruction of existing culture and social bonds IS the point.

As for me, what I really want is MeTV in order to see shows such as Hogan's Heroes, Green Acres (love that show), The Carol Burnett Show / Carol Burnett & Friends, and Perry Mason.

There IS a local channel in Miami -- WPLG's digital channel 10.2 -- that carries MeTV. What's more, the WPLG transmitter tower for channels 10.X is located ~20 miles directly from me in Miami Gardens. It is one of a series of towers -- including a "candelabra one" that appears to carry WTJV / 6.X. But I just don't get channel 10.2.

Apparently, there are ways involving use the streaming services known as Philo and FrndlyTV. But that requires downloading programs / software onto my laptop, which I don't want to do because it's my work laptop.

Without going into too much detail, if a certain job prospect comes to fruition, but I have to get an agency computer, I will just buckle down and pay the $1,000 or so for my own personal use laptop. I don't want to deal with that shit where everything is a federal crime-in-waiting.

Above: Google street view of NW 207th St in Miami Gardens, Jan 2021, with three (of a larger local area-wide cluster of seven) transmitter towers in question visible. Using that above-linked Channel Master site, though, I could not determine what channels the easternmost one of this trio carry.

The Channel 10.X tower is circled in the screenshot image below of the Channel Master map linked above. (It also carries other channels.)

As shown in that map, there is a fourth one just south of this cluster plus another three to the northeast of them -- in the direction of FLL about five miles away. I mention that because from FLL, you can see what look like a forest of transmitter towers to the south/southwest.


Changing subjects to about Gary's visit ... it was fine as far as that goes, but it was completely bar / club focused and I ended up spending about $750 in three days with most of that on a card card.

This means that a significant fraction of the gains I made in making three payments totaling $1,300 including (after $85 in monthly service charges) ALL of the $800 on the main one (JetBlue Barclays MasterCard) is already lost. And that's BEFORE my next pay period starting Friday (tomorrow) when I have my rent payment and therefore have to live frugally or, much more likely, use the credit card.

In the end, that is my life: Credit card usage, going out, never really enjoying anything, and, in the being miserable and alone, if not hung over the next day. (I hear the BIG "Y" mooing and cooing.) The only good thing is the frequency of this has gone down significantly in the past year.

OK, this is the point where the political component of this entry started, but as mentioned at the outset, I've removed it. My intention is to put it in another entry.

Instead, I'll just say that the election is now 14 13 12 days away -- although early voting is underway in many places and the Democrat / Communist Media Complex is in frenzy spewing its racist monstrosities, shit-filled narratives, and lies as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, itself the political arm of the Regime and thus the depopulation-crazed Great Reset crowd.

This is a massive topic, and I can't really delve into it now. All I really want to say is the following:

While things are looking significantly better in August -- when the Left's Abortion Obsession exploded in the wake of the Dobbs decision -- I am a bit apprehensive all these "Red Wave Coming" stories -- see here, here, here, and even here, among others. I just want the election to happen and then we can celebrate if it goes well.

OK, that's all for this entry. However, I had intended to post this picture in my previous entry:

The United States Naval Ship (USNS) Comfort and a little pilot boat as seen from the Carnival Horizon at the Port of Miami,
4:49 p.m., October 23, 2022

As an aside, USNS Comfort was at the Port of Miami on Sunday marking the start of a "humanitarian assistance, readiness building and goodwill mission" -- that is, a U.S. taxpayer-financed glorified two-month tropical latitude junket -- to five nations in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Great work if you can get it.

Remember when the USNS Comfort was parked in New York Harbor -- ready to take care of the MILLIONS of Covid fatalities that NEVER happened (IFR 0.095% for those under 70 and 0.035% for those under 60) until it quietly left after having ZERO patients.

But we still shut down civilization for 2 plus years and caused cataclysmic social, economic, and human health destruction, trillions in upward wealth transfer, and creating mass hysteria over bullshit masks and useless / counterproductive pseudo-vaccines that resulted in hundreds of millions of people turning on each other.

All in all, only the worst mass-scale atrocity since World War II and there needs to be the equivalent of Nuremberg Trials.

On this Covid topic, Jordan Schachtel has a series of pieces on his Substack site about how the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) held in NYC a mock "global pandemic" simulation whereby a coronavirus jumps from an animal reservoir to humans no possibility of a virus for a full year.

What's more, this Event 201 was devised / planned / promoted by the fucking Gates Foundation and Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (WEF), i.e., the oligarchical, eco/climate crisis-fixated, and all around genocidal-minded Davos Set. And within a month, SARS-CoV-2 was "discovered" and the worst disruption to our global civilization since the Second World War was underway.

As for SARS-CoV-2, it now appears more likely than not to have been created through GoF research and released (either by accident or intentionally). If the CCP / Emperor Xi were involved, then it was intentional.

The preprint title says it all [link embedded]: Endonuclease fingerprint indicates a synethetic origin of SARS-CoV-2. One of the authors, Alex Washburne explains in this tweet thread.

Fucking monsters who did that. Whatever their motivation, they need to rot in Hell forever.

But because I don't want to end this entry on such a negative note, let me end on a lighter / happier one ...

The 1970s Britcom Are You Being Served? has always been among my favorite shows. And while it isn't on PBS anymore -- PBS having long since descended into WOKE suffocating unwatchability -- many episodes are easily available on YouTube.

An episode I particularly like is "Hoorah for the Holiday" from 1974 in which the staff try to decide where to go on a "group holiday" during a two-week Grace Brothers construction-related closure. (The episode also appears on YouTube as "Hooray for the Holidays.")

Above is an image of the episode's title card. I believe the man in that freeze frame -- British actor John Clegg -- approaching John Inman's Mr. Humphries character is still alive at age 88.

As for the rest of the main cast, they're all gone except for Mike Berry, now 80, who played Mr. Spooner. Also still living are some of the then-young actresses who had minor roles as caretakers or secretaries to both Young and Old Mr. Grace including retired actress Vivienne Johnson, who played the personal nurse.

This plot device served as the backdrop three years later for the 1977 movie Are You Being Served? in which the cast goes on holiday (vacation) to the fictional Spanish coastal rseort of Costa Plonka.

In the episode, the staff try to decide from one of three lousy choices. The first is in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol. The second is in a Portuguese town whose name I cannot decipher (and I'm unsure if it's real). The third is in Tunisia.

I mention this because the first place -- Torremolinos -- features an image that is actually a short distance away in Benalmádena. It is that (this) image -- shown as a slide during the episode but then included as the final freeze frame image -- that captivates me:

After a significant amount of time sleuthing, I believe that the large rectangular building upper center facing the camera is what today is known as the Med Playa Hotel Riviera. But the one in that picture is the probably the original incarnation of the building -- which has undergone multiple significant renovations. I discovered this in this web-based document : Hotel Riviera re-opens having undergone a comprehensive refurbishment.

This document incorporates an interview with a man named J. Miguel Bordera, who is (was?) the hotel manager, one of two managerial positions he holds in the Med Playa group. The article states that the hotel was built in 1964 (or 10 years before the AYBS? episode). The article is from 2013, so Mr. Bordera might no longer be the manager.

The Med Playa Hotel Riviera, Benalmádena, Málaga province, Spain, November 2017

The only thing that isn't clear to me is why the actual beach / immediate coastline in that 1974 image appears almost rugged to the water's edge when the Costa del Sol in Benalmádena is anything but...

Above: Yes, an Alamy Stock Photo by Ken Welsh showing a very crowded beach in Benalmádena with the Hotel Riviera visible in teh middle left of the image.

Regardless, this is one of the episodes I like to watch on my iPhone when I'm in bed, and may do so tonight while drinking that really cheap bottle of wine I bought at Publix several weeks ago.

And now I really am signing off.