Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Afternoon Overdue Entry: General Update and Political Commentary Interspersed With Some In-Flight Florida Coastline / Miami Area Pics -OR- "Hi, I'm Fatty, Fly Me to Onesie City"

MIAMI, FLORIDA!! My home, as least for now, as seen from American Airlines Flight 3617, 4:32 p.m., August 24, 2022

Well, it ain't Bismarck, North Dakota ...

I was on American Airlines flight 3617 from JAX to MIA, and the jet was was starting a broad arc about 20 miles to the west for an east-bound approach into MIA.


AA3617 crossing shortly after takeoff from JAX crossing the Florida Atlantic coastline just north of Daytona Beach, Fla.,
3:55 p.m. August 24, 2022

I had hoped to get a view of Flagler Beach, but we came in just south of it, and I was seated on the left side of the southbound flight.


Sunday afternoon. The final one this August.

Apologies for such a lengthy gap in entries.

I'm back home in Miami Beach, having arrived ontime on Wednesday early evening. I flew back to Miami (MIA) from Jacksonville (JAX) last Wednesday -- the images in this entry are from that American Airlines flight -- but I've been very busy with a variety of matters that have left no time for writing entries.

AA3617 passing over Daytona Beach, Fla., 3:56 p.m., Aug 24, 2022


For starters, I'm trying to finish the last of the two big, boring, tedious, nobody reads reports in this round of reviews. I write these 50+ page reports with 40 to 50 to (in one case) 72 attachments as a "supplemental desktop review" of a large grant series that goes out to the States and Territories handed out by the agency to which I am a contractor.

I also had to go to the dentist twice on two consecutive days -- one planned and another unplanned because the last of my three permanent crowns managed to come out (it wasn't put in properly because of uncomfortable logistical difficulties). I'm back to a temporary crown for that one.

After my Saturday (yesterday's) visit down in the South Pointe area, my dad ended up morphing into a bar (Santorini) / beach (going in the surf down by the breakwater) / bar (outdoor Smith & Wollensky bar and South Pointe Tavern) afternoon / evening / night. I walked home and collapsed asleep by 9:30 p.m.

Have I mentioned how fat I am?

Also, I still want to move away from Miami Beach -- probably in 2023 or, at the latest, early 2024. I just don't belong here. I'll move up to Deerfield Beach or near West Palm Beach (not near Rt 1 or I-95).

Zoomed-in view of the Daytona Beach shoreline including the pier as seen from AA3617 passing over Daytona Beach, Fla., 3:56 p.m., Aug 24, 2022


There are many things I would like to write about including political matters.

The Illiberal Left / Deep State's Regime is in full tilt-a-whirl frenzy to "get" Donald Trump and launch a mass society-wide terror campaign against Trump supporters and garden variety Republicans -- even as the Midterms relentlessly approach. (How well the Repubs do is still up for debate.)

Cape Canaveral, Florida, 4:02 p.m., August 24, 2022.

Cape Canaveral, Florida. Location of the legendary Kennedy Space Station, where humanity made one its two first and sustained visits beyond Planet Earth (the other, of being, being the Baikonur Cosmodrome in present-day Kazakhstan.


It is noteworthy that on day, August 28, 2022, the Ministry of Truth's Politburo in the form of the genocidal New York "Gas All Trump Supporters" Times "officially" called for former (and future?) President Trump to be indicted on all the sundry garbage, bullshit, horseshit, maggot-filled rotted meat that has been the Left's Modus Operandi of the past six years.

One bit of good news: A federal judge looks like she's going to allow the appointment of a "Special Master" to reivew the documents and sundry novelties and notions the FBI stole in its criminal-gangster raid on the Mar-a-Lago compound earlier this month.

Above: The very elbow of Cape Canaveral as seen from about 35,000 feet above. I've always wanted to go there, but it's all restricted, of course, as part of the NASA Kennedy Space Center.


The more time that passes, the more absurd and obscene the FBI raid itself looks on an ever-shifting set of reasons given in carefully orchestrated DOJ/FBI leaks.

The leaks flow, of course, to the New York "Gas All Trump Supporters" Times and the Washington "WOKE UP THE ASS-erior" Post. Between the two, I don't know which one is worse -- Izvestia or Pravada. Pravda (The Post), I guess, if only for its insular D.C. Beltway Circle Jerkery.

I think former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is spot on correct in his assessment on the intention of the DOJ to prosecute Trump and get a conviction from an teal-haired / genderqueer / all-Communist Logan Circle and elderly black lady D.C. jury pool (remember to double click on the URL to get around the "Access Denied" page).

(Why the hell did Gingrich ever resign for such a flimsy reason back then??).

Above: Michael Voris's August 19, 2022, commentary "The Regime" from his series "The Vortex." The text of it is available here. An author, speaker, and proud Catholic Church apologist, Voris is hard core, that's for sure.


Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics has morphed into a Mengelian monstrosity in its "legitimizing" and actively encouraging "gender affirming care," which is to say, mass sexual mutilation of minors as part of the Great Reset crowd's fixation on eradication of the male of the human species.

In one sense, AAP is simply another node in the Vertically Integrated Messaging Apparatus of the top-down Maoist Cultural Revolution that has swept the United States and Western world and rendered everything anti-human life dogshit. In another sense, given its ostensible role as the professional society of pediatricians, it is truly a Mengelian monstrosity. Well, it's in God's Hands, not mine.

Above: A hilarious Tucker Carlson commentary on August 22, 2022, on Megalomaniacal Lord Father Fauci's Announcement of his retirement in December (conveniently timed to avoid a possible Republican-led House of Representatives and, less likely, a Republican-led Senate).


Speaking of (as Wes Yang calls it) Successor Ideology capture, Scientific American itself is now a Bizarro-World demonic rag with articles about "the racism underlying the concept of a binary mammalian genetic sexuality" or whatever moral and ethical filth its WOKE-Zombie Bubble Children are peddling.

But the real destruction, as ever, is being imposed on the ultra-violet Blue Cities and States that can't stop voting for this eco/race-and-identity-based facism.

It's truly heart-breaking how many American cities are now lost, having been rendered dystopian Democrat-Communist literal shitholes with human feces (the Left has a scatological obsession), used needles, schizophrenically insane homeless addicts, run-amok gangs in endless mass smash-and-grab lootings, Soros DA-designed random and violent crime intended to terrorize and sap the will to live, and Antifa vermin that are the street-level shocktroops of the Gates/Bezo/WEF Great Reset Crowd.

We won't even talk about the collapsing birth rate -- that is going to become, I believe, the dominate story in about 10 years or so when the reality is unavoidable.

Above: Tucker Carlson's Aug 25th commentary on how Democrats are now, predictably, trying to shift blame about the "rushed" Covid-19 vaccine to Trump.


Because of the ever-growing, ever-more-undeniable evidence that these two mRNA vaccines -- really, glorified therapeutics -- not only don't work (or rather, initially work for about four months and then have an ever shorter window of efficacy with endless and useless boosters), but also have a nasty side effect profile for lots of people.


OK, back to a personal update ... Looking ahead, I will try to post at least one entry during the work week.

September is almost here. My trip to San Diego with Gary (who is flying there from DCA) happens the third week of the month. That is the next in a set of four jet travels through December.

Because I've been flying American Airlines so much and because my unexpected First Class flight to and from JAX was so nice, I've joined the AAdvantage program and also got an Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard.

Phew -- that's a mouthful. I didn't have any trouble getting it with a $13,700 limit.

About my credit situation, my score -- as I expected -- plummeted after incurring $3,000 in extra debt for that disastrous visit in June of my mom here to Miami Beach. I've dramatically cut back usage on both my cards (well, now I have three). My credit score plunged 50 points to 722 but rose 15 in the most recent update (at least according to my BoA FICO score). At one point, I had a credit score of 790.

Between the free checked bags, quick boarding, significantly reduced likelihood of shrieking / squalling babies (something that is extremely painful due to my misophonia, but you sure as hell can't get mad while you're on a jet), and free drinks, First Class flying is -- assuming it doesn't cost, like, $1,000 more -- really the way to go.

Speaking of squalling babies, there was one on the JAX-MIA flight, the pictures from which are featured in this entry. I'm not sure how I would have handled that unbelievable sound. Fortunately, I was far enough up front that it wasn't a problem -- except insofar as I was thinking how it would have been a problem if I had been back in steerage near it.

There was this couple -- a very pretty olive-complexioned, maybe Middle Eastern, lady and her weirdly oversized husband. I saw them at the JAX terminal. She had an infant with her in a stroller while he was walking with this young child no more than two, and about 18 inches tall. It was wearing this bright yellow cloth that looked like a onesie. That was the sound machine.

It shrieked in monstrous infinity while we were on the tarmac but, oddly enough, got quiet during the ascent -- which is when I thought it would really have been upset because of the air pressure change. Maybe it just burned itself out.

View to the north/northeast from AA3716 on MIA final approach, 4:36 p.m., August 24, 2022

This view included both Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach (about 50 miles to the NNE from this perspective.


Speaking of onesies, Big Y'Eyemah wears them, but it's more of a shower curtain kind of thing.

Oh, yes, I'm guessing my credit score will again fall since Citi checked my credit in the near-instantaneous application process.

Before I sign off, I would like to mention that I have a potential job opportunity involving the same agency I support, but in a very different role and with a former employer.

I won't / can't go into any more detail than that since it's all just a maybe, but it is a nice opportunity -- and pays more while still allowing me to be entirely remote down here in South Florida.

Of note, the call came in from the HR person to set up a Zoom call right when I was at High Tides At Snack Jack with my dad on the one time in the 8 days when we actually went to a restaurant.

Wheels down and about to land -- on final approach to one of the smaller cross runaways at MIA, 4:40 p.m., August 24, 2022


I still have another batch of Flagler Beach pics to post from my trip to see my dad. I also need to relate an unpleasant situation that happened when I was literally in the ocean by the Flagler Beach pier last Sunday. But that's for another entry.

Above: Taxi cab view heading from MIA back to Miami Beach. The interesting looking building with the curvy-elongated "X" designs is the very high-end, high-rise condo known was One Thousand Museum Miami. It's my favorite Miami skyscraper.

About my airport-to-Miami Beach return, it was incredibly quick. From the time the jet's wheels touched the runway to the time I was in my apartment was literally 60 minutes to include walking through the massive MIA "D" terminal, retrieving my bag, getting a taxi, riding in the taxi, and arriving home.


OK, I'm signing off for now. My next planned entry will be Wednesday or Thursday.


Saturday, August 20, 2022

Flagler Beach Mid-Summer Memoirs: A Political Medium in a Possessed Time -OR- Chat Noir and Dark Spirits on an Intensely Sunny Day

Trailer porch, Flagler Beach, Fla., 1:50 p.m., August 20, 2022

The pictures in this entry were taken over the past four days as part of my ongoing visit to see my dad in Flagler Beach, Fla., which is where I am currently.

The images are varied to include some of my dad's trailer, some of his old black cat (Chat Noir) Pyewackett (spelled with two "t's"), some taken in-transit, and some from an unexpected / unplanned Thursday excursion down to Ormond Beach.

Riding south on A1A near North Peninsula State Park between Flagler Beach and Ormond Beach, Fla., 1:05 August 18, 2022

The Ormond Beach jaunt happened because a long-time "friend of the family" named Tammy -- who lives in Mount Dora, Florida, with her fiance, Lee -- is there at a beach house rental in one of those endless neighborhoods of small one-story homes.

The pics are posted in no particular order. I'm also not captioning most of them, but the files contain location / time info. So, if you find any one of them interesting, just click on / download it, and the file name should appear.

There are no pictures of myself. That's becuase I am fucking fat and repulsively ugly. It's pathetic how ugly I am. Any pictures, I will spare the world. Any myself.

As I have said before, I loathe myself. No, really. At this point, I'm too ugly to have gratuitous pictures of myself on this blog.

Saturday early afternoon.

As noted, I'm here in Flagler Beach in my dad's little trailer. I'm seated at this little table with my dad, who is working on both a crossword puzzle and CryptoQuotes that are in the local communist newspaper rag that he still gets (at $3.00 a pop).

Correction: These puzzles are in the Pennysaver. How many frickin' iterations of the Pennysaver are there in the U.S.??

A window air conditioner is pouring air on my back, except it's set for 85°F, so it's basically just air. It's one of three different window units in this small trailer along with about four or five fans. Yet it's still uncomfortably stuffy.

As for the tiny back bedroom where I sleep (see image directly above), I am able to get it really chilly at night with the a/c going -- except my dad often comes in and turns it off. It also has one of the four fans -- a big one with a serious metal grate. That fan could take off a finger.

We finally switched the TV from Fox News and are watching TCM. It's airing the 1947 pyschological thriller film Possessed starring Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, and Raymond Massey.

Of note, Crawford starred in a 1931 movie also called Possessed co-starring Clark Gable but with a different story line.

TCM -- which is showing symptoms of going WOKE -- is having a Joan Crawford film fest today.

I didn't realize just how many dark movies she did. Oh, and both Christina Crawford and Faye Fucking Dunaway can go to hell.

Outside, it's intensely sunny and hot today --noon air temp 88°F, dew point 73°F at the closest "official" weather station, Flagler County Airport.

The first three days here featured numerous showers and thunderstorms, but I guess not today.

There is noticeably less of the normal convective cumulus build up. There appears to be some sort of atmospheric cap because the cumulus clouds that have formed are oddly flattened with little vertical extent -- which is not how they usually are at the height of summertime in Florida.

GOES East U.S. Southeast Sector satellite in GeoColor mode looped 1451 - 1651 UTC 20 August 2022

Note the near total lack of convective build up over central and north-central Florida in this late morning / early afternoon period.


Actually, this part of Florida is quite stormy in the summer time with thunderstorms that form inland and then, more often than not, roll toward the east coast.

This summer / warm / humid season diurnal mesoscale phenomenon is the exact opposite of what happens 250 miles south of here in the Miami area, where the seemingly stronger Atlantic sea breeze front never permits that.

There really is a different climate regime between here and there.

One last personal item: One week is the absolute longest that my dad and I could stand to be around each other on a given visit in this tiny trailer. After this stay (recall I visited over the Memorial Day weekend, too), I won't visit again until next May (even though he is 81 years old).

OK, for this entry, I would like to call attention to this piece by writer Levon Satamian that tiers off a Tucker Carlson commentary on his Thursday night show [link embedded]:

Long story short, for a variety of reasons both active and passive, external and internal to the party, it is looking like any "red wave" or "Republican rout" of the Communist Democrat Party is looking less and less likely.

Instead, there is a good chance the Communist Democrat Party is likely to expand its Senate majority and could, conceivably, hold onto / expand the House.

In such a case, it will be open season on ordinary American through an unstoppable juggernaut of Bezos / Gates / WEF Great Reset-minded oligarchs ... its racist - pyschotic - ultimately genocidal "Critical Theories" Marxists / Maoists ... its demented Branch Covidians and the Mask Davidian lunatics ... and its suffocating Big Media / Big Tech Infotainment and Thought Control complex.

Yes, the Communist Democrat Party complex of WOKE genderqueer insanity ... of a vertically-integrated messaging leviathan ... of the Homeless Industrial Complex ... of an ever-metastasizing Military / Industrial / Surveillance complex and associated Deep State that rules through its brutal, vindictive, but ultimately incompetent Regime...

A Regime notionally headed by a brittle, dementia-addled, creepy-pervy, rage-a-holic puppet and his power-mad and quite sick family.

It means endless "gender affirming care," which is to say, sexual mutilation of adolescent and even pre-pubescent children ... Of unlivable cities under Soros DAs that seek this kind of mayhem.

They seek it for purposes of spreading terror among the populace.

Dragon fruit display, Publix, Palm Coast, Fla., 4:02 p.m.,
August 17, 2022

The Communists want you disarmed and brutally murdered on the street or, even better for purposes of mass psychological warfare, in your own home.

Oh, and let's not forget their love of schizophrenic and drug-addled homeless insanity in streets smeared with human feces. Libs gets a bizarre scatological thrill out of that.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle, Washington, D.C. -- so many collapsed shithole American cities. I didn't list Baltimore because, let's face it, that city is already Detroit-in-Damnation Alley dead.

But the synecdoche of this Communist Democrat controlled destruction approach is Portland, Oregon.

Other characteristics of this half-Orwellian / half-Huxleyan world -- a high-tech but ever-more neofeudal, dystopian panopticon ...

Critical race and critical gender theories abounding taught from the cradle onward -- at least for those babies actually born and not aborted, since the Democrat Communist Party worships abortion, the later the term, the better. As the late, great Rush said, Abortion is the Chief Sacrament in the Church of Liberalism.

But in the end, if that's what America wants, that's what America will have and the country can more quickly collapse / disintegrate. Fuck you, too.

Besides, even if we get a bunch of new Republicans, by and large -- with some notable and wonderful exceptions -- they've yet to show themselves unwilling and unable to even put up a token resistance to this mega-tsunami of filth, depravity, misery, fear, and CCP-style totalitarianism to include language and thought control.

So, systemic vote rigging aside and if that's how it actually turns out, have at it, stupid country.

And with that, I am signing off.

For today, we're supposed to go back to that place in Ormond Beach to visit Tammy, her fiance (Lee), and two of her four daughters (from two different marriages / relationships).

I actually don't want to go -- I didn't really enjoy it there on Thursday -- and would rather just go into Flagler Beach itself to the Funky Pelican. (Remmber that my dad lives in a trailer park right along A1A about four miles north of the center of Flagler Beach.)

Whatever the case, I probably won't go in the ocean today. I went yesterday and on Wednesday -- just for a few minutes. (See previous entry for beach / ocean pics from my last trip here).

Even though not rough, the waves break with a real intensity here. In this way, it is also very different from Miami Beach. One other item I noticed: The water was clean and clearer than I remember it here -- if only because there was less turbidity.

OK, that really is all for now. Again, my next planned entry won't be until Thursday or Friday.


Monday, August 15, 2022

Heading Up the Florida Atlantic Coast to Flagler Beach to Visit My Dad and My Guy Pye; Plus, Some Covid Commentary and Reality-Checking and Truth-Ringing Featured Tweets

A man fishing in the gentle surf, Flagler Beach, Fla., 3:03 p.m., May 30, 2022

The above picture and the ones below were taken by me on my trip up there over the Memorial Day weekend. I already posted them back then, but it seems appropriate to feature them again.


So, tomorrow afternoon I'm flying from Miami to Jacksonville as part of my journey to Flagler Beach for a weeklong visit with my dad. I'm taking the St. Augustine Shuttle to St. Augustine Beach, where I'll meet him at the Beach Winn-Dixie.

For the return trip, I'm taking another shuttle service (that I also used last time) from his trailer directly to JAX.

While I'm there, I intend to do a lot of work on my two remaining monitoring reports (for my job). I also plan to spend as little money as possible. I still have in excess of $6,000 in credit card debt on two cards -- and I really want to eliminate as much of that as possible in the next six to eight months.

I intend to just to stay in his little trailer right by the beach and go to the beach / into the ocean. The water quality / hue is very different up there from Miami Beach with none of the turquoise-aquamarine tropical of here. And the sand is coquina-heavy and orange-hued.

Unfortunately, I think this will be the last time I see his black cat, Pyewackett (he spells with with two "t's") pictured below on May 26, 2022. The little guy's health is in decline. I need to see him.

I know how some of these vets -- especially certain female ones -- are so keen on putting down peoples' pets.

Consider the genderqueer identity-obsessed and all-around criminally deranged pediatricians who instantly demand parents of 5 year olds agree to "gender affirming care" -- that is, sexual mutilation and a cocktail of "puberty blocking" drugs that destroy the body. And they call Social Services if the parents resist, and those nuts are only too happy to "launch investigations."

Likewise, there is a certain type of wacky vet whose "care" is also completely bizarro world inverted -- and they demand you kill your dog or cat even if the pet isn't in any pain.

Oh, pussy...

I'm not really a cat person -- I much prefer dogs -- but I love Pyewackett. He's my guy Pye. My Chat Noir. My Black Pussy. Alas, he lost his brother Zuddy earlier this year.

I also don't know how many blog entries I will post while there. Maybe just one and no more than two. Of course, that presupposes internet access -- which would be a problem if there isn't.

He also gets MeTV -- something I've not been able to get in this apartment since I moved here -- and I can watch Green Acres and Hogan's Heroes nightly.

Hopefully, I won't get Covid this time like I did on my last trip there in late May / early June -- which I promptly gave to him (and he's 81). (We were both fine after a few days.)

Speaking of Covid and cat people, the lunatic catwoman pictured above that serves as the Biden Regime's Secretary of Defense managed to get his SECOND bout of Covid in about seven months despite being doubly vaxxed and doubly boosted, not to mention endless wearing of useless masks and even frickin' face shields.

Perhaps more humorously ironic, the CEO of Pfizer also just "tested positive" (and gave the usual hostage statement)...

Simply put, the two mRNA "vaccines" -- really, glorified therapeutics with a less-than-four-month efficacy -- do NOT work.

Formulated for a strain that is no longer in circulation, due to the interplay of OAS and ADE, they can (and do) can make you more suspectible to other variants (such as Omicron and its subvariants), i.e., they have negative efficacy.

It is also not true that they reduce the likelihood of being symptomatic or the change of hospitalization for immocompromised people. That's why vaxxed versus unvaxxed stats are no longer widely published.

Worst of all, they have a horrendous side effect profile so that the risk/benefit calculus for young people is such that no one under 18 should get "the jab."

After two months, the vax uptake for under 5-year olds -- something being destructively pushed by the federal government -- is under 4% of the eligible population (of about 19.74 million children ages 5 and under). This is shown above (click on image for larger version.) And it's only that high because of the uptake in the Usual WOKE Communist places -- D.C., Massachusetts, Vermont, parts of California (see below).

Of course, in the WOKEST and STUPIDEST places such as Washington, D.C., as many as 40% of Black students will be banned from attending school because they aren't "jabbed."

I see that Madam Mayor McCheese has a new hair do.

Neither Pfizer nor Moderna can even give the shots away -- and are tossing tens of millions of them -- although both companies still have guaranteed massive revenue streams and complete indemnity from the federal government.

This seems a good point to feature a tweet thread by Saifedean on the matter of Canada's health care system that is forever being praised by the American Left ...

This is a brutal reality check on how Canada's health care system actually operates -- and the legal framework that criminalizes any private care.


I've already said quite a bit in my two previous entries about the Deep State / Regime no-holds barred effort to get Trump and, by extension, his supporters. So, I won't say anything else now. But I am still trying to gear up mentally for the impending indictment and all the hell that will break loose.

OK, before I sign off, I want to feature this as an image a tweet thread by Jordan Schachtel. In it, Schachtel remarks on the depraved and deteriorating condition of certain major American cities including both New York City and Washington, D.C. He observes how they have fallen apart physically even while the people who live there have undergone a weird developmental regression.

It rings so true, and I can vouch for that as far as D.C. goes.

In fact, it's so spot on that I'm going to restate as text what he wrote in the second tweet:

"D.C. and NY were so much more livable even 10 years ago. The accelerated decline is something to observe. The people have become dumber, soulless, and disconnected from reality.

These places will destroy you and you'll never be aware of it until your exist."


OK, I'm signing off for now. I'm not sure when my next entry will be -- probably around Friday.