Sunday, May 29, 2022

Flagler Beach Memoirs, Part I: In the Name of the Father, the Covid Bug, and Pyewackett the Cat Plus the Political Hopper Returns

The pictures in this entry include those that I took over the past few days while en route from Miami and then during the first two days of my visit to Flagler Beach. Only some are indirectly captioned.

I started this entry on Saturday but didn't complete and post it until Monday afternoon. I back posted it to Sunday night.

Saturday night.

And I feel thoroughly horrible.

While I made it safely from Miami Beach to my dad's place in Flagler Beach for this one week visit, it wasn't quite a sound arrival.

For you see, I have developed an unpleasant case of the flu that is quite possibly Covid and, if so, I have given to my 81-year old father. (Cue the Big Y'Eyemah breaking wind with quiet glee.)

It began as a nasty migraine on Thursday morning shortly before going to the airport. I had it continouosly during the flight from MIA to JAX, on the shuttle ride to St. Augustine Beach, and then on the ride with my dad back to Flagler Beach. It then morphed into a nigttime fever.

Going back a bit earlier, I had terrible dry heaves -- on the second morning, so old Seltzer water came up -- that left my sides in real pain.

While I went to sleep quite early on Thursday and remained in bed in that little back trailer room for much of a 14 hour period, I soon became fevered and flush as well despite the air conditioner on high. And the bed was too small for my for 200 pound self.

By Saturday morning, I had a dry cough thrown into this mix. t this point, I'm having a difficult time writing this entry precisely because I feel so awful.

A I'm in the small trailer, my dad is on his little bed in the little room, and the Black Pussy Pyewackett. (Yes, the spelling has two "t's" instead of one for the familiar (Siamese) feline in the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle starring Kim Novak or the mid-17th Century witch). Alas, Zudie died (was put down).)

Pyewackett the Black Pussy

Recall these are both the SECOND set of black cats, Les Chats Noirs, with that name that my dad had and that might have been brothers. The original Pyewackett died nearly 14 years ago at about 17.

Mon Chéri, Le Chat Noir

At this point, I am congested, fevered, headachy, and have an incessant and fucking horribly annoying dry cough. It would be absolutely abominable if I were a smoker. That's a grotesque vice I thankfully never picked up -- regular cigs or fucking weed, the smell of which has always made me physically heave.

Let me clarify here that I would NOT have come up here if I knew I was going to get this sick -- and exposing my 81-year old father to a potential bout of Covid or other respiratory malady.

Updated: Gary got a PCR-based test back in D.C., and he was positive, so it is almost certainly the fucking Ted Lieu Wuhan Flu -- probably the Omicron BA.5 Jin Genocide Xinping ADE.OAS Great Reset subvariant facilitated so nicely by the fucking mRNA vaccines and their "boosters" (one of which of the two I got) -- or just a head cold.

Don't even try looking up anything on Google – that Online Instrument of Social Genocide – about a "head cold" versus Covid. All you get is a bunch of TWAT-tle about getting "The Jab ... The Jab ... The Jab ..."

Almost certainly a biological female, she is the sort of who became a "public health expert" – itself the most bullshit fraudulent, societally destructive "profession" concocted – thanks to an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in Professionally Oppressed WOKE Intersectionality and Genderqueer Dance rooted in Marcusian Marxist Critical Theory (costing $65,000/yr, paid by her daddy and the taxpayer) "parlayed" via the DEIB Commissar HR pipeline.

While this WOKE Mind Virus (as Elon Musk calls it) as infected and is destroying basically every American institution, and the battle to overthrow this malevolent regime will take decades, at least Herbert Marcuse is in eternal damnation and Angela Davis doesn't have too many years left before she joins him.

It's horrific that this sort ever reproduce given their psychotic need to have their four-year old biological sons turned into one of 75 ... 76 ... 77 .... different "genders" and to do it through gender "reassignment" surgery (READ: Sexual Mutilation), the younger, the better.

However, it explains the abortion monomania of the Left: The desire for extinction and replacement of a functioning human being with rights, freedoms, and dignity with a Social Media Hive Mind emoji and the emotional stability of a Glee chat room participant circa 2005.

MIA-to-JAX jet view of the northern tip of Lake Okeechobee and the City of Okeechobee as seen from about 30,000' altitude,
2:06 p.m. May 26, 2022

In this image, you can see the Okeechobee County Airport. Also, I will repost this image in my entry featuring the pics of my May 3rd Lake Okeechobee drive about with Tim.


As for the writer, she probably has had 23 ... 24 ... 25 ... "breakthrough" cases of Covid in the last 26 months, but in true Stockholm Syndrome hostage situation, the Covid "victim" writes how "thankful" she is for "The JAB" ... goddamn dolts and sheeple.

More generally on this point, the ENTIRE fucking objectively pro-extinction internet has been by design transmogrified into some World Health Organization / CCP - Xi Jinping / Lord Father Fauci, Pope of the Church of the Branch Covidian / Bill Gates / Jeff Bezos / World Economic Forum's Totalitarian Biosecurity Complex.

Oh, and forget trying to get any actual info on how to get meds or therapeutics that might solve Covid 99.5% of the time for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate (at least among the non-nonagenarian and non-morbidly obese set -- but even saying that is "agephobia" and "fatphobia" and will set off the D.C. Antifa vermin and their WOKE Bubble Children cojoined adjuncts.

No, all the anti-life Biosecurity Complex seeks -- demands -- is THE JAB, THE JAB, THE JAB even as the experimental mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) JABs -- to quite Alex Berenson, these are less vaccines and more temporary therapeutics with bad side effect profiles -- have systemically, systematically, thorougly, and completely failed EVERYWHERE, yes, failed everywhere, and now have negative efficacy and is an even bigger joke than the masking bullshit.

It's most likely part of a general depopulation campaign to bring about Bill Gates' Neofeudal Hive Mind - WOKE - Panopticon Dystopia in which 100M people live like serfs, eating bug paste and drinking shit water, in service to about 500 quadrillionaires.

The enforcement mechanism is the Hive Mind istelf. Incapable of reproducing and living a sort of bizarre Matrix-like existence of reactive emojis and severely blinkered thoughts devoid of historical literacy, the Hive Mind's governing IngSoc ideology is "social justice".

In that reality, when necessary, they could be commanded to execute acts of real-world violence against completely disarmed humans who might dare to try to live their lives and raise their families as prosperous, free, dignified human beings in their limited government communities.

Such a human being with agency, diginity, worth, freedom, and inalienable rights is TOTALLY unacceptable and horrifying to the WOKE (with their Antifa shocktroop contingents) and their Great Reset Overlords.

It goes without saying that Elon Musk has wandered off this Democrat / Communist / Racist Plantation -- hence the fanatical need to destroy him by the vindictive, disgusting, destructive, Communist Biden Regime and its Deep State "Cathedral."

It is fascinating to me how the Antifa vermin and other street shock troops can turn, or rather, BE turned on a dime -- sometimes literally in the course of a single afternoon -- from one existential violent freakout to another.

Think of the St. George Floyd mayhem -- that was a nice "Color Revolution" brought about by the Oligarchs -- to the Abortionist SCOTUS Terror Campaign to, now, another bout of gun grabbing following the Uvalde school mass shooting.

Above: In the actual news conference, the Polk County (Florida) Sheriff says to any would-be "active school shooter": "This is the LAST THING you will see before we put a bullet through your head ... and shoot you GRAVEYARD DEAD ..."

Now the D.C. / Bethesda / Arlington Zoomer Millennial WOKE Set get very agitated by this because they HATE and are genuinely deeply scared of actual law-abiding gun owners and a respected police force.

They fear and loath well-armed citizens because they don't put up with their Marxist mayhem and exploitation of another school mass shooting -- this one by a deeply troubled and mentally ill and apparently transgendered / crossdressing teenagers from broken homes with a long history of violence shooting -- as an excuse for another moral panic-driven gun grab while simultaneously paralyzing local police force with "systemic" indecision thanks to a decade of Leftwing mass cultural and federal prosecutorial abuse.

But in another way, it's not really surprising.

The mass formation psychosis, the self-annihilating (i.e., mass suicidal) ideation, the ignorance, the hopelessness, the fundamental existence as pathetic tools of reactionary intrigue -- just to name a few pathologies -- married to the Soros/Democrat/Big Media tactical, logistical, and propaganda structures are all the same.

The brush and vegetation-covered vacant lot next to this Flagler Beach trailer park with the hot sunlight flooding down nearly perpendicularly from an empty blue sky; 11:46 a.m. May 28, 2022.

The distant thunderstorm (cumulonimbus cloud complex) in the picture was about 90 miles to the south over Cape Canaveral -- more specifically the area between Port St. John and Cocoa (site of a future Brightline station!).

Above: The KTBW (Tampa) radar image at 11:43 a.m. May 28, 2022. You can see the east-northeastward propagating thunderstorm in question nearing the Cape Canaveral "island" peninsula.


What the mass suicidal-minded WOKE Marxists really desire is terror by and yes, death of ordinary Americans while their diseased ideations play out as a tool of Billionaire Oligarchical intrigue. That's why they so scintillated by random street violence and public transportation such as on the New York City subway system. They crave and must have it.

(I'm not referring to a clown like the Mayor or that wacko governor. I'm talking about the base Democrat Millennial or Gen Z'er poisoned by the school system and the Social Media Hive Mind (plus a few vestigial Baby Boomer hippie types).

I know I speak for a lot of conservatives when I say that we're keeping tabs on any RINO who bows down and "takes a knee" before the Maoists and their Big Media propaganda organs in search of their approval.

I'll give the last word to Kurt Schlichter:

But the real problem, to our enemies, is not that murderers murder. The real problem, to our enemies, is the very fact that we can defend ourselves. The objective of our trash elite is not to have a country that runs well, where people are secure, and where rights are respected. The objective is to rule. And if a bunch of kids die for that, they’re fine with it. They can live with failure, but not accountability.

The clusterfark in Uvalde is just a symptom of a much bigger pathology. It is a symbol of the failure of every institution in our society. And the solution is never to revamp the institutions and eject the parasites heading them. It’s always – always – to take power from us and give it to the people who screwed up in the first place.

Okay, for the rest of this trip, I am really NOT doing very little and spending as little as possible. I had planned this even before getting sick. I'm low on money this pay period -- and the next one is when my mom visits Miami Beach (June 16 - 21).

Right now, I'm here in the trailer at night. My dad is sort of asleep on his little bed. One of the window a/c's is blowing out air -- not cool air, just air -- and we are watching what I used to watch faithfully back in D.C. on Saturday nights: The MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup including the Svengoolie-hosted monster or horror movie.

Remember that I do not get MeTV with my dinky digital antenna in my apartment building owing to my location and the thick shell of the structure.

All I get of the channels I have long watched is Cozi TV (primarily, The Nanny and Frasier) plus all those Samsung Plus channels, nearly none of which I watch (except for the one that shows the Robert Stack-era Unsolved Mysteries on a 24/7 loop).

The Svengoolie movie was House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price. The unlikely exterior structure was some Frank Lloyd Wright architectural abomination (Ennis House). Made in 1959, that movie would have been an unwatchable blood bath if made after about 1978. (There was a 1999 "remake" that I won't even deign to mention.)

I would like to watch the Star Trek: TOS episode ("Balance of Terror") and Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode ("Energy Eater"). I doubt I'll make it up to Lost in Space (at 1 am) or the legendary Land of the Giants (at 3 am). I think Gary Conway, 86, is still living (as are Stefan Arngrim, 66, and Heather Young, 77).

The go-to movie on a DVD that we watch is the 1941 film Topper Returns. Starring Roland Young, Joan Blondell, and Carole Landis, Topper Returns is the third, final, and for me, the funniest of the three Topper movies.

Other notable period actors featured in the movie are Billie Burke (who played Glinda the Good Witch of the North two years earlier in The Wizard of Oz), Eddie Anderson in his signature role as Rochester (that character alone will have the cancel culture jacobins coming after the film), Dennis O'Keefe, and Patsy Kelly.

OK, I'm signing off.


Thursday, May 26, 2022

On the Occasion of My 52-1/2 Birthday, Heading Up from Miami Beach to Flagler Beach for a Week to Visit My Dad; Plus Some Free (and Probably Unneeded/Unwanted) Political Commentary

A boat rides up the Government Cut channel that divides Miami Beach and Fisher Island, as seen from South Pointe Park,
Miami Beach, Fla., 6:08 p.m., May 22, 2022

This entry contains some pictures that I took over the past six days here in Miami Beach including during Gary's visit. I am only captioning the lead one, but the image file names contain place/time info.


Thursday morning.

Today is actually my half birthday -- i.e., six months after my last and six months before my next Nov 26th birthday. So, that makes me today precisely 52-1/2 years old.

I'm heading up from Miami Beach to Flagler Beach today. This necessitates getting to Miami International Airport, taking a jet to Jacksonville International Airport, taking a shuttle to St. Augustine Beach, and meeting my father in a strip mall parking lot.

I had originally planned this trip during mid-summer, but I might as well travel now while the fucking 100% functionally useless but all around horseshit face diaper mask / muzzle / dehumanize and control mandates is suspended thanks to that amazing young judge in Tampa. The ruling is being appealed, so anything is possible as it wends it way through the federal court system.

The totalitarian control freaks of the Biden Regime including Lord Father Fauci are desperate to get that fucking mandate back in order to sooth the Branch Covidian Karens and sundry paranoiacs who want to be masked forever.

Right now, the country is going through one of its moral mania panic spasms over another fucking school mass shooting by another deeply mentally ill teenager -- this one in south Texas -- but the Democrat / Big Media complex, the institutional control arm and propaganda ministry, respectively, of the Maoist Communist Left are unhappy because they can't instantly racialize to stoke discord and civil war.

It's always bizarre and so predictable how these panicked spasms gets operationalized down to the most absurd levels ("Kenny Chesney is cancelling his concert appearance!!" or "Major League Baseball is refusing entry to NRA members!") before boredom sets in and its on to the next panic.

Barry O's disgusting tweet yesterday attempted to do so on the two-year anniversary of the St. George Floyd riots that was the Soros / Gates / Bezos Ruling Oligarchy's attempted American Color Revolution. However, it just sounded awful.

I never realized what a hateful huckster and creator of social discord he is. Maybe he can have another "sacred" birthday party on Martha's Vineyard in August that brings together his closest 400 multimillionaire celebrities and billionaire Oligarch friends, all of whom are so "sophisticated" that Covid naturally avoids them.

Instead, all the Left can do is use the incident for another attempted mass gun grab, but I'm pretty sure that one won't work out any better than any other except in the Ultraviolet Blue Democrat dystopian shit-hole jurisdictions.

Always remember: The Democrat / Big Media Complex and Leftist Juggernaut wants you as a law-abiding citizen trying to live a quiet, happy, and prosperous life to be disarmed, terrorized by their Antifa shocktroops, sexually/gender confused, suffocating under race-and-identity-based Collective Guilt OR filled with a sense of Infinite Victimhood in its Marxist zero-sum group struggled reality, and, ultimately, robbed of your humanity.

I had the misfortune to be at a sports bar here in Miami Beach yesterday evening with Gary -- on his last full day visiting here -- in order for him to watch some stupid NBA basketball game. The level of suffocating Social Justice, Inc., garbage from that mega-billion dollar Commercial Sports Franchise to include its multi-millionaire Professionally Deeply Oppressed Athletes was beyond annoying.

At least that noxiously offensive "Take A Knee" shit during the National Anthem that was so destructive to the NBA brand has been nixed. We also got to hear how every featured person during the weird opening "ceremony" was the the first Japo-Pacific Islander genderqueer this or Sino-Creole Haitian First Responder that.

As if a dumb basketball game involving 7'5" biological men that is interrupted with a volume-cranked set of unwatchable commercials every 16 seconds needs an opening ceremony.

Naturally, the NBA -- like every other fucking WOKE-hijacked corporate monstrosity in America -- has no problem endlessly kissing the Chinese Communist Party's genocidal ass for the sake of billions.

OK, anyway, I am signing off for now. My intention is to post one entry in the coming week while I am up there. And I still have my set of Lake Okeechobee pics to post. Alas, it appears that Tim and I are on the outs again -- possibly for a lengthy period (i.e., months). I had a bit of a wee epiphany two days ago that Tim doesn't even particularly like me.

In general, though, my intention is to focus on work-related stuff while I'm up there since I need to finish a series of reports in the next month. Oh, and also, to enjoy the visit with my 81-year old father.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Biden Regime's Perfect Sh!t Storm of Failure and Intentional Destruction, the Monkeypox Rave, and Davos Man At His Klaus Schwab Yearly Worst

Residential streetview looking up (around Meridian Ave and 8th St -- I'm not exactly as I wasn't paying attention), Miami Beach, Fla., 1:57 p.m. May 24, 2022


For this political-themed entry, I'd like to start out by calling attention to these two excellent pieces (neither of which are paywalled) by the Substack writer Eugyppius with links embedded:

Ideally, I would repost both pieces in full, but owing to the time sink associated with composing these entries to include all the images -- whether topically related or not -- it probbaly won't happen. But I will say I have shared those two pieces with multiple individuals since they appeared. These pieces provide a nice conceptual framework for my own understanding of things in this current reality.

If you want to read just one, I'd choose the second since it is more concise and a bit less philsophically abstract.

Having introduced those two pieces, I'd like to provide some political commentary in this entry.

Literally everything touched by the Biden Regime -- with Joe Biden as its brittly senile, stunningly vindictive, and cartoonishly incompetent titular or notional head -- and its Democrat / Big Media complex turns to pure shit. The endless series of manufactured crises and destruction-by-design are a Perfect Storm of the unholy, indeed, incestuous alliance between the Washington Deep Administrative State failed technocracy and the Khmer Rouge Cultural Marxists of Academia and the Big Tech billion-funded NGO racket.

For starters, there is the Soros-funded Communist DA regime that involves emptying out prisons and letting all manner of violent criminals run amok. The mass smash-and-grab looting -- all of which are defunded by mentally deranged and virulently racist WOKE nihilists as "social justice in action" -- you see anywhere in the Ultraviolet Blue shithole dystopias of New York, Philly, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Portland, L.A. and "Scat" Fransicko and the attendant houtdoor tent cities of human feces-strewn, fentanyl-and-heroin-addicted lunatics created by the homeless industrial complex.

This is designed to terrorize, demoralize, and outright dehumanize all involved so that society itself breaks down.

Then there is the endless racial strife stoked by the Democrat complex through the uniquely awful human being of Joe Biden. Dennis Prager said it well in this piece:

9,941 black Americans were killed in 2020. Nearly all were killed by other black people. But to Joe Biden, his party, and the mainstream, i.e., left-wing, media, those black lives don't matter. At all. Why not? Because they weren't killed by white supremacists, and they therefore don't serve the Democrats' deliberately divisive narrative.

But as Victor Davis Hanson explains so eloquently in this piece, Joe Biden is a racialist demogogue of the first order. It's just that his cognitive decline and attendant issues have stripped away his political savvy and left him in the raw, revealing his real essence -- a racialist of the first order.

This explains the grotesque outburst of a speech he gave in Buffalo after that mass killing at a mostly black patronized grocery store by a weird ecofascist with a mishmash ideology and a diseased brain. But the Left craves collective guilt by association.

Quoting Hanson:

The strangest embarrassment on the Left is its current neo-Confederate impulse. Many blue progressive states are becoming one-party, feudal societies reminiscent of the antebellum, plantationists, solid-Democratic South. They are likewise inimical to the middle classes who are fleeing California, Illinois, and New York. The new Left fixates—in the fashion of the old South—on one-drop racial identification integral to race-based preferences, oblivious of class and wealth.


It promotes segregation on campuses, with racially exclusive safe spaces, dorms, and graduations. Its Southern embrace of nullification of federal law through over 500 sanctuary city jurisdictions is reminiscent of South Carolina in the 1830s. And it talks of state rights as if blue-state environmentalism, abortion, and illegal immigration should be exempt from federal statutes—in the fashion of George Wallace resisting federal mandates on integration. More recently, we see parlor talk of blue-state secession in journals like the Nation and The New Republic in the fashion of 1850s pamphleteering in the Carolinas.

But the social and racial division of the identitarian Left and the Biden Regime is designed to deflect attention from all the other catastrophes.

This includes still accelerating runaway inflation (8.3% but really more like 15% using the late 1970s method of calculation), a collapsing stock market, and $6/gallon gasoline prices heading to $10 (while the Regime's relevant Cabinent secretaries just sneeringly declare "Let them eat EVs"), and an ever-worsening electrical grid stability thanks to renewables (wind and sunshine) that never live up to their utopian promise because they can't.

Of course, the Cult of Decarbonization is as important as race-and-sexual identity politics to the Woke Left, but for the Gates/Bezos oligarchs, these energy shortages are a feature, not a bug, since a Neofeudal Society necessarily is an incredibly energy constrained one.

Anybody else sick of this Conga Line of freaks that make up a shocking large percentage of public school teachers nowadays??

There is the completely open U.S. Southern Border being overrun by hundreds of thousands of illegals each month as faciliated by the human and drug smuggling cartels. The Regime and its "Cathedral" of deranged ideologues and philosophers like this because it actualizes the demographic "Great Replacement" drive for purposes of electoral hegemony about which they have REPEATEDLY and OPENLY BOASTED FOR YEARS. Don't believe me? Read ANYTHING by Tim Wise. (They only freak out about the "racism" of it when the Right actually agrees with them that this is, in fact, underway.)

Oh, and then there are all the massive global supply chain snarls for reasons ranging from the Chinese Communist Party's mass suicidal lockdowns of their society to the serious nationwide shortage of baby formula thanks to Biden FDA regulatory crap.

The key point is that the Regime's Neo-Bolshevik-minded Deep State Technocrats and the Cathedral's Cultural Maoists have actively created all of this mayhem -- again, it's a feature, not a bug of their system -- since in their diseased minds, it is causing suffering among, and maybe even outright killing off, "all the right people."

John Nolte said it well in this piece:

This is what happens when you put left-wing sociopaths in charge of a country. They don’t focus on the basics, like making sure we have enough energy, water, and baby food. Fascist Social Engineers don’t care about the basics. What they care about is rewiring human nature into something that will accept partial-birth abortion, forgiving student loans for the elite-college educated, emptying prisons, chemically castrating little kids, gay porn in elementary schools, Drag Queen Story Hours, and being replaced by illegal aliens.

Related to that, the Great Reset minded Oligarchs who gave us the Covid Biomedical Perma-Pandemic Security Theatre and all the evil and societally destructive totalitarian monstrosities wrapped up within it are in the throes of their Branch Covidian monomania.

As a result, every time there are two new and totally meaningless cases brought about by the Testing Industrial Complex, the Big Media hydra releases synchronized waves of hysteria (the efficacy of which have never been lower).

So, the practical result in all the usual garbage Ultra-Leftwing / Communist / Ultraviolet Blue jurisdictions are the Return of Mask Mandates -- especially in the collapsing public school system -- everytime someone farts.

The school mask mandates are -- as Phil Kerpen said -- sadism wrapped around serious adult mental illness. But what else would you expect from a bunch of anti-life psychopaths whose dream is to sexually mutilate prepubescent children for the sake of their transgenderism monomania?

But it now appears that the latest and weirdest WHO/Biomedical Complex contrivance -- namely, "Monkeypox" -- is highly problematic for the Left. But before I get to that, read this Michael Senger piece for the too-coincidental-by-half time synchroncities involved in the "arrival" of both Covid 19 and now Monkeypox.

As for why it's problematic: Monkeypox is spread mostly by gay sex, but because the Cultural Marxist is fixated on the LGBTQQIP2SAA alphabet people and meaningless sexual licentiousness, Regime Propagandists are in a quandary. They want to whip hysteria ahead of the impending midterms (with all of its signs of a Red Tsunami) but they do NOT want to discourage unprotected gay sex, preferably in Glory Holes and Bath Houses.

What is clear is that the Regime and its "Cathedral" must do everything in their power to maintain power through whatever contrivances, subterfuge, mass formation pyschosis, and -- as is so foundational to the upper middle class Leftism of the U.S. and certain other Western societies -- mass suicidal ideation. Remember: The Left, especially in its white, woke incarnation, is fundamentally suicidal.

The Regime and its foul progandists, cheap authoritarians, and low-rent/petty bureaucratic dictators are fully aware that a true backlash against the Covid-minded crimes of the past 26 months will result in trials for crimes against humanity and resulting imprisonment of all those who have done their best (worst) to create a Western version of Chinese Communist Party totalitarianism.

The goddamn midterm elections cannot come fast enough. Of course, I don't want to get ahead of myself since the Regime has a lot of tricks up its sleave to surpress Republican voter turnout. For instance, even non-fraudlent mail-in voting wildy over represents Democrats, and so the Regime through its CDC and Faucian arms will create new waves of Covid hysteria.

And even if we get a Republican wave, the country is so balkanized and tribalized that it might not show up in a large number of party seat changes in the House and Senate.

So, this is as good of a point as any to turn to matters associated with the World Economic Forum's Oligarchy Planned GenocideFest 2022 that is now underway in that goddamn Swiss city of Davos with a who's who of corporate oligarchs and the totalitarian-minded Leftist pols who service them. It is taking place, as usual, under Klaus Fucking Schwab, that (what with his Nazi SS Officer bearing) half cartoon-like villian an half psychopathically narcissistic impresario.

Totalitarian-minded and "climate crisis" ccrazed senior-level bureaucrats from various leftwing dictatorships (or their functional facsimiles) in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, and Germany are mixing it up with Total Biometric Surveillance-lunatics from the Biomedical Security Complex and sundry degenerate oligarchs as they all conspire in ever-more-sci fi dsytopian ways to destroy civilization and replace it with their Hive Mind-based Neo-Feudal Panopticon.

Above: A tweet by Andrew Lawton on the enthusiastic ejaculations by Canadian dupe and all around ass-hat J. Michael Evans, erstwhile former Olympic men's rowing team gold medalist at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and current President of the Chinese multinational tech company Alibaba Group, on his "individual carbon footprint tracker" tool of total control that will monitor everything you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel.

Above and below: Two good takes -- by Robby Starbuck and Jordan Schachtel on the individual carbon footprint tracker that is really part of China's sustained push for a global social credit system with score that determines the extent of your serfdom and the whole fucking abomination of Davos / WEF.

Thanks to the quasi-governmental structure WEF has in ostensibly super-neutral Switzerland, the Davos Set and their visiting national delegations of managerial/technocratic hangers on and climate change groupies are guarded by ignorant, machine gun-toting rent-a-cop thugs who do Klaus Schwab's bidding.

Just the other day, this included a harassment campaign including a detainment strategy of the inestimable Twitter conservative influencer, Human Events senior editor, and podcaster Jack Posobiec who dared to visit Davos.

Above: Klaus Schwab's low-rent Brown Shirts surround Jack Posobiec for some unspecified Crime Against Davos Man. Look at that idiot police officer. Klaus Schwab would have him showved into a special "shower" before he could reach for his gun.

Below: A Totalitarian Tee-Watt demands that the filming stop -- so, naturally, I had to feature this image. The Totalitarian Rhymes-With-Itch looks oddly American in terms of her Moon-faced, nutty-eyed, obese self, but she's some deranged Swiss Miss or German Rottweiler.

As Eugyppius notes in the above-linked pieces, that the Elites of so many erstwhile liberal representative democracies have turned so violently brutally on the middle class / working class of their respective nations actually represents a highly unstable political and cultural situation. And in the U.S., I believe, there simply aren't enough of them and their willing armed enforcers (military and militarized police) to transform the world into the high-tech Neo-feudal surveillance state of elites / serfs they want.

The Elites will eat Bill Gates-approved, grass-fed lamb while the vestigal and mass gender-reassigned serf population -- reduced by about 98% from the present human population -- eat bug paste and drink shit water while hopped up on psychotropic drugs and sex.

I could see this Davos "Great Reset" shit working in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany -- four nations whose populations are prone to obedience of their ruling elites -- but not in the United States.

But my view (and maybe I'm wrong here) is that the U.S. is simply far too diffusedly far-flung, disparate, ungovernable from on-high, and well-armed-to-the-teeth to have that outcome. What's more the Soros-funded Democrat playbook for the U.S. is controlled destruction via rioting, looting, crime, etc., which is antithetical to the kind of totalitarianism sought by Davos Man.

Above: Speaking of Australia, its "eSafety Commissioner" Julie Inman Grant achieved an orgiastic frenzied state as she went on about a "recalibration" of basic freedom of speech in Davos-World. This clearly deeply neurotic and dangerous woman was given a second five-year term in her position.

What's more, thanks to the even more tyrannical new Labor government under Anthony Albanese, Ms. Inman Grant promises even more criminalization of Wrong Think. But the idiot Australian citizenry just voted in this monstrosity. And they did so following two years of Covid totalitarianism that socioculturally destroyed Australia.

Oh, look, the Equality Lounge @Davos (don't you mean the "Equity Lounge"?? This is where those Corporate Oligarchs -- including ostensible news organizations such as Reuters and multinational mass media ones such as NBCUniversal -- "partner" with the WEF at fantastic sums of money (outlined here in this Jordan Schachtel piece) to spout the Approved Narrative "Road to High Tech Serfdom and Decarbonized Feudalism" that gets Davos Man sexually aroused.

Only heads of state from powerful nations manage to avoid the hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual fees, conference fees, and all the other costs associated with this Billionaire Circle Jerk.

The shit flies so fast, furious, and thick at Davos that Lucifer Himself, the Prince of Darkness, finds his head throbbing from all the fucking lies, hypocrisy, and garbage.


Speaking of shit, that human tsetse fly and all-around societal intestinal parasite, Bill Gates, was at Davos shit-talking as usual in his megalomaniacal way about how humans will be fully redesigned to do all the bidding of Elite Oligarchs on command "within 10 years."

This is in addition to the "everyone will get get vaxxed on my command every six months" horseshit lunacy he was spewing during his recent "book tour" on friendly media outlets to include fucking unwatchable CNN with Anderson Cooper's weird head bobbing and beady eyes behind those ugly black-rimmed glasses he likely wears to look erudite.

And on that note, I'll sign off.

I'm going to try to post another entry on Wednesday. My weeklong visit to see my dad starts on Thursday and I'm away for a week.