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Late Night Follow-Up to Yesterday's Morning Political Odds and Ends Posting: Chris Rufo Reveals Deep and Disturbing Extent of Disney's Genderqueer Fixation; WOKE Media Hive-Mind Welcomes Will Smith's Disgraceful Oscars Actions

UPDATED 8:45 p.m. 3/31/2022: New content added below.

Exterior of the house at 248 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fla., 1:45 p.m. March 30, 2022


This entry is a follow-up to my previous post on two topics.

First topic: The Walt Disney Company's monomaniacal fixation on gender identity and "queer theory" politics and its intertwined feature of sexual identity indoctrination of prepubescent children for purposes of grooming as many transgendered adolescents as possible.

Second topic: Will Smith's disgraceful, mentally unstable, and violent behavior at the Oscars on Sunday night when he bum-rushed the stage and slapped emcee Chris Rock for an anodyne joke involving Smith's weird wife -- and the completely predictable rush by the WOKE virus vectors of BIG MEDIA pundits celebrating this violence.

On the first topic, it turns out that the sexual politics and overall obsession with indoctrination on the part of Disney senior management is much broader and systemic than anyone thought and it explains why the company -- ostensibly focused on creating joyful experiences and entertainment for children-- has declared jihad on the State of Florida over the just-enacted state law HB 1557: Parental Rights in Education Act.

Signed into law on Monday by Gov Ron DeSantis (R - Awesome), the law was necessitated by the out-of-control gender identity and queer-theory politics and related sexual identity-shifting grooming enterprise of the American Left through the public school system down to kindergarten age. This is the vanguard of the Left's Cultural Marxist Juggernaut to remake society.

The aim, of course, is the complete destruction of sexual identity as a series of easily manipulable "genderqueer identities" with no basis in actual biology but instead part of the panopticon of the Borg Hive Mind for Great Reset purposes.

Thanks to the invaluable anti-CRT activist Christopher Rufo, the world now knows that an emergency Disney company-wide Zoom meeting appropriated called “Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation Series” was held in which the company's DEIB commissars and LGBTQIA+ radical activists set forth Disney's agenda involving gender and sexual identity politics focused on sexualizing children. T

DEIB Commissars in present-day corporate structures are as unchecked in their power as they are inherently destructive of whatever organization they infect. As for the LGBTQIA+ professional activists, many of whom appear borderline mentally deranged, are fanatical about sexualizing all Disney content in terms of some bizarro academic "genderqueer" seminar and are keeping spreadsheet tallies.

Again, the purpose is to sexualize young children into the LGBTIQIA+ fold -- with the biggest emphasis on the "T" part and at as young an age as as possible.

Above: This political cartoon is just half of the original composite image version. I had to remove that second half because it was outright obscene involving book illustrations from one of these sexually explicit books that are now regularly regularly assigned to middle schoolers by their wackadoodle teachers.


Chris Rufo wrote about this Zoom meeting in an article that appeared in the publication City Journal (more on that below) and posted a series of tweets -- which I've captured as images and featured below in case Twitter forces their removal He also was interviewed by Tucker Carlson tonight (video embedded directly above).

This would be on the grounds that they are "hate speech" and "stolen" content -- the latter is only OK, of course, when it's directed against conservatives.

Above: Daily Mail headlines containing the key takeaways from the Disney Zoom "All Hands Meeting" presentation: "Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation Series."


Without further ado, here is Chris Rufo's City Journal article [link embedded]: Disney Is Interested in Your Kids. I'm also reposting the full content below interspersed with relevant imagery.

Last year, I reported on Disney’s critical race theory–based diversity program, which taught employees that America was founded on “systemic racism,” separated minorities into racially segregated “affinity groups,” and encouraged white employees to complete a “white privilege checklist.” Now, I have obtained exclusive video from inside Disney that outlines its campaign to embed left-wing sexual politics into its children’s programming and entertainment facilities.

In the wake of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation, which prevents public schools from promoting gender ideology in kindergarten through third grade but which critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Disney executives organized an all-hands meeting, called the “Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation Series,” and pledged to mobilize the entire corporation in service of the “LGBTQIA+ community.”

Executives recruited the company’s most intersectional employees, including a “black, queer, and trans person,” a “bi-romantic asexual,” and “the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” and announced ambitious new initiatives—seeking to change everything from gender pronouns at the company’s theme parks to the sexual orientation of background characters in the company’s films.

In a featured presentation at the meeting, executive producer Latoya Raveneau laid out Disney’s ideology in blunt terms. She said her team was implementing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and regularly “adding queerness” to children’s programming.

Another speaker, production coordinator Allen Martsch, said his team has created a “tracker” to ensure that they are creating enough “canonical trans characters, canonical asexual characters, [and] canonical bisexual characters.” Corporate president Karey Burke said she supported having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and reaffirmed the company’s pledge to make at least 50 percent of its on-screen characters sexual and racial minorities.

The ideological campaign also extended to the company’s theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando. As diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware explained, Disney made the decision last year to eliminate all mentions of “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in order to create “that magical moment” for children who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

“We don’t want to just assume because someone might be, in our interpretation, presenting as female, that they may not want to be called ‘princess,’” Ware said. By eliminating “gendered greetings,” Disney believes, the company can help make it “magical and memorable for everyone.”

Finally, Disney hosted Nadine Smith, the executive director of a pressure group called Equality Florida, who told employees that Governor Ron DeSantis and his press secretary, Christina Pushaw, wanted to “erase you,” “criminalize your existence,” and “take your kids” -- a wild conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.

The company’s executives threw their full weight behind Equality Florida’s effort, promising to use its significant political and financial resources to repeal the Parental Rights in Education law and the Stop W.O.K.E. Act, which prohibits public and private institutions from racialist discrimination and abuse in classrooms and the workplace.

Last year, after my report on Disney’s critical race theory training program, Disney quickly deleted it from the company’s internal servers. But executives did not abandon identity politics. In fact, they added another component—gender ideology -- and ramped it up. Executives have empowered activists within the company and now seem unable to resist their demands.

Observers should watch Disney closely in the coming years. However the story ends, the company looks like a case study in ideological capture.



UPDATED 8:45 p.m. 3/31/2022

I need to update this entry for three reasons:

First, to note the lawsuit filed in a Tallahassee federal court against HB 1557 by various Queer Theory activists with the assistance of the Biden regime. This will put the issue into the federal court system for the indefinite future likely starting with the sudden injunctions even while other issues play out on the ground in ways no one can anticipate.

Second, to note that members of the Florida legislature are discussing repealing the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which allows Disney to act as its own government. Here is the tweet by Florida State Rep. Spencer Roach:

Third, to link to a extended and fascinating piece by a Disney employee writing for Quillette under the pseudonym "Ethan L. Clay" about the rot and internal revolution inside Disney that has allowed DEI toxic poison to seize the organization -- and who supports and advocates for it and who doesn't.

Image of the last three paragraphs (click on it for larger version):

End of Update.


Next, I'd like to follow up on the Will Smith / Chris Rock situation.

As I indicated above, to no one's surprise, the degenerate Left in the form of all its WOKE virus vectors that make up the punditry and "influencers" are now out in full force excuding Will Smith's inexcusable actions at the 94th Oscars on Sunday Night.

That would be bum-rushing the stage and slapping Chris Rock over a stupid and tame joke about his wife and then spewing profanity.

The soul-destroying and anti-life WOKE are excusing this, of course, through the through the only way they know how: Racializing it (even though this is technically a case of black-on-black violence) with the ready-made WOKE Commandment that "speech is violence."

The WOKE virus vectors in question include a farrago of New York Times and Washington Post columnists, PMSNBC and CNN talking shitheads, NPR kooks, self-worshiping and/or deranged HollyWOKE celebs, and leftwing Twatter mobs -- taking a break from Ukraine/Russia warmongering.

Naturally, the Oscars governing body -- "The Academy" -- is as pussified / wussified / terrified and paralyzed as to what to do for obvious reasons as you would expect.

What I would like to feature here is another Breitbart piece by John Nolte [link embedded]: Nolte: Will Smith Blew Up 30 Years of Goodwill in 30 Seconds.

People are still processing Will Smith’s assault of Chris Rock during Sunday night’s basement-rated Oscar telecast. The shock of the ugliness froze everything. Never before has something like this happened, certainly not at the Academy Awards, which used to be seen as the classiest awards show of them all.

As the days pass and the shock wears off, and people come to terms with just how outrageous and ugly Sunday night was, things will get worse for Will Smith, a lot worse. Soon we’ll be reading long-form articles laying out the timeline, psychology, and events leading up to The Slap. And in the midst of it all, Smith and his wife Jada and his Army of People that have kept Will Inc. going for three decades will secure, schedule, train for, and rehearse The Inevitable Sitdown Interview with Oprah Winfrey.

None of that will alter three facts… 1) Smith melted down, lost control, and sucker-slapped a much smaller man, and this much-smaller man not only took the hit like a man but showed unbelievable poise. Believe me, Chris Rock’s stock just went up. His reaction defined professionalism. He exited that confrontation the Alpha Male. 2) The very thing that (I believe) triggered Smith’s meltdown — his wife publicly humiliating him as a cuckold, is about to be talked about and examined more than ever.

It’s one thing for Jada to have affairs. This is Hollywood, after all. But for her to openly discuss those affairs on a podcast is beyond the beyond. Then she has Will come on the podcast and publicly emasculated him by throwing the affairs in his face. 3) Will Smith believed he could reclaim his manhood in the eyes of his wife and the public by assaulting a much smaller man. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe it. This is both Shakespearean and image shattering.

Of note, Chris Rock gave a performance tonight in Boston at the Wilbur to a sold-out crowd -- all his upcoming shows are now sold out with tickets fetching up to $1,000 -- and received what was described as a "thunderous three minute standing ovation."

OK, that's all for this entry.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Some Morning Political Odds and Ends: DeSantis KO's Disney; Will Smith KO's Himself

Sunrise over the Atlantic with Lake Worth Lagoon and Palm Beach also visible, as seen from West Palm Beach, Fla., 7:25 a.m. March 29, 2022

Tim sent me the above picture. He lives up WPB and I'm down here in MB.


OK, I happen to be up early this morning, so here are some political odds and ends ...

First up, here is Tucker Carlson's excellent intro monologue from last night discussing the dementia-addled state of Joe Biden -- and the very real-world dangerous consequences it is having vis-a-vis the Russia-Ukraine war.

Literally everything Biden says needs to be immediately "walked back" by his half-Communist / half-Deep State staff.

About that conflict, it might be winding down, much to the fury of the keyboard warriors who make up the fucking Washington Consensus, face of the Military / Industrial / Surveillance, a.k.a., the Deep State Complex War Machine).

Yesterday, Gov. DeSantis here in Florida signed HB1557: Parental Rights in Education Act, which that forbids the discussion of sexually inappropriate content in public schools grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade public schools.

Specifically, it bans what is functionally indoctrination and grooming on sex and gender matters by sexually confused and/or actively proselytizing genderqueer Millennial teachers; wackadoodle and/or mentally ill guidance counselors; and petty-tyrannical school administrators, not to mention developing it as a "curriculum" by pervert boards of education.

A Bismarck palm, corner of Meridian Ave and 3rd St, Miami Beach, Fla., 2:56 p.m. March 28, 2022


As you know, the Left responded by lying about the law as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, which, of course, is as big a filthy lie as anything the Cultural Marxists in the form of WOKE Maoists and militants seeking the forced "gender transition" of prepubescent children.

I don't want to go too much into this since I already discussed it at length in my previous entry. Just to recap, though: There is nothing that the Left is so violently militant about than turning as many children as possible "trangendered" at as young an age as possible.

Why? Because having sexually confused and all-around mentally ill adolescents and teenagers is the perfect weapon for the Great Reset-minded Oligarchs and their gaslighting leftwing Big Media / Big Academia propagandists.

The aim, of course, is to generate guaranteed Communists dependent on government; Antifa street-level shocktroops; and all-around compliant Hive Mind Bubble Adult-Children who never reproduce and die over an overdose by age 28.

The part that genuinely surprises me is how the The Walt Disney Company -- with, apparently, 200,000 employees globally and a corporation perfectly fine doing business with Chinese Communist Party and whatever its policies are, up to and including Uyghur genocide -- has been so willingly and totally captured by a small number of militant radicals on this topic.

Ben Shapiro said it perfectly in the two tweets shown as a compendium image above. I'll restate it:

Your goal as a company should be to preserve the innocence of childre, not fight against it on behalf of a small, radical group of employees who need the validation of their choices validated by kindergartners.

It's honestly incredible how a couple hundred pissed off employees can take hostage a company of 200,000 employees and hundres of millions of consumers. Incredible and unconscionable. Cowards.

I guess I would just add that Disney was willing to be taken hostage by these radicals since it is part of a larger Corporate Oligarchical aim to have sexually confused, docile Bubble Children.

Keep in mind that Disney itself is a brutal corporation in terms of how it treats its employees, so the permission given for all the protesting was a conscious decision by its corporate leadership.

And, of course, just like in major media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post where WOKE radicals have seized control of the organization and facilitated by HR crazies, there is probably some genuine fear at play here.

As for Gov. DeSantis, in signing the bill into law yesterday, he again told them all to go pound sand:

"I don't care what corporate media outlets say, I don't care what Hollywood says, I don't care what big corporations say. Here I stand. I'm not backing down."

Meanwhile, Oregon's disgusting Marxist governor was busy declaring how "In Oregon, we say gay" -- and they do it while their fucking biggest and most influential city, Portland, turns into another blown-out, violent crime-filled, Communist run shit hole overrun with mentally ill homeless drug addicts that the Democrat machine, Big Media, and the Homelessness Industrial Complex can't get enough of.

Ditto the collapsed city of Seattle.

Finally, let's discuss what happened on Sunday night at the 94th Oscars when an out-of-control and clearly mentally unbalanced Will Smith bum-rushed the stage and slapped Chris Rock over a tame joke about Smith's presently-bald wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. (It's due to some medical condition.)

I agree with Matt Walsh's initial take on the matter and this John Nolte piece in Breitbart [link embedded]: Nolte: Cuckold Will Smith Takes His Humiliation Out on Chris Rock.

Smith also screamed profanities at Rock. Rather than being tackled and arrested instantly, as would happen with a normal person who did that, Smith went on to win (amid thunderous applause) Best Actor for something or other. I don't know nor do I really care.

Keep in mind that Smith's wife recently was bragging about the fact that they had an "open marriage" at Jada -- i.e., she had sex other men.

As for Chris Rock, he handled it all very well. Three cheers for him.

Naturally, the initial reaction of the ultra-rich and ultra-narcissistic glitterati parasites that make up HollyWOKE and Salon/Slate-like WOKE Media outlets was to side with Will Smith, but that's to be expected with their Hunger Games Capital City moral lunacy and depraved ethics.

But think about that: Mentally ill white woke Millennial women ("What's a woman??") are busy applauding black-on-black violence as some form of social justice. Sounds about right.

Above: Titania McGrath is a parody Twitter account by British political satirist Andrew Doyle.


As for Will Smith, it turns out that Janet Hubert was right about him.

One good thing about bizarre and disturbing event is that it totally overwhelmed what was a WOKE-addled Oscars filled with suffocating virtue-signaling by literally toxic-to-the-soul HollyWOKE celebrities. This includes all the pro-Ukraine shit, anti-Trump monomania, and general pathological hatred for half the country.

Above: This poll surprised me -- although I don't know took it, the sample size, or what -- in that it shows a "bipartisan" agreement that Will Smith was in the wrong.


Okay, I'm going to wrap up this entry.

As a brief update, I went to the new dentist yesterday here in South Beach, and I was overall pleased. I have a series of three and possibly four procedures to be performed including the first three tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon involving old crowns and another issue. I'll probably be out of commission tomorrow evening.

For today, Tim is coming to Miami Beach and I'm spending the afternoon with him. Any missed work hours I intend to make up over the weekend. (Remember that I tend to work at night.)


Sunday, March 27, 2022

March of the Relentless Annoying Cold Fronts and Blitz of the Gender Bender Cultural Marxists and Their Great Reset Oligarch Masters -OR- Low Dew Points With Your Bill Gates Bug-Soy Burgers

Wadi Bani Khalid oasis, Oman

Oman is the only really devout Muslim country I would like it visit.

The above image and the next several are taken from this Wanderlust piece by Pete Moore dated June 28, 2019 [link embedded]: Wonderwells: 9 of the world's most beautiful oases. The images are cropped a bit for purposes of presentation in this entry.

Ubari oasis, Libya


Sunday afternoon, although much of this entry was written on Saturday afternoon before I gave up and went out.

Part of me wants to go out this afternoon to the beach -- down by the South Pointe Breakwater -- but part of me does not. I've been trying to avoid the issues related to spring break and its blunt midnight midnight to 6 am curfew designed to curtain spring break lunacy here in Miami Beach.

Tafilalt oasis in Morocco with an almost otherworldly backdrop of the Atlas Mountains


I'm also annoyed to the point of outright disgust with the abnormally dry (low dew point) weather for South Florida with a frickin' endless northwesterly flow.

At 3 p.m. at KMIA under cloudless skies (itself annoying), while the air temperature is 80°F, the goddamn dew point is 38°F (translating to a 22% relative humidity), when it should be more like 72°F. That's just offensive for South Florida on the cusp of April.

It would be different if this were a dry climate (in which case 38°F dew point would be high). As it is, once the Sun sets and the gusty northwesterly wind settles down (due to loss of diurnal heating), the dew point will jump back to about 55°F.

Havasu Falls, Arizona -- yes, that's technically an oasis


This is due to a relentless string of weak but trough-reloading cold fronts diving down endlessly across Eastern North America all the way into the northern portion (Great Antilles part) of the Caribbean.

Front after front after front ... There has been, like, 15 of them since mid-January. I'm sick of looking at them on the weather map knowing that they will manage to clear all the way to Cuba even when they're a weak windshift.

Cleopatra's Pool, Siwa Oasis, Egypt ... That looks inviting.


Okay, below is a blend of what I wrote yesterday (Saturday) and today (Sunday) ...

I've been home basically uninterrupted since Thursday afternoon (i.e., 48 hours), and just don't want to interact with the world. It has been quiet and peaceful -- watching the old TV shows I like or listening to light jazz music.

A portion of the NWS high-resolution surface weather map for eastern and central parts of the United States, analyzed 15Z (11 am EDT) 26 March 2022

Note the endless parade of fucking cold fronts. They aren't particularly strong but represent a relentless series of reenforcements ("reloadings") of the half-Rossby wavelength scale trough over Eastern North America.

There are FIVE fucking cold fronts on that map between Cuba and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is absurd.


A portion of the NWS high-resolution surface weather map for eastern and central parts of the United States, analyzed 15Z (11 am EDT) 27 March 2022.

This is 24 hours later than as shown in the weather map directly above it. While the fronts are mostly gone, there is nothing but an incredibly elongated northwesterly flow stretching all the way into Justin Trudeau's woke-totalitarian nightmare of Canada.


In terms of going out, what's more, I really don't want to spend any money because I'm SOOO sick and tired of spending / ALWAYS overspending money. I hate it.

I've avoided drinking any vodka for nearly two weeks -- instead, I just have beer at home once in a while and when I go out, red wine.

NWS weather advisories / products in place with legend, updated 1700 UTC (1 p.m. EDT) 26 March 2022

All those stupid red flag warnings are due to dry, breezy conditions ushered in by that relentless string of cold fronts passing through.


NWS weather advisories / products in place with legend, updated 1823 UTC (2:23 p.m. EDT) 27 March 2022

This is the weather advisory map at the present time. As you can see, there are more red flag warnings mixed with freeze warnings for southeastern North Carolina. This is the worst weather map of all as far as I'm concerned. (The magenta over Garrett County, Md., is a winter storm warning for upslope snow showers / snow squalls.)


From yesterday (Saturday)...

I also want to be home no later than 10 p.m. since there this weekend's midnight to 6 am curfew designed to curtain spring break lunacy here in Miami Beach.

With some exceptions, it has been mostly surprisingly quiet outside -- at least in terms of the noise coming off Collins Avenue, as that is the side of the building my apartment faces at a right angle (technically, I overlook a tiny parking area and walkway). Indeed, overall this spring break has been dramatically less intense than the true insanity of last year, which I discussed in this recent entry.

Returing to this "March of the Endless Cold Fronts," two goddamn cold fronts have cleared the entire Florida peninsula, both passing through the Miami area in less than 36 hours, with a third on the way. The result is that while the 1 p.m. (Saturday) air temperature is 75°F under mostly sunny skies, the stupid dew point has fallen into the 45°F range because of the relentless, northwesterly flow.

Daytime (diurnal) heating increases the boundary layer convective mixing, increasing the wind and dropping the dew point further.

NWS NDFD surface weather map with type/likelihood of precipitation, looped in 6 or 12-hour increments, as shown, 06Z 25 March - 00Z 27 March 2022


It seems to me that we've reached some sort of weather farcical state in which no fewer than five (mostly weak) cold fronts are analyzed between Cuba and the Upper Peninsula Michigan (see surface weather map farther above). It'a all part of a large trough that keeps setting up / reloading over Eastern North America. Since early/mid January when this pattern established itself, about 15 fronts have cleared here.

It's endless. Fuck these cold fronts.

NWS NDFD surface weather map with type/likelihood of precipitation, looped in 6 or 12-hour increments, as shown, 06Z 26 March - 00Z 28 March 2022


The two previous images and the one below are the animated (looped) NWS/NCEP/WPC surface weather maps with precipitation type and likelihood from the past few days.

Again, the cold fronts simply reflect persistent Rossby wave trough -- and even when it moves out, it quickly reestablishes itself. The atmosphere gets "stuck" in a mode through an entire season, and indeed, it is the change of season itself that finally breaks it down.

NWS NDFD surface weather map with type/likelihood of precipitation, looped in 6 or 12-hour increments, as shown, 18Z 26 March - 12Z 28 March 2022


The weather system at the base and leading edge of the trough are sometimes energetics, and because they are so far south, this year, that has put them over the northern and central Gulf of Mexico.

The cold fronts are sometimes analyzed as far south as the Bay of Campeche -- sometimes ending in a real-world problematic "kink" at the southernmost bend in the coastline around Coatzacoalcos. (The "kink" might be due to both the coastline shape and interior terrain.

NWS NDFD surface weather map with type/likelihood of precipitation, looped in 6 or 12-hour increments, as shown, 00Z 28 March - 00Z 30 March 2022

By late Tuesday, this current pattern shifts with the trough lifting out. However, today's 12Z operational GFS still has more troughs diving in the same stupid attern over the next two weeks.


Now in the spirit of the time -- and here I'm shifting topical gears mightily -- let's "blame" a weather pattern on that catch-all quasi-mystical / quasi-suicidal secular religiom of Global Warming.

Global Warming itself is the long-term Thought Control weapon that joins the short-and-middle-term Biomedical Hysteria involving Covid and any other Pseudo-Political-Pandemic. Both are weapons of the Great Reset oligarchy for purposes of social control and, ultimately, depopulation.

Yes, the plan is to reduce the human population (not all at once) by as much as 85% so that Bill Gates and the other billionaire / nearly trillionaire oligarchs of the Great Reset crowd have their high-tech "meta-verse" panopticon-based neo-feudal fucking dystopian utopia.

Once reduced to just 15% of the current total, an equivalent of 14.98% will eat a steady diet of BUG PASTE or -- as the inestimable Wes Yang said, larva pate (see tweet image directly above) -- so that Bill Gates (or his awful progeny) "can eat his grass-fed lamb" in good conscience while gadding about in anyway of his 12 different mansions.

Above: Billionaire Bill Gates is probably the most malevolent influence on this planet in the present day along with Klaus Schwab. Nice moobs, Gates.


Bill Gates is proof that a near-trillionaire can be not just a destructive societal influence but also a massive parasite. Gates is the anti-Elon Musk. But even worse than Gates' parasitic existence is the fact that he is actively working toward depopulation because he is personally a global warming fanatic.

Of course, Gates is not so fanatical about global warming and attendant SEA LEVEL RISE!!! as to not seaside mansions.

The point is that Gates seems to genuinely believe that a large fraction of the human population is an infestation on Planet Earth and one way or another should just die off. He wants this even as he is -- somehow through his demented notion of people-as-computers and some vaguely Nazified biotechnology -- given immortality.

The BUG PASTE (or "bug-soy") eaters are also to be kept doped up on psychotropic drugs and quite hopped up on the zero-sum, self-destructive poison of identity politics -- ESPECIALLY the transgenderism thing -- that forms this IngSoc rubric of "Social Justice."

At this point, I need to take a risky detour into this whole forced transgenderism lunacy with its mind-bending redefinition of biological sex based upon the gender gibberish endlessly spewed by the psychopaths inside the sky-trillion dollar racket of Big Academia.

It's risky for many reasons -- well put in the two tweets shown as compendium image above -- that I dont' need to get into here. On a personal live, even writing about this runs a real risk of damaging one particular friendship with someone who, I have reason to believe, sometimes reads this otherwise very obscure blog.

(The Google suppression algorithms have dropped the daily hits to this blog into the single digits to low teens, and even those are mostly image hits. But I'm fine with that.)

Afghan veteran double leg amputee and Congressman Brian Mast (R - Fla.) said it best:

"Corporate America is under this cloak of arrogance where they think they get to play God with morality and sexuality and a host of other realities in this world, and somehow if you don't agree with their interpretation, then you are guilty of some kind of hate speech." -- Source here (double click in the URL bar of the "Access Denied" page).

Forced transgenderism indoctrination (or worse) in pre-pubescent children is ideal for the American Ruling Cabal since it ensures a pyschologically-destroyed, government-dependent, Communist minded expendible tool who is easy to command and then (after their prime age as Antifa shock troops) get rid of through drug abuse and eventual suicide by age 25.

That's actually why the WOKE Maoists and their Corporate Oligarch masters to include, of course, Big Tech / Big Media are so monomaniacally focused on the transgenderism issue. They are fanatical on this topic -- even more so than questioning the Covid vaccines and their 15-minutes of efficacy.

Indeed, a disproportionate number of the Twitter deplatformings involve any deviation from the WOKE Party Line that there are no biological sexs but only socially-constructed genders with infinite malleabilty.

Under pain of destruction of your career and life in society, you simply MUST accept that "Admiral" Rachel Levine IS a biological woman -- the definition of which has been famously asked by Matt Walsh (see below) and never defined. If not, that's ipso facto a HATE CRIME.

It is paramount for the forces of Great Reset oligarchy and their Maoist Cultural Revolution shocktroops to DEMAND universal acquiescence to this Orwellian redefinition of human sexuality. It also explains the apoplectic rage over efforts -- such as here in Florida -- to limit the indoctrination of K-3 school children on transgenderism and general sexuality by their teachers since it limits the ability to groom.

I mean, you don't really think that there's suddenly been a 5,000% increase (or whatever it is) in the number of "self-identifying gender fluid" adolescents in just 20 years??

Instead, it's relentless grooming of students starting as young as 1st grade (or maybe even kindergarten) by wacko public school teachers and the entire grotesque infrastructure behind them of mentally ill guidance counselors, petty-tyrannical school administrators, and the Khmer Rouge-minded crazies and degenerates on school boards.

While standing up to this is risky because of the Kafkaeque strictures of cancel culture, the Left is engaged in outright abuse of young children. That in mind, if anything is going to get ordinary "normie" people to fight back, it's what the Left is doing children.

And remember: There is no compromise with the Left because they are so, well, insane. They can ONLY be defeated politically.

This also involves the ongoing concerted effort to have biological men competing in all manner of women's sports in order to force this society-wide gaslighting on the basic foundational notion that their exists a biological sexual dichotomy that defines the human and cultural identity of the overwhelming majority of human beings in this country and on this planet througout history .

And let's be totally clear: This has NOTHING to do with whether or not there exist certain individuals with a true "non-binary" sexual identity -- much less persecuting them for who or what they are.

Rather, it has to do with this ongoing Cultural Revolution attempt by a combination of lunatic Cultural Marxists and Corporate Oligarchy (each for their own reasons) to FORCE the rest of society -- on pain of "cancellation" of their economic and social existence in society -- to accept and celebrate these bizarre academic notions to the point where parents must willingly offer up their young children to its identity-destroying demands.

Above: Gov Ron DeSantis proclamation on March 22, 2022, declaring Floridian and 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Silver Medalist Emma Weyant -- who came in second to biological male Lia Thomas in the 500-yard freestyle race at the Division 1 Women's Swimming and Diving Championships on March 17, 2022 -- the rightful winner.


On this topic, Matt Walsh has apparently put together a legitimate documentary in which he traveled the globe in the past year asking all manner of individuals the foundational question, "What is a Woman?" and listened to the answers. (Yes, this issue came up in last week's SCOTUS nomination hearings via Sen. Marsha Blackburn, but she may have been inspired by Matt Walsh.)

Naturally, the degenerate media -- including the USA Today "hotel room doormat" in his health (not op-ed) section -- have decided to "answer" this question with the usual Cultural Marxist academic gibberish spouted by tenured "philophers of gender" and sundry other crazies. But the answers leave normal people ("normies") dumbfounded and do not build support for the Left's indoctrination campaign but achieve the opposite.

Using his concept of Successor Ideology, Wes Yang has had some wonderful ponderings on all of this -- and he manages to do it in tweet threads. I think I should give him the last word on it.

The above Wes Yang tweet dated March 21, 2022, is in response to a tweet thread by a woman named Lucy Fell, a lesbian activist and hardcore leftist, who was bewildered and angry to find herself running afoul of the radical transgenderism -- specifically, of being accused of Wrong Think, and therefore (not so) implicitly, of a hate crime.

Above and below: Two compendium images of Wes Yang tweet threads from March 21, 2022, on the Constitutional implications of the WOKE and highly illiberal radicalism infecting law schools. The motivation for this was this piece by Aaron Sibarium on Bari Weiss's Substack site.

OK, enough of that.

Returning to the Saturday portion of this entry, I ended up walking to Monty's, where I spent about five hours at the outdoor covered bar and then walked home by about 10 p.m. I spent a total of $101.65 including the added tip, but then I added another $20. I got some food but mostly I had red wine. Actually, I've not had any vodka or spirits in the past two weeks, instead sticking to beer or red wine .

Sunset at the Miami Beach Marina with the Miami skyline in the distance as seen from Monty's, Miami Beach, Fla., 7:25 p.m. March 26, 2022


Oh, and I should note that the very dry weather meant there was virtually no condensation on any objects on the bar at Monty's yesterday. Normally, everything -- cups, glasses, menus, the bar itself -- needs to be wiped down constantly.

As for today (Sunday), between the 38°F dew point, the fucking spring break craziness on Ocean Drive, and my desire to not spend money, I ended up just staying in my apartment all afternoon. I'm not sure if I'll go to South Pointe Tavern tonight.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow -- my first living down here, but that's a topic for another entry.

As a concluding point to my earlier discussion in this entry, if you're wondering, I prefer the 80°F to 85°F daytime highs with 70°F to 75°F dew point and an easterly or southeasterly breeze, although 72°F with 62°F dew point and a gusty northeasterly breeze will do.

OK, signing off for now. My next entry likely won't be until Thursday.