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Benji Wittes, Synecdoche (and Mascot) of the Washington Consensus -- That Pharisaical & Parasitical Caste of the Gates/Bezos Great Reset Neoliberal Oligarchy -- Demands Russian "Regime Change" as "Zero Russia" Replaces "Zero Covid"

As an update on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, specifically, the synchronized waves of American media-amplified propaganda of a pro-Ukrainian and ever-more-virulently anti-Putin sort that is rapidly becoming outright anti-Russian -- and hence potentially dangerous in terms of actual hot war.

The demands for and realizations of ever-escalating and outright aggressively provocative "responses" against Russia have the flavor of an American leftwing "cancel culture" mob, except this time, it's the entire Military / Industrial / Deep State Establishment to include its Democrat - Big Media - Big Tech Complex.

It's yet another MAXIMALIST MASS MEDIA MORAL PANIC in the manner of the Gulf War, the 9/11 War on Terror, the Iraq War, Libya, and -- the destructive twin motherlodes -- COVID and the "January 6th Insurrection," with flamboyantly pro-Ukrainian propaganda and fog of war sort of stuff passed along uncritically and hysterically.

Recalling those moral panics, in the case of the two-year (and hopefully now ending) Covid shit-show, that nightmare was interspersed with that weird top-down Cultural / Color Revolution with hot civil war brought to use by the Oligarchical Elite (to include George Soros-provided pallets of bricks) that made up the "Summer of Love 2020" St. George Floyd Riots.

(Speaking of Summer of Love, Seattle is in a race-to-the-bottom with the Communist Commune of Portlandia, Scat Fransicko, and hellscape dystopia of L.A.)

As in those cases, the Washington Consensus -- that D.C. caste of intertwined pharisees and parasites that make up the face of the Big Media / Democrat Complex, itself an appendage of the Military / Industrial / Deep State hydra that, in turn, is the tool of the Great Reset-minded Neoliberal Oligarchy -- is leading the moral panic.

To borrow Wes Yang's phrase, the entire Vertically Integrated Media Messaging Apparatus is amplifying the message. And whereas Big Tech did not exist in 1991 or 2001, its present form only exacerbates the hysterical herd mentality and reach of the reality-altering lies.

However, in this Russian invasion of Ukraine case, the tribalization of America's cultural, social, and political life is actually papered over and so evident because Fox News -- as the metonymy of the Conservative Right -- is every bit on board as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the Illiberal Left Big Media complex.

Speaking of the Washington Consensus, the human being who defines it, Benjamin "Benji" Wittes is, as ever, leading the charge with his call, and doing so from his thoroughly vaccinated hidey hole where only FULLY VAXXED humans may get near him.

Benji Wittes (pictured left) is both the Washington Consensus de facto spokes-human -- indeed, he's its synecdoche -- and its unintentional mascot.

Benji has declared that only REGIME CHANGE in Russia will do and -- PRESTO! -- this is now the Official Position of The Brookings Institution (TM) where Benji and his "tough choices" both have a lifetime sinecure.

What's more, Richard N. Haass, the "President" of that other Beltway Deep State Consensus Factory, the Council on Foreign Relations, is on board with REGIME CHANGE in and ARMED CONFLICT with Russia.

Aligning with the demands of the Ukrainians -- many of whom are brilliant propagandists in how much they understand their U.S. audience and its "trigger" points -- are those of some truly unhinged "respectable" sorts in the form of a U.S/NATO-enforced "no fly zone" over Ukraine.

It goes without saying that such a move would be an open act war against Russia and would massively escalate matters to the threat of an actual World War III global nuclear holocaust.

Certain level-headed and clear-eyed observers -- such as Jordan Schachtel -- have pointed out the extent to which the Covid hysteria has seamlessly given way to anti-Putin/anti-Russian warmongering hysteria. In particular, the dangerous chimera of "Zero Covid" has given way to its functional equivalent, "Zero Russia," both of which have "powerful advocates" and both of which "require the destruction of humanity as we know it."

I won't go onto a tangent -- or down the rabbit hole -- of how obscenely hypocritical is this whole discussion coming from so many of the Cultural Marxists who have been openly instituting policies, procedures, and mindsets that seek the destruction of the United States, replacing all its foundational principles with a kind of WOKE Maoism. This includes the vitiation of the U.S. military into a sort of transgendered-obsessed drag show revue.

Rather, let's just focus on the bedrock principle that we do not need a hot war with Russia -- on that is likely to end in at least the limited exchange of nuclear weapons and a resulting breakdown of society.

Just as likely, an outright full scale nuclear war that destroys civilization and potentially removes human beings outright from this planet (as part of a biosphere-wide nuclear winter and extinction level event probably on par with the K/T Chicxulub impactor).

On the matter of "Zero Russia" replacing "Zero Covid," it is remarkable the speed and scope with which Blue State indoor / school mask mandates and all the vaccination hysteria is ebbing even as I write this.

Speaking of Jordan Schachtel, I'd like to point out this new Substack piece he just posted: Just Say No To World War 3. I highly recommend this piece.


For the western ruling elite class, Russia has been labeled our world’s bogeyman, as a nation that is considered the epitome of evil. Ukraine, while sharing a similar culture and politics to its neighbor, is labeled a land of freedom akin to the vision of the American founding. These labels are meant to showcase a great distinction between the two neighbors, but they are simply not accurate. In reality, the authoritarian dichotomy is much smaller, but the powerful actors who are clashing on this issue remain opposed to one another.

In the western world, some of our elected leaders are ginning up levels of hysteria similar to the early days of COVID Mania. COVID is now old news, replaced by the potential for war with Russia. Similar to COVID Mania, the wartime propaganda has been relentless, and the same class of human zombies who embraced the deadly virus narrative have somehow seamlessly transitioned to supporting the war narrative.

Above: I really can't stand Jonathan Swan. He is, in a word he can appreciate in his Australian vernacular, a C-word.


To these social justice warriors and frenzied fanatics, calling balls and strikes on the wartime propaganda is akin to being an agent for Russia. We are now told to register unapologetic support for these war narratives, even if they’re not remotely true.

Sure, go ahead and support Ukraine’s defense, but I don't believe it’s wise to “rally the troops” by banging the propaganda war drums. Instead, we should be looking for a way to de-escalate the rising tensions between nuclear-armed powers, and do so as fast as humanly possible.

Tucker Carlson's 21+ minute commentary tonight -- posted directly above -- discusses which of the key players of the Military/Industrial Complex and Deep State are demanding war with Russia.

Above: Philip M. Breedlove, a sort of Dr. Strangelove lunatic, is dying for World War III. These people are dangerously insane. Unless it's just for some media punditry show.


This includes whored-out Big Media Cable pundits demanding war with Russia to include wo former NATO Supreme Allied Commanders Europe (SACEURs), namley, Wesley Clark and Philip M. Breedlove. At the nexus of Big Media punditry and the Deep State, it includes, as noted above, CFR President Richard Haass, not to mention NBC News Pin-Up War Correspondent Richard Engel.

Above: Richard Engel, as ever, completely in love with himself and posing like some great World War II correspondent. In fact, all he really does is stay at fancy hotels and, when stateside, go on forever to adoring media about his son's Rett Syndrome.


Carlson's commentary also discusses the fact that the Democrat / Big Media complex are seeking actively to exploit the war hysteria in order (of course) to label as traitors and silence all domestic critics.

For instance, Mother F'er Jones magazine is demanding -- like all Illiberal Leftwing Cultural Marxists today -- that Fox News and any "rightwing misinformation" be banned or otherwise censored by some combination of the federal government, Big Tech, and the larger corporate media hydra. But it's not just Mother F'er Jones magazine since this is precisely the position of "sober and serious" Senators such as Mark Warner (D - Vagina).

To pull this off, it's necessary to internalize the Big Media Narrative that Biden's massive and sustained fuck ups and failures are really -- ALL TOGETHER NOW!! -- Donald Trump's (and his supporters) fault. In this way, the calls for silencing and criminalizing domestic voices -- especially non-RINO Republicans and ALL Trump voters -- can gain more moral traction.

This means that some of the present combo Democrat / Big Media / Deep State hysterical warmongering actually is directed for domestic U.S. purposes.

Having said all of that, it's also true that there have been a few funny sideshows out of this, in particular, when a component of the Veritically Integrated Messaging Apparatus tries to apply the American Left's all-racism / all-the-time framework to a war between two Slavic peoples and it backfires.

Case in point: The 1619 Project woman who tweets as Ida Bae Wells declared that all concern over Ukraine was really just so much white supremacy and "dog whistles" -- you can read what she said here, as I honestly don't care enough to write about it. The point is, she's clearly Off System Message.

Until things shake out in Ukraine, my advice is to stick to the MSNBC political talk show circuit for that sort of comment rather than tweeting it. Otherwise, she runs the risk of Ivy League schools not fiercely competing for her tenured and calming presence.

Such a loss would deprive her of critical opportunities in her Big Academia racket to talk about how oppressed she was growing up in 1980s suburban Waterloo, Iowa, raised by a black father and white mother. Consider all the unrealized Vox / Critical Race Theory synergies and lost decolonization spaces.

Ibram X. Kendi, the Leon Trotsky of CRT Bolshevism, may not be particularly intellectually brilliant, and he subscribes to a very crudely reductionist and ultimately dead-end ideology, but he intuitively understands and can adapt to the mood of the moment.

OK, I think I'm going to wrap up this entry. I'd like to try to post one more non-political-themed entry in the next day or two and call it a week for blogging until the weekend.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Jukebox Saturday Night for February 26th, 2022: Stardust and Stompin' Plus Being With the Atomic Kitten, Third Time 'Round

A fancy drink at the Hakkasan, one of a half dozen or so restaurants / bars in the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Fla.,
8:40 p.m., February 23, 2022

I finally went to the Fontainebleau -- after 11 months of living in Miami Beach -- on Thursday to meet Andrea, as she was staying at a hotel near there for the second part of her three-part South Florida trip. I have additional pics I will post in a subsequent entry.

We spent A LOT of money on that fancy intra-hotel bar crawl.


OK, the point of this entry was to post a lighter-themed one after all the recent heavy stuff. However, I don't know what to write, and I don't want to post a personal update just yet.

What's more, I've spent so much time blogging that I'm losing my Saturday outright, so instead I'm just going to post a Jukebox Saturday Night edition.

"Stardust" by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (1940) [instrumental version]

"Stardust" is a jazz song composed by American singer, songwriter and musician Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Mitchell Parish. Now considered a standard and part of the Great American Songbook, the song has been recorded over 1,500 times either as an instrumental or vocal track, featuring different performers.

This version has some great stills of Glenn Miller and His Orchestra playing at various venues including in a military setting (see above).

God, I wished I lived in that time instead of this one with its depravity and hot garbage everything.


And we'll continue with the World War II Big Band theme ...

"Stompin' Room Only" by Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra (1945)

Just FYI, there are other songs with the same name.


And we'll end things on a Saturday night high note ...

"Be With You" by Atomic Kitten from the group's albums Feels So Good (Special Edition) (2002) and Ladies Night (2003)

This is the third time I've featured this song with both previous times also in Jukebox Saturday Night entries to include Oct 13, 2018, and way back on Feb 14, 2015 (i.e., just over 7 years ago). What's more, it looks like it was ths same YouTube Vevo version each time.

As an aside, if YouTube versions vanish over time, I no longer attempt to replace them.

OK, I'm wrapping up this entry. My next planned posting will be on Tuesday or Wednesday night.


A Follow-Up Entry on the Matter of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Big Media/Democrat Complex-Amplified, American-Directed Ukrainian War Propaganda Blitz, and Related Commentary

**This entry was posted February 26th, 2022.**

The above image -- which I believe is Macao Beach in the Dominican Republic -- has nothing to do with this entry. However, I spent about 45 minutes the other night trying to figure out where it might be (with my only clue of the tropical setting being the two palm trees visible on the beach in the far left).

This image shows up as one of the rotating set of Windows 10 screen locks. I was actually able (with the help of an online search) to find it burrowed very deep inside a series of system subfolders, and I uploaded a copy of it to Google images, which produced a "hit" on where it was.


As a follow-up to my previous entry ...

I must note that there is a potentially highly dangerous (as in, World War III-initiating dangerous) lunacy among the Twitter mobs and the Big Media / Big Tech Democrat political components of the larger U.S. Neoliberal Military / Industrial / Surveillance / Deep State & Mass Commodified Culture Complex ...

The anti-Putin and now anti-Russian hysteria because of the Ukraine situation is rapidly spreading to include informal and formal boycotts (including, yes, Russian vodka), sanctions, and outright economic warfare against a massively nuclear armed, brutal, and un-intimidate-able adversary.

Not to mention it's an adversary that supplies us with a large amount oil -- as in, per EIA's most recent (Nov 2021) information, 17,855,000 barrels per month or 595,000 barrels per day out of the 254,162,000 barrels per month or 8,472,000 barrels per day the U.S. imports, i.e., 7% of the total.

Yeah, try immediately losing that 7%.

In the U.S., as Matt Walsh astutely noted in this tweet from earlier today (see above and reposted as text below):

This is the early days of covid all over again. People are hysterical. Media feeding the panic. Lots of blatantly false information being spread around. You are expected to believe everything you hear. People who question the narrative are shouted down and shamed.

Yes, it's all fucking garbage from the same shit hole complex that intentionally destroys everything it touches. And idiot Americans with their stupid herd mentality are doing what they always do (see relevant tweet image directly above). Even is getting caught up in the hysteria, and Fox sort of can't help itself.

As for the rest of the degenerate mainstream media, it's just pure lies, gaslighting, and garbage in a way that has ZERO bearing on actual reality. And as for the Left, it's in a rabid frenzy for war with Russia for Ukraine while it shits endlessly all over its own country -- endlessly actively seeking to destroy it because it hates it.

Jordan Schachtel had this good take on it -- namely, that Ukraine's government is adroit at manipulating American public opinion through waves of synchronized "clickbait" propaganda to include all those images that titillate those in the U.S.

And let's not forget that the grotesquery that is the Big Media / Democrat Party complex is hysterically pushing the Approved Washington Consensus Narrative that Trump Voters = Republicans = Putin Stooges = Racist Insurrectionists. Botox Nan, the "SCAT FRANSICKO with human feces on the street TREAT" is desperate to keep her wizened talons on the levers of power.

As for the fucking Washington Consensus -- the face of the whole degenerate, multi-tentacled hydra -- I'm so beyond sick and disgusted with it all the way back to the Iraq warmongering orgasm.

Above: A nice summation of the main American media-amplified war propaganda and outright falsehoods / lies coming out of Ukraine.

By the way, since this is all occurring in the context of the top-down WOKE cultural war in the U.S., I want to note that one of the "What's Happening" -- maybe it was "Trending" -- on TWATTER involved the Huffington Post in an article "explaining" to its readers how to "cope" with the "devastating" news from Ukraine. Fucking idiots.

Oh, and on another note, Fidel Castro Jr., i.e., Justin Trudeau, illegitimate son of a rich Communist whore and Cuba's late dictator, suddenly dropped the whole "Emergencies Act" totalitarian power grab after it became clear that the Senate of Canada was not going to approve it. (The lower house of WOKE Karens, soy boys with pronouns in the bios, and all the alphabet people (LGBTQIIAA+++) naturally approved it.)

OK, I'm ending this entry now because I'm really pissed off at this entire stupid U.S. self-gaslighting farce.

But just remember: The longer it takes for the Russians to take Kyiv, the more civilians are killed or brutalized and traumized, so you aren't doing them any favors with your keyboard warrior status back in your D.C. think tank or, more likely, tweeting from your bedroom.

Oh, yes, I forgot: Please read this piece in Tablet Magazine by Lee Smith [link embedded]: Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble.

Sub-healdine: By tying itself to a reckless and dangerous America, the Ukrainians made a blunder that client states will study for years to come. This is exactly why Ukraine is so deperately trying to get the U.S. to help in its doomed-to-failure war with Russia.

OK, signing off now but with one more entry to follow on a lighter topic.


Friday, February 25, 2022

As the Russian Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine Proceeds to Its Inevitable Conclusion (Hint: TAKE THE TERMS), Some Thoughts and Comments on the Complete, Total, & Often Hateful Failures of U.S., Other Western Elites In Every Possible Way

Above: Screenshot of footage of a Russian airstrike on a target in Ukraine, February 23, 2022, as posted or otherwise distributed by Twitter user Brij Yadav 33; actual source, unspecified.

The images in this entry are taken from various online news sources. I am not captioning them. It would just take too long.

As you surely know by now, Vladmir Putin's Russia launched a full-cale invasion of its neighbor Ukraine to include rapid ground assault and periodic missile attacks. Already, 100,000 Ukrainians have fled their homes including several thousands escaping into neighboring countries such as Poland.

The overwhelming attack definitely falls in the category of "shock and awe" with the target apparently the capital of Kiev Kyiv* with the intention of overthrowing the government of Volodymyr Zelenskyy* -- although the Pentagon is spreading the (self-soothing) story that Russia is suffering delays and setbacks .

*Yes, the American / Western BIG MEDIA cartel collectively switched to the spelling of "Kyiv" as part of a Ukrainian government campaign that the WOKE in America could conceptually appreciate. Likewise, the spelling is now Zelenskyy with TWO "y's" at the end of his last name, not one.

For starters, I will admit that I did not think that Russia would actually invade on this scale. I simply didn't believe the Biden Regime because everything it says and does is so, self-serving, stupid, WOKE-addled, bullshit-filled, and all-around completely FUBAR'd to the Nth degree (as N approaches infinity).

Secondly, and more importantly ...

This is an enormous story of a massive land war in the former Soviet Union between two sovereign states with one (Russia) clearly the shocking aggressor -- except it's two nations with a highly convoluted, problematic, and outright brutal historical relationship between them.

It involves the concerns of the far bigger and more powerful one (Russia) that the latter (Ukraine) was well on its way to be another militarized NATO appendage while sharing a ~1,230 mile land border and another 200 miles of sea border.

Look, whether you think Putin is Adolf Hitler and this is World War II-as-World War III**, the fact is, Russia has deep concerns involving NATO and Ukraine that are in the eyes of many Russians themselves very legitimate. This piece by Pat Buchanan sums it up succinctly.

Again, you don't have to agree with it, but don't pretend there aren't other "perspectives" in the world that can just be "cancelled" by some woke Millennial censor on Twatter or Fuckbook.

**Personally, I'm fed up with the goddamn searingly self-righteous and stupid Washington Consensus / Beltway Circle Jerk crowd of keyboard warriors -- all of them the ugly face of the Military / Industrial / Surveillance / Deep State complex -- declaring everything is Munich 1938, Neville Chamberlain, Hitler, Stalin, and ANNIHILATION of Western Civilization if we don't IMMEDIATELY go to war.

These are pussified keyboard warriors with mental defects as embodied in Brookings panels with Benji "The Tough Choices" Wittes and Counsel on Foreign Relations group gropes. And the World War II analogies are an ugly and now tiresome rhetorical trick designed to shut up everybody and give the Washington Post editorial and op-ed chickenhawks untrammeled control of "the dialogue."

All of them are as self-important as they are useless and worthless. Think Anne "Rotten" Applebaum, David "D-Bag" Ignatius, Ruth "Branch Covidian Mask Fetishist" Marcus, Max "Boobless" Boot, and the rest of the late and little missed Fred Hiatt's "stable" of mindnumbing Potomac-and-McLean-dwelling Boomer pundits.

For a harsher assesment of the entire situation -- including Russia -- here is a piece by Josh Hammer: Of Course Vladimir Putin Invaded Ukraine Under Joe Biden's Watch.

Concluding four paragraphs:

The American national interest is not necessarily tremendously affected, one way or the other, by the fate of the Donbas. Our Central and European allies would strongly prefer Ukraine and Belarus (a Russian puppet state, as presently governed) be kept intact as buffer zones.

But Ukraine -- like Russia, a deeply corrupt and oligarchy-driven society -- is not a NATO member. There are crucial legal, strategic, cultural and historical differences between Russian tanks rolling into the Donbas, on the one hand, or rolling into Warsaw or Budapest, on the other hand.

What's more, if one takes seriously the hysterical shrieks of "liberal democracy is on the line!" that have recently become a cable news talking-head staple, it is curious that even our foremost Western European allies seem asleep at the wheel. Where, exactly, are the British and the French?

The oligarchic Russian petrostate is not China, which poses the greatest geopolitical threat to the U.S. by a longshot. But the Russian bear being on the loose in Europe is lamentable nonetheless. Pray for peace -- and for a change of U.S. presidential leadership posthaste.

I don't know how this will turn out, but if Russia's reported terms of Ukrainian surrender are true, then they are quite reasonable in the grand scheme of things:

1. Recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

2. Firmly and decisively swearing off for all time any accession by Ukraine into NATO.

3. No weapons into Ukraine from the West.

4. Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) and the Luhansk People's Republic (LNR) gain territory that the regions had pre 2014.

You'll note in this list that Ukraine remains an independent nation -- just one that is more in the manner of Finland. Now, obviously, Russia intends to overthrow the current Ukrainian government, so yes, it will be a "puppet" government to some extent, but there was never going to be a different outcome.

Yes, that's highly (in WOKE-Speak) problematic and "bad" in the post-WWII American-dominated Western Paradigm -- unless, of course, it's the U.S. involved in Cuba, Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc., and etc. But Zelenskyy encouraging his citizens to engage in a bloody lethal conflict they cannot win is also extremely problematic.


Now I will admit upfront that I would not feel this way at all if it were Russia invading Poland or Hungary -- but those are TOTALLY different historical situations with completely different national security and, yes, even moral concerns for the United States and West.

Above: This is why Twatter suspended the account Defiant Ls -- because of the perfect way it captures (Il)liberal / leftwing stupidity and hypocrisy, in this case, dumbass "Occupy Democrats" and the issue of AR-15s and "automatic rifles," then and now.

For reasons that are unclear, though, Twatter REVERSED the suspension. Remember: Thanks to Section 230 protections, social media accounts have complete and total power to ban who or whatever they want.


What's more, as Jordan Schachtel (whose insights I really respect) has pointed out, Ukraine itself is a corrupt and kleptocratic society run by its own oligarchical interests and all that will happen now is a Russian-oriented one will replace the American / European-oriented one.

Sorry, Hunter Biden, you and "The Big Guy" will have to find a new swamp.

As for the amorally indifferent Europeans, let's face it, none of them are lined up to sever all relations with Russia, a nation on which they depend overwhelmingly for their natural gas and petroleum needs.

That last point raises the truly dark comical irony of what's happening:

EVERYTHING done by the Biden Regime's "NET ZERO ENERGY" eco-fascists (with their quasi-feudal endstate desire for Western Civlization) in the area of energy policy has ONLY made Putin stronger to include, of course, the whole Nord Stream 2 pipeline versus now-cancelled Keystone XL pipeline.

The Biden Regime is run by historically illiterate, if not actually brain-dead, eco-Bolshevik Millennialists, seek that "decarbonized" and "decolonized" Green Economy at the point of a gun.

This ideology, of course, is the secular and ultimately nihilistic religion of the genderqueer Gen Z'ers and their Supreme Leader.

I refer to a certain semi-autistic adolescent child who has yet to finish high school but is somehow in our Media Hyperreality dictating through facial contortions the energy consumption policies and thus living standards of Western Societies.

For that matter, the Belgians don't even want to give up Russian diamonds. Fucking amoral bastards. But what else would you expect from the descendants of King Leopold.

About the ever-escalating economic and financial warfare between the West led by the U.S. and Russia, this piece by Maximilian Hess featured on Al Jazeera is very good [link embedded]: Russia and the West are moving towards all out economic war.

It's a good piece that considers just where that might lead.

Yes, you have to go to Al Jazeera for insights like that because all you're going to get on CNN (that's short for Corrupted News Network) is a (literal) Circle Jerk of the Washington Consensus to include NPR-minded "explainer" pieces about how there is a "direct line from Putin to Trump to January 6th Insurrection":

The endgame, of course, is to criminalize and remove from society all Trump voters, all conservatives, all Republicans, and, ultimately, all "oppressors" to include [FILL IN THE ETHNORACIST DEMANDS], all for the sake of the Great Reset-minded Oligarchy.

This brings up another matter, namely, what appears to be the deep reluctance of the American BIG TECH oligarchy to go attempt to "cancel" or otherwise engage in cyber-warfare with Russia. Indeed, this oligarchy dares not stop -- Russia's unfettered access to their platforms.

(Double click on the URL link above and the one directly below to get around the "You Don't Have Permission" page.)

As for what the Hacking Collective "Anonymous" is attempting to do by shutting down Russian websites, good luck with that.

An actual war between the U.S. and Russia would start with a cyber-war blitzkrieg on the part of the Russians (probably with the help of the Chinese) -- incapacitating vast swaths of American critical infrastructure -- that would make "Anonymous" and their stupid Guy Fawkes masks look like toddlers. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if Anonymous is really just some CIA/NSA-led operation.

As a final point, in the U.S., the System continues to wage war on what are loosely described as "Trump Voters" both through the socially deeply toxic racist virus of WOKE identitarianism (yes, "Critical Race Theory" and all its manifestations including down to the public school kindergarten level) and the "genderqueer" transgenderism frenzy.

The result is, as Jesse Kelly termed it the other day (see image directly above), carnival freakshow Conga line through the White House being put on public display FOR THAT PURPOSE.

And somehow this sort of internally decayed empire -- is going to rally all its citizens into some glorious war involving working class cannon fodder for the sake of making Beltway / Big Media types in their green rooms and think tanks feel all powerful and affirmed.

Yet here is how that decaying Empire advertises for its military (and, yes, this is from spring 2021, but it's still highly relevant):


So, yes, our massive War and Spy Machine led by a bloated Covid paranoiac cat lady of an old man and "chaired" by a hateful, leathery-faced [BLANK] who's never won a battle in his life is going to unleash our depleted and "decolonized" military filled with pregnant women and WOKE genderqueer folks doing drag shows for smiling top Pentagon brass.

In this way, the U.S. will shock and awe any foe -- ESPECIALLY Russia and China -- with its vast arsenal of pronouns and all those "Climate Crisis Action Plans" PowerPoint presentations on flash drives ready to be shown on Zoom Webinars ... and please mute your mics.

By contrast, here's how Russia does its recruitment:

Jordan Schachtel put it so well in this tweet thread from yesterday:

Let me end this entry with a piece by Christopher Bedford from The Federalist [link embedded]: The Ruling Class Is A Far Greater Threat To Americans Than Russia Is.


Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine Thursday. He’d been fixing on it for a while. Most of the world knew it was coming.

By nightfall, their advanced forces had reached the capital city of Kyiv, and the situation looked dire. In the ensuing bloodshed, the internet was awash in hot takes. Not insignificant among them: That treason is amiss on the right, where our elites detect an insufficient support for the White House — and an insufficient hatred of Putin.

They’re shocked their bugles ring hollow in the ears of so many conservative and Christian Americans. Our lack of enthusiasm infuriates them to their core; they’re shaking with indignation.

So what’s the cause of this apparent treason? Why aren’t we charging? Why aren’t we all impressed with a government that’s afraid of racially profiling Chinese spies, or the carbon footprint of war in Europe? Why didn’t the Russians fear the diversity tweets of our NATO alliance, or our maternity flight suits and trans soldiers?

Why, they wonder, haven’t American conservatives flocked to their “racist” flag singing our “racist” National Anthem?

There’s no gentle way to say it, but the truth is that a lot of us hate our elites far more than we hate some foreign dictator. It’s a tough truth for the tough place our civilization is in — and surely, it’s a difficult truth for our ruling class to see amid the glare of their self-righteousness.

Above: The stock market surged today precisely because Wall Street and Big Money don't give a shit about the situation in Ukraine. Remember that.


OK, I'm going to end this entry. I'd like to post one more entry as a personal update or at least on a lighter topic.