Sunday, January 30, 2022

Some Recent Weather and Ongoing Political Notes on a Cold Late January South Florida Sunday Night Interspersed w/ a Miami Beach Batch of Pics

The Murano at South Pointe, South Beach, Miami Beach, under a "mackerel sky" (altocumulus) cloud formation,
5:03 p.m., January 29, 2022

To clarify, there are multiple "Murano" buildings including a trio known as "Murano at Portofino" -- see image below -- located at the southwest corner of Miami Beach on Biscayne Bay (and the top of which I can actually see from my 2-1/2 floor apartment).


OK, it's (past) time for a blog entry.

I had intended to write one yesterday, but I ended up spending the mid-to-late afternoon into evening/early night out. Initially, I was just going grocery shopping at the Publix at 6th and Lenox here in "SoBe."

But then I changed my mind and ended up walking on a somewhat different route that I normally talk over to Monty's at the Miami Beach Marina. Thereafter, I walked to South Pointe Tavern, where I met by chance Tom and Amy (the couple I went yachting with on Jan 20th).

The pictures in this entry are some of the ones I took while out yesterday.

Today, I'm just home. This is because of a combination of the unsually and totally unwelcome cold weather here in Miami Beach (more on that in a bit), being low on money this pay period, and still having a great deal ("shit-ton") of work to finish in the next two weeks.

By "cold weather," I mean temperatures that fell into the lower 40s Fahrenheit across the immediate Miami area in the predawn hours of this morning including 42°F officially at KMIA -- but below freezing inland and around Lake Okeechobee.

Below are a series of four images of the weather hazards in place yesterday (Saturday) late morning taken from four of the five National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Offices ("NWSFOs") that exist in Florida for their respective "county warning area" (CWA) areas and adjacent areas. (I didn't get the Melbourne NWSFO "MLB" image but it's basically covered by the Tampa one.)

NWSFO Tallahassee ("TAE") CWA weather products and legend, updated 11:51 a.m. EST January 29, 2022


NWSFO Jacksonville ("JAX") CWA weather products and legend, updated 11:52 a.m. EST January 29, 2022

I'm not sure why a gale warning has a higher priority than a hard freeze warning. Yes, a gale warning is a major deal for mariners but the ranking of hazards is both for their immediacy and number of people impacted. Keep in mind these maps can only show the highest priority product even if there are multiple products in effect simultaneously.


NWSFO Tampa Bay Area ("TBW") CWA weather products and legend, updated 11:51 a.m. EST January 29, 2022


The full 127 hazard products are listed here. One notable change in the March 2021 update was to lower the Child Abduction Emergency from Hazard #96 to #126 and change its gold color (an homage to the fact it started out as the Amber alert) to a white color. #96 is now a turquoise-hued, Florida-common Rip Current Statement.

As a result, you'll never see on the NWS site an entire state randomly light up gold during a quiet weather period (often at night) such as Texas in August 21, 2020 (see left). (I think El Paso County on that map has a higher-priority severe thunderstorm warning.)

To clarify, law enforcement utilizes the NWS broadcast system for child abductions and other missing persons (elderly or police officers).

NWSFO Miami - South Florida ("MFL") CWA weather products and legend, updated 11:52 a.m. EST January 29, 2022

When I was a little boy living in New Jersey and used to watch the PBS "A.M. Weather" segment (produced by Maryland Public Television from its Owings Mills studio), I distinctly remember there was something called a "stockman's advisory," but I can't find any info on it.


Back to the South Florida cold spell ...

This was the second consecutive weekend of a cold snap with this one a bit more intense. However, the lows were about 5°F warmer than forecasted -- possibly because the wind stayed up. The January 30th daily record low was 36°F in 1940 and for January 29th, it was 29°F also in 1940, both therefore pre-airport records. KMIA weather records go back to 1948 and the full Miami record back to 1895.

In the first cold wave, it got as a low as 46°F predawn Monday morning before warming up to 82°F by Wednesday and Thursday.

The coldest it got last winter (in the DJF) period was 48°F on Dec 10, 2020. It reached 49°F on both Jan 10, 2021 and Feb 4, 2021. (This info is taken from the archived monthly data available on the NWS MFL website.) Using this source, in 2020, it got down to 40°F on Jan 22, 2020 and 46°F on Jan 21, 2019. The last sub 40°F night at KMIA was 35°F on Jan 10, 2010.

A family cleverly notes for history's sake the freak snowfall in the Tampa area on January 19, 1977.

Just FYI, the coldest it has ever been at KMIA is 30°F on both Dec 25, 1989 and Jan 22, 1985. (I remember both those Arctic outbreaks as they were East Coast wide and certainly impacted Maryland and New Jersey.) It also reached 31°F on Jan 20, 1977 -- the day of Jimmy Carter's Inauguration 900 miles away in D.C.

It was the day before -- Wednesday, January 19, 1977 -- when it shockingly snowed in numerous places around Florida including Tampa (with, I believe, 0.2 inches) and "unofficially" in the Miami area ("unofficially" because snow wasn't observed at the airport).

As shown in the images above and below, that event was captured forever by the awesome headlines of the newspapers that were able to come out on the same day including in the now-defunct evening paper the Miami News and the Miami Herald which, unfortunately, still survives.

Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI) got down to 37°F this morning -- and it did not break the KPBI daily record low was 35°F on that bitterly cold night in 1966. Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) fell to 40°F, which did not break the 38°F daily record low set on multiple occasions (1955, 1973, and 1978).

In terms of historical records, I'm guessing the all-time coldest numbers are a bit lower at KPBI; unsure about KFLL (Fort Lauderdale).

At KMIA as shown in the image directly above of the weather obs table from Tuesday (Jan 25th), the dew point was as low as 33°F at 10 a.m. when the air temp got down to 50°F before spiking 22°F in two hours (by noon) as soon as the wind veered off the ocean.

As shown in the image below, the dew point this morning got down even lower to 21°F and stayed in the 20s Fahrenheit most of the day. That sucks.

Let me just say that I hate when it gets cold here. It's personally offensive to me. Having said that, though, the sky and sunlight conditions yesterday (as indicated in some of the photos posted in this entry) was exceptionally lovely.

Farther north, it was truly cold with 31°F at KDAB and frickin 22°F at KJAX. But neither were daily record lows since they were competing against the 1966 Arctic outbreak with lows of 26°F and 20°F, respectively. Remember we're in the depths of winter, and the climate was a bit cooler then.)

Tonight shouldn't be quite as cold across the whole peninsula. The pattern changes by Tuesday and we get back to more typical South Florida weather.

The cold wave was directly associated with a major nor'easter that dropped 12 to 18 inches of snow along the immediate New Jersey shore and 12 to 24 inches of snow (with isolated amounts up to 30") in southeastern Massachusetts / coastal New England. This included 23.8 inches at Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS) itself.

New York City Central Park (KNYC) recorded 8.5 inches and JFK International / Not Idlewild-to-the-Belgian Congo Airport had 11.2 inches. (Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) had 8.0 inches.) Places on eastern Long Island had 20 to 25 inches. Islip (KISP) recorded 24.7 inches of snow.

By contrast, and as totally expected, D.C. got shit with 0.2" of snow at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA). About 30 miles northeast as the crow flies, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport (KBWI) recorded 1.5 inches of snow while 25 miles west of D.C., Washington Dulles International Airport KIAD) had 1.0 inch of snow.

Having said that, KDCA is at 12.3 inches of snow for the season and KBWI at 13.3 inches -- and both far ahead of what they were last year at this point (0.3 inches and 2.1 inches, respectively). Both are also running above KIAD's 11.4 inches (it had 2.6 inches by this time last year).

Below are some captioned weather-related images including high-resolution surface weather maps, NWSFO infographics and county warning area (CWA) weather hazard maps, and satellite loops.

NWS high-resolution surfacew weather map for a portion of the Eastern U.S., 15Z (10 a.m. EST) 29 January 2022


Above: The Philadelphia / Mount Holly (PHI) NWSFO infographic for its CWA for the nor'easter of Jan 28-30, 2022. While the amounts along the immediate Jersey shore verified.

NWSFO Philadelphia / Mount Holly ("PHI") CWA weather products and legend, updated 12:25 p.m. EST January 28, 2022


This included 16.0 inches at Atlantic City International Airport (KACY) and up to 19 inches in Egg Harbort Township, along with 18.4 inches in Manasquan and 12 to 14 inches in my childhood home area of Long Branch and Asbury Park -- the southwestern portion of that snowmap did not. My mom said that where she is in Easton, no more than 2 inches of snow fell.

The nor'easter itself -- a "bomb cyclone" in terms of its rapid strengthening and dubbed "Kenan" by the Weather Channel -- had a minimum central pressure of about 975 mb (28.79" Hg) and brought winds of up to 70 mph to Nantucket, where widespread flooding occurred.

Above: an image of Nantucket on Jan 29, 2022, during the height of the nor'easter. Naturally, all the WOKE Covid Karens on Twatter were yowling and shrieking that the emergency rescue personnel should let "The Unvaccinated" drown, freeze, or otherwise die. This gets to the fucking depravity of the Left, but let's save that for now.

As it is, Nan-SUCK-it is 100% vaxxed and boosted -- and so, naturally, cases (meaningless or otherwise) have never been higher.

GOES East daytime GeoColor mode NECONUS satellite loop, 1346-1641 UTC (8:46 a.m. - 11:41 am. EST) 29 January 2022


GOES East daytime GeoColor mode SECONUS satellite loop, 1351-1641 UTC (8:51 a.m. - 11:41 am. EST) 29 January 2022

The reason I am showing the above satellite loop is that if you look at northwestern Georgia, you see little white fingery wisps that dissipate during the late morning. Those are not clouds but actually dustings / coatings of snow dropped the previous night by streamlines of snow squalls that formed off the North Georgia Mountains and propagated southeastward including into the Metro Atlanta area.

And just for the record, the Peachtree City NWSFO (FFC) only had a 10% chance for "flurries" for the Atlanta area with an area forecast discussion that stated "flurries by definition do not accumulate." Above is an image of the infographic the office issued showing the Atlanta area with a less than 20% chance of flurries / light snow showers.

OK, that's fine, forecasts are sometimes wrong and you issue an update. It's not about beating up the forecaster for that. But even as the radar was lighting up -- see above -- with snow was falling and Chris was sending me pictures of a bona fide snow squall in his part of Atlanta -- see image directly below -- the office did not even provide a short term update (only a random tweet about a particular road being slick). Instead the forecaster(s) on duty seemed to wait it out and then, when it was over, assert everything was as predicted.

I'm sorry but it was not.


OK, that concludes the general weather update.

I had wanted to post a political-themed entry as well and, in fact, had started earlier the sections below. But now, I'm just going to post the summaries of the topics I wanted to relate and leave it at that.

Glenn Greenwald on Chelsea Clinton: Just wow.


First, there is the Branch Covidian hysteria and a current ongoing HollyWOKE garbage involving Joe Rogan and Spotify to include those two colonic parasites of Harry & Meghan and a bunch of self-righteous, washed-up, has-been Boomer entertainers who refuse to go away gracefully but instead -- in their imbecilic and low IQ narcissism -- who are all making common cause with Millennial Twitter mobs and solipsistically illiterate Gen-Z Cancel Culture Bolsheviks.

This is how you get Neil Young, about whom I know nothing, and the obviously mentally ill Joni Mitchell -- who still hasn't died from her "rare Morgellons Disease" -- leading YET ANOTHER Astroturfed "movement" of the ethically perverted, the ignorant, the narcissistic, and the running dogs (who fancy themselves royalty) of the Great Reset Oligarchy that collectively form part of what Wes Yang aptly calls the Vertically Integrated Messaging Apparatus.

Above: Screenshot of a wonderful Joe Rogan video addressing the bullshit conflict. So gracious, even-measured, and thoughtful. What an unlikely but genuine hero Joe Rogan has become for our bizarre world.

In this case, it's the usual circle jerk of malignantly narcissistic and shockingly ignorant entertainers / performers / sociopaths that make up Hollywood's Mass Pop Culture hydra demanding that all Joe Rogan podcasts be removed under the banner of that catch-all term of "misinformation" (READ: any and all regime-unapproved lies and propaganda)

Secondly, there is the quasi-uprising in Canada against the Covidian biosecurity regime of Justin Pussy Trudeau and his degenerate Communist government in the form of the 40+ mile "Freedom Convoy" truck convoy protesting vax mandates and more general biosecurity-based totalitarianism that has descended upon Ottawa (prompting the Pussy Trudeau to flee to his own secure and undisclosed location, possibly here in the U.S.).

The Bill Gates-driven, Great Reset-based Branch Covidian biosecurity state has had far more luck in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and certain random other countries (such as Chile) in creating mass formation psychosis-minded hysteria and complete and unilateral surrendering of all freedoms.

Thirdly, there is the bizarre and objectively irrational U.S. Military / Industrial / Deep State Complex desperately and mass psychotically trying to drum up a war with Russia -- nuclear weapons-armed and blood-minded serious RUSSIA! -- over frickin' Ukraine to the point that Ukrainian President Zelensky told the brittle, senile, and quite creepy rageholic who presently occupies the position of President of the United States to calm down and, ultimately, butt out.

It's irrational for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the lack of any compelling national security interest, no meaningful military capability in a "theatre" where we DO NOT belong, and the fact that the U.S. is in a highly frayed and dissolute sociocultural (and hence political) state that makes any would-be war a sure-fired loss. But the elites derive some psychosexual joy and/or deep meaning out of instigating and then watching these wars from afar.

Finally, I also wanted to address the substance of the above tweet by Jesse Kelly that pivots off the killing of those two NYPD officers including Jason Rivera -- whose wife is pictured above at the mass funeral held for him on Friday. Kelly is spot on concerning why this murder-mayhem is being actively encouraged by the degenerate Communists who run so many of America's institutions including all those local urban governments.

But that's all I'm going to say on political matters. Beside, I really need to be careful because the things I want to say in an overheated and agitated moment will not age well and, of course, always run the risk of boomeranging on me. Of course, this blog is such an obscure backwater that this has not been a problem so far. Thank God I never did Twatter or Fuckbook.

So that's all for now. Once again this coming week will see little or, more likely, no blogging. That's because, once again, I need to focus heavily on my work tasks this week. I should have that round of reports, plus the monthly progress report production cycle, complete by about Saint Valentine's Day (i.e., a bit over two weeks hence).My next entry will be next weekend unless something really warrants it.

Like last week, my nights will be spent working on the reports while listening to jazz music or watching variously long ago episodes of Unsolved Mysteries or reruns of always-funny The Nanny.

Even though, yes, it happens once in a DJF while, it's just deeply WRONG for it to be cold in Miami Beach.

OK, signing off for now. Goodnight.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday Evening Post for January 22nd, 2022: The Temperature at the Noontime Hour Here and There -- Interspersed with Pics from a Thursday Yachting Excursion on Biscayne Bay (UPDATED)

**Updated 1:44 p.m. 1/23/2022: See two updates below.**

The wake of the powerboat-like yacht heading into Biscayne Bay from the open Atlantic Ocean, 2:15 p.m., January 20, 2022

The above picture was taken right after an aborted offshore snorkeling trip around the Fowey Rocks Light (which is visible as a speck on the horizon). The trip was aborted owing to excessively choppy and strong seas. (I know it doesn't look that rough but it was -- especially heading into the waves.)

Above and below: Pulling out of Miami Beach Marina and passing the crane towers of the Port of Miami. No 100+ cargo ship offshore backup here like off Long Beach because of endless California rules; a old Manhattan phonebook of labor requirements; ever-more-bizarre and loony-tyrannical "DEIB" demands; CCP mischief, mass looting of departing freight trains, and general purposeful supply chain-failing dysfunction.

The images in this entry are from that yacht outing. About that yachting trip, while it wasn't windy, however, the open ocean was very choppy with three to four foot swells and it nixed our offshore snorkeling plans. We were heading to the coral reef around, I believe, Fowey Rocks Light but it was just too rough.

The high-speed ride "atop" the waves with almost violent slamming down between the crests -- while not "severe" by standards of mariners -- was jarring and nerve-racking for me and at least two of the other three passengers.

To be clear, there wasn't much of a wind but the sea was rough with a strong northeasterly flow of the ocean itself. There was a full Moon earlier in the week, which may have contributed to an astronomical tide issue (at least that's what the boat captain mentioned).

In the end, we turned around -- the ride back was much smoother because we were going "with" the waves and we went into a quiet emerald green / turquoise lagoon of Key Biscayne fringed by big, fancy homes and had a nice lunch plus drinks and a bit of swimming. (I saw a manatee in the lagoon.)


Saturday early afternoon. (Yes, it was more like quarter to nine at night by the time I posted this entry.)

It has been a week since my last post, and unfortunately, the paucity of postings is going to continue for at least another week and probably through the first half of February.

Above: Another picture from the Thursday afternoon powerboat/yacht ride from Miami Beach marina into and across Biscayne Bay and then the open Atlantic, then quickly back into that Key Biscayne quiet lagoon followed by a return to the marina. I am not captioning most of the pictures but this portion are posting chronologically. File names contain location / time info.

Blogging will be so limited because I simply have too much work-related stuff to do, and composing these entries is a massive time sink with virtually no benefit. I cannot chronicle in real-time and comment upon the totality of the world in all its depravities and degeneracies.

I am also on a strict austerity budget -- no $600 Friday/Saturday/Sunday extravaganza waste-a-thons with zero to show for it except an unhappy hangover -- for this entire biweekly pay period which just started on Friday.

As for work and those five damn reports I need to finish, this past week, I lost two days -- Tuesday and Thursday -- owing to certain social situations.

On Tuesday, there was the last day of an extended week visit by my friend Mike G and his younger son to South Florida that partly involved me and partly involved other friends and activities.

On Thursday was the aforementioned aborted offshore snorkeling afternoon expedition followed by quiet Key Biscayne lagoon lunch outing. Images from that outing are included in this entry if only to break up the text.

As for last Monday was the MLK holiday, but I basically treated it as a normal work day (where my apartment IS my office).

It is a mostly cloudy, dull, day with diffuse sunshine and seasonably warm temperatures for late January down here in South Florida. At the noon hour, KMIA is 76°F with a 68°F dew point. It's about the same here in Miami Beach.

Dew point temperature is everything down here.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map, eastern / central U.S., valid 15Z / 3 p.m. EST 22 January 2022


However, a cold front marking the boundary of a modified Arctic / much colder airmass is slowly sagging its way across the peninsula. The front delineates the southern half of the Florida peninsula from a genuine winter regime over much of the Eastern U.S. (Well, we are in the "depths" of winter right now.)

U.S. Lower 48 surface temperature (°F) forecast, NWS NDFD,
Valid 1 p.m. EST, January 22, 2022


While it is 68°F in Miami, West Palm Beach (KPBI) is 68°F / 61°F; Daytona Beach (KDAB) is 56°F / 51°F. Near where my dad lives in Flagler Beach, KFIN is 52°F / 48°F.

At the northern end of the Florida peninsula, Jacksonville (KJAX) is frickin' 38°F / 3°1F -- so that's a 38°F temperature difference between Miami and Jacksonville.

Atlanta (KATL) is no colder than Jacksonville at 38°F / 29°F.

Up in the hellish illiberal-totalitarian dystopias of the Blue Covidistans of the Mid-Atlantic region at the noontime hour, we have:

Washington, D.C. (KDCA): 29°F / 2°F
Baltimore (KBWI): 28°F / 3°F

Some political commentary about my former longtime home of Washington, D.C. and, by extension, Baltimore, Md.:

For when we get a serious political realignment that brings out majority Republican rule as a result of the civilization-destroying Covid, WOKE, and sexuality/gender/human-destructive perversions and assorted monstrosities of the Democrat Communist Party linked Siamese twins-style to the Oligarchy-run Big Media/Big Tech/Deep State hydra: It's time to end the District of Columbia as we know it.

Let all of the City of Washington outside of a small federal enclave (however its boundaries will look including fragments) revert to the State of Maryland (much like what is now Arlington County and a bit of the City of Alexandria did in the Retrocession of 1846). The Constitutionality questions of such a retrocession are completely moot at this point since they would have also have to apply to the Virginia side, and that's certainly a done deal.

The City of Washington -- likely to be renamed something woke and stupid -- can then become Maryland's problem as a sort of Baltimore 2.0 and die just like Baltimore itself has already nearly died (is on its death bed).

We cannot have a Federal Capital that is all Racist/Communist/Kleptocratic that now includes extraconstitutional vaccine "movement" passports of the anarcho-tyrannical biosecurity state that have effectively shut the city off to the U.S. population.

Nor can we have a city that is just another Blue City Democrat no-go-zone of violent crime -- including all those smash-and-grab (WARNING: TRIGGER WORD) gang robberies -- and drug addled homelessly schizophrenic encampments.

Enough is enough.

Here is a powerful Tucker Carlson commentary on the Left's intentional drive to create as much drug addled-homelessness and mental illness as possible as part of its general psychopathic attempt to destroy civliization (an attempt that is going quite well in All the Usual Places from L.A., City of Demons, to Scat Fransicko to Portlandia and the Seattle Republic of "CHAZ/CHOP" to Chicagoland to the East Coast megalopolis):

Carlson has some great descriptive phrases of what is happening in places such as L.A. City of Demons, where $2 billion is being poured into "homelessness," i.e., encouraging and fostering more of it.

"Homelessness prevention: Half a million dollar condos at public expense to house crack addicts at market rates..."

"Lavish money on the least productive, most anti-social, parasites of society and you punish Americans who work for a living..."

Above: Life on the streets of Scat Fransicko; Below: Life on Los Angeles' Skid Row.

The solution, of course, all you California voters, is to elect an even BIGGER demonic Democrat/Bolshevik supermajority and triple down on EVERYTHING that exacerbates this grotesquery while playing gender/sex word games. Fucking idiots.

The bottomline is that in these Democrat-run cities, this is what these "homeless advocates" and other WOKE Communists truly want:

The drug-tripping and schizophrenically insane homeless shitting on public sidewalks in broad daylight, shooting up heroine or ingesting Fentanyl, random knife attacks on people walking by or, in NYC, being shoved in front of moving subway trains, and of course, the general degradation. Oh, and let's not forget encouraging the mass smash-and-grab organzed looting as "reparations" for the Ibram X. Kendi-minded.

Meanwhile, all the Soros-funded DAs actually WANT rampant violent crime to terrorize the citizenry as a way of bringing about their Communist shithole "utopian" dystopia.

Victor Davis Hanson had this must-see interview about how all of this is causing a general systems failure of society:

For a written piece by Hanson on the same topic, see here [link embedded]: Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

Of course, all of this could be rendered quite nuclear holocaust moot thanks to the Beltway Circle Jerk Crowd's incessant bellicose warmongering -- to the ecstatic delight of the Military/Industrial/Surveillance Complex -- for a hot war with Russia over frickin' Ukraine and the dangerously provocative move against Russia of giving that country membership in stupid NATO.

Yes, the border of Ukraine is sacrosanct while the U.S. Southern border must be left wide open to allow unchecked millions of illegal immigrants -- ideally for the Left, Covid-infected criminals and Islamic radicals, all for the sake of same-day Democrat voter registration -- to pour in.

These sociopathic War Mongers -- those who (along with their ancestors) brought us every hideous U.S. military misadventure against a farrago of Third World countries over the past 70 years -- want War With Russia for all the usual horseshit reasons but this time against an adversary and in a conflict that would be catastrophic to the United States itself.

In much the same way that the perverted and societally highly destructive response is a type of mass formation psychosis -- not to mention the gift that keeps on giving to the Chinese Communist Party and Great Reset-minded oligarchs plus their minions on the WEF cirle-jerking conference circuit -- the D.C. elite are in their own small-but-deadly influential mass formation pyschosis about what war with Russia over frickin' Ukraine would entail.

You will notice in all of this that the role of the notional president Joe Biden is basically irrelevant. He's just a dementia-addled, brittle, angry, hate-filled, spittle-flecked rage-a-holic puppet to the Communists and the Deep State Oligarchs who pull his strings.

That "Corn Pop" Biden is suffering one political disaster after another is the only thing that has been good in the past two months including Upchuck Schumer's failed attempt to nuke the fillibuster for the Democrat's federal takeover of all elections. We have two Democrats, Sen Joe Manchin and Sen Kyrsten Sinema, to thank for that.

In terms of the Ukrainian situation -- and Russia's 100,000 or so troops amassed on its border -- warnings and other bullshit from the U.S. carry virtually zero weight after Biden's Afghanistan debacle. Indeed, it looks like France, Germany, and

Honestly, the possible conflict with Russia over frickin' Ukraine is such a huge and potentially catacylsmic occurrence that I don't even have the bandwidth to discuss it given my focus on the general societal breakdown in the United States.

Update 1 of 2, 1:44 p.m. 1/23/2022:

Here is a very useful article in Foreign Policy by Stephen M. Walt, a guy who seems to know what he's talking about [link embedded]:

And here's Matt Walsh's take on the matter -- and I totally and completely agree with him:

End of Update 1.


So, let me just return to my previous point about functionally "canceling" the very existence of Washington, D.C., in the manner described above:

This should be the conservative Republican response to the Democrat/Communist scheme of making D.C. and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52st states, respectively, for Senate-packing purposes.

May Muriel McCheese Bowser be the last Mayor of the District of Columbia in its present form. There's ya home rule.

As for Baltimore and its death, Glen Burnie is a place that is absorbing so much of the city's exodus -- and thus turning into Baltimore in the process. My mom, thankfully, fled Glen Burnie and now lives on Eastern Shore in Easton.

As for the noontime temperature and dew point there, Newman Field (KESN) is 32°F / 10°F.

Speaking of Northern Virginia, I REALLY hope Governor Glenn Youngkin shit-kicks these degenerate school districts and their school boards -- all monomaniacally fixated on Critical Race Theory racist indoctrination and turning every school child transgendered -- on the question of the child abusive masking.

Masking of any sort -- including that N95 / KN95 bullshit -- is beyond useless, it's actually psychologically and physically harmful to minors, especially young children.

Here in the U.S. in Democrat-run cities and states, it is only being maintained by the bureaucratic / managerial state out of a combination of spite, hate, ego, refusal to admit mistakes, and (to a limited extent) the fear of the Covid Karens. Notably, the UK and Ireland are dropping ALL Covid-related NPI measures.)

As Buck Sexton said in a tweet yesterday (see above): When all the masks go, the madness goes. Masking is the foundation upon which the Fauciite temple is built.

Regarding Northern Virginia and masking in public schools, I refer to the City of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun -- all of them need to be sued with their administrators personally held in criminal contempt -- on the issue. The shit hits the fan on that one starting Monday when his Executive Order takes effect.

Back to the noontime temperature ...

Farther north at the noon hour, Philadelphia (KPHL) is 27°F / 5°F while New York City / Central Park (KNYC) is 25°F / 8°F (after a very unpleasant morning low of 14°F).

Rounding out the Northeast Corridor Branch Covidian and WOKE Communist Horror Show major locales, Boston (KBOS) at 12 p.m. is 23°F / 7°F.

About winter, I'm just fed up with it -- even down here because of all the goddamn cold fronts that are forever making their way down here and mess up the tropical seaside weather.

[OK, for the rest of this entry, I'm just posting some additional Thursday yachting trip pictures... ]

The weather was ruined on Monday/Tuesday this past week for the visit of Mike G and his son Mark from Maryland with temps barely 70°F and dew points around 40°F here in Miami Beach -- creating an unwanted chilly feel, especially in any shade.

Above: Going under the Rickenbacker Causeway -- named for the legendary Eddie Rickenbacker -- with the Miami skyline visible.


By the time Thursday rolled around -- and I was suddenly on that power-boat yacht ride -- temps had risen to about 76°F but the dew point was much better at about 68F.

Above: One of the abandoned structures collectively known as "Stiltsville" located just south of the southern tip of Key Biscayne's Cape Florida State Park with its Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Above: A zoomed in view of the same photo with the Miami skyline visible in the distance. This particular structure is the Jimmy Ellenburg house.

Per The Keeper of All Biased Knowledge: "Stiltsville is a group of wood stilt houses located one mile south of Cape Florida, on sand banks of the Safety Valve on the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The structures stand on wood or reinforced concrete pilings, generally ten feet above the shallow water, which varies from one to three feet deep at low tide."

Constructed as far back as 1922, up through the 1940s and 1950s, collectively, "they were a popular place where lawyers, bankers, politicians, and other moneyed, well-connected Miamians came to drink, relax and kick back. Law enforcement periodically visited the area, looking for vice activities."

Yesterday, it reached 82°F at KMIA with a 71°F dew point, so it felt outright tropical warm. Also, there was a drenching thunderstorm in the wee hours of Friday that dropped 2.35" of rain at KMIA. I'm had no idea, as I was quite asleep, and don't even know if it rained here at all.

As the work week progresses, once again winds will veer to an off-the-ocean northeasterly and then east/southeasterly direction and it warms up again -- but with yet another frontal approach and chance of showers.

Update 2 of 2, 1:44 p.m. 1/23/2022:

The NWS seems to have screwed up the forecast because it is MUCH cooler today than advertised with temps at the 1 p.m. hour only 60°F at KMIA and a 56°F dew point (and dropping) under variably / mostly cloudy skies. The original forecasted high was 72°F but it was abruptly lowered in an update around noon today to 67°F, and even that's iffy.

That goddamn cold front (obviously) cleared the Miami area, and it is over Cuba and the Bahamas (see 15Z / 11 a.m. map directly below):

All the chilly, wet air in place over northern Florida oozed down the coast. I didn't note in my initial entry that when it was 38°F in KJAX at noon yesterday, it wasn't with clear, brisk conditions but rather overcast, drizzly, and raw.)

For South Florida tonight, there are frost advisories in place in the Lake Okeechobee region (and maybe falling iguanas in Miami Beach?):

Again, FUCK winter with fucking cold fronts forever coming down here. Go to Hell and stay up in Minnesota and Massachusetts where you belong in some Blue State Branch Covidian cultic Fauciian frenzy.

End of Update 2.


Above: One of the posh houses on the water in Key Biscayne. This picture and the one below are the last two for this entry. I have 9 more pics from the yacht excursion I could post -- all taken while crossing Biscayne Bay with the the Miami skyline backdropped / front-lit by thunderstorm just to the west.

OK, I'm going to sign for now. Again, blogging is going to be very limited this upcoming week with quite likely none until next weekend.

I'll go out for a bit tonight, if only to get some dinner, and tomorrow should be my usual Sunday free day, but I still need to be super careful money-wise.