Friday, December 31, 2021

A New Year's Eve 2022 Post: The Death of Beloved American Legend Betty White Just Shy of Her 100th Birthday; Covid Testing Industrial Complex Reaches Orgiastic Omicron Climax As Democrat Biosecurity Police State Makes Final Power Grabs

New Year's Eve 2022.

I wasn't going to write an entry, two events have happened that changed my mind.

First, there is the very sad news -- almost more like a sucker punch -- of the death of a beloved American legend, actress Betty White, on New Year's Eve 2021 and just 18 days shy of her 100th birthday.

It was so close that People magazine already had its edition out celebrating her 100th birthday --see above -- in what is sort of calls to mind a Dewey Defeats Truman headline.

My first reaction to hearing of her death on this day (the last day of 2021 and so close to her centennial birthday) is what a horrible time and shit way to end the year.

But my second take is that if she had made it to 100 in her deteriorating healt, then there would be this waiting game of when does she die? With her death in this way, she is suddenly and forever wonderfully in our national past.

Betty White lived an amazing live with The Golden Girls as just one of multiple great aspects.

Beyond her Rose Nylund character, she memorably played Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Shore, the slutty man chaser in the ironically-named persona of "The Happy Homemaker" at the WJM-TVstation.

Her other great role was that of Ellen Jackson (nee Harper), the wealthy nemesis sister of Eunice Higgins (nee Harper) on The Carol Burnett Show and its wonderful spin off, Mama's Family.

Betty White also had the matriarchal role (conceptually not different from Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls) as Elka Ostrovsky on Hot in Cleveland between 2010 and 2015, when she was already in her late 80s and early 90s.

Finally, Betty White will live forever in those 1970s and 1980s daytime TV game shows.

In personal life, her well-known animal welfare and animal rights efforts will also live on.

Above: A succinct, heartfelt, and wonderful tweet tribute from Valerie Bertinelli to her Hot in Cleveland co-star, Betty White, earlier today.


The other big news is the fantastical way in which the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, i.e., the Wuhan Flu, is exploding through populations -- including all those smug, insufferable, WOKE fundamentalist-minded, and generally hysterically paranoiac "Blue" / Democrat areas that are vaxxed in, up, and out the wazoo.

Above: Information from the Worldometer USA Covid statistical aggregation site with data for Dec 30, 2021, showing the top 20 states by cases.

Below: The same information but just the first five columns instead of ten. Virtually all 20 of these are daily records -- and by huge amounts.

Daily positive case records (not to mention positive case percentages) are being obliterated in cartoonish fashion as the mega-billion dollar Testing Industrial Complex enters into some kind of orgiastic overdrive before it, eventually, simply breaks down.

Remember: TESTS, TESTS, TESTS in order to have (meaningless) CASES, CASES, CASES.

Just yesterday -- and this includes no input from Gretch Whitmer's Michigan -- there were 572,029 cases out of 2,314,597 tests (these are the lab-analyzed ones, not the at-home tests) or 24.71% positive rate. (The total number of "tests" rose to 811,323,078 -- so much like a McDonalds sign back in the 1970s, we are nearing the "bilion served" realm.")

The total number of "Covid cases" in the U.S. rose to 55,252,823 -- meaning the 572,029 represented 1.04% of the TOTAL number of reported cases since this horseshit hysteria began back in mid-March 2020, i.e., nearly two years ago.

The 572,029 came blew away the previous (Dec 30th) daily record of 475,831, which blew away the Dec 24th record of 313,613 -- which had surpassed the previous daily record of 306,307 set nearly a year ago on Jan 8, 2021.

The state records are all incredible looking -- with Y-axes having to be dramatically augmented.

(Keep in mind that most or all of these numbers will continue to change after-the-fact.)

Above: Peter Hotez really is a malevolent twat who has spread so much fear-fueled lies for purposes of social and personal destruction. Naturally, he has "found a home" at CNN.


But even the most benighted and WOKE Covid Karen is beginning to realize how meaningless are these CASES, CASES, CASES and the distinction between "with" and "from" Covid whether as cause of death or hospitalization.

And that brings us to the totalitarian-minded and panic porn-as-crack-addicted Political / Media / Biosecurity Police State Complex.

It's nearly impossible to overstate the level of sociopathically narcissistic depravity and outright evil of this Complex monstrosity.

One component of the complex are the power-mad tyrannical and monomanically totalitarian local and state pols whose capacity for evil is often limited by their shocking stupidity. Let's just call them the Democrat Pol component.

Another component are the teachers unions such as the AFT and NEA with their mafia-like morality and ethics under the leadership of monsters such as that barren she-devil lesbian Randi Weingarten.

These teachers unions are comprised of phalanxes Covid Karen paranoiacs who want to turn young children into self/family/country-loathing, angry, lonely, and sexually warped and perverted drones in the armies of the Left. But they also simply don't want to work -- which, in the long run, is actually a good thing because it destroys the rotted out American public education system.

Still another component are the array of propagandists, pundits, and sundry lunatics that make up the multi-headed Big Media that function as the Ministry of Truth in this postmodern version of an Orwellian reality.

Key elements of Big Media include, but are not limited to, dying CNNPedoLOL, PMSNBC, the New York WOKE-Maoist Times, the Beltway Deep State "Democracy Dies In Your Pie-Hole" Circle Jerkington Post, the LAX With Pedo-Pervs Times, whatever cesspool filth is NPR, the old and sclerotically dying trio of NBC/CBS/ABC, and all the sundry WOKE-infected garbage outlets local and regional outlets including down here in South Florida, the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post.

Finally, there is the Big Academia component. It is Big Academia serves as the hot house birthing place of all CRT/woke racist, Communist, and sexually deranged ideological abominations.

It is from Big Academia that the "long march through the institutions" began and it is Big Academia that has the ultimate goal -- not far from being realized -- of outright destroying American civilization and replacing it with something hellishly dystopian and Hive Minded totalitarian.

Worth noting, though, is that in response to the unfalsifiable realization that the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is a glorified version of the sniffles with some sneezes, there is a weirdly schizophrenic reaction among different components of the aforementioned hydra.

Elements of PMSNBC now are admitting how benign is Omicron and that "We don't orient our lives around the flu." And other elements -- including the half-useless/half-dangerous CDC, Lord Father Fauci, and even Biden -- are making subtle shifts in their "recommendations" and messaging (see Ben Shapiro's tweet thread farther below).

Despite the "messaging change" of Big Media, the Democrat Pol component is having none of it. Covid hysterics have been the open-ended power grab gift that keep on giving.

For this Maoist-minded, racist, brutal, but astonishingly ignorant scumocracy that forms the one-party state "leadership" of all those ultraviolet "Blue" American cities -- New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago, among others -- and certain states including New York, California, my own home state of New Jersey, and (despite its notional Republican governor), my adopted state of Maryland -- are just doubling and tripling down on their biosecurity fascism.

The monomanical focus remains on "vaccinations" despite the fact the two fucking mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna (including their "boosters") simply don't work. They don't work because they are not real vaccines but some weird, briefly effective spike antigen-based therapeutic for triggering an antibody response.

In this way, these Democrat Pols are eagerly creating a fascist-minded apartheid society divided between The Vaccinated and The Unvaccinated. They are doing so despite the fact the former group are at equal risk from any Covid variant, of whatever lethality, and at a real risk of adverse reactions to these semi-quasi-vaccines.

And with the help of the teachers union mafia and larger public education racket, they are engaging the worst forms of child abuse using "policies" that they know (or should know) simply do not work but they are in thrall to mafia-like teachers unions (AFT and NEA) and the CRT Marxists and-gender fluid-obsessed pervs on far too many local school boards.

These include "virtual" or "remote learning" -- a euphemism of bullshit if ever there was one -- or, if in person, forcible vaccinations (for something that poses effectively zero risk to children) and masking to include the suffocation or carbon dioxide poisoning-inducing "N95" or "KN95" masks.

The school lockdowns are out-of-control in all the predictable places: DC, the Maryland suburbs, and New Jersey. The only place it's not is NYC (yet) but that's because it has a new mayor who is likely to be only slightly less worse than the ghoulish monstrosity of "BDB."

But keep in mind that despite the vaccine tyranny, these cities are among dozens of once-great American urban locales that are simultaneously in the throes of a sort cultic "Social and Racial Justice" breakdown of civilized society.

This is being achieved through rampant violent lawlessness and helped along by the Antifa vermin and BLM thugs who make up the shock troops of this ongoing top-down Communist Revolution brought to you by the Great Reset Oligarchical Overclass and with an ultimate purpose create a post-democratic, dramatically depopulated, "net zero energy," high-tech feudal society.

While much of this destruction is at the state and local level, the WOKE / Cultural Communist virus has infected the U.S. military and is being implemented via senior DoD leadership and the Biden regime. They are quite busy destroying the U.S. military with the efforts focused on the Marines right now through mass discharges of those who refuse to get repeated and endless vaccinations (see tweet image above).

The not-so-secret goal is to hollow out the U.S. military so that the country loses big in upcoming hot conflicts with China (over Taiwan) and Russia (over Ukraine). (To be clear, I don't think the U.S. has any business in either place.)

Jordan Schachtel (pictured directly below) said it best in a tweet thread yesterday that I'm simply reposting as text below:

If your area is surrounded by people who adhere to the COVID narrative, you live in an area that is irreparably broken. The idea that those around you are going to have some kind of mass awakening in the direction of freedom is absurd. They were pre-programmed for this era.

Free thinkers are not taking back NYC. They're not taking back DC. They're not taking back San Francisco. When 95% of the people around you are operating in compliance with the COVID narrative, it's a wrap. When this one ends, they will just be reactivated for the next "crisis."

Vax Pass is the perfect measurement device. If your city has a vax pass, it's over. This is a city that despises the idea that you have unalienable rights. It's a multi generational struggle to get those rights back. Best to pack up and leave ASAP.

And here is reposted a tweet thread by Ben Shapiro from earlier today (with a name spelling correction):

So once it became clear that covid was not in fact a pagan god visiting vengeance on the unwashed Trump voters alone, the media and Democrats are now willing to admit the following:

1. Cloth masks are ineffective against omicron (Leana Wen, CNN);
2. The vaccinated can spread and get covid;
3. The death rate is comparable to the flu (Chris Hayes);
4. Many people are entering hospitals with covid, not from covid (Fauci);

5. Natural immunity is a reason omicron hasn't been as virulent (Fauci);
6. We have to take into account societal needs, not just spread prevention (CDC);
7. The asymptomatic should not be tested (NFL);
8. We should focus on hospitalizations and deaths, not case rate (Biden);

9. Children are not at risk and schools should remain open;
10. Covid is predominantly an illness affecting the immunocompromised and elderly and we should not shut down society.

Those of us in reality have been saying all this for months and most of it since May 2020. But your political priors were more important than the data. You had to have your demonization narrative.

So welcome to reality. And f*** all y'all for pretending you didn't know this so you could have fun crapping on Trump and DeSantis and all your red state relatives.

And btw, AOC and all you Leftist covid fanatics -- those whose virtue signaling authoritarian lockdown nonsense that has resulted in millions of lives destroyed -- stay in your states and leave mine alone.

We chose data and freedom. You chose alarmism and unearned moral superiority. Stay in NY, NJ, CA, and the rest -- and enjoy the actual paranoid nanny state you created among your friends who reward you for telling them they will kill their kids and grandma if they don't panic.

Oh yes, and Happy New Year to all.

Meanwhile, AOC is down here in Miami Beach and when criticized, engaged -- as Matt Walsh noted -- her usual narcissistic but low IQ clueless game of pretending it's all about sexual attraction to her (see tweet compendium image directly below).

The Left's attempt to dunk on the great Gov Ron DeSantis for "being absent" went about as expected -- he is with his wife who is receiving cancer treatment -- and shows how equal parts hateful and stupid is the Twitter Blue Check Left. Keep in mind the following: N.J. Gov Phil Murphy is off in Costa Rica, Biden is on his 31st vacation in 48 weeks to Delaware, and, as noted, AOC is down here in Miami Beach.

OK, I'm ending this entry.

For tonight, my plan is to get dinner somewhere and then go to South Pointe Tavern to ring in the New Year -- my first living here in Miami Beach.

I'll try to post an entry before Monday, albeit a brief one.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Post-Christmas, Some End of Year Odds and Ends -OR- On the Cusp of 2022...

OK, this is just a quick and dissatisfied entry.

This entry also might be my final entry of this calendar year.

That means the total number of entries in 2021 will surpass my previous full-year low of 147 set in 2009 by 1 or 148. (The 126 figure in 2008 doesn't really count since I started the blog on April 15th of that year.)

It also represents a significant drop from the 215 entries in 2020.

The most entries was in 2014 with 345 although 2015 was close with 338.

I had a very different political philosophy in those days. I've been quite red-pilled in the past two years.

I have a feeling the number of entries in 2021 is going to be even lower. If I do one every three days or so, that's only about 120.

I had a shitty weekend and overall shitty Christmas holiday. And I'm not happy to write that because I geniunely like my still-somewhat-new (9-1/2 month old) Miami Beach / Free State of Florida life.

Obviously, I have no family or any close friends down here other than Tim, but he lives up in WPB (having recently moved there from Alexandria, Va.) and is available only about once every 1 to 2 months.

Yesterday just sucked outright. For starters, I didn't even make it into the ocean down around the South Pointe beach Government Cut northside breakwater because I left the apartment too late and it gets dark so early this time of year.

Beyond that, I don't really feel like getting into the details. But it's just the same crap. I just find too many people to be quite horrible in terms of rudeness and the kinds of things they think are acceptable to say including making fun of my name (Richard) and basically thinking it's fine to call me a "dick" right off the bat upon meeting me. And that's just unacceptable to me.

In the end, it was the usual weekend characterized by wildly excessive spending (about $632.83 over three days) -- keep in mind bars and restaurants are VERY pricey here in South Beach, but still ...

And I have nothing to show for it but a bunch of problematic or just outright bad encounters with people I would never be friends with in any other realm.

It's a very empty, draining, and physically unhealthy life I lead that will probably bring me to an early death if I don't change it. Indeed, I'm probably not far away from a heart attack.

In terms of moving down here and away from where I had been for far, far too long, all I've really done is substitute one version of my empty "going out" life that I had (pre-Covid) in Washington, D.C., for another one in Miami Beach.

I guess it would have been better if if I had been straight and married some obese woman who ran my life and we had two awful children who now, as adults, wanted nothing to do with me. And we would live in some shit hole tract house on the outskirts of nowhere.

Yes, think Nag'em the Cheesecake Eating House Hippo ...

And there we'd be ... Just breaking wind in front of the flatscreen television or reposting "memes" on social media. And I'd have some stupid LinkedIn account with all of 2 connections -- one of whom is that some morbidly obese wife.

I need to be more like Tim. He actually volunteers -- often with a local Catholic Church -- and gets involved in things and quickly makes friends wherever he lives in whatever context.

The fact is, I don't particularly like me, and I'm not especially easy to get along with. I'm argumentative when pushed including by the general rudeness I seem to encounter a lot (and, yes, I'm not unaware of the built in irony here).

While I try to be a good conversationalist when I'm out, somehow nothing ever really works out and instead -- even if I have a good time, in the end, it was just crappy. Then there are the bad episodes which, again, I don't want to delve into now.

When I think about all the people I was once friends with but now intentionally have no contact, it's quite impressive. There's almost 20 people I can name right off the bat (no, I'm not going to do that here).

I can't stand what I look like, and in getting borderline fat and middle aged, that perception of self has only gone down. Honestly, I'm sometimes very tired of living. It's been a fucking failure of a life in too many ways and I don't see any dramatic changes even possible.

Having said that, however, I'm not eager to die. What's more, I REALLY don't want to die before my parents -- I just want them to have to go through that. That's the only real request I have of God.

Changing topics ...

The weather is too sunny and, well, almost hot -- highs in the lower 80s Fahrenheit all week -- but with no puffy clouds off the ocean or any breeze of note. Instead, there is an expansive ridge in place and positioned in such a way that the column is quite dry despite a surface dew point around 62°F.

The synoptic scale pattern remains one of a very active Western U.S. weather pattern. This includes a few days of windy and rainy conditions in "Scat Fransicko" that hopefully has washed away some of all those human feces that foul the sidewalks and that WOKE Communists and "DEIB" Khmer Rouge sociopaths can't get enough of.

Above: A HIGHLY SATISFYING and DEEPLY DESIRABLE cataclysmic ending to the Maoist-minded moral and actual filth that IS the unlivable depravity known as "Scat Fransicko."

Updated 11:07 pm. 12/27/2021:

Lest you think I am being too hyperbolic about the horrifying physical and sociopolitical condition of San Francisco, please read this extended tweet thread -- it's really a cri de coeur -- by a San Francisco native, business woman, self-described progressive, and deeply thoughtful person named Michelle Tandler.

End of update.


By contrast, it has been very tranquil and quite mild in the Eastern U.S. with just weak systems well to the north of the Florida peninsula.

Well, I guess that's really all I had to say.

I would like to post this final political-related piece by Josh Hammer that appeared on Nov 5th in The American Conservative that was actually adapted from a presentation he made to the National Conservatism Conference in 2021 [link embedded]: The Only Path Forward Is National Conservatism.

I would like to excerpt the article -- in fact, I'd like to post the entire thing -- but I'm not going to go down a rabbit hole of a political-themed entry right now.

Instead, I'm going to sign off now. Again, unless something dramatic happens, my plan is to not post another entry until right after the New Year -- so either Saturday or Sunday.