Sunday, October 31, 2021

On Obese and Awful Health Stats, Chicxulub In Flight Impactors, and Kendi's Trick-or-Treat -OR- Democrat Halloween Party 2021 Interspersed with Some San Diego Pacific Beach Pacific Ocean Pics

Yours truly at surf's edge of the seemingly infinite and eternal Pacific Ocean in Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif., 4:10 p.m. October 26, 2021

Though the ocean doesn't look rough in these images, there were 8 to 12 foot, long-period waves crashing offshore as the Pacific along the West Coast last week was very roiled from that enormous storm system that slammed into the Western United States. You could feel the power of the water moving relentlessly even where just a couple inches deep.

There were surfers out there but only the good -- or foolish -- ones. Oh, and the water was frickin' frigid. The Atlantic Ocean off Miami Beach it was not.

Gary took these pictures of me. Oh, and just if you're wondering, that was a piece of sea grass, not kelp. The beach was filled with "beached" kelp, which is a strange looking aquatica algae, to include air and CO2-filled sacs -- pneumatocysts -- that resemble large, brown balls.


Sunday afternoon, last day of October and, therefore, Halloween 2021.

I am, as ever, backed up on entries that I want to post including at least one and probably two featuring at least 30 additional pictures I took on my recent trip to San Diego.

Gary at the edge of the surf, Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif.,
4:03 p.m. October 26, 2021


For this entry, though, I just want to post a brief update.

First and foremost, I'm not really doing that well health-wise.

I went to the doctor on Thursday. He was the same doctor with the Baptist Health Care system that I saw precisely six months earlier in April shortly after I moved here to Miami Beach.

I had planned to switch to a doctor at the Mount Sinai complex also in Miami Beach, but that just didn't pan out owing to some transportation / logistical issues.

All my vital stats suck:

I weigh 200 pounds now and my BMI is getting up into The BIG Y'EYEMAH's territory. (Remember, I'm a tad under 5'7", so I look extra awful and stupid.)

My blood pressure remains elevated, and so the doctor finally put me on a medication, namely, Lisinopril. However, I don't like the feeling it is producing in me, and I may need to go off it.

Finally, my cholesterol level is off the charts (almost 300 for the total number), as revealed in blood work. (Everything else was normal.)

So, putting it all together and simply stated, I'm a nearly 52-year old, middle aged train wreck of a person.

I guess I'll have to marry The BIG Y'EYEMAH after all, and we can live in poverty, failure, and morbid obesity in some hideous ghetto or barrio while she's all beady-eyed and tiny-mouthed self-righteous. It's amazing how much food can go into such a tiny mouth. And we'll do nothing but eat large amounts of garbage processed food and become totally immobile but triply masked.

I didn't mention this but when I was on those American Airlines MIA-SAN and SAN-MIA night flights crossing over the Gulf of Mexico, I was worried The BIG Y'EYEMAH might fall out of the sky and recreate the Chicxulub Impactor event.

Speaking of that American Airlines flight, it had to be cancelled yesterday because there is another flash pilot sickout owing to the Biden / Democrat / Big Media Death Complex's vaccination mandates that are causing tremendous dislocation to multiple sectors of the economy and society -- including, yes, health care workers.

But as Jesse Kelly says, it is the GOAL of the Communist to cause so much societal disruption and mayhem because that's how the Communist gets more power:

Meanwhile, the PMSNBCNNLOL / New York WOKE Times / WaHoPo Big Media complex of the hateful Illiberal Left is in a Banshee-like manic frenzy over the "Let's Go Brandon!" anti-Biden chant -- likening the Southwest pilot who said it on board a jet to ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists -- but never see their own vile and revolting hypocrisy. That's because they are ethically perverted Communists.

As a result, there are phalanxes of pronouns-in-the-bio Covid Karens in their Blue State / City dystopian hellscapes are on Twitter literally doing p-claps over the chant, wildly "triggered" at the "violence" of the three words.

At this point, I'm going to end this entry, otherwise I will go down a political-themed rabbit hole and lose my entire day. There is a whole entry I want to write about this topic -- in particular, the wonderful punking and trolling of that virulent race-baiting huckster and pseudo-intellectual charlatan on Twitter by the inestimable Jack Posobiec.

Let's just say the Good and the Great Ibram X. Kendi has been seriously triggered, and of course, that EQUALS genocidal violence, just like (per Colin Kaepernick) the NFL draft EQUALS a slave auction.

Colin Kaepernick really is a low-IQ fucking whack job.

Above: OK, I added the image directly below after posting this entry. WOKENESS is a mental disorder, and Colin Kaepernick personifies this fact. Kaepernick himself is mentally disturbed because of his lifelong inability to deal with his biracial identity. As a result, he identifies as a black racialist and says such bizarre things (e.g., "the NFL draft is EQUIVALENT to a slave auction") ALL the time.

And just like a bunch of young Democrat operatives under the umbrella of that self-cancelling Lincoln Project, dressed up like Proud Boys with Tik Torches and standing by Glenn Youngkin's bus on a rainy day in Charlottesville EQUALS CRT and WOKEISM in action. About that stunt, it's amazing how cluelessly reflexively racist are Democrats.

Above: I also added the above comment from the black conservative activist Philip Anderson. I think he nicely sums up the point I was trying to make in my previous paragraph. Anderson is the man who had both his front teeth punched out in a violent battery by some BLM street thug who is a part of the Democrat Party's BLM/Antifa street-level shock troops.

As for the Virginia gubernatorial race, the momentum and the polls seem to have shifted decisively in Glenn Youngkin's favor over Swamp Creature Clintonista Terry McAuliffe, whose entire campaign was to run against Trump and accuse parents upset at CRT garbage in the school system of being racist monsters.

Above: As a parody of the preening, self-righteous, suffocating Cultural Marxist shit-holery of Vox, this image is quite funny.


Of course, this doesn't factor in all the voting counting "irregularities" and delays that will occur in the NoVa suburbs that extend the vote counting for days until three truckloads of "harvested" ballots reflecting 110% turnout -- and all for McAuliffe -- are dumped into the totals at 3 a.m. the following Wednesday.

Regarding the image directly above of tweets remarking on this week's extra-stupid national discourse, you can add the curio that Joe Biden apparently shit his pants literally while meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican where they discussed what a good Catholic is this fanatically pro-abortion, dementia-addled, rage-a-holic old man.

For today, I'll do my usual Sunday routine of going down to South Pointe beach by the breakwater. It's 83F right now with 63F dew point and a westerly breeze. I think the ocean is still warm enough to swim in it, or least frolic in the light surf. I'm still not quite sure what to expect of Miami Beach weather in the "depths" of winter -- i.e., Dec/Jan/Feb.

Thereafter, I'll go to South Pointe Tavern. Unless there is a football game being loudly shown on the TVs, in which case, I'll go to Monty's.

OK, that's all for now. Happy Halloween.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Soledad Entrada: Tom Cotton, Ted, Cruz, and the Scott Smith Story -OR- Merrick Garland's Vindictive, Vicious, But Legally Vacuous War Against Parents Opposed to the Left's CRT and Transgenderism Twin Crusades

Pacific ocean view from the top of Mount Soledad in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, Calif., 11:55 a.m. October 26, 2021

This coastal small mountain with an elevation of 823 feet is the site of the Mount Soledad Cross, centerpiece of the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial.

Oh, and I hope every fuck-faced and ass-hatted "litigant" involved in trying to have removed and/or destroy this cross over a 25-year period rot in Hell -- or at least Purgatory -- for eternity or until God is satisfied, whichever comes first.

The Mount Soledad Cross of the Mt. Soledad National Veteran Memorial, San Diego, Calif., 11:54 a.m. October 26, 2021

I so fucking despise all those monomanically "fundamentalist" and bullying atheists -- all the more so given the history of the past 10 years, and ESPECIALLY the past 18 months, has shown how fucking hatefully intolerant and totalitarian-minded can be even some milquetoast ACLU asshole.

View to the south with the Pacific Ocean also visible from the top of Mount Soledad, San Diego, Calif., 11:55 a.m. October 26, 2021


OK, I originally started to incorporate this into a second entry on the topic of my now-concluded San Diego visit, but I opted to separate it out into its own entry -- and, naturally, it grew in length and details.

I need to call attention to the remarks of Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz in the question-and-answer period during today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General Merrick Garland. These are posted above and below, respectively.

Both are must-watch. I first saw the Cotton one, which I think great. But the Cruz one is really amazing -- precisely because Cruz is such a brilliant scholar of jurisprudence. And he has the oratorical skill of an old-time preacher. Both call out Garland for his vindictively and viciously political -- not to mention quite extraconstitutional -- abuse of power based upon a garbage pretext in service of a key constituency of the Biden (i.e., frickin' Obama 3rd Term) / Democrat Party.

The pretext involves the not-so-subtle demand by the Public Education racket that DOJ declare concerned parents and other citizens as "domestic terrorists" for their opposition to the twin psychological warfare propositions of the Left: Poisonous Critical Race Theory (CRT) and sexual identity "redefinition" into the Alice In Wonderland reality of transgenderism, "intersexuality," and "pansexuality" with their bizarre and ever-shifting farrago of made-up pronouns.

This is part of the larger push by the Great Reset crowd to destroy America's democratic representative system and replace it by a quasi-fuel Overclass/Underclass one enforced by the Big Tech Hive Mind panopticon. This requires the criminalization of certain large segments of society to include all Trump voters and "the unvaccinated" as such.

This would-be top-down revolution is a demented and highly unstable one that has produced the Unholy Alliance of the American Deep State with the Illiberal American Cultural Maoists using the battle-axe of racial apartheid-minded "Social Justice" and the eternally-giving-gift of the Covid pseudo-pandemic.

The now-infamous Sept 29th letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that the organization itself has publicly repudiated was ostensibly driven by the situation involving Scott Smith of Leesburg, Va. (pictured below), and his daughter.

Smith is the father of the girl who was raped in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a boy in a dress pretending to be a transgendered [FILL IN THE MADE-UP PRONOUN], and as a result, showed up at the June 22nd public meeting of the Loudoun County School Board.

The 14-year old boy -- a biological male wearing a skirt and prowling the "gender fluid" restrooms and locker rooms that are such a source of school district pride -- also committed a second rape in another school in the same general circumstances.

However, the school district covered it up and had him quietly transferred to a second school -- which is where (I think) the attack on Smith's daughter occurred. When Smith showed up to demand answers, the board had him violently arrested and he was charged with two disorderly conduct attacks by an out-of-control local prosecutor now playing the victim.

For its part, the morally degenerate board was busy trying to shut up and shut down all the protests by parents deeply agitated and angry over the all-CRT and all-transgenderism curriculum that includes a "porno-and-pedo-heavy "reading list" for student. It was also desperate to cover up the sexual assaults because they interferred with its "Transgenderism" Month push.

Yes, this is where American society is in 2021. Just wait until China kicks America's ass whatever the pronouns in use.

The Left and their equally degenerate Big Media allies immediately branded Scott Smith the poster child of "domestic terrorist" parents opposed to the character-and-soul-destroying "CRT/Pedo-Perv Alliance" curriculum of the Cultural Bolsheviks that comprise this board as well as the school board in neighboring Fairfax County.

It was this event that was used by the CRT/Pedo-Perv Alliance, in particular, the NSBA's leadership for the infamous Sept 29th letter to Garland demanding that parents at these school board meetings be considered "domestic terrorists" under the Patriot Act. It is worth noting that the letter itself was opposed at odds with multiple state boards that have since quit, and upset at least some of the NSBA's Board of Directors.

Nevertheless, Garland, a former federal judge who very nearly made it to the Supreme Court, ran with the NSBA letter -- releasing in less than a week that unconscionable memo on Oct 4th.

Worse, he has doubled down on the appropriateness of the memo even in the wake of the NSBA's repudiation of its own letter with an strange and startling apology on Oct 22nd -- a letter that was the VERY REASON for the Garland memo.

And he is doing so while admitting he actually doesn't know jack-shit about the supposed "huge spike" in threats of violence against school boards by parents nationwide and the whole thing was a fucking lie based on the NSBA's own rantings and other "news reports" (i.e., Google searches).

Sen Cotton angrily related this whole ugly sequence of events to Merrick including the fact that the school district was trying to conceal the crime for the sake of its "Transgenderism" out-and-proud month that is -- as I wrote above -- a fundamental part of the Cultural Marxist Left's monomanical drive for forcible sexual reassignment of pronoun-fluid Bubble Children.

Alas, that drive is far too powerfully synched up with the Oligarchical Overclass's Great Reset effort -- which is the basis of the Unholy Alliance between the Illiberal Marxists of Big Academia and the Public Education racket on one side and the Deep State, and Big Media/Big Tech on the other side.

The fact that Scott Smith (and his daughter) is (are) the real victim(s) here simply never occurred to DOJ leadership or the pronoun-fluid pussy clappers that make up the Washington Post news and editorial division -- there is no separation anymore -- and so Garland looks like a total fool.

As Ted Cruz pointed out, though, Garland had no clue nor even real interest in the underlying veracity of the alleged issue when doing what he did with release of that original letter. That's because the whole thing in this time of Leftwing Lunacy run amok and off the rails, it is simply a more extreme version of the Obama-era weaponization of federal law enforcement against opponents of the regime.

Scott Smith seems to have a very good case against the school district. What's more, the two disorderly conduct charges filed by Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj are also garbage.

As for Merrick Garland, let me second what Sen Cotton said: Thank GOD (and Mitch McConnell) that he never made it onto the Supreme Court. He is a useless and hard-to-believe-that-stupid Deep State tool engaged in the vindictive-minded control effort of the Biden regime.

I say because what comes across in Garland's testimony last week to a House committee and today is that he is as clueless and indifferent to what he set in motion as he is stunningly intellectually dishonest for a would-be SCOTUS Justice. He has weaponized federal law enforcement via DOJ and FBI against parents in a wildly unconstitutional way for transparently politically purposes involving teachers unions and did so on a basis that would, as Cruz thundered, get a legal clerk fired.

But people such as Merrick Garland never admit mistakes and just double-talk, obfuscate, and lie -- always and forever failing upward in the D.C. Cess Pool Deep State System. You cannot embarrass these people into changing course.

This is why the NSBA was so embarrassed by the original letter that it PUBLICLY APOLOGIZED (see images directly above and below), while Garland just bullshit sleep walks his way through hearings forever just asserting in a nasal monotone that everything he and DOJ did is perfect even when confronted with damning counter evidence.

In the end, though, the federal government's attemped weaponization of law enforcement to silence parents and other critics of the regime is just a logical extreme outcome of the Overclass / Great Reset crowd's push to realize the CRT/Pedo-Perv Alliance dystopia through the public education system.

This piece on Townhall by Chris Stigall sums it up nicely on how and why all of this happened to include the Covid connection [link embedded]: Don’t Screw With American Parents.

On a related topic, namely, next week's Virginia gubernatorial election, the polls consistently show a tie -- of about 45%-45% between Gleen Youngkin and that human embodiment of a Swamp Creature, Terry McAuliffe -- with about 5% going to two third party candidates including the truly wacky "Liberation Party" candidate Princess Blanding and write-in candidate Paul Davis.

Given the poll tie, I can't help but think this mean Youngkin is actually a bit ahead. However, Northern Virginia is so "ultra-violet" Blue and has such a large population that it really does carry the state.

This is precisely why a Senate-type chamber representing states rather than population centers and an Electoral College-type construct are so necessary -- otherwise, you end up with California's endless far-Left Democrat supermajority.

Democrat vote-counting mischief aside, if Youngkin manages to win in Virginia's gubernatorial race, it will be a result of the abomination happening in the Loudoun and Fairfax County school districts and their sociopathic school boards.

Hahahaha ...

The Virginia (and New Jersey) race(s) will also be a "bellwether" for how 2022 might go since Virginia has become so Blue thanks to its super-liberal upper class whites and vast levels of immigration over the past 20 years. Indeed, even a narrow McAuliffe win is a good sign for Republicans.

The Victorian era legendary and ornate Hotel del Coronado by the Pacific Ocean, Coronado, Calif., 3:11 p.m. October 25, 2021

OK, that's all for now. My intention is to post my second San Diego-themed entry later tonight or, if not, over the weekend, and then a third and final one by early next week.


Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Three-Part Extended Entry from San Diego: The Flight Here, Weather Overview, and a Photo-Essay

Pacific Beach's Crystal Pier extending into the Pacific Ocean, 11:44 a.m., October 22, 2021

The cottages on this pier are associated with the Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages.


Here is an extended entry in three parts being composed in and sent from San Diego.

I have a set of about 30 pictures and other images that I would like to post in three distinct sets in the manner described below

Part 1: MIA-SAN Night Flight Information

First, I have a set of images from the awesome site that show the route and other info from the American Airlines flight 2674 MIA to SAN that I took here Thursday night. (You can get archived flight-specific information for two weeks, I believe.)

FlightAware information for AA Flight 2674 Oct 21, 2021 including path (top) and altitude and speed (bottom)

Above: The greenish blobs on this map are radar returns of weather -- not city light, although the Texas portion (see below) seems to hone in just on the DFW Metroplex.


Specifically, I made some screenshots of the route -- zoomed in on certain parts -- as well as flight details (i.e., aircraft type and flight information), and a chart gives either fixed ground locations or airway (flight path) names that are radio navigational (RNAV) aids (called, I think, approach plates).

The AA flight 2674 Oct 21, 2021, route over the Gulf of Mexico

Above: The jet came ashore right over the Louisiana Mississippi Delta, which I saw from the jet as I was seated on the right side (facing to the north/northeast). However, as I expected an arrival over the Texas coast near Galveston, and because the highly irregular shape of the coastline at night, I wasn't sure where I was.

To clarify, it was nighttime, but there was a nearly full Moon high overhead casting an iridescent glow that ghostly illuminated the actual coastline.


Above: The route over Texas. I knew I was looking at the Dallas/Fort Worth area to about 100 miles away, but I thought I was more to the west than the south. In fact, I was over the Temple / Killeen / Waco area. (I once lived in Killeen a very long time ago.)


Above: This was the portion of the route over extreme southern Arizona and southern California. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at the time, but now it makes sense. I saw both Tucson and the arrow-straight I-8 crossing the arid wastes of Imperial County, Calif., to include an "inflection" point right on the US-Mexico border.


The ground locations can include cities with their IATA airport codes (three letter abbreviations) or the airway names that are themselves based on physical geography / other characteristics or, just as often, colloquial and/or whimsical culture references.

The RNAV route table for AA Flight 2674 for Oct 21, 2021 -- click on it for a larger version.


For my flight, the route included CSALT -- "sea salt" -- that occurred because the juet took off eastbound and just about reached the Atlantic Ocean before doing a 180-turn to head west, whereupon there was the RNAV route "GAYTR" -- because it is over the Everglades (alligator).

9:29 p.m. Oct 21, 2021: Eastbound ascent from MIA over nighttime Miami while starting 180-turn to head west on 5-hour flight to SAN


I don't know what BAGGS is, but REMIS refer to a route along / over the Mississippi Delta, which by th way was somewhat north/east of the Galveston/Houston coastline crossing I assumed. Then there are LFK (Lufkin), ACT (Waco), and ELP (El Paso) -- which are airport IATA codes. There is also JUDTH (no idea) and MOHAK (Mohawk Valley of Arizona).

I've seen "HRCN" for a route into/out of MIA -- for, I assume, "hurricane" since it is South Florida. There are also three "TERP" routes (TERP1, TERP2, and TERP3) for BWI departures / arrivals. Boston's RNAVs include LBSTA (lobster) -- LBSTA1 through LBSTA6-- and LOGAN (Logan Airport)

Above: Flight information for AA flight 2674 Oct 21, 2021. The straight-line MIA-SAN distance is 2,260 miles but the route we flew was 2,315 miles. It also took about a half hour longer than normal.


Part 2: The Weather

The second set of pictures is associated with the weather, which involves a major occluding Pacific extratropical cyclone slamming into the Washington / Oregon / northern California coastline but set to impact the L.A. and San Diego areas with a decent amount of rainfall in this otherwise arid climate.

NWS NDFD weather map looped in 6 or 12-hour time steps from 12Z 24 Oct to 18Z 26 Oct 2021 with surface weather features and type / likelihood of precipitation


There is also an associated "atmospheric river" of tropical-originating Pacific moisture that is bringing copious rainfall to the above-mentioned area.

In this part of California, the models are forecasting 0.25" to 0.50" for the immediate San Diego and 0.5" to 3 inches in the L.A. area with the higher amounts in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountain ranges.

NWS U.S. weather map with advisories (shown by highest priority weather product) and legend, updated 1633 UTC 24 Oct 2021


As for weather so far, it has been variably cloudy here with bouts of low marine stratocumulus clouds mixed with warm sunny spells. The marine layer has been a bit deeper than normal -- deep enough to allow for periods of actual drizzle at night and in the morning.

GOES 17 (a.k.a., GOES West) animated satellite image in nighttime IR spectral mode and daytime GeoColor mode for the Western U.S., looped 1220 to 1610 UTC 24 October 2021


What's more, while highs have been maybe around 70F, nighttime temps have fallen in the 52F to 56F range, which is the coolest I've experienced since I moved from D.C. to Miami Beach in March, so that has required some hoodie wearing.

The San Diego (SGX) NWS infographic for Oct 24, 2021


I brought two on this trip including the one I bought in Sept 2020 in Oceanside 30 miles north of here, and I will probably purchase one more. Hoodies sort of wear out after repeated washings and dryings and get less comfortable. Of course, I haven't had a lot of occasion to wear them in Miami Beach since March.

The Los Angeles / Oxnard (LOX) NWS infographic and CWA advisories, updated 9:34 am PDT Oct 24, 2021


Part 3: San Diego Visit Photo-Essay

The third batch of pictures are the ones I've taken on this trip to include in the Pacific Beach neighborhood (community) of San Diego near here where Gary and I are staying -- where "here" refers to the Holiday Inn Express San Diego Seaworld-Beach Area.

The pictures are posted in chronological order below, although not by the paragraphs in which I describe the activities of the past three days. All are captioned, though.

Pacific Beach neighborhood, San Diego, Calif., 11:38 a.m., October 22, 2021


Liberty Station, a residential area that was once a naval training center and that sits in the direct flight path of the nearby San Diego - Lindbergh airport)

Pacific Beach neighborhood, San Diego, Calif., 11:41 a.m., October 22, 2021


Upscale Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego.

The Cabrillo National Monument with its sweeping panoramic vistas of the following:

Ocean walk along the beach, Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif., 12:27 p.m., October 22, 2021


San Diego including its downtown business district -- which is located unusually close to the airport.

The "thumb" of the Coronado peninsula with its large naval base of same name. Well, technically, it's called Naval Air Station North Island and is one of the amalgam of eight distinct facilities comprising the Naval Base Coronado (NBC), but which appears to be the only one physically located on the Coronado peninsula.

Baja Beach Cafe, Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif., 12:34 p.m., October 22, 2021


Tijuana, a hilly city that, it turns out, actually has a semi-skyline. To clarify, I never imagined Tijuana as having a skyline, but then again, it is the second-largest city in Mexico with a municipality-wide population of nearly 2 million people.

Baja Beach Cafe, Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif., 10:21 p.m., October 22, 2021


The open expanse of the Pacific Ocean with rugged, uninhabitated quartet of rocky islands known as the Coronado Islands that are a Mexican wildlife refuge with private visits not allowed.

Hotel room view, Holiday Inn Express San Diego Seaworld,
10:34 a.m., October 23, 2021


The Pacific itself looked enormous, turgid, and cold with large, long-period breaking waves, and not particularly inviting.

The Laguna Mountains east and southeast of San Diego.

The steeply inclined, scrub vegetation-covere, generally desolate-looking Cabrillo National Monument. This is a National Park Service unit with a historical lighthouse atop its 460-foot elevation that is also seems to be some sort of active U.S. military (Naval) listening post.

That's because there is all manner of radar, transitter towers, old artillery batteries that -- judging by the fencing and the limited hours with controlled ingress/egress -- appears to still be in use .

James and Rosecrans Streets, San Diego, Calif., 11:56 a.m., October 23, 2021


As a NPS facility, in the Time of Covid/Biden/Democrat Communist Lunacy Run Amok, it has all the masking / control-minded shit in place. As it is, I didn't wear a mask while outside, nor when I went briefly into and up the spiral staircase of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse itself that sits atop the ~460 foot elevation.

Jet on ascent from SAN as seen from Liberty Mission area,
San Diego, Calif., 12:11 p.m., October 23, 2021


The New Point Loma Lighthouse, a.k.a., the Point Loma Light, is located at the physical tip of the Point Loma peninsula at sea level.

Waterway in the Liberty Mission area, San Diego, Calif.,
12:04 p.m., October 23, 2021


Speaking of Covid and Lord Father "Gain of Function" Fauci, I need to point out that the level of Covid hysteria here in San Diego, especially the Pacific Beach neighborhood, is FAR lower than I feared. Indeed, it's about on par with Miami Beach.

I did not expect that and it is a pleasant surprise. Masking is minimal. (It's very different, I understand, 100 miles north of here in the Dystopian Shithole-scape of Los Angeles.

Street view, Point Loma neighborhood, San Diego, Calif.,
12:33 p.m., October 23, 2021


We also went into the steeply sloping Bankers Hill neighborhood, but on a "bad" route about five blocks north along Fifth Avenue from a parking garage facility to a gay bar called SRO. The bar is actually located at the edge of the sprawling San Diego Zoo, but we didn't walk over to that area.

Loma Point marina view toward downtown San Diego, Calif.,
12:53 p.m., October 23, 2021


Finally, at dusk yesterday, we went to the Seaport Village area. However, it was a big, tourist Venus Flytrap of a bust suitable only for families with screaming, sticky, poopy children, their parents, and oldsters.

The issue was that there really wasn't a nice sit-down restaurant with a bar area but just lots of small, high-traffic places resembling what Baltimore's Inner Harbor used to be like -- before it turned to pure shit.

View of San Diego Harbor and the Coronado from Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, Calif., 2:19 p.m., October 23, 2021


About Pacific Beach, it is a jumpin' neighorhood of college age people and lots of bars and clubs ... At least on a Friday and Saturday night. While we went to several places (710 Beach Club, Baja Beach Cafe, PB Local, and one other possibly called the Open Bar), we nevertheless were back on the hotel and in bed by 11:30 p.m.

Another view of San Diego Harbor and the Coronado from Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, Calif., 2:19 p.m.,
October 23, 2021


About that, it turns out my Circadian rhythm is well-suited to Pacific Time, as I've been getting up by 8:30 a.m. each morning and going to bed around 11:30 p.m.

OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry. For today, Gary is spending the afternoon with his mom, so I'm by myself until evening. I may walk over to the ocean from this hotel. It's about a 45 minute walk -- but it's through a residential neighborhood along, I believe, Grand Avenue. I'll meet Gary there after he is done visiting his mom today.

Pacific Ocean view from Cabrillo National Monument near the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, 2:24 p.m., October 23, 2021


For tomorrow, the three of us (Gary, his mom, and myself) are planning to go to lunch at the Sun Deck restaurant in the legendary Hotel del Coronado on the Coronado peninsula.

View toward San Diego from Cabrillo National Monument,
2:32 p.m., October 23, 2021


My next entry will not be until I am back home -- probably not until Thursday or Friday.

The trip back is going to be difficult as it is a red eye flight out of SAN around midnight and g jetting into MIA at dawn Eastern Time. Plus, as I've mentioned, flying in the present just supremely, totally, and unequivocally sucks.

View of San Diego Harbor and the Coronado from Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, Calif., 2:55 p.m., October 23, 2021


OK, signing off for now. Again, my next planned entry won't be until Thursday or Friday. Here is a final San Diego picture ...

Highway view of San Diego skyline, 4:09 p.m., October 23, 2021

As an aside, I find I-5 to be in far better physical condition than I-95 including both the D.C. and Miami areas.