Thursday, September 30, 2021

An End-of-September Extended & Multi-Topical Political Commentary -OR- When Bolshevik and WOKE Maoist Democrats' Sea of Fantasy Waves Crash Upon Reality's Rocky and Unforgiving Shore

The breakwater / jetty located at the southeasternmost edge of Miami Beach, Fla., 4:21 p.m., Sept 26, 2021

The breakwater forms the northern edge of the Government Cut channel that connects the open Atlantic Ocean with lower Biscayne Bay and is THE passageway to and from the Port of Miami.

Another image from same spot a few seconds later at the breakwater at the southeasternmost edge of Miami Beach, Fla., 4:21 p.m., Sept 26, 2021

Yes, there are subtle differences in the picture.


As my next entry will discuss, the weather was exceptionally lovely on Sunday following the first cold frontal passage of the season (i.e., since about June 1st) here in South Florida. The weather was so lovely with the gusty northeasterly breeze, pleasantly warm (air temp 78°F to 80°F range), not excessively humid (dew point about 68°F) evening.

One of those ginormous cruise ships exits Government Cut into the open Atlantic, as seen from South Pointe beach area, Miami Beach, Fla., 5:10 p.m., Sept 26, 2021

The result was a gusty northeasterly breeze off the ocean, a wavy chop on the water, and a dew point about 8°F lower -- in the 68°F to 70°F range -- than for most of the past 120 days.

The Continuum, South Pointe area, Miami Beach, Fla., 5:24 p.m., Sept 26, 2021

About The Continuum, it consists of a "North" and a "South" Tower, but how much better would it be if they were named "Space" and "Time"??


This is a multi-part, sprawling, political-themed entry.

I've decided to separate out this portion of the entry from the other one because it's just easier that way. This one will be posted first.

For starters, I'd like to note this 6-1/2 minute video clip of Senator Rand Paul at a hearing earlier today of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions ("HELP").

Sen Paul was addressing HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, the former California AG whose abortion fetish reaches Rachel Maddow depths of depravity.

The topic was about the Biden / Democrat regime's ongoing attempt to forcibly vaccinate the 100M or so Americans who have refused, for whatever reason, the extra-legal diktats of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, that they get the Covid vaccination.

That is, they are required to get the vaccine -- and an unspecified number of semi-annual "booster" shots -- whether or not they already had have Covid and thus robust natural immunity, which as Paul notes, is something not done -- per CDC "recommendations" -- for other serious / much more seriouis diseases such as measles and small pox.

The context here are the mass purges underway society wide in multiple industries of those refusing the Covid vaccinations as a result of the Biden regime's attempted and wildly unconstitutional mandate that all businesses with more than 100 people force their employees to get one of the shots -- on pain of destroying the business through confiscatory fines administered by frickin OSHA.

To clarify, the actual "regs" from OSHA have yet to come out because those will be before SCOTUS in a New York minute.

Speaking of New York, the state's demented new Governor is invoking "God" and "apostles" as she fires via Executive Order hundreds, maybe thousands, of health care workers who have refused the vaccine -- and then calls herself a hero has she calls in the National Guard to take their place.

Anyway, Sen. Paul was discussing the whole matter of natural immunity from Covid by those who have already had it -- and the monomaniacal refusal by the Biden / Democrat regime to accept that as an alternative to Covid.

It's hard to overstate what a smarmy fucking asshole is Xavier Becerra -- a sociopathic lawyer who once used the power of the State of California to force Catholic Churches to become late-term abortion clinics. Becerra is a piece of shit and, being at that level, you never actually shame or humilitate anyone of his ilk. But Paul's eloquent and calmly delivered take-down of Becerra to include why he is doing what he is doing is still worth watching.

The key point is how all of Becerra's would-be brutal authoritarian control and destruction of peoples's lives in flat out in conntravention of "The Science" that Dems are always yowling about. Here is the clip:

As Sen Rand notes in the beginning, the WOKE Bubble Children that are the running dogs and off-to-the-glue factory work horses of the Silicon Valley Big Tech oligarchs may very well remove this video -- and you'll have to go to his channel to view it.

It is also worth noting that Biden has suffered a dramatic drop in support among Black Americans in the past six weeks probably mostly because of the attempted forced vaccination -- on the order of 15 to 20 points. (The "social justice obsessed" Left has always been far too stupid to fully think through these things.) This drop is part of a larger and dramatic drop in Biden's approval to include his approval on handling the Covid issue (see image below).

Speaking of Covid, the Delta variant "casedemic" caseload has collapsed about 75% here in Florida in the past month after peaking around Aug 27th (see image direclty below).

Covid daily cases and daily deaths for Florida with moving 7-day average curve, March 12, 2020 - 29 Sept 2021


Naturally, there is zero Big Media coverage of this fact -- you have to go to conservative news/commentary sites or the Worldometer site -- since it doesn't suit the Energy Constrained-oligarchical and All-Around-Quasi-Feudal designs of the Great Reset crowd or that sick American subset of Democrat pols who seek open-ended "Covid pandemic" emergency powers for their related purpose of eternal, dictatorial, life-destroying control.

Of the various Twitter feeds that I read daily, two are dedicated to Covid-related states: Phil Kerpen and IanmSC. The latter has endless charts of Covid cases, vaccination rates, and when certain masking policies went into effect -- and everyone points out the same fact that the filthy bacteria-and-spit-soaked face diapers that are a key component of the religious garb of the Branch Covidians, the new religious sect of the Illiberal Left:

Masking NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER work in the SLIGHTEST and there is ZERO difference between jurisdictions that have such mandates and those that don't.

As for IanmSC, he also has a Substack site, and here is a relevant article [link embedded]: Every Comparison Shows Masks Are Meaningless.

Honestly, part of me is dreading my late October trip to San Diego with Gary because I just don't want to deal with any fucking contrived Covid hysteria in any way, shape, or form unless absolutely critical for a short period of time (such as being on a jet / in an airport or some office building). As you know, I have found refuge down here in Miami Beach in the Free State of Florida.

Above: Tucker Carlson's commentary tonight (Sept 30th) on the totalitarian situation in Australia. You couldn't post that on YouTube because the Australian Government and its totalitarian leftwing "state" appendage governments would have it removed -- already has had such videos removed.


Yes, I realize that the Covid hysterics is probably less in San Diego than in the hellish dystopia of Los Angeles or the physically beautiful but depraved shit-show (pun intended) of "Scat Francisco" where human excrement fills the streets and sidewalks and co-located open-air tent cities of the schizophrenically homeless. The Left LOVES human shit piled up outside everywhere in urban environments. It scintillates them.

I don't get it, nor do I want to get it.

Hahahahaha ...


As for the Covid Culture Wars, here is an item involving Rep. Tom McClintock and a tour he was giving of the U.S. Capitol building to the family of Sgt. Nicole Gee, who was one of the Marines killed in a terrorist attack during Biden's catastrophically executed U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. A total of 13 U.S. service members were killed in the attack, with over a hundred Afghans also being killed.

But then some POLITICO reporter named Heather Caygle was "triggered" that she didn't "feel safe" about the lack of stupid and 100% pointless face-diaper masking, and so she (or whatever is her pronoun choice) decided to play Twatter Tattletale.

While this leftwing WOKE Covid [OMITTED] is so proud of her "courage" in "telling her truth," in the real world, Heather Caygal is everything wrong with leftwing shithole media and its hateful, secular religio-crazed, and all-around ethically degenerate condition.

"Hi, I'm Heather Caygle, just one more shitty Karen [OMITTED] in the Church of the Branch Covidians of Lord Father Fauci, not to mention your garden-variety leftwing media journo-horse, and I'm having trouble fixing my Covid chastity belt over my labial pie-hole that makes me feel safe and non-triggered."

Heather Caygle represents a kind of illiberal monstrosity -- in the manner of Cherry Kant, I mean, Kerry Chant -- that runs Australia and has turned that country into a biosecurity health-scare police state that rivals any totalitarian insanity of Stalin's Soviet Union, Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge, and present-day North Korea.

Her sort are journo-ethical rats -- as Covid fanatical as they are nihilistically WOKE -- on a sinking and unsalvagable ship of state. Honestly, I would prefer not to have to live in the same country as somebody with her mindset and values -- they're just as grotesque as the Cultural Pervs that make up all these public school boards who seek forcible gender reassignment for young children.

Here I need to mention Matt Walsh's awesome workaround to address the perv-pedo-men-pretending-to-be-women-in-locker-room-loving WOKE Karens and Neil Soy Boys that comprise the Loudoun County School Board a few day ago. Walsh did so despite all the obstacles they tried to erect as part of their quest to avoid accountability for their monomaniacal quest to pervert and destroy young children through indoctrination into The Left's Three Great Tenets:

(1) Hate of Country; (2) Hate of Family; and (3) Half of Self to include sexual / gender identity.

As a result, and as part of its totalizing Marxist warfare, the Left through these "school boards" and related outfits are demanding that the federal government deem any parent who dares to speak up against their abominations as "domestic terrorists" guilty of "hate crimes."

Now, as Glenn Greenwald has long said, it was always the case that the post-9/11 Deep State was eventually going to be turned against American Citizens. What's more, this is the how the Left operates and tries to squelch those who would resist it. Above is a tweet image about this situation involving some weird organization called the National School Boards Association.

Another image of that ginormous cruise ship exiting Government Cut into the open Atlantic, as seen from South Pointe beach area, Miami Beach, Fla., 5:10 p.m., Sept 26, 2021


Speaking of monstrosities and abominations, there is some very good news: That $3.5 trillion Socialist abomination "Reconciliation" bill of the House Bolshevik (and fully Maoist WOKE) Dems isn't going anywhere in the Senate thanks to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in a 50-50 divided Senate. And all the PMSNBC yowling by Chris "Soy Boy" Hayes and the scary-demented Joy Reid can't change that fact.

And, ironically, because the radical Left is also so stupid and unable to think strategically like their beloved Black Widow Spider leader Botox Nan, who at least understands how these things work, the House Dems may blow up the $1 trillion "BIF" (bipartisan infrastructure bill) that has already passed the Senate.

In that scenario, were nothing to change, Addled Old Joe and the Bolsheviks and Cultural Revolutionary Maoists who pull his puppet strings would end up with precisely zero. (I expect even the Dems aren't that collectively stupid and -- after much AOC weeping -- will settle for Manchen's $1.5T reconcilliation offer and the $1T BIF.)

Above: Signed statement between Sen Joe Manchin and Sen Majority Leader Chuck "Liberal Upchuck" Schumer dated July 28, 2021, detailing Sen Manchin's bottomline requirements in order to support a Reconciliation bill.


Here is a good Fox News summation of the iterations going on today (remember to click again on the URL when you get to the "Access Denied" page -- that happens because Fox and Google don't get along because Google, like all of Big Tech, is evil): Infrastructure bill: Manchin, progressives dig in as Pelosi works for last-minute deal: LIVE UPDATES.

And as I read in a column the other day (but cannot now find it) we have Sen Mitch McConnell, the most awesome and brilliant Senate strategist EVER, to thank for intuiting this brilliant strategic move of letting his caucus vote for the BIF and in the manner that he did.

That's because the resulting timing; the wildly counterproductive BIF bill hostage-holding by House AOC Squad types; and the very clear-cut and specific opposition from Joe Manchin and, to a lesser extent, Kyrsten Sinema, have doomed so much of the worst and society-remaking elements of the Reconciliation bill. (Yes, I'm a bit surprised that it was Joe Manchin who came through.)

And the Left is in a state of sputtering apoplexy.

We'll see later today if the House simply and counterproductively blows up the BIF bill by voting it down. Updated before posting -- the whole vote effort was nixed for today.

Below is a nice summation / political analysis by Larry Kudlow a short while ago on Fox News explaining what Manchin's priorities are -- and why the $3.5T Socialist garbage monstrosity is thankfully dead:

Turning to another hearing, specifically, the one yesterday involving Biden's Afghanistan debacle, Rep. Matt Gaetz's take-down yesterday of that SOB CJCS General Mark Milley and the "DefSec" Covid Cat-Woman named Lloyd Austin is worth watching. It came at the end and Rep Gaetz was addressing Milley, Austin, and CentCom Commander General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr., although his comments were focused on the face of the debacle, Milley

About Thoroughly Post-Modern-and-Always-Failing-Upward Milley, we also have discovered -- via another Bob Woodward unreadable book that is highly sympathetic to him -- that he was engaging in a sort of Deep State coup attempt with Speaker Pelosi at the end of Trump's presidency.

This included tipping off the Communist Chinese Government that he had their back in case Trump decided to launch a sudden strike on China as a way of remaining in power.

Aside from how delusional that is, it is also treason. But as Gaetz points out, Milley won't be punished at all for that under the current regime -- and will just fail up while being feted in the usual Beltway Insider Circle Jerk crowd. (You know the sort: Fred Hiatt, Benji Wittes, Sebastian Mallaby, etc.)

Some additional links:


The Emmys, the Oscars, the Grammys, the MYV Music Awards ... All of these award shows are hitting numbers so low that just five years ago, no one would have imagined they could go this low.

But this is what happens when you celebrate everything — skin color, gender, sexuality — but excellence. This is what happens when you lecture instead of entertain. This is what happens when you have no real stars. This is what happens when you are smug and hateful and untalented and dishonest.

Hey, we’re just hating you back.

You assholes started it.



The September index score is -21, the same as January this year. That number is down from -12 in August and -6 in July, though still above the worst -33 in April of 2020.

Serious supply chain issues are worsening, just as retailers usually stock up for the holidays. Dozens of ships anchor off West Coast ports, each carrying thousands of containers, awaiting dock space because ports are still comfortable closing for two-day weekends.

Additionally, suppliers in China report the government is routinely ordering long, electrical blackouts that cripple vast numbers of factories, ostensibly to reduce air pollution.

But some American executives speculate that, with the specter of a feeble U.S. president and his botched Afghan exit, China is messing with the U.S. economy and Joe Biden’s political outlook for the crucial holiday season heading into a decisive election year.


Finally, below is a column by Victor Davis Hanson that I would like to repost in full but time simply doesn't permit it. He makes the case that the ultra-rich and privileged "WOKE" of "Year Two" of our Cultural Revolution are now indistinguishable -- in the manner of the pigs and humans at the end of George Orwell's Animal Farm:


As for the self-declared non-white Other, wokism is also a top-down revolution of celebrities, intellectuals, actors, activists, academics, grifters, lawyers, and the upper-middle class and rich. And they are not calling for a Marshall Plan to bring classical education to the inner city. They themselves have little desire to move in or spread their wealth. They rarely mentor others on their shrewd capitalist expertise that made themselves rich.

They are far more cynical than that. The regrettable violence of the street, the 120 days of 2020 looting, death and arson, are the levers of the woke professionals. They fight with the various tribes of the same class and mindset over the slices of the same coveted elite pies. But they bring to the scrap the unspoken cudgel that without greater non-white de facto quotas in comic books, TV commercials, Ivy League faculties and students, symphonies, and sit-coms, then "systemic racism" could once again ignite downtown Portland or Seattle or Baltimore.

Orwell would say of the woke Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Bernie Sanders, LeBron James, or Ibram Kendi – and their supposedly unwoke, but similarly rich and privileged enemies – "It was impossible to say which was which."

OK, that's all for this entry. I am going to post one more entry -- a personal update -- tomorrow (Friday) and then I probably won't post anything else for at least four days and most likely only one or two during the next 10 day period. I will explain why in that entry.


Monday, September 27, 2021

Yet Another Not-Quite-Intended, Quite Political-Themed Entry -OR- A Late September Monday Afternoon and Night in Miami Beach

Coconut palms and ocean view, South Pointe, Miami Beach, Fla., 3:30 p.m. Sept 26, 2021


Monday mid-afternoon. (OK, I didn't complete and post this entry until Monday night.)

Late September as the start of fall -- my first ever living here in South Florida, specifically, Miami Beach.

Hahahaha ...

Upfront, let me say the following ...

When I started this entry, it was my intention to avoid a difficult political posting and note nothing of the laundry list of ugly anarcho-tyrannical garbage happening in the United States as the Biden/Bolshevik regime and its Khmer Rouge-minded Cultural Marxist shocktroops increasingly flail in angry desperation.

Nor I was going to opine on the broader Covid / Great Reset-era Anglophone "Biosecurity" health police states led by the totalitarian monstrosity of Australia with its state-sponsored terrorization of the civilian population for the sake of Cherry Kant, I mean, Kerry Chant destruction of her society into a dystopian hell.

Above: The Australian police terrorize an old couple for daring to sit outside on a park bench. Not even in the Stalin-era Soviet Union was there this sort of deranged lunacy. Above is an image of the same police force brutalizing some guy outside smoking a cigarette in a park.

The police of Australia, especially the State of Victoria, are no longer "civilian police" but brutalizing thugs at war against their own population -- and hence the murderous tools of any totalitarian regime.

This is what Australia is: An ever-more high-tech panopticon of a dystopian society-wide prison. And all it does is feeding on itself in a positive feedback loop.

It is worth noting that this totalitarian brutality still has the support of about 70% of the covidiot Australian population. Meanwhile, the country itself, or at least the New South Wales part of it is about to turn into a "Vaccinated" vs "Unvaccinated" apartheid state.

And it's all for the sake of Kerry Chant and her half Taliban-style / half-Stalinist Branch Covidian monomania and above her, the ethical monsters who run the Australian states and the country's national government. As for Kerry Cat-Lady Chant, as you can via her Wiki page, she even crochets Covid tea cozies, which tells you about her mentally ill fetishization of Covid. A real wacko.

More generally, almost wherever there is a wacky female health minister or "chief medical officer" -- an example of the latter being Dr. Deena Hinshaw in the the Canadian province of Alberta -- they are busy creating new ways to continue the Covid monomania and totalitarianism forever through creative accounting.

Nor was it my intention to write an entry about the latest iteration of the CRT - Perv Alliance of demented Cultural Marxists that run California and are trying to get forcible gender reassignment surgeries after 14-year old girls have their third trimester abortions.

But that's just Garden Variety Stuff of the Golden State in both the Blade Runner-esque nightmare of "LAX" and the open-air homeless meth market of Scat Francisco and its Pelosicrats. As for abortion, the American Left has a truly demented obsession with it -- and the later the term, the better in its mass-suicidal Hive Mind.

I realize that at some level, I should be happy because -- unlike the highly effective totalitarian "Biosecurity" dystopia once known as Australia -- the United States national government and ALL of its institutions in the early 2020s are so dysfunctionally fucked up that it's impossible to inplement a police state here but only a sort of depraved Looney Toons version of one.

It how you get this kind of shit-storm ...

New York's post-Andrew Cuomo religio-pyschopathic governor, Kathy Hochul, is firing all medical workers who refuse vaccines -- or rather, this is being litigated in court, except I don't hold out much hope any longer for that approach -- and then calling in the National Guard to replace them. As Matt Walsh wrote:

Artificially creating a hospital staffing shortage while simultaneously claiming that a deadly pandemic is overwhelming the hospitals. This is one of the most twisted and evil things I have ever seen.

In other words, a typical Democrat pol.

It's also how you get this sort of shit-storm ...

Below is he US border under Biden Democrats: Massive tent cities of tens of thousands of Haitians joining countless Central Americans and God-knows-who-else in a wild free-for-all. At least 12,000 Haitians were just released into the U.S. by Border Patrol.

Many have Covid -- but that's great as far as Democrats, DHS, and the Biden White House are concerned. When it comes to a "BIPOC," they're like, the more Covid the better, since the only ones who need to be "punished" for Covid are Trump voters and the "Unvaccinated."

Compounding it is the ongoing and very problematic Psaki gaslighting about the border agents and "whips" being used by "white men on horseback against Haitians." It's complete and total Big Media-facilitated Biden White House horseshit (pun intended).

It's offensive even to have to make this point because of the move by DHS leadership and the White House to destroy these men, the agents were simply using reins to control the horses.

The truly disturbing point is that this is a border situation intentionally created by Democrat leadership because to Democrat pols -- including the White House Karens who pull Biden's puppet stringers every day -- these countless hordes of illegals are all future Democrat voters, maybe by next year. And, of course, the WOKE Karens such as Psaki are purposefully creating a racially-explosive situation for their own deranged and race-crazed purposes.

As it is, clueless, brittle Biden wants to fire the agents for his own catastrophic failures. That's Joe Biden's way: Blame, deflect, spew vitrol, gaslight, and blame others some more.

In any event, just FYI, the headline above is how you as a Governor of a U.S. state tell the Federal Gov't to sit and spin.

The above tweet by the indispensable Jesse Kelly on the open border catastrophe is so spot on that I need to write it out as well as post an image of it:

You can tell how much you love something by how much you restrict access to it. That's why you wouldn't let hardly anyone in your home. You love your home and what's in it.

And it's exactly why Democrats treat America like an open sewer.

On the matter of Leftwing race-baiting provacateurs in the time of WOKE insanity and the related Orwellian depravities of "cancel culture" it has unleashed upon American ssociety, above and below are two tweets from the inestimable Matt Walsh about one such certain amateur-professional race-baiter.

Finally, it wasn't my intention to write any update on Dementia Joe's sky-trillion Socialist "agenda" goes, but it is worth noting that the kooks and Communists around Biden have actually gotten him to peddle the bizarro-world lie that the $3.5 trillion "Reconciliation Bill" Socialist attempted takeover is actually zero dollars free. Yes, this is an actual Democrat talking point.

The Frankensteinian combo of the Reconciliation Bill - Infrastructure Bill - Government Funding - Debt Ceiling thing is all coming to a head, and it's nothing but ever-mounting difficulties for the Democrats, which is how we want it to be.

In conclusion, I wasn't going to write ANY of the above but instead focus on the weather, specifically, to note that the first cold front of this fall season cleared South Florida yesterday and produced a noticeable change in the weather.

However, given how much I wrote above, I am moving that weather-themed posting into a follow-on entry that I intend to have completed later tonight. Thereafter, I won't post anything for several days -- likely until the end of the work week.