Saturday, August 28, 2021

Late Night Eclectic Entry from Flagler Beach Also Featuring Recent Miami Beach Pics -OR- Me TC

Above: Lufthansa flight 463 -- a daily trans-Atlantic flight between Miami and Frankfurt that takes place in a big, beautiful, old school-style 747 -- as seen on ascent from MIA.

I took this picture on Meridian Ave near 5th Street, Miami Beach, Fla., 5:22 p.m., August 25, 2021.

I took this picture to send to a fellow named Zach, presently living in Oslo, Norway, but who had been in Miami Beach for two months on an extended job assignment.

I met Zach a few nights earlier at South Pointe Tavern. Zach, it turns out, was on that flight returning to Oslo via Frankfurt.

In talking to Zach, I discovered he would be on that flight, and I told him I would send a picture of it, which I did. I was walking to Monty's to meet Sarah for what ended up a fun but excessive night first at Monty's and then at SPT.


Apologies for not getting a blog entry posted before I headed up here to Flagler Beach from Miami Beach for the start of a ~10 day visit to see my dad.

It has been an interesting social period for me in the past week to ten days -- and I've made a good friend in Sarah and, by extension, hopefully at least one of her friends (a fellow gay guy). (Sarah reminds me somewhat of my friend Andrea back in D.C.)

She even got an Uber for me this morning to the Tri-Rail Miami Airport Station / Miami Intermodal Center so I could take the Tri-Rail all the way to the opposite terminus at Mangonia Park, where my dad met me -- driving down from here.

The weather turned gray and wet on the drive up -- and arriving in Flagler Beach, the ocean looked awful: Rough, turgid, and quite uninviting. Nothing like in Miami Beach (at least when the sargassum devil grass isn't washing up on the shore in monstrous brown mats).

KMLB radar looped 2323 UTC - 0011 UTC 27 - 28 Aug 2021


There were more t-storms tonight, too, with intermittent downpours. Apparently, it has been quite wet up here. The closest major weather station -- DAB or, instead of the IATA code, using the ICAO system that is used by the NWS for weather/climate stations, KDAB -- is at 8.26" month-to-date or +2.54". This is as of the interim late afternoon climate summary on Aug 27, 2021 (ditto all the numbers below).

The weather back in Miami has been rather dry in terms of lack of rainfall (not humidity). The deluge period of mid-June to mid-July witnessed about 18 inches of rain, but it's gotten dry since then, especially in the past two weeks. Month-to-date, KMIA is at 5.85" or -2.36" month-to-date.

What's more, this entire past week -- basically, Sunday through Thursday -- featured extensive frickin' Sahara dust blanching out the sky and limiting daily convection.

Above and below: GOES-16 (GOES East) nighttime IR spectral mode / daytime GeoColor mode looped satellite image, tropical Atlantic sector, 1020 - 1820UTC 23 Aug 2021 (above) and 1120 - 1710 UTC 24 Aug 2021 (below).

Observe, in particular in the above image, the massive dust plumes coming off the Sahara Desert. Also, I love how the reflection of the Sun appears to dart east-to-west -- even shimmering off the jungles of northern Colombia.

And note on both days how a convection cumulus field explodes over French Guinea and the neighboring Brazilian State of Amapá -- and races westward with the Sun. So awesome.

Meanwhile -- as and evidenced by the steady stream of photos that Tim sends me from his Alexandria high-rise condo -- the D.C. area is getting an exceptionally rainy / thunderstormy summer.

For blog record - keeping purposes, as of 5 p.m. today, KDCA is at 9.03" or +6.20" month-to-date, although KBWI is only at 3.67" or +0.07". Nearby KNAK is at 6.49" or +3.00". Rounding out the "DMV" month-to-date "official" rainfall numbers, KIAD is at 4.89" or +1.80".

The drive from Mangonia Park up I-95 to Flagler Beach took, with stops, about 4 hours but was fine -- and my plan to avoid riding (and have my 80 year old dad avoid driving) on the horrible parts of I-95 from WBP south to Miami worked well. The Tri-Rail, OTOH, was the usual American public transportation mess. However, it got me to where I needed to be and did so on time.

Above and below: Images from Tim's Alexandria upper level condo of thunderstorms in the extended D.C. area to include one -- in the north/northeast view into D.C. (above) -- a bit to the northeast of (Damnation Alley-style) Baltimore and another -- in the west/northwest view across Alexandria (below) -- near Ashburn, Va.

For reference, below is the radar image Tim sent me from his Smartphone at 3:06 p.m. EDT this afternoon.

Weatherwise, I also need to note that there is a hurricane entering the Gulf of Mexico as it transits western Cuba tonight. The tropical cyclone -- Ida -- is now a category 1 but is forecasted to become a major hurricane, potentially high-end category 4 intensity, as it crashes into the Louisiana coast late Sunday or early Monday morning.

What's more, New Orleans is potentially close enough to the center / just east of it to be at serious risk for a Katrina-style redux. And it will hit just about on the 16th anniversary of Katrina's landfall.

Maybe that will allow Biden to deflect blame for this Afghanistan catastrophe and get the Whore Big Media to start yammering about "The Climate Crisis" as prelude to endless societal shutdowns and self-immolation once this Covid performative shit is over.

Or maybe all the military first responders can first have a Thoroughly Modern Mark Milley-approved, Ibram X. Kendi / Robin "Shiksa" DiAngelo-taught, CRT-based "interrogation" of their race-based privileges or, alternatively, exploration of their opression before anyone gets any help.

Below: Uncle Joe feeling a surging rage of dementia-addled anger and brittle confusion that his Afghan ass-backward shit-show of a withdrawal exploded in such a way that even the Big Media butt-wipers at the CNNLOLNPRCBSABC-PMSNBC-NYWokeTalibanTimes-WaHoBezosPo are asking questions not involving his favorite ice cream flavor or latest Cultural Marxist "Equity" drive.

But I don't want to turn this into a political-themed entry.

Changing subjects, right now, I'm seated here at the little kitchen table in this dimly lit trailer, the window a/c blowing chilled air on my neck as I write this. I'm also watching TV.

My dad gets MeTV -- which, alas, and despite the fact there is a MeTV digital over-the-air channel in Miami, I do not get owing to a reception issue with my digital antennna and placement of my little apartment in what is a sturdy, old building -- and so we're watching Perry Mason.

I was watching The Nanny on Cozi-TV, which I love. But I also love Perry Mason, a show I've missed these past 5-1/2 months since I fled D.C. and no longer get MeTV.

Well, actually, my dad is presently asleep on his little bed in the main room of this trailer.

Oh, by the way, the trailer park is under new management and it's no longer called Flagler-by-the-Sea but instead is now "Treasure-by-the-Sea."


Before I sign off ... looking head, the plan is to go to St. Augustine Beach tomorrow to reconnoiter the place for a possible future condo purchase. We also have a few other plans including going into Flagler Beach. I would like to go to the Funky Pelican at some point simply because I like the name and location.

As for going into the ocean, it would have to look a lot nicer than it did today here. I guess a sunlit aquamarine-turquoise tropical sea such as you often get in Miami Beach sets a rather high standard ...

OK, I think that's all for now. My next entry will be in a few days.


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wee Hours Political-Themed Posting on Biden's Descent Into Disasters Foreign & Domestic Plus More Thoughts on the Illiberal and Lunatic Left's Twin Pillars of Branch Covidian Insanity

Coconut palms in Lummus Park, Miami Beach, Fla., 1:48 p.m., August 21, 2021.

Yes, I've posted many such pictures in the five months since I moved down here.


This entry is a political-themed entry that seeks to compress a series of topics I've been wanting to discuss beyond just the Afghanistan debacle. I'm separating out the personal and weather topics into another entry.

For starters, I would like to feature this 10-minute video focus segment of last night's Ingraham Angle on the topic of the "Great Unraveling" of the Biden presidency:

About this general unraveling involving not just Biden's intentional Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe, but a lot of other shit in his first seven months has seriously, it has significantly damaged this approval rating [link embedded]: Latest Approval Poll Shows Biden in Total Collapse.

This article by John Nolte notes that Biden is a net minus 14 in the latest USA Today / Suffolk poll with a 41-55 percent approval versus disapproval, down dramatically from the last one. This is dramatic in a country where baked-in polarization keeps any political figure from moving above or below a fairly narrow range typically in the 43 to 53 approval or disapproval band.

Here is a quote from the article:

Everything’s going to shit under Biden. The fascist and anti-science coronavirus lunacy, the economy, our southern border, inflation, violent crime… And now, because he’s a doddering old fool who never should’ve been allowed to run for president, Islamic terrorists, our mortal enemies, the Taliban, are in total control of his presidency.

Below is Tucker Carlson's commentary from last week on the same topic. While it may be a bit "dated" from the perspective of fast-changing events, it is not from the larger perspective of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and associated with it.

Biden himself is in bad physical shape, as this Red State piece explains [link embedded]: Joe Biden, With Eyes Bloodshot and Five Hours Late, Insults Everyone Watching With Surreal Presser.

The above-linked story explains how Biden's 5-hours-late "presser" today was a descent into the alt-reality in which his angry, brittle senility -- coming across like a dissociative personality disordered person -- was on painful display.

Rather than focusing on Afghanistan and rescuing the remaining Americans trapped in Kabul plus a certain number of Afghans who face a death sentence, Biden talked robotically about the $3.5 trillion "Reconciliation Bill" bag of fly-strewn garbage.

It is the legislative kleptocratic apotheosis of the Left's malevolent "priorities" containing trillions in free shit stolen from the working and middle class with the thieveries prioritized by (1) Oligarchy and, as Oligarchy's dark joke, (2) "Equity" designed to create an inverted, energy-constrained dystopia -- helped along by third component, an outright federalization of elections to ensure permanent Democrat rule.

All this garbage falls under the umbrella of Biden's stupid "Build Back Better" slogan. The nominal reason for Biden's comments was that the House based on a party-line vote some weird "resolution" containing an ontological paradox whereby it "deems" the not-yet-actually-written $3.5T reconciliation monstrosity as having passed in the House. It is not the same as the Infrastructure bill that the Senate already passed.

The Pelosi strategy is to tie whatever gets dumped into the $3.5T bill (this was just a resolution) with the Infrastructure as a single abomination that must is passed under reconciliation (as so avoids a Republican filibuster). What's more, the octogenarian devil crone seeks to fuse it all with the must-raise debt ceiling next month in a once-time-only, shoot-for-the-Moon strategy.

However, the fate of the reconciliation bill is very iffy Senate prospects thanks to the Republicans and the one Democrat with principles to what say what she means AND mean what she says: Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. She could keep the Dems from getting the 50-50 split they need to allow the Cackling Harpy Harris to break the tie.

Thankfully, Sen. Sinema genuinely appears to be the exact opposite of Joe Manchin, who is lying sack of self-serving shit on everything and is, to quote someone I once read, only there when you don't need him.

Biden himself is only vaguely aware of what's happening legislatively -- much less the mayhem in Afghanistan -- and he'll sign anything that's put in front of him. It's not an overstatement to say that President Biden is just the incontinent and on-his-good-days barely coherent puppet of a deranged farrago of Illiberal oligarchical elites and their leftwing identity politics lunatic clients.

These elites+clients are the ones who seek in the words of Lee Smith from his amazing piece in Table that appeared in my previous entry: "a permanent hold on power thanks to urban intellectuals, young single women, racial and ethnic majorities, and the LGBT community ...held together by stoking a communal hatred of the national majority -- the white middle class."

But no discussion of Illiberal totalitarian power grabs can be complete without a dive into the Branch Covidian insanity with its twin pillars of forcible masking and forcible vaccinations and the extent to which these interact.

The open-ended Illiberal Leftwing Branch Covidian control shit is, well, out-of-control in terms of its totalitarian-minded aims.

We will start with one of the worst of the Blue States (right after California): Oregon.

Oregon's control freak lesbian governor has imposed an OUTDOOR mask mandate for VACCINATED people -- unless, of course, they're rioting and looting and engaged in other "summer of love" social justice activities or are violently schizophrenic and drug-addled homeless people opening shitting on city sidewalks. (The Left has a "thing" about that.)

The Left has developed a monomaniacal demand masking for everyone, but the fanaticism finds its focal point when it comes to young children in schools through half-Khmer Rouge, half-Taliban, and all-around-Bolshevik school boards that seem to be functioning these days as Fifth Column elements in the Overclass's Maoist Revolution.

To the Democrat Totalitarian Complex, masks are the front line symbol of its Cult of Mask Davidian precepts of conformity, submission, and subjugation. It's all about CO2-asphyxiating masks for at-zero-risk 2 and 3-year olds in order to make WOKE Marxist Karen teachers "feel safe" while they indoctrinate them on Critical Race Theory poisons...

And, of course, the Biden regime has weaponized the Department of Justice -- itself a collapsed institution, much like the FBI and CIA -- to scour any conceivable or inconceivable law to force certain Republican governors to impose mandatory mask requirements on school children despite having less than zero Constitutional authority to do this (but no real prospect of federal judiciary pushback).

And their biggest target is Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, whom they correctly view as a genuine threat to them. They have endless Big Media help with this. Indeed, I could devote an entire entry to the never-ending attempt by the Bolshevik-minded Big Media to "get" Gov. DeSantis, most recently in that botched, sloppy AP hit piece by Brendan Farrington, which resulted in serious pushback by DeSantis's spokesperson, Christina Pushaw.

Naturally, that pushback prompted the gender fluid Bubble Children of Twitter to ban Ms. Pushaw on the grounds that the AP's typically Big Media ultra-thin-skinned tantrum at getting the pushback was "harassment." Gov DeSanti's letter -- reposted in the two images above -- to the AP COO Daisy Veerasingham is one for the records.

More broadly, the Left's demand for total control and desire for eradiction of the American male also explains it's outright child abusive and quite demented demands for legally mandatory, forcible gender reassignment surgeries. Then there is the whole matter of Left's Perv-CRT alliance and the effort at sexualization of pre-pubescent children. Matt Walsh talked about that in his latest podcast (episode #782) here.

Now, if you think I'm overstating the case, always remember what's actually happening here: A mass slow-motion suicide by a sizable fraction of American society (itself a manifestation of a larger self-immolation of Western Civilization that is taking various forms across multiple Western and Anglophone countries.

Back to the Covid hysteria, it's worth noting that with this mandate, Oregon is yet another one of those female-run places -- either with a female as the head of the government or a female health official with unchecked power -- that has descended into complete Covid paranoiac hysteria. Ditto New York State with its new female governor now that Cuomo resigned.

This raises the broader English-speaking world phenomena of what happens in a nation such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where there is no system of federalism with devolution of powers, no meaingful Bill of Rights nor a national constitution as we have in the U.S. (even if the federal judiciary has completely abrogated its role to ensure those rights), to say nothing of a Second Amendment or its equivalent.

The result is an irrevocable descent into authoritarian madness that becomes outright totalitarianism with virtually no pushback. Throw in a female leader such as NZ's Jacinda Ardern or a kooky female health minister with unchecked power such as NSW's Kerry Chant, and its nothing less than an Orwellian nightmare.

This is why in New Zealand -- or, if we call it by its future Chinese colony name, Nu Xiland -- Jacinda Ardern shuts down her country every time there is a single Covid case while also sending an ever-increasing numbers of peoples to "quarantine" concentration camps. It is also why in that nation of sheeple, there is zero pushback. (In a way, it's even worse in Australia, where the military is being used against citizenry who ARE attempting to push back.)

Back to the open-ended political pandemic called "Covid," the current Democrat plan is to keep the phoney pandemic going until "Spring 2022" -- or so says the malevolent Lord Father Fauci -- but only if people are fully vaccinated to his satisfaction. And this brings up the vaccination pillar of the Left's Branch Covidian insanity ...

The Leftwing Totalitarian power grab involves forcible vaccinations of the population -- especially those who cannot resist -- using untested fifth, sixth, seventh, maybe eight booster shots as the first set prove unless. Keep in mind each one is more inherently risky than the last and, in too many cases, dangerous for those who don't even need it.

The fact that a vaccination police state creates a two-tiered society that actually IS Jim Crow 2.0 -- given how many Black Americans have not and will not get the vaccines -- is one of the darker ironies of the Illiberal Left's 21st Century postmodern and post-factual version of its keep-'em-on-the-plantation approach to politics.

Eventually, the Supreme Court is going to have to rule on all these mandatory and even forcible vaccinations -- especially as the first set prove increasinly useless and untested fifth, sixth, seventh, maybe eight booster shots come along, each one more inherently risky than the last especially for those who don't even need it. Even so, I can see Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett going with the illiberal bloc.

OK, I'm going to sign off this entry. My intention is to have another posting later today or Thursday, namely, a weather-themed one with personal update. I need to to this before the start on Friday of my 10-day visit to see my dad up in Flagler Beach.