Tuesday, July 27, 2021

On Old School Majestic 747 Trans-Atlantic Birds and All Vaxxed, Endlessly Masked American Covid Cuckoos -OR- Limit Δ Variant → 0 = Covidfinity

A 747 jet -- Lufthansa (DLH) Flight 463 -- minutes after take off lumbers skyward as seen from Lummus Park, Miami Beach, Fla., 5:09 p.m., July 25, 2021

Knowing the airline and the takeoff time, Gary figured out that this is Lufthansa (DLH) Flight 463 between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

Above and below: Information from the FlightAware.com website -- linked above -- for DLH Flight 463 as of about 7:15 p.m. EDT tonight with the jet, a Boeing 747-8 ("B748")* 458 miles miles into its 4,831 mile journey, cruising along at a mid-tropospheric 35,000 foot altitude at a breezy 600 miles per hour. This bird took off almost an hour late and will arrive 40 minutes late, but no worries.

*Yes, I'm aware that the 747-8 is a much more contemporary version of the 747 and, if Wikipedia to be believed, the largest 747 variant. Above is an image of a Lufthansa 747-8 taken in 2017. Maybe it's even the one in the lead image.

Just FYI, multiple 747 jets -- enormous, lumbering at almost stall-speed, and signature double engines on each wing -- fly into and out of MIA every day, a number of which appear to be cargo jets (such as Ryan Air), some arcing to the southeast, others arcing to the northeast.

747s make a distinctive whiny-metallic low roar --rising as they approach and then receding like a roll of thunder. And much like MIA itself, 747s call to mind Old School international flights back in the era of Pan-Am, stewardesses, and the Condé Nast elegance of "the jet set" trekking from JFK's Worldport to Rome, Rio (Brasilia??), or Rhodesia.

No, this isn't some Greyhound Bus-in-the-Sky of an American or Delta flight heading from Cincinnati to Raleigh-Durham. On the one side, obese, slovenly, combative, Covid era-crazy Americans with everyone wearing masks over-up-and-out the ying-yang. On the other side, the prison guard-like flight attendant crew ready for battle.

And you sit there, trapped, prisoner-like for the delayed flight duration, no food, no drink, no nothing, just joyless agony. And always that nasty-ass but otherwise useless flight attendant crew with the endless hectoring, bullying announcements about fucking mask wearing.

Fly, you big, beautiful, old school bird ... Fly with graceful ease, spanning the vast Atlantic like the quiet champion you are...


Tuesday night posting, a political-themed one I didn't plan to write.

Today was supposed to the day that Speaker Nancy Pelosi's started the Democrat / Big Media-faciliated Stalinist show trial involving the "Insurrection" of January 6th.

I refer to know that pro-Trump rally that degenerated into an unarmed mob swarming, wholly unarmed, through the Capitol building precisely because the Capitol police leadership did nothing to stop it, in turn, because the FBI orchestrated most of the events of that day.

Yes, just like the FBI orchestrates most such "terrorist plots" to include the bullshit plot to kidnap Michigan's hateful, harpy governor that it then claimed success for halting.

Specifically, I refer to the obscenely stacked House Committee "investigating" the affair -- filled the lunatics such as Adam Bull Schiff and the only two RINOs that Botox Nan could find, Liz Cheney and that clown Adam Kinzinger, both of whom are now actively considering there lucrative post 2022 midterm election careers as Talking Heads among the PMSMBCNNLOL crowd.

At this point, the 300 to 500 semi-geriatric people, not to mention the mentally ill "QAnon" man with face paint and Viking horns, involved in roaming the halls and "storming" the offices of Capitol for purposes of selfies that day are mostly just rotting in jail awaiting their trials -- and then are getting sentences of 2 years or less, in some cases, 6 to 8 months, for what amounts to trespassing.

The whole purpose of the charade is simply to label all 75M Trump voters as "enemy combatants" and "domestic terrorists" and, in so doing, maintain power even as Old, Angry Uncle Joe slips into "I had my butt wiped" senile incoherence and Kamala cackles in the wings waiting her moment.

This was confirmed when Botox Nan denied Jim Jordan and Jim Banks positions on the bullshit investigation and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- who is the likely next Speaker -- pulled the other five Republicans off the committee.

The hearing involved a lot of theatrics and performative wailing by grown men -- Members of Congress such as the aply named Kinzinger -- about how that day was Worst Day in American History to include the Civil War (~750,000 dead) ... Pearl Harbor (2,403 dead) ... and 9/11 attacks (2,996) ... versus the 1 fatality among the unarmed when a Capitol police officer [omitting his name but you can find it even on Google] killed Ashli Babbitt, a 36-year old U.S. veteran of Iraq.

But things got overshadowed because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under the deeply mentally ill Rochelle Walensky -- a woman whose public behavior is more akin to an overemotional housewife on Oprah -- decided to revise once again the "masking guidance" because of the nonsense over the SARS-CoV2-2 "Delta Variant" that is part of the Oligarchical Overclass's Covid 19, i.e., the Wuhan Lab Flu, based "Great Reset" of society into a quasi-feudal high-tech panopticon.

You can read about the revised guidance here. And here are some other responses to the CDC's latest pseudo-scientific garbage offering.

The really obscene part is the "recommendation" for masking of all K-12 school children. It really is a criminal act of wanton, mindless child abuse given at how low risk they are and that the decision was completely driven by the monstrous demands of the NEA and AFT with its phalanxes of Marxist and Covid paranoia lunatics.

Above: This Wesley Yang tweet has nothing directly to do with this entry, but I really like it.


Between the forcible indoctrinations of the perversity of Critical Race Theory (CRT) that have infected all of public education from its original Big Academia hothouse -- indeed, CRT has infected most institutions of society -- and the tyrannical demands for forced masking and resulting slow carbon dioxide poisoning of young children, K-12 public schools in America, especially Democrat-controlled areas, is at its heart a weird mass suicidal death wish.

Above: A mass transit train in Sweden where people are living their lives normally. Below: Some virtue-signaling Cultural Marxist wackadoodle on an empty train in London. To be clear, this woman is a local pol (a St. Peter's Ward Councillor) in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, but she has all the suffocating psychic energy of a WOKE, Covid paranoiac Karen living in Bethesda, Maryland.

This is just CDC "guidance" and states and localities don't have to adhere to it -- indeed, Gov. DeSantis here in Florida has made it clear he won't. But it still opens up all kinds of opportunities for Democrat mischief for purposes of its endgame of complete totalitarian control and destruction of American society with its replacement by some WOKE-infused oligarchical dystopia.

UK Covid daily new cases (top) and reported deaths (bottom),
15 Feb 2020 - 26 July 2021

Note how Covid daily new cases and reported deaths have nearly completely decoupled in the UK. This has happened in the U.S.


At this point, all-Democrat controlled states, cities, and other jurisdictions can't revert fast enough to masking mandates and all that garbage because masking is, and has always been, about totalitarian control with ignorant Kareny individuals (men, women, and indeterminate) showing all their "virtue-signaling" by demanding conformity. In Montgomery County, Maryland, where pretty much everybody over the age of 12 is vaccinated, the ignorant county government is dying for outright new lockdowns. Expect more Blue State lockdowns in the weeks ahead.

This gets to what I really believe is deeper mass-psychosis at work here: The Left in America is basically mass suicidal. Whether in the deeply racist perversions of Critical Race Theory (CRT), the destruction of sexual and gender identity through the obsession on transgenderism (we're very nearly at a point where it will be compulsory for young children), and the mass rage combined with historical illiteracy and all-around-ignorance, it's all a mass suicide effort.

As for the CDC, it's hard to overstate what a corrupted multi-tentacled organization it has become. (We won't even talk about NIH and the component, NIAID, that fucking Fauci runs as his eternal fiefdom). Like every once-prestigious organization or institution in America, it has turned to pure shit where virtue-signaling for its own megalomaniacal purposes of mass social control is the only purpose by which it survives.

Phil Kerpen tweet on July 9, 2021: Table showing CDC Yearly-stratified Covid observed deaths between January 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021 as of May 10, 2021 and with a 97 percent reduction.

Key point: Even with 97% vaccination efficacy, mortality risk for unvaccinated children is 30x lower for vaccinated adults and 100x lower for vaccinated adults over 75.


This Fox News article (double click on the URL to get passed the "you don't have permission" part) has a nice quote by Dr. H. Cody Meissner, who leads the pediatric infectious diseases division at Tufts University School of Medicine, on the grotesquery of the American Academy of Pediatrics -- amother organization wholly completedly captured by the Lunatic Left -- in "recommending that all children 2 and up where masks in schools.

Dr. Meissner called it "virtue signaling" and said:

"I strongly disagree with the recommendation that all children, 2 years and above need to wear a mask ... I think that the harm has been done to children, both physical, mental, emotional has been extraordinary. And I think we're going to be stuck with that for a generation ... Really what we've done is we've sacrificed children by closing down the schools in order to protect the adults because children don't get very sick."

On a personal level, my hope is that this garbage has very limited impact here in my Miami Beach life -- as in, at most, involving going into one of the two groceries stores I frequent here in Miami Beach (Publix and Whole Foods) or the usual stupid masking red light / green light when you walk into a restaurant. About Publix, nothing had changed today there.

Thinking about it, a mask mandate at a nightclub such as Twist simply doesn't make sense. I just don't see how that works. I think Miami Beach or Miami Dade County would have to put in a mandate, but that would probably have some real push back that would get the attention of the Governor. And based on things that Gov DeSantis and his press secretary (see tweet below) are saying, I am very happy to be here in the Free State of Florida.

Beyond all that, and much more importantly, I really hope that a few years from now -- after this totalitarian Democrat Moment is over -- is that everyone at every level (federal, state, or local to include schools) associated with this abomination of an idea is prosecuted.

About the Covid "surge" due to the Delta variant, it appears that the UK is past its peak. By contrast, Iceland -- a nation that is almost fully vaccinated -- is entering into a surge and has just reversed all the easing of lockdowns and restrictions it had in place.

Keep in mind that the Delta (India) variant of SARS-CoV-2 is highly transmissible (infectious) in its airborne way, but it is no more dangerous than a garden variety influenza strain (IFR = 0.1% to 0.2%).

I haven't started on the topic of the Left's rush for forcible vaccinations.

Yet the perversion here is that the mRNA vaccines -- of which Pfizer and Moderna are both -- really have very limited efficacy after a few months. As Alex Berenson has pointed out, they function as therapeutics, not vaccines, hence the need for endless follow-up shots.

The forced vaccinations or some version of what is euphemistically called a "vaccine passport" the absence of which denies you your basic Constitutional rights is a building issue, and is it likely going to result in many court cases -- including federal ones.

Combined with surging inflation and rampant urban violent crime thanks to the Left's multiple insanities embodied in "Defund the Police," these are going to be the issues that determine the 2022 Midterms and even 2024 Presidential election, not the bullshit January 6th Commission.

Right now, at the federal level, it mostly consists of drooly, creepy Uncle Joe yelling weird insults at the supposed stupidity of those refusing vaccinations. Between that and forcible endless masking, it is another American Government ineffectual and self-defeating shit show.

But make no mistake about it: The push toward totalitarianism has been set. Covid unleased a massive tidal pull toward mass control that dovetails extremely well with the Oligarchical Overclass's power-and-wealth-focused needs. And in the U.S., the Cultural Marxism that has infected everything acted as a super-charged inflation.

Having said that, it is also true in the U.S. that lockdowns were "soft" compared to the "Covid Zero" tyrannical madness in other countries to include, yes, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

This is just one of the many Biden failures during this first six months -- and it explains why even an ABC / Washington Post poll had optimism plummeting 20 points in the past month while his approval rating dropped 6 points to 50 percent. Laura Ingraham had a good commentary on this last night:

About that topic, as Ann Coulter said, the only ones who are fixated on it are the CNN and PMSNBC zombies, plus the Establishmentarian oligarchs at the Washington and Millennial WOKE Thought Police who seized control of the New York Times.

OK, on that note, I'm signing off for now. My next entry likely won't be until the weekend, probably Saturday.


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday Evening Post for July 24th, 2021: An Update Plus Commentary on the Woeful WOKEYO Olympics and More Totalitarian Leftwing Health-Scare Hysteria as Delta Covid Insanity → Australia

A beautiful bend on the Semois River in Frahan / Rochehaut in the Ardennes region of Belgium, October 3, 2016;
Photo credit Geert De Hert

Looking at that image in such a World War I historic region of Belgium, it bothers me that somehow we never made it there when my mom and stepfather, Ray, lived in Belgium, a tiny country, during a four year period, and I would visit in the summer.



Saturday late afternoon. (It's a bit after 5 p.m. as I start this entry.)

It's an opaque-sky day with a lot of high and middle level clouds but the Sun is starting to peek through again onto the green leaves on the tree I see outside my window that mostly cloaks the coral-orange Spanish-tiled roof of another segment of this apartment building. And it is a tree, not a palm, although there is coconut variety one visible off to the side.

Being late July in Miami Beach, it won't surprise you to hear that it is quite warm and thickly humid. Nearby KMIA reports 87°F air temp / 73°F dew point at the 5 p.m. hour.

KAMX NWS radar looped 2005 - 2052 UTC 24 July 2021


There was a heavy thunderstorm around 2 p.m., although it looks like that one missed the airport.

The pattern features lots of showers and thunderstorms, but it is more in response to a low pressure off the coast of northern Florida with attendant quasi-stationary front extending from near Savannah, Ga., toward Bermuda and a trough extending east-west across the middle of the Florida peninsula. So, the showers and t-storms are not coming from the southeast off the tropical Atlantic nor even the south/southwest but rather from the north/northwest.

NWS surface high-resolution weather map, SE CONUS, analyzed 18Z 24 July 2021


I'm sorry for such a paucity of blog entries, but as I have indicated in recent postings, I just have so much work to finish by early August for my job, and because of that and my general weird schedule in my weird, post-D.C. exodus, practically all-alone but still not unpleasant life down here in Miami Beach.

A blurry image of my empty, vacated State House apartment in Washington, D.C., the moment I closed the door to leave for good and begin my journey to Miami Beach, 11:27 a.m., March 17, 2021


The only quasi-friend I have down here after four months is a lady (S.) who is a bartender at a place in the South Pointe area that I frequent. I've gotten a lot of phone numbers of folks, but those never amount to anything. You really can't make friends easily once you're outside the window of youth -- i.e., let's say 35 years old -- and I'm well outside that (51 and quickly approaching 52).

It's exacerbated by my own weirdness and the fact I truly don't fit into any situation.

My little furnished apartment (none of that furniture is mine), Miami Beach, Fla., 4:58 p.m., July 24, 2021

OK, the computer (plus out-of-view second monitor) and the chair by the big window a/c are.


Workwise, I had five major, highly detailed reports to write -- running between 25 to 40 pages (!) -- for five state government-level Grantees in the current round of desktop reviews. I have done two of them, and I need to do another two next week and the final one -- ironically, D.C. itself -- by the following week.

I also have the monthly progress report assembly / production cycle, which takes 7 to 10 work days per month. It's a labor-intensive process that has really metastasized in the few years I've done it. Besides, I started doing it when I was less busy with client work.

Finally, there is additional agency work on a particular database and trying to tease out information involving GHG emissions.

That being the case -- plus my scheduled Thursday visit to see a new primary care physician at the Mt Sinai hospital complex -- I probably won't be able to post any entries at all next work week. That is, I may very well have to go a full week until next Saturday to post any entries.

Things should start to settle down by about mid-August, but at that point, we will be rapidly approaching Labor Day and the start of a variety of trips and visits between then and January.

For starters, I will be visiting my dad up in Flagler Beach for about 7 or 8 days. Then Gary visits me for several days in the second half of September. I'm also hoping my uncle from New Jersey visits, but that's a bit iffy.

In late October, Gary and I are going to Oceanside, Calif., just as we did last September for a combo trip so that he can visit him mom, whom I really like, and see a stretch of the Southern California Pacific coast. In November over Veterans Day weekend, I'm visiting Chris T in Atlanta. Finally, I had planned to go to D.C. in December, but I'm thinking now that January might be a better time.

There are things I want to discuss including about the abomination of the now-underway Tokyo "WOKEYO" Summer Olympics -- an abomination thanks to a combination of Japan's Covid hysteria resulting in NO in-person spectactors and the grotesque, shit-all-over-the-American flag behavior of so many of the hateful Cultural Marxist-minded American athletes (or at least the ones not disqualified because of bullshit Covid tests in the ongoing Delta variant "casedemic").

As shown in the above image and explained here: "For the third Olympics in a row, taekwondo athlete Pita Taufatofua of Tonga won the world's attention by marching shirtless, with an oiled-up chest and torso."

The opening ceremony in which all the national teams were forced to wear masks was as absurd as it was abhorrent. Given how paranoid it is, Japan should have just cancelled the venue for these games.

I think Breitbart's John Nolte summed it up best in this article [link embedded]: All Signs Point to Humiliating Ratings for Woketard Olympics.

Subheadline: With crybaby Olympians threatening to turn the Olympics into the Woketard Olympics and biological men competing as women, all signs currently point to a ratings disaster for far-left NBC.

The ending is the best:

The Woketard Olympics deserve to flop. Normal people need to send a message they are sick of this garbage. The most pampered, genetically gifted, wealthiest, and elite people in the world should not be rewarded for posing as victims.

Oh, and I couldn't agree more with podcaster Matt Walsh, Ann Coulter, and Kurt Schlichter: I'm DELIGHTED the U.S. women's soccer team of Twitter mob-like hateful, historically illiterate, always-enraged, pampered-yet-America-loathing, combative, always-ready-to-riot Antifa/BLM-style, magenta-haired lesbians LOST to Sweden in a pre-game game.

They and their warped ad deranged values, at once so hateful and solipsistically infantilized, don't represent me or this country in the slightest. Please, just go to Cuba or Venezuela, or even better, China, and see how it turns out.

About Covid, I really want to avoid a Covid discussion -- or diatribe -- right now, but I think I will anyway. I feel I must.

For starters, there is an ongoing massive surge in cases here in Florida, as well as in Texas and California, as a result of the intrinsically mostly-harmless Delta variant.

Indeed, as has been the case since the start of this purposeful massive dislocation "Great Reset" to Western civilization, it is only the really old (75 and up, and especially 80+) and morbidly obese or those with "co-morbidities" who are at risk. And the CFR / IFR of the Delta variant indicates this is even more the case.

Cases have quite "decoupled" from hospitalizations and deaths, even taking into account the way so many deaths are counted as "with Covid" instead of "from Covid" -- as in, this person once tested positive for Covid -- and hence could be from anything.

Here in Florida, the number of reported cases in this casedemic has zoomed past 10,000 per day -- today, it is 14,250, according to the Worldometer site -- and based on 50,000 to 75,000 tests per day, we are getting into the 15 to 20 percent positive range. At that rate, the fucking thing will just burn itself out in aboout a month and cases should again be at very low levels by mid-to-late October.

Of course, the fucking Communist whore totalitarian media are having orgasms over this by trying to use it in their endless war against Gov Ron DeSantis, whom they genuinely and correctly fear.

Above: Daily reported Covid cases and "with/from" Covid deaths for the entire United States from March 12, 2020 through July 23, 2021; note how the deaths have completely decoupled from the caseload.

What (intentionally) is not well-reported in the U.S., where the Left's vaccination push is reaching fevered pitch yet the uptake has fallen to very low levels (and, yes, I got the double Pfizer shot back in May), is the extent to which the Delta variant case spike includes those already fully vaccinated. Anecdotally, it appears very high.

The mentally disturbed CDC Director is flat-out lying when she says the current spike is due to all the unvaccinated people. But that is the Big Media narrative -- and the lunatics at CNNLOL and PMSNBC, plus the Establishmentarian parasites at the Washington Post, to say nothing of the Millennial WOKE thought police that run the New York Times, are desperate for outright at-gunpoint forcible vaccinations of the unwilling.

In faithly reading Alex Berenson every day -- and he still hasn't been banned from Twitter -- is that based upon the UK and Israeli data -- which is much more granular and updated daily -- is that many of these infections are "breakthrough" ones among the fully vaccinated. This suggests that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine (and, by extension, the Moderna one) has collapsed into the 40 percent range.

The bottom line is that the vaccines as administered in the U.S. appear to help limit the severity of Covid symptoms among the elderly and those at risk, but for those under, say, 35, the vaccines are, at best, neutral and -- because of all the side effects, as self-reported in the VAERS database -- probably a net negative.

The rising "booster shot" mania by the elites is starting to build among the Usual Suspects, but the uptake of that will be much lower in the U.S. no matter how coercive the Government and its multi-headed Big Media, Big Tech, and Corporate Oligarchical hydra attempts to be.

The other thing that isn't clear is WHO EXACTLY is being tested? At this point, nearly 18 months into this garbage, I am assuming it is the same portion of the population -- just spitballing here, but maybe one-third of the vast and disparate population of the United States and certainly not more than half. And never reported is how many instances of multiple positive cases in the same individuals.

My biggest concern is the mask shit of which the totalitarian Left can't get enough, and it's got a big ally in the Administration of Angry, Senile, Old Uncle Joe and that (it's not my term, but I like it) Malevolent Elf Anthony "Gain of His Wuhan Function" Fauci. At the end of the day, that was the final straw of a 25+ years-in-the-making barnyard worth of hay straws ofs why I left D.C.

At least down here in the Free State of Florida, we are quite well protected by Gov Ron DeSantis from that garbage, but you never know what might happen.

The forcible masking of young school children is nothing less than child abuse, and the fact that the main pediatric association is so eager for it is just another example of the illiberal leftwing capture by WOKE / Branch Covidian fanatics that has virally infected all of American society.

All this is to make the basic point that the Left is desperate for more lockdowns and totalitarian control. It looks with envy on what has happened in Australia.

It is in Australia -- although Canada and New Zealand are right up there, too -- that a civilized and decent nation has descended into tyrannical madness by a psychopathic government obsessed with "Zero Covid" at the expense of the lives of its entire citzenry.

Without a federal system and devolution of powers, a long history of resistance to government tyranny, and, let's face it, a completely unarmed citizenry, the Aussies are in a nightmare sitution.

It is one in which much of the population is functionally under house arrest while the state-level whackadoodle health ministers -- almost always weird and wacky women with serious pyschiatric issues -- double, triple, and quadruple down on their murderous, monomaniacal Zero Covid fanaticism while the Soy Boy state-level male leaders dutifully go along with it.

The three images above are of anti-lockdown protests that took place on Saturday in Syndey, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities, and brutal police actions resulted in violence and injuries.

Beyond the WOKEYO Olympics, U.S. Leftwing Covid hysteria-for-totalitarian-control purposes, and Zero Covid life-destroying lunacy in Australia, there are other things I want to discuss -- such as represented in the pair of tweets directly above and below. This guy really is a POS.

Much worse from an institutional collapse-into-moral and ethical degeneracy is what is embodied in the next pair of tweets. I refer to the discovery that the FBI itself basically organized and "carried out" the bullshit "plot to kidnap" Michigan's harpy Governor Gretchen Whitmer -- and then supposedly "swung into action" to stop it.

This behavior, which is now commonplace by the agency, is again evidence that the entire "Jan 6th Insurrection" was basically just a U.S. Government-facilitated operation designed to create the asurdist illusion of a "putsch" by a bunch of overheated but all unarmed wackos wearing face paint and Viking horns. However, I think it best if I just conclude the political portion of this entry.

OK, for tonight -- and this entry ended up taking me four hours to compose -- I'll go get dinner at Finnegan's Way on Ocean Drive -- walk over there -- and then go to Nathan's Bar and/or Twist. I haven't been to Nathan's in a while.

For tomorrow, I'll do my usual Sunday routine of going to the beach / into the ocean -- well, that's dependent on the weather, and it looks to be stormy -- down around the Government Cut breakwater / jetty at the bottom of South Beach and thence over to South Pointe Tavern.

As indicated above, I have so much work to do next week that I it's doubtful I'll be able to post any entries until literally next Saturday. Again, apologies for that.

And we will end with another picture of that graceful bend on the Semois River in such a rolling, bucolic region of Belgium ...