Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Swamped, Wet, and Hot Times as Democrat Delta COVID Creature Hysteria Approaches Infinite Insanity... But Dame Joan Collins Is Even More Awesome Than I Thought

I'm in a difficult work situation in that I am simply swamped with work for the client.

Tasks include five major reports and a sprawling project about analyzing a grantee database for purposes of inferring greenhouse gas emissions -- all of which is due sometime in the next few week, as well as my monthly company work involving labor-intensive assemblage of 33 distinct monthly progress reports. (Some reports are quite quick, but others are laborious, 2+ hours.)

Above: The legendary Ricou Browning, now 91, is still with us. Alas, though, we lost Joanne Linville, who died last week at age 93.

Added to that is my desire to keep up this blog, which is becoming increasingly untenable -- not to mention fundamentally an unnecessary time sink.

So, I'm not sure what to do in terms of finishing all these tasks.

Above: The GOES 16 (or GOES East) high-resolution satellite image for the Southeastern U.S. in daytime GeoColor mode and nighttime multispectral IR mode (with city lights imposed on background image), looped 2006 UTC 29 June 2021 - 0201 UTC 30 June 2021.

There appears to be some sort of a tropical wave over the Florida peninsula.


The weather here in South Florida for the past one to two weeks has become a non-stop rainy sop with endless bouts of showers and thunderstorms not even punctuated by sunny mornings.

As shown in the KAMX looped images from last night above and a short while ago below, the radar is just an endless parade of rainy blobs coming off the ocean from the southeast.

Here is the morning area forecast discussion (AFD) from the Miami NWS Forecast Office (MFL):

The overall weather pattern has changed little over the past few days. A mid-level trough extends over the central Gulf of Mexico and extends SE over the Straits of Florida and Cuba, while to the north and east a strong subtropical high pressure area is over the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic.

The resultant low/mid level wind flow is out of the E/SE which continues to transport deep moisture over South Florida, with broad upper level divergence contributing to upward vertical motion. Therefore, today will be a lot like the past few days with periods of showers and thunderstorms affecting the area, some of these with high rainfall rates which may lead to localized flooding.

Daytime temps have been in the 75°F to 82°F range but dew points are in the 73°F to 77°F range, so it is extremely humid.

Yesterday, KMIA picked up a daily record of 3.86 inches of rainfall (old record: 3.25 inches in 1966). This eliminated the previous monthly deficit and then some (pushing it to a +1.27 inch surplus) and reducing the year-to-date deficit to minus 4.09 inches at 22.20 inches.

Today through 4 p.m., KMIA recorded another 0.89 inches of rain.

June is apparently the wettest month in Miami with an monthly average of 10.51 inches at KMIA, but through 4 p.m., June 2021 -- which ends tonight at midnight -- is at 12.33 inches. And, yes, I know that Miami can go a lot higher than that.

It was dry across the area for basically the first 2-1/2 months after I moved to Miami Beach in mid-March. Now, it won't stop raining.

So, needless to say, there was no late morning / early afternoon jaunt for me over to the beach to go into the ocean.

Above: The 6Z 25-June-2021 GFS showing 2-meter temperature anomalies in Celsius (vs the 1981 - 2010 CFSR climatology) for the Pacific Northwest, as prettied up by The image is from a Capital Weather Gang article.

As an aside, I no longer visit the CWG website because, like the rest of the Bezos Amazonian Washington Post, it is unusably infected with WOKE "DEI" Neo-Marxist bullshit of the Illiberal Left, itself the handmaid of Corporate Oligarchy. Call it the Repellent Robin DiAngelo Gang (and I was inspired to the DiAngelo descriptor by Matt Taibbi).


KSEA hourly observations between 6 a.m. June 28 and 7 a.m. June 29, 2021 with extreme heat and much cooler temps noted


I should mention the unbelievable heat that afflicted the Pacific Northwest this week to include the areas west of the Cascades. All-time record highs were set including in Seattle (KSEA) with 108°F on Monday, June 28th (which followed 102°F on June 26th and 104°F on June 27th). By the next morning, it had cooled down dramatically to a morning low of 62°F or a drop of 48°F. See image directly above.

KPDX hourly observations between 6 a.m. June 28 and 7 a.m. June 29, 2021 with extreme heat and much cooler temps noted


Portland (KPDX) reached absurd values including 108°F on June 26th, 112°F on June 27th, and a horrifying 116°F on June 28th -- although looking at the three-day obs, this temp collapsed to 79°F in about a five-hour period and continued to fall to morning low of 63°F on June 29th about 12 hours later. That's a 54°F drop. See image directly above.

KOLM hourly observations between 6 a.m. June 28 and 7 a.m. June 29, 2021 with extreme heat and much cooler temps noted


Olympia (KOLM) reached 110°F on June 28th but it fell to 60°F by early next morning. That's a 50°F drop. Guess it helps to be on the rather chilly Pacific Ocean. See image directly above.

If 116°F heat doesn't stop run-amok Antifa animals from violently -- murderously -- attacking innocent people while the fully Marxist, wildly hateful, all-around-nihilistic Democrat Party cheers it on and the police just stand down, then I don't know what will.

OK, the above was in Salem, not Portland, and it happened in late March. Too bad the truck driver didn't SMEAR the half-thug / half-pussy Antifioso across the pavement.


Up in now-totalitarian Canada, the heatwave has killed hundreds of people in British Columbia, which, like the rest of Canada, is still and obediently locked down because of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party's groteseque Covid fetish. We're talking at least 230 dead or nearly double the normal four-day BC total. When all is said and done, it will be much higher -- as in the thousands across the western half of Canada.

It will be far, far higher than any Covid bullshit-related death rate.

But Justin Trudeau, by far the stupidest totalitarian wannabe trust-fund pussy God ever made, is all about COVID. I'd post a link to a CBC news article, but Canada is so fucking WOKE now that you can't post comments to its state-sanctioned articles due to the fact that comments "trigger" its steno-snowflakes, so why bother linking? You can look it up -- besides, you'll have better numbers than I do now.

The extreme heat dome has pushed eastward over the leeside interior deserts and the coastal areas including Seattle and Portland are at more normal temperatures.

I'm going to refrain from any discussion of Omega blocks, an out-of-season overly strong polar vortex, SST anomalies, ENSOs, PNAs, PDOs, and, of course, the whole damn climate change thing.

I'd like to continue this entry with a discussion about the latest Authoritarian, if not outright Totalitarian, Health Police State Complex and the bullshit hysteria over THE DELTA VARIANT!!, i.e., the India variant, of SARS-CoV-2, i.e., Covid-19, i.e., the Wuhan China virus.

There is presently building manic attempt by the Democrat Left and the lunatics, control freaks, WOKE Karens, and Kareny soy boys (read: Wajahat Ali) that form the "influencers" in Big Media and Big Techto turn the United States into a locked down totalitarian state.

Ditto the far-left Socialist germaphobes and other CRT-minded crazies comprising the so-called "Public Health Policy" sector, who with the others seek to transform the United States into the horrifying health police states that are Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and to a lesser extent parts of the UK such as England (not Scotland).

Naturally, the increasingly dementia-afflicted and angry oldster who occupies the office of President of the United States is peddling that lie about THE DELTA VARIANT because that's what his handlers put in front of him. And, of course, "Gain of Function" Fauci is involved in hyping the fake hysteria.

Instead, I've posted a series of Alex Berenson tweets (compendiums) about obesity and Covid that pivots off of this important study on the matter in The Lancet.

And we'll end with this must-read piece by the truly great Dame Joan Collins on her interactions with what she calls "the Covid Stasi" ...

This article made me love Joan Collins even more.

It appears in the UK Daily Mail, which is very difficult to read because of all the junk on the site, but read it anyway.

OK, I'm ending this entry.

Now I'm going to post one more entry this week -- the one that I mentioned in my previous entry -- but that it will be it until at least the other side of the July 4th holiday.

I will note, though, that during the course of writing this entry, I found out that I have an extra week and a half do finish these tasks, which is a huge relief.


Monday, June 28, 2021

Overview of My Past Several Days' Doings During a Friend's Visit Interspersed with Some Related Out-and-About "SoBe" Miami Beach Photos ...Plus One of Two Other Matters of Note

Man with a bicycle on one of the beach access paths, South Pointe, Miami Beach, Fla., 6:41 p.m., June 27, 2021

The images of Miami Beach's South Beach ("SoBe") in this entry were taken over the last several days during my friend Chris's visit here and are posted in no particular order. I took the majority of them, but Chris also took four of them featured herein with his much better smartphone camera.

Except for the first two, I'm not captioning them. However, the file names contain relevant place/time information.

Outdoor bar at Smith & Wollensky, South Pointe, Miami Beach, Fla., 4:48 p.m., June 26, 2021


Monday evening (as I start this entry).

I'm quite worn out after the three days and four nights that Chris T was here in Miami Beach and all that we did.

There is also that post-visit deflation and sense of emptiness.

Chris and I did a lot on his visit here although most of it involves bars and restaurants to include going to Twist on three consecutive nights (!) of Thur, Fri, and Sat, which was way too much.

We also walked a fair amount including on a big circuit on two days (Friday and Sunday) that took us from his hotel at the Loews, along Lincoln Road Mall, down to South Pointe and thence returning.

We went to multiple places to include Rosinella (twice) and Aura at Books on Lincoln Rd Mall; South Pointe Tavern (twice); the Lobster Shack (South Pointe location); Ted's Hideaway; Monty's; and the bar in Loews.

No pun intended, but straight-up bar-and-club-wise, also went to Nathan's Bar (twice) and Twist (three times). And, no, I won't reveal just how much money we spent.

Chris really seemed to like Miami Beach and is thinking of buying a place down here.

Right now (7:45 p.m.), I'm watching the second of a pair of episodes of The Munsters on Cozi-TV. I'll be quite home and quite in tonight just watching my comfort TV on Cozi-TV and the TVLand channel version of Pluto TV.

In the cycling through of episodes, it's at the point where Pat Priest has replaced Beverley Owen. Honestly, I think Pat Priest was a lot better in that she actually seemed to enjoy the role and played it well.

Only Pat Priest and Butch Patrick are still alive of the show's main cast.

Today (Monday) was a thunder-showery, super-humid day with temps mostly in the 77°F to 81°F range and dew points not much lower, in the 74°F to 76°F range. Yes, it has gotten very damp in this pure June tropical environment down here.

My early afternoon visit to the beach and going into the ocean was out of the question today, although I actually had stuff to do -- including going to the Bank of America on Lincoln Road where there are tellers.

I needed to transfer money from my savings to my checking account in order to pay off a credit card balance. This involved moving $800 to pay off the $430 balance.

Looking ahead, I've begun to plan out a series of trips between now and Christmas to include the following ...

A weeklong visit to see my dad in Flagler Beach in September.

A six-day trip with Gary to Oceanside, Calif., in late October -- just like we did last year except a month later (i.e., late October instead of late September).

A three or four day visit to see Chris in Atlanta around Veterans Day, just like I did in 2018.

A possible week-long trek up to D.C. in December, if only to work out of the office at L'Enfant Plaza.

In addition, there might be one, two, or three people visit me down here, but that's all to be decided.

Before I end this entry, there are two unrelated but important matters I would like to note:

First, as an update to the horrifying condominium collapse just north of Miami Beach in Surfside that occurred early Thursday morning, 11 people are now confirmed dead but 150 people to include whole families still remain unaccounted for. That number jumped from 50 to 100 to nearly 160 on Thursday.

It's unclear where are all those people -- if many were just away or a large fraction of them were among the fatalities. And at this point, it is unlikely that survivors are going to be pulled from the debris. A massive rescue / recovery operation remains underway.

As for why this happened, it appears there were structural issues in the basement of the building (the Champlain Towers South) and it appears a sinkhole opened up that resulted in the building's outdoor swimming pool draining away just before the collapse around 1:30 a.m.

Oh, and because the American corporate media is comprised of soul-crushing, life-destroying, socio-pathically WOKE-crazed, CRT racist Marxist, Millennial monster Karen types, we were subjected to the typically intentionally deeply warped garbage from a Washington Post pretend-reporter named Hannah Dreier.

Directly below is her libelous shit tweet that deliberately and intentionally confounds how emergency declarations work and what was actually happening on the ground.

But this she-devil with her D.C. Satanic Swamp Establishment values earned her 27,500 "likes" from all the zombified Twitter mob animals, so that's all that matters. And the Post is happy because it provides the "narrative" -- horseshit, though, that it is -- for her "tribe." And it matters not that the Mayor of Miami-Dade herself said it was bullshit.

But that's how this process works -- and it works precisely because these same few tens of thousands of "influencers" occupying America's collapsed institutions (Big Media, Big Tech, Academia, money-laundering "social justice" and Big Green non-profits, insufferable HollyWOKE celebrity-mediocrities, and the Democrat Party leadership) -- are there to spread these lies to the 40 to 50M Americans who consume this garbage. They're helped by Big Business, which finds this dystopian state of affairs useful.

If you want to know what actually happened and why what she said is malevolent garbage, this trio articles will help:

In Kurt Schlichter style (see below), I'm beyond fed up with her sort, but at the end of the day, this is the business model of Big Media.

It is combined with the systemic leftwing indoctrination that has turned young Americans into pot-smoking, historically illiterate, transgendered-obsessed, nihilistic Neo-Bolsheviks that know nothing, despise everything, destroy everything they touch.

The only cosmic justice in this is that nearly all of them will leave nothing lasting behind once their natural lives are ended. This includes children since these sorts violently oppose reproducing -- and any offspring they accidently have can't survive in society.

OK, on the second matter, I learned an important piece of information related to an entry I wrote last June on a sad topic that drew my attention back when I was still living in D.C.

I refer to this entry from June 15, 2020 [link embedded]: Happiest 60th Birthday, Chester J. Rivers, Forever Dearly Loved Little One.

However, rather than starting on a what is a complex track involving historical matters, I've decided to put that topic in a separate posting. My intention is to have it posted tomorrow.

OK, I'm going to sign off for now.

I should also note that I have a lot of work-related tasks that I want to finish this week. While my intention is to be home the next four nights, I would like to devote that time to completing as much of a series of five desktop financial review reports for the agency client I support through my employer.

Again, I'll try to post that other entry tomorrow night and one more later in the week.