Saturday, June 12, 2021

Some Saturday Political Commentary and Related Fox Video Clips That Cannot Be Censored by the 23-Yr Old, WOKE Hive-Minded, Quite Brain-Dead Olberlin Graduates That Comprise Big Tech

Old, ornate building along Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach, Fla., 6:26 p.m., June 5, 2021


From Tucker Carlson's show last night ...

I'm not going to post the full transcript of this segment, but I do want to note what Tucker said in reference to Facebook censoring the interview Dr. Li-Ming Yan, the virologist who last September said during an appearance on his show: "From my first report, I can present the solid scientific evidence to our audience that this virus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus actually is not from nature."

Dr. Li-Ming Yan, pictured left, was referencing the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 ("Covid-19") originated through Gain-of-Function research, possibly sponsored by the United States via NIH. This very-plausible idea has been ruthlessly hunted down by Big Tech platforms even while Big Media -- CNNLOL, PMSNBC, the New York WOKE Times, the Washington Deep State Post, National Propaganda Radio, etc., etc., -- have endlessly derided the idea as a QAnon / white supremacist-driven racist lie. Tucker said:

"The 23-year old Oberlin graduates on Facebook decided they knew more about the origins of COVID-19 than a Chinese virologist who was in Wuhan at the time."

The transcript of Tucker's commentary is available here.

Other social media platforms are up to this such as YouTube censoring Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, one of the country’s leading immunologists, and United States Senator Ron Johnson for Health Police State Thought Crimes.

This is where things are in the United States of America today in terms of an out-of-control corporate oligarchy censoring anything it and the Illiberal Democrat / Big Media hydra do not want said. Thankfully, it is a highly porous filter that allows much -- such as this obscure blog entry -- to pass through unnoticed.

At some point, both Facebook and Twitter, a.k.a., Fuckbook and Twatter, need to be outright disbanded. The same goes for who or whatever runs ShitTube, er, YouTube, and Google.

What's more, the Borg-like, brain-dead, CRT-crazed, Culturally Marxist Millennials and gender-fluid, translucent jellyfish-like, Hive-Mind Gen Z'ers that exist in a gelatinous Amoebic Sea of psychologically-stunted solipsism and who run those digital platforms put on trial for the social and physical destruction of our civilization.

No, that won't happen. But other means of digital communication are arising that will simply bypass these psychotic and statutorily illegal "gatekeepers" who remind me of the young children and their demonic robot toys in the then-31-year-old Jane Fonda's 1968 camp classic Barbarella. Too bad that analogy is wholly lost on the 83-year old Jane Fonda of 2021.

As it is, the Covid hysteria is winding down bigtime everywhere -- much to the chagrin of the Democrat Party, Big Media, Jeff Bezos-level Oligarchy, and Blue State WOKESTERS everywhere.


Regarding the above image by Michael Ramirez, I'm not going to write about the underlying story. It's too awful. But you can look it up. The name of the little boy whose life was violently and depravedly cut short -- Aiden Leos -- is all you need to know.


Here are two other Fox News videos from the first week of June that I've been meaning to post ...

"The Fall of Fauci" by Jesse Watters:

"The Great Awakening in America" by Dan Bongino:

The above segment by Dan Bongino is excellent and I highly recommend it.

Finally, I highly recommend this piece by Victor Davis Hanson [link embedded]: This Isn't Your Father's Leftwing Revolution.

OK, time to wrap up this entry ... Except for one last must-post image ...

Hahahah ...

OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be Tuesday night.


Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Night Headachy Fouled in Miami Beach

South Pointe Park along the Government Cut, Miami Beach, Fla., 7:05 p.m., June 7, 2021

The weird-looking sculpture in the grassy area is called the Lighthouse Sculpture. About 55 feet in height, it was created by German artist Tobias Rehberger in 2011. Here is another view of it:

Well, here is the Friday entry that on Monday I indicated I would try to write, and I have managed to do so.

I'm home watching one of two episodes ("The Fregosi Emerald" and "Zombo") of The Munsters on Cozi-TV. I really love The Munsters.

So, I managed to get through a work-wise busy week while living down here doubly alone in this strange, picture postcard tropical seaside world of Miami Beach.

Close-up of the Lighthouse Sculpture with backdrop of the evening sky, Miami Beach, Fla., 7:08 p.m., June 7, 2021

The artist's vision, I guess, was to feature a lighthouse built as a series of uneven stacked dishes all ready to topple over.


I'm very busy on two major projects, a third large long-running one, and a monthly recurring one.

While freshly shaven, shorn, showered, and dressed, I'm not feeling well right now. Once again, I have a sort of migraine headache. Actually, I'm starting to worry I might just drop dead of a brain aneurysm.

My main worry continues to be that I don't want to die before my father passes away. (It's irrelevant with my mother.)

I just took two Sumatriptan and a big Ibuprofen.

For tonight, I have no plans. I guess I could go South Pointe Tavern ... Or the lobby at The Betsy ... or maybe something along the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall areas ... or even Nathan's, nearby gay bar I discoverd last weekend when Gary was here.

At minimum, I need to get dinner. I'm quite hungry and, as usual, I have no meaningful food in the house. That's $120 right off the bat.

It continues to be too dry. Somehow, I managed to move to the Miami area in time for one of its drier Junes. Meanwhile, back in the D.C. area -- I was going to say "back home," but that place was never home, just a place I lived far too long -- it has been very rainy with nearly 3" of rain at KDCA in the past 72 hours, although less in the Baltimore area (a little over 1" at KBWI). Well, June can be that way back there.

While there are widely scattered thunderstorms each day around South Florida, there just hasn't been any meaningful rainfall basically since I moved here in mid-March (and prior to that). There is much talk of pattern changes to allow for more widespread thunderstorms, but so far, nothing.

For the weekend, no plans except to go to the beach and go in the ocean down in the South Pointe area at the very bottom of Miami Beach.

Hopefully, the outdoor "Entertainment District" won't erupt into its usual hip hop-infused, pot-smoke-and-twerking, Carnival shitfest. Each weekend since mid-March has featured a bit less of the malevolent lunacy and all-purpose hateful depravity that is mindless American culture.

OK, I'm signing off for now. No political commentary for this entry.


Monday, June 7, 2021

A Monday Afternoon Miami Beach Missive

The Avalon, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fla., 12:44 p.m., June 6, 2021

The Avalon, I believe, is where I stayed back in March or April 2004 on a visit here with friends from that time.

Fast forward 17 years -- and one "Great Eastern" Brood X cicada cycle later -- I am still only friends with two of the people from that long-ago trip, Aaron and Kevin. In the case of another once very good friend, Phil, that ended pure diastrously once he was married and he has long since been out of my life. As for the three or four others on that trip, I don't even remember.


Apologies for lack of entries.

Gary visited this weekend, and I was not able to devote any time to composing entries. He is actually here until tomorrow, and so I will probably take off part of today, as well. However, this is again is going to be a very busy week for me workwise, which means blogging will again be very limited.

Above: This was about the most empty I've seen Ocean Drive on a Sunday in my 2-1/2 months living here. It was mobbed by mid-to-late afternoon, though, with the usual mindless hip-hop-themed Carnival atmosphere replete with sensory overload, endless performative domination rituals, clouds of pot smoke, and the occasional demon-child wildly recklessly wheelie-popped-riding through the crowds.


What's more, and as I have mentioned repeatedly on this blog, the entries just take too damn long to compose.

The visit was meh and far too expensive in terms of money spent on the usual matters (drinking and, to a much lesser extent, eating). Visits with Gary always leave me feeling worse because of the extent to which I am binned away in some isolated cell from his sprawling expanse of friends, acquaintances, and relations.

Not only is that personally insulting -- and it has been like that for the 25 years I've known him -- but all of this just serves to remind me of what was basically the complete and total failure of my social and personal life in the D.C. area over 28 years to include 20 in the shitty District itself.

So, it goes without saying that I'm not in a very good frame of mind right now. Mondays are always the worst after crummy Sundays.

Beyond that, though, I am not a well person. I am deeply mentally troubled, I am effectively totally alone in this world. (Yes, I have maybe half dozen friends back in the D.C. area, and a very limited family -- just my parents, which operationally is just my father since my mother never could stand me.)

Above: One of the impossibly physically attractive bartenders -- looking like some combo Brazilian national football (soccer) team member and GQ International model -- demonstrating a flip-opening of a fan at Palace here in Miami Beach.

Only the second time I've been there while living here, the place is impossible to enter most of the time, but there are occasional lulls between drag shows with those damn noisy fans. As for the bartender, he was actually sort of pleasant and attentive and, unlike in D.C.'s gay world, not looking for a reason to instantly loathe and "ban" you from their hateful claque.

Above: The beach-facing side of the quintessentially South Beach "Nikki Beach" beach club with its cabana-like structures and, rising over the scene, the Portofino.


But I'm still along, and I don't see any long-term hope for a different sort of life. Going forward in whatever years remain to me, I'll probably move multiple times in the next 10 to 15 years. I have no idea to what age I will live and, honestly, it doesn't really matter.

And, no, I've never done anything altruistic great or full of spiritual love for my fellow human beings, so I guess I don't deserve and should not expect anything in return. I understand that.

(AM: If you are stealth reading this, please don't take this as some great vindication for you. "Oh, goodie! Failure! I better run and tell mom-and-dad!"

(Your silent-but-obvious celebration any failure, fight, misery, weight gain, poverty, despair, and all-around-general-loserdom on my part -- as affirmation of those aspects your own sad life -- is something, as I look back with time, I just can't forgive and get beyond. It's beyond insulting and endless infuriating to me. Just know that.)

Above: The Coconut Palm at the End of the World (or at least Miami Beach). I wrote about this coconut palm -- visible from half a mile up the beach -- here. In point of fact, there is another coconut palm -- low and squat -- that grows, I estimate, 250 to 300 feet to the SSE of this one that is, in fact, the southeastern-most coconut palm tree in Miami Beach, Florida. It is visible in the image below just to the right and beyond the man on the path in this picture:

OK, that's all I want to say right now. My next entry probably won't be until Friday or Saturday. Sorry about that.


Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Good and the Great Saint Anthony "Gain of Function" Fauci's Email Ouchies With Big Media Covered Up Couchies Plus Brief MB World Update

Pleasant afternoon scene on the outdoor plaza of the Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach, Fla., 2:04 p.m., June 1, 2021

Lincoln Road Mall is a pedestrian road running east–west parallel between 16th Street and 17th Street in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. Once completely open to vehicular traffic, it now hosts a pedestrian mall replete with shops, restaurants, galleries, and other businesses between Washington Avenue with a traffic accessible street extending east to the Atlantic Ocean and west to Alton Road with a traffic accessible street extending to Biscayne Bay.

I discovered this area on Tuesday (including a Paul bakery that may be indirectly related to the one in D.C. at Penn and 20th NW that I miss) while walking from the Bank of America Financial Center, which I also discovered thanks to a Google search and for which I was very thankful to have a staffed bank in order to do something requiring a teller. I walked down the pedestrian mall and with a zig-and-zag on Lenox Ave to 16th Street to Alton Road.

Walking south to 10th Street, I discovered the Whole Foods, which now supplements, or rather, complements the Publix grocery store at 6th and Lenox whence I've been shopping since I moved here in March.

Thursday night.

I'm quite tired as I begin this entry, so I'm not sure how much of an entry I'll be able to write. In addition, I have a series of tasks to do for work (as in, my job). I'm in a rather busy period with two medium-term labor intensive assignments for my client and a labor intensive recurring monthly task.

To be clear, and as ever, there are important topics I want to talk about including the Anthony Fauci emails -- and the degenerate Big Media / Big Tech ongoing coverup and interference-running for this megalomaniacal little man in his little NIAID fiefdom.

This is the faux-affable but hyper-politicized bureautroll who has been running his NIAID operation for 34 years and is the highest paid civil servant in the U.S. Government (on the order of $450,000/year).

Like the Self-Serving Secular Media Messiah he is, the Good and the Great Doctor Fauci's "scientific" views are as malleable and shape-shifting as they need to be in service to the Oligarchical Overclass to include Bill Gates and the larger Deep State, i.e., the people that ABC's Jon Karl gets aroused over as "the Serious People."

They do this even while trying to figure out what made-up pronouns to call their Critical Race Theory-indoctrinated seven-year-olds, and whether it "makes sense" to begin "transitioning" of their young children's sex and gender identity by whatever means necessary for the sake of their deeply deranged and dangerous cultic beliefs.

Fauci is, of course, the person that all the white, WOKE, upper middle class and wealthy libs of upper Northwest D.C. worship as the Lord and Savior of their Cult of Branch Covidianism, itself a religion for people with none. Evidence of this is found in their virtue-signaling "THANK YOU, DR. FAUCI" yard signs (mixed in with BLM signs)

Typically birthing perons (i.e., the mothers), they do this while tweeting about how they and their non-binary "THEY" spouses are so excited to get their "Fauci Ouchie" vaxies that they'll be donning five more dirty face diaper masks on top of their eight.

What we really need is Dr. Rachel Levine to chime in on mental health issues in the time of non-binary and transgendered-based, WOKE / Covid lunacy.

It's just impossible to overstate how Alice-in-Wonderland deranged are Democrats.

The Fauci emails came from a BuzzFeed News FOIA request and include many important redactions. They were republished (with apologies, of course) by the Washington Post. The New York Times -- a print and electronic publication that nowadays is simply in the role of The Times in Orwell's 1984, except in service to lunatic and destructive WOKE ideologies -- has totally ignored the story.

But at least it's not like in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand with the de facto "Covid Zero"-minded police state of endless and/or rolling lockdowns from tyrannical and totalitarian political leaders.

As for me, well, if you're a reader of this blog, you know I fled to Florida from D.C. to escape the life-draining insanities of Covid and WOKE malevolency, all steeped in fear, hatred, and urban social collapse.

Turning back to Big Media and the Fauci emails, CNNLOL -- still undergoing its Post-Trump general implosion and ratings collapse into a singularity of the Big Media Shit Hole -- and PMSNC (now a sort of WOKE-cultic enterprise) are both in a frenzy of interference-running.

Meanwhile, the shitty-unreadable-worthless USA Today, is in some sort of hall-of-mirrors involving "fact checking" the "fact checks" related to a "fact checker" for the Fauci emails -- or some bullshit I can't even figure out. "Fact checking" in the present time means suppressing views that dissent from the Illiberal Left & Corporate Oligarchical Orthodoxy.

Then there is the out-of-control, ultimately self-devouring hydra of Big Tech (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, and Google) that is now functionally little more than an arm of an illiberal-authoritarian Media / Entertainment Corporate Oligarchy.

Steeped in a malevolent Neo-Marxist racist ideology, this hydra is engaging in ever-more-brazen acts of suppression and censorship courtesy algorithms and its human workforce. The latter consists of a bunch pyschologically stunted, historically illiterate, WOKE-crazed, and all-around-shitty 25-year old young Millennial Bubble Children.

But this would get me -- already has gotten me -- far into too political and vexing topics. In lieu of that, I'll just feature last night's commentary by Tucker Carlson (top) and Laura Ingraham (below).

In addition, here is Tucker Carlson's interview last night with the indispensible Alex Berenson, whose twitter feed remains one of my half dozen or so other go-to sites often multiple times a day.

About my twitter roster I've added Jordan Schachtel, Matt Walsh, Charlie Kirk, and Buck Sexton to that roster. (Later this month, Buck Sexton and Clay Travis will start jointly hosting a radio show that fills in the three-hour noon to 3 p.m. ET weekday timeslot left by the late Rush Limbaugh.)

I read all of these via web-browsers since I am not now, have never been, and will never be under any circumstances on Twitter, much less Facebook. The internet backwater of Blogger with its 2005-era technology suits me fine.

Oh, and I also read Ann Coulter's tweets because, well, she's frickin' hilarious and I have a year-long Matt Taibbi Substack subscription.)

Lastly, here is a link to a deep-dive piece by National Review's Michael Brendan Dougherty on the media-canonized Anthony Fauci entitled [link embedded] The Fall of Saint Anthony Fauci. The piece appeared in the National Review and National Review Online on May 27th and while it occurred before the email release, it was already after the dam had burst on the SARS-CoV-2 ("Covid-19") Gain of Function (GoF)-altered Wuhan Lab Leak hypothesis.

However, as I said, I need to do some additional work tonight. I would also like to do some more laundry -- bedding, especially, since I'm having a guest for one night tomorrow night. About that, Gary is visiting Miami Beach tomorrow through Tuesday early afternoon. He is staying at my place one night and then a hotel somewhere on Ocean Drive the next three nights.

As a result of this visit, my blogging is likely to be light over the weekend.

View along Ocean Drive near the Leslie from beneath the coconut palms of Lummus Park, Miami Beach, Fla., 1:21 p.m., June 1, 2021

Above: Just FYI, this post-Memorial Day early Tuesday afternoon / first day in June image was the slowest and most empty that I have seen Ocean Drive in the 2-1/2 months that I've lived here.


As a brief update, I went into the turquoise-aquamarine-hued ocean early this afternoon and the lightly but continuously roiled surf with waves that were somewhere between a slap and a knock down just wore me out. The sky was an ever-shifting vista of tropical blue and low-topped convective cumulus / towering cumulus with scattered showers (though none in this part of Miami Beach itself).

Thereafter, I walked over to the Publix for some grocery shopping. I was going to go back to the Whole Foods -- whence I went, as I mentioned at the outset of this entry, for the first time on Tuesday -- but I wanted to buy more Publix sort of items than Whole Food sort of items. (The latter is far superior for good produce while the former is better for basic kitchen and bathroom consumer goods.)

I also had about an hour chat on the phone with a colleague and friend back in D.C.

OK, I'm signing off for now. I'll try to update the blog over the weekend at some point though it might not be until early next week.