Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Wee Hours Posting: Transmutation of Canada, Other Representative Democracies Into Covid Deranged Police States Nearly Complete and More Minneapolis Riotous Mayhem; Plus, Update from Miami Beach in The Florida Free State

Hotel, Ocean Drive, South Pointe area, Miami Beach, Fla., 7:05 p.m., April 9, 2021


Time for a blog entry.

As ever, I started out by writing that I simply don't have it in me to write an interminable entry -- spending 6 to 10 hours over two to three days -- that no one reads (to include myself). And doing so all while a part of my soul dies in endless, pointless diatribes about the nihilistic dystopian ugliness of the current time.

In the end, I spent about 3-1/2 hours in a full entry to include political commentary and posting 22 pictures including those I took and images of news events and tweets.

Tonight, I went back to the bar at The Betsy hotel here in Miami Beach, where I had dinner, some drinks, and a 2+ hour good conversation with a fellow who is a real estate developer with his own small-to-medium sized company.

This man is from Ontario but now effectively a Canadian refugee living here in South Florida "until this is over," i.e., the Covid-based totalitarianism that is destroying Canada plus lots of other erstwhile First World English speaking nations. (He is the first such Canadian U.S. refugee I've encountered but not the first internal refugee or at least domestic expat down here from elsewhere in the States.)

In the case of Justin Trudeau's Canada, it is now a nation where phalanxes of highly militarized police bristling with weapons of war descend, Nazi stormtrooper style, on churches holding services (though not, of course, mosques doing the same thing) in the name of "Covid" and "the science" and a disgusting number of Canadians fully approve of it. Oh, and pay no attention to all those empty hospital beds across Ontario.

Let me just say that Justin Trudeau is truly a despicable and shockingly ignorant trust fund baby of a human being whose stupidity is exceeded only by his gaslighting WOKERY. And he and his dirty political party are turning -- having turned -- Canada into a WOKE-infused, Covid-deranged totalitarian state.

This is what they want and what they are. And as for frickin' Quebec, that province is to Canada what WOKE illiberal academics, Big Media, and Big Tech are to the United States. And money is simply just printed. Turns out it would have been so much better for the rest of Canada if Quebec had separated from Canada.

But it didn't and in the Covid crazed world of 2021, your life in Canada, especially Ontario, is endless home imprisonment, free money, open immigration from Third World countries in order to keep the Liberal Party permanently entrenched in power (and thus identical to the what is wanted and facilitated by the Democrat Party in the United States).

Just FYI, whatever nice notions I once had about Canada are gone.

But as this outstanding Jordan Schachtel piece painfully reveals, Covid lunacy has destroyed the democracies and ushered in de facto-police states not just in Canada but in BoJo's woke-ass kooky UK, bigtime disappointing Australia, and loony loopy New Zealand. And in the name of "Covid," the same illiberal police state transformation is happening in France and Germany.

Above and below are a series of embedded tweets in the Jordan Schachtel piece on the situation in various countries.

Here in the U.S., the Covid madness and open-ended health emergency-based police state situation is similar as in these other ostensibly First World democratic represenative countries.

However, it is ameliorated both by our federal system thanks to the Red States and the deep-seated reflexive hostility and distrust of the government, especially the Federal Government (again, especially in the Red States). What's more, all the rioting and mayhem, ironically, helps ameliorate it, too. (More on that in a bit.)

As a result, there are swaths of non-Covid hysterical freedom where people can live their lives more or less normally. This includes in Texas, across the vast rural swath of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, and much of the American South to include here in Florida. Overall, though, the mindset and approach at the state level is more California, Michigan, and New York rather than Texas, South Dakota, and Florida.

About Florida, it is because Gov Ron DeSantis has opened up Florida and gives a nonstop Trumpian fuck you to the New York-based Illiberal Left Corporate Media that they are forever trying to destroy him in ever-more-transparently farcical ways.

I'm going to skip any discussion of or commentary on the latest explosion of BLM / Antifa-driven rioting in the U.S., again in the Minneapolis area and again as a result of a police killing of a black man. But I will say that Big Media and the Democrat Party, along with Big Tech platforms, are doing their usual thing -- actively encouraging all of this violence, looting, and destruction.

Having said that, it was darkly funny to watch the properly masked up and fully WOKE CNN journo-pundit, Sara Snider endure that black guy screaming profanities at her precisely because she is media. Even more satisfying, her efforts to transform it into some WOKE college seminar "teachable moment" about "systemic racism" in the United States slipped on its silly ass.

And then there was NBC's Ron Allen being pushed and shoved while being showered with racial pejoratives by people in the crowd -- and they weren't white conservative men -- all while Rachel Maddow tried to explain the "rawness" and "rage" of the country.

Above: The AOC Squad and Minneapolis / Mogadishu City Council gets ever-closer to realizing their police-free "autonomous zone" quasi-Khmer Rouge-minded Socialist utopia.

This is what happens when corporate oligarchy meets WOKE lunacy. But, as I mentioned above, ironically, this intentional yet amorphous, multi-front street-level Civil War fanned by the Democrat Party and Corporate Plutocracy serves, in a weird way, as a check on the Covid hysteria.

But I'm just going to leave it at that. This is a topic for another entry.

As a brief update, I made it into the ocean, but it was intensely sunny with virtually no clouds and quite warm (around 86°F) but, all of a sudden, very dry (dew point barely 50°F) with a very calm ocean, almost no sea breeze. (The dew point jumped to about 62°F by 10 p.m.) This followed a Sunday - Monday rainy spell that dropped about 1.5 inches of rainfall and included a Monday evening deluge here in Miami Beach.

Above and below: Images from the Monday early evening monsoon-like deluge that I got stuck in while walking back from the Publix grocery store.

I was stuck for about 20 minutes at that corner under an overhang by a urine-smelly small parking garage under some unspecified building at that corner (a health center, possibly). The Sun came out -- and, yes, there was a low-angled, short-lived rainbow over the ocean.

I'm home now watching my nighttime TV -- Cozi-TV reruns and all those Robert Stack-era episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on the Film Rise - True Crime internet based channel.

OK, I'm signing off for now. I am going to try to post a blog entry on Thursday -- the 13th birthday of this Regulus blog -- but blogging is tricky this week.

Without going too much into detail, I am apprehensive about having to fly on a domestic airliner with the endless mask-related hectoring, threatening, and bullying by the otherwise-idle and superfluous flight attendants-turned-quasi-secret police who assume you're just disease vector and felonious criminal.

This is part of the six day trip to visit my dad up in Flagler Beach that requires me to fly from MIA to DAB via CLT. We are to drive back the following Thursday (April 22nd).

OK, that's all. Goodnight.


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