Saturday, April 24, 2021

Returned to Miami Beach with a Visit By My Dad: A Safe but Stressful Drive Down and Very Difficult Saturday -- Interspersed w/ Some Lovely Morning Ocean Surf and Beach Pics from Flager-by-the-Sea

Morning ocean and beach view with an American flag flapping smartly in the gusty wind, Flagler-by-the-Sea, Fla., 10:11 a.m. April 22, 2021

The pictures in this entry were taken by me between 10:11 a.m. and 10:32 a.m. on Thursday morning, April 22, 2021 in Flagler-by-the-Sea, Florida. Except for the lead one, I'm not captioning them.

The wind was surging off the Atlantic Ocean from the northeast -- maybe 25 mph -- with the air temp about 60F. The surf was roiled with a quickly south-moving (beach-parelling) littoral flow. The deep blue-green ocean sparkled in the morning sunlight except for the whitewater created by the breaking waves.


I'm back in Miami Beach.

And my dad is here visiting me for a few days (until Monday).

It was one helluva journey here on horrible, infernal, nightmare I-95 -- a trip of 300 miles in all from Flagler Beach with the part starting at Palm Beach County basically a nightmare. We arrived at rushhour on a Friday. Our journey into Miami Beach was from the north (Aventura and Sunny Isles Beach), and it too was hellish. The traffic got heavier and heavier, and while is 80, he drives fast and free.

But I am deeply thankful -- to God or Who or Whatever -- that we arrived here safely, parked in the garage at 1041 Collins Avenue, and he with me in my apartment until Monday morning. I had pictured bad things happening to us.

But then things took a turn for the shit-explosion bad this morning as he managed to INSTANTLY lose his car key (or fob) in some baffling way inside the parked vehicle. And it was overheated and noisy with garbage coming from a nearby venue (Essex).

Oh, and naturally a vehicle with Tennessee tags filled with BIPOC Wymyn including a 20-something female [or insert correct pronoun] screaming about something -- I later realized she was yelling that the open doors were in her way -- and she proceeded to get out of the car and violently slam the door while I was bent over looking for the key fob. This was unpleasant including my apology. And, yes, there were plenty of other parking spots in the garage.

It's OK, though, because Twitter virtual mobs of white, woke women of the Branch Covidian "WE NEED TO WEAR 50 MASKS 4EVA!" paranoiacal sort -- clueless tools of Corporate Oligarchy -- are there to ensure Social Justice always triumphs in an infantilized and culturally depraved and obliterated way.

About an hour later -- and with the more calming presence of the young Hispanic valet fellow, I found the frickin' small pocket in which it fell. Phew. That's 90 agonizing minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I just knew this trip was going to be crap. I can't have my dad in an urban environment. What's more, things aren't good for me: I have come down with an unpleasant head cold and, no, I don't know if it's the dreaded C-word or not. What I do know is this illness struck about 72 hours after my dad got his second Moderna shot.

Is there some ability for the vaccine to stimulate dormant virus and make the just-vaccinated person especially infectious?? I dunno. I do know that I hardly interacted with anyone except him in his trailer. Conversely, it is possible it is just a garden-variety head cold. They still exist, you know, and I am prone to them.

That fucking skin infection on the back of my neck that I had last October has returned, and there is a persistent, itchy red bump, and it is highly unpleasant.

I was able to make an urgent care appointment for Monday early afternoon at a location here in MB that accepts my insurance. And the last thing I want is for them to even consider any issue other than that skin infection and my desire to get a new prescription for Cephalexin. That worked last time, sort of.

So, here I am headcold sick and sinus-plagued combined with a fucking skin infection. And my 80-year old dad was obsessing at 7:30 a.m. about setting up my apartment here in some ideal fashion, in particular, the little kitchen area. Honestly, I could not care less. I take care with the bathroom, closets, and bedroom, but I just don't really deal with the kitchen except in a perfunctory-have-to-do-it-way (and always trying to keep it clean and cockroach-free).

Nevertheless, I managed to go in the ocean today. All the sunlight and lightly roiled, warm, aquamarine-turquoise-hued water simply HAS to be good for your health.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. We need to go grocery shopping and I want to show him the South Pointe area, though he doesn't seem to have any interest in seeing it.

Oh, yes, I postponed my drivers license conversion appointment -- getting a Florida one for my D.C. one. I was supposed to do it on Wednesday. I moved it to May 19th. I hope to have at least my first vaccination by that point -- I guess, the Pfizer one, but Moderna will do. I don't want to do the J&J one, which I think is coming back after its suspension due to the blood clotting issues.

As a final thought, things have calmed down dramatically and are a lot better now. And with that I will sign off. My next entry will probably be on Monday night.


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