Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday Final Day in April 2021 Posting: Tending to This Blog with an Entry Featuring Some Political Commentary & Cartoons On Current Crap Events

Friday afternoon. Last day of April 2021.

This is another one of my entries that I'm posting because I feel compelled to post something precisely because I view this blog as like a child or a pet dog that needs tending to, love, and affection rather than being ignored. And I don't even want to say that I dread having to post entries because I don't want to hurt its feelings.

As ever, there are many things I would like to relate involving the digusting Maoist Cultural Revolution and Critical Race Theory-based neo-Bolshevik political revolution that has devoured "Blue America" and that threatens Red America.

It actively threatens Red America because of a doddering, dementia-addled, angry-crazy man who is president, his regime of vengeful WOKE crazies and Deep State swamp creatures, combined with those paper-thin Democrat majorities in both Houses that exist only to bankrupt, impoverish, terrorize, racialize, polarize, tribalize, vandalize, and barbarize via some unstoppable "Social Justice" battleaxe for the sake of fucking Oligarchy.

Critical Race Theory and the more generic WOKE lunacy really are the IngSoc of this particular manifestation of what Orwell aptly titled in 1984 as the book-within-a-book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.

I really hope and pray in the next decade that the United States undergoes some political reconfiguration whereby the Blue and Red States simply split into quasi-autonomous zones under a loose confederation or just outright separate nations. The toxicity and malevolency of Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Academia assisted by the institutional power of the Democrat Party and its quickly-approaching-mass sociocidal Deep State is just too much.

Then there are the young Millennial and Gen Z-based Antifa / BLM shock troops ...

Destructive, ignorant, and completely superfluous in our postmodern, post-truth, post-industrial civilization, they are enraged by their complete powerlessness and often psychotic due to the rage that often fills those whose biological sex and gender identity is confused -- as happens today given the demand of Mass Culture for multiple and undefined genders. (If you don't believe, watch a transexual drag queen when she is not being funny but flips out.)

The Gen Z's "education" at both the taxpayer-financed public school level and at the hands of the American Big Academic racket "teaches" is an open landfill of fraudulent and meaningless utopian garbage. It consists of a deranged combination of unworkable Socialist Utopianism and deeply racist reverse racism-as-cure-for-racism.

Add to this the bizarro-universe of WOKE neo-Marxist gibberish ("deconstructing the hegemony of cisgendered hetero-normativity in order to interrogate Systems of Power and Oppression") that has resulted from decades of violence to both truth and language itself.

So, lacking any meaningful education and instead historically illiterate to the point of solipsism, they are mind-melded to the zero-dimensional, atomized world of Social Media, this Borg-like superorganism with its Hive Mind has no identifiable past and certainly no future and instead It/They just exist(s) in a weird, meaningless present.

The Democrat Party and Corporate Oligarchy exploits them -- to use a phrase from Marx himself -- "bribed tools of reactionary intrigue" bribed and generalized useful idiots whose endless violence and mayhem are turning once-great American cities into some combination of Mad Mad Beyond Thunderdome, Escape from New York, Logan's Run, and THX 1138.

About that, Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis are lost. San Francisco, though in its forever physically beautiful setting, is a feces-and-used needles-filled encampment of schizophrenic homeless people with Botox Nan as octogenarian Big Sister, properly masked, of course.

Chicago -- especially its South Side -- is like a dark, violent parody of an American city. New York has reverted to a post-modern, WOKE-infected version of its 1970s bad days. Philadelphia -- I have no idea. It's just always bad. Baltimore resembles Detroit as Detroit existed 20 years ago and is rapidly approaching the Detroit in Damnation Alley.

My former long-time home, Washington, D.C., started at a far higher position for many and obvious reasons.

But D.C. is also in serious decline and is run by a borderline-mentally challenged woman who, like all her other mayoral counterparts, welcomes and encouarges a sort of slow-motion, diffuse street warfare against small businesses (the present-day American version of the Kulaks, even those who run lesbian safe space bookstores, WOKE tea-and-coffee shops, and anti-racist Vegan Bento box luncheonettes), the traditional police forces, and regular civilian citizens.

She yearns for a Portlandia-like level of violence in which Antifa thugs terrorize and violently assault drivers -- and when a driver would actually defend himself in the only way open to him, some WOKE prosecutor steeped in the poisons of CRT destroys that person's life while awarding the Antifa with more run-of-the-streets-as-you-please. That's how you terrorize the population, or at least the portion that might cause you trouble.

Miami seems to be OK, as near as I can tell. I mean, for a big American city with all the usual American urban pathologies. And here in my new home of Miami Beach, well, basically, it's a tropical seaside resort, so people the visitors here are typically in a good mood, even the boom boom-in-a-zoom zoom hip hop crowd. (Oh, and THANK GOD Ron DeSantis is Governor.)

More generally in Miami-Dade and South Florida, people tend to be in a good mood -- or at least not pissed off, paranoaic, and furious in the way of D.C. And they don't tweet and retweet "Social Justice Memes" 23 hours a day with 15 emojis per tweet.

About the only good thing I can say for the current violently spasmodic period is that the stupid Covid situation is slowly but relentlessly ebbing despite the best efforts of the Democrat Health Scare Police State Complex with their Big Media Ministry of Truth to keep it going.

This is true even in Blue States and their cities -- for instance, New York City envisions a "full reopening" by July 1st -- and, of course, it has been the case in certain Red States for many months. By contrast, citizens across Europe and in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and even frickin' Canada remain under de facto house arrest for this Covid "casedemic" 14 months into it.

As Alex Berenson noted in a pair of tweets two days ago (compendium screenshot image directly above), thank God for Florida and Gov Ron DeSantis in leading the way and making it impossible for the big Blue States to lockdown entirely aa their totalitarian-minded governors wanted. (Oh, yes, I got my Covid vaccine first shot yesterday.)

OK, one more entry to follow since I want to separate out this content from a personal update.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Family, The Doctor, and The Mentor Are All Not In -Or- Life Non-Prophylaxis Interspersed w/ Late March - Mid April Leftover Miami Beach Pics

Palm fronds and other tropical vegetation cloak a small corner house along 8th Street, Miami Beach, Fla., 2:44 p.m., April 27, 2021

Except for the first two, which were taken this week, almost all the images in this entry from the set I took between late March (about two weeks after my arrival) and the day (April 16th) I headed to Flagler Beach to visit my father. Except for the lead one, I'm not captioning most of them but the file name contains place/time information. With a few exceptions, they are posted chronologically.

Sigh ...

Tuesday evening settling upon my little apartment in my still-new Miami Beach life.

I'm composing this entry while listening to -- the $60 for which I spent for a year-long commercial-free subscription was the best sixty bucks I've spent in a long time -- in particular, to the Coffee Jazz channel. The song at the precise moment as I type this line is "We'll Be Together Again" as peformed by Hank Jones, Christian McBride, and Jimmy Cobb on their 2006 release West of 5th.

So, I'm not really sure how to start this entry.

There is a lot I want to relate to include both personal stuff and political commentary on the general malevolent lunacy of our time. But I also have a lot of work-related things to complete in the next 10 days to two months, and these damn blog entries take so long to compose.

But I feel an obligation to this blog and its upkeep even with so few readers.

My 7+3 = 10 days with my father ended yesterday morning, and unfortunately, not soon enough.

I hate saying that, but having him come here to Miami Beach was as big a mistake as I knew it would be, although it was less because of the general spring break-season weekend depravity that engulfs the place, especially the Art Deco / Entertainment District. Rather, it is a big mistake to have him ever come into my life / my world. It is vastly preferable for me simply to go into his Flagler Beach world and stay there on his terms for a week or so.

To clarify, the first seven days were up in Flagler Beach with him in his world. The last three were down here in Miami Beach in my world. The later included an all-around shitty weekend with extreme stresses. I already mentionned the harrowing 300-mile ride back here almost entirely on I-95, as well as the missing car key-fob episode (and its episode-within-an-episode).

The attempt to have a nice Sunday afternoon at [PLACE NAME INTENTIONALLY OMITTED] here in Miami Beach was a big, costly bust -- even given that we were able to get two bar stools at the corner of the outdoor bar.

Remember that there are still Covid-related capacity limits here in Miami-Dade even though Florida is functionally a Free State from the smothering Covid lunacy and the interrelated WOKE Reign of Terror resulting in massive violent crime spikes throughout every fucking major Big, Blue City in the United States.

We argued upon / just after leaving -- and while I'm fairly sure it didn't involve anything bad at that place, I'm not entirely sure, as I had quite too many drinks. That something such as that would happen when I'm with him is no surprise -- nor would it be the first time.

The bigger issue is being around him is extremely difficult when I'm not in his space. Even with the speed and frailty of an 80-year old, he's still bowlin' the world over and trying to control everything and gets screamy when he feels he isn't in charge. And together, we are just explosion combined.

Of course, I inherit not just the Italian side with all of that but my maternal horrendous Polish family component in all its angry, neurotic, unforgiving, self-victimizing darkness. It's little wonder that once again -- for the 500th time or so in my life -- I have no functional relationship with my mother. Nor will I until I apologize for, well, nothing except having ruined her life ipso facto by my very existence.

And, well, I have no intention of doing that this time. I'm fed up with it.

Anyway, my dad left yesterday, and I had to ride in the car with him to the corner of Lennox Ave and 5th Street to hold his hand, so to speak, until he was on the causeway into Miami to pick up I-95.

That sinusy head cold (or whatever it was ...) I had has mostly gone away. I made it to the urgent care facility on Alton Road here in Miami Beach yesterday. To clarify, this was after grocery shopping and walking back home following my father's departure and my getting out of the car at the above-mentioned intersection.

The reason for my urgent care visit was for that back-of-the-neck skin infection / abscess I have that represents a reflaring of what I had back in October. Somehow, despite getting a confirmation email and doing all this stuff online, I wasn't in the system, but they saw me anyway.

The facilty is called Baptist Health Medical Group, and it accepts my insurance (which is one of the biggies). The doctor -- who was nothing like that MedStar one back in D.C. (Chevy Chase) in October -- prescribed Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim (Jesus Christ, even spelling it out) rather than (as in October) Cephalexin and also a topical antibactical called Mupirocin. The problem with the Mupirocin is that it kind of burns.

I was able to fill all of this at the Walgreens at 10th and Alton, which is about a 15-minute walk from here.

However, matters were a bit more complicated in that I expressed a desire to have a primary care physician down here in Miami Beach -- and Baptist Health seems ready-made for that given teh system takes my insurance and it has both urgent and primary care facilities colocated in the same building, indeed, on the same floor.

When I asked about having such a PCP through Baptist, the very nice lady at the intake desk even almost proudly said, "There is one doctor here, and I think you'll like him ..." Not sure exactly what that meant, though I think I do. I seem to be at a point where everyone seems to just immediately guess.

As a final point, this doctor had an opening today, and so I went today. However, it ended up being basically an awkward consultation. He didn't want to do anything -- it certainly was a physical or checkup. He asked questions though about my life and family. And I made an appointment for six months from now.

About this visit, my vital statistics were fucking absurd: My weight was 190 pounds (to include being fully dressed with shoes on) and blood pressure that was borderline stratospheric, 160/101. For comparison, yesterday's reading was 144/86.

I HATE getting these readings taken right upon arrival in a doctor's office. They are always cartoonishly high and, on paper, I appear to be a fucking sedentary blob watching TV all day along, never mind all the walking I do, or that I go into the ocean almost daily, and don't have a particularly big appetite. Indeed, it's been very low the past few days.

But those goddamn numbers are also all balled up and designed to make you miserable and hopeless. For me, they create the sense that I should be living with My Betrothed in some dump on the east or northeast side of the D.C. inner suburbs, immobile, miserable, and in poverty-stricken. Our apartment would be broken into every other day but the 9-1-1 operators just yell at you before hanging up. As for always-increasing weight number now into borderline obesity, fuck it, I don't care. It's biophysiologically impossible for me to be 140 pounds.

It's no surprise the doctor didn't want to do anything. That kind of stuff always happens to me. People just don't like me and don't want to deal with me. Well, some do, but it's always hit or miss. I've never in my fucking life ever had anyone want to help me including in my academic and professional life when it came to all that mentoring, nurturing, or partnering shit. Never happened.

All it's ever been is just a bunch of fucking overpaid Baby Boomers above who refuse to go away and goddamn whiny, insufferable, historically illiterate but FULLY WOKE Millennials below -- at least in Washington, D.C., where I wasted fucking twenty years plus another eight years in that grotesque place called College Park. And, yes, I admit, this indifference of the world toward me also runs the reverse way, so I can't say I've ever done diddly for anybody.

About College Park, UMCP by now must be like some New Zealand-style Covid concentration camp and filled with little temples everywhere to the governing WOKE IngSoc ideology of Critical Race Theory and 15 different made-up gender pronouns on all forms.)

He also wasn't at all interested in the skin infection issue. He had all that info from yesterday in front of him. , when I asked him what if the lump / infection doesn't go away with the antibiotics -- and I'm concerned it won't -- I may need surgery to remove it, cyst-like.

I guess I should clarify that the doctor, in fact, performed a sort of "biomechanical" examination and took my blood pressure again when I was more relaxed, and it was much more normal. He said I should buy one of those at-home blood pressure readers of the sort I once had but tossed after all I did was do multiple tests a day and ALWAYS the fucking readings seemed to go up.

In that way, it's just like when I look at the Worldometer Covid numbers.

On the matter of Covid, I made online an appointment for both of my Covid vaccination shots right here in Miami Beach -- also at Walgreens, but the on Collins Ave between 16th adn 17th Streets. I think I requested Pfizer, but it doesn't show up on the confirmation notice. I didn't want the J&J one. I'm scheduled to get the first one this Thursday early afternoon.

One last item: I did multiple loads of laundries last night including bedding. That sort of helped me segue back into my solo life down here in Miami Beach. About that, things have simmered down considerably from the Spring Break lunacy of mid-March to mid-April, although there are still bits of that. Oh, and I also went in the ocean both yesterday and today.

OK, I need to wrap up this entry. It's going to take me forever to get enough pictures to break up all the yammering text, so the entry probably won't be done until about 10 p.m. 12:30 a.m.

Screenshot from the "Yes, Galen, There is a Herman" episode of The Munsters; the man in the image is Harvey Korman

Besides, I'm in for the night and my lineup of shows on Cozi-TV to include The Munsters, Frasier, The Nanny, and Will & Grace, as well as one or two of the Samsung Plus channels including Film Rise with its Unsolved Mysteries reruns. (I've really gotten to like Magellan TV.) I also get TV Land via Samsung Plus and it shows Hot in Cleveland, which can be very funny, too.

Again, I have a lot of job-related work to do in the coming days and weeks. I'll post entries intermittently / episodically on the order of every two to four days.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Returned to Miami Beach with a Visit By My Dad: A Safe but Stressful Drive Down and Very Difficult Saturday -- Interspersed w/ Some Lovely Morning Ocean Surf and Beach Pics from Flager-by-the-Sea

Morning ocean and beach view with an American flag flapping smartly in the gusty wind, Flagler-by-the-Sea, Fla., 10:11 a.m. April 22, 2021

The pictures in this entry were taken by me between 10:11 a.m. and 10:32 a.m. on Thursday morning, April 22, 2021 in Flagler-by-the-Sea, Florida. Except for the lead one, I'm not captioning them.

The wind was surging off the Atlantic Ocean from the northeast -- maybe 25 mph -- with the air temp about 60F. The surf was roiled with a quickly south-moving (beach-parelling) littoral flow. The deep blue-green ocean sparkled in the morning sunlight except for the whitewater created by the breaking waves.


I'm back in Miami Beach.

And my dad is here visiting me for a few days (until Monday).

It was one helluva journey here on horrible, infernal, nightmare I-95 -- a trip of 300 miles in all from Flagler Beach with the part starting at Palm Beach County basically a nightmare. We arrived at rushhour on a Friday. Our journey into Miami Beach was from the north (Aventura and Sunny Isles Beach), and it too was hellish. The traffic got heavier and heavier, and while is 80, he drives fast and free.

But I am deeply thankful -- to God or Who or Whatever -- that we arrived here safely, parked in the garage at 1041 Collins Avenue, and he with me in my apartment until Monday morning. I had pictured bad things happening to us.

But then things took a turn for the shit-explosion bad this morning as he managed to INSTANTLY lose his car key (or fob) in some baffling way inside the parked vehicle. And it was overheated and noisy with garbage coming from a nearby venue (Essex).

Oh, and naturally a vehicle with Tennessee tags filled with BIPOC Wymyn including a 20-something female [or insert correct pronoun] screaming about something -- I later realized she was yelling that the open doors were in her way -- and she proceeded to get out of the car and violently slam the door while I was bent over looking for the key fob. This was unpleasant including my apology. And, yes, there were plenty of other parking spots in the garage.

It's OK, though, because Twitter virtual mobs of white, woke women of the Branch Covidian "WE NEED TO WEAR 50 MASKS 4EVA!" paranoiacal sort -- clueless tools of Corporate Oligarchy -- are there to ensure Social Justice always triumphs in an infantilized and culturally depraved and obliterated way.

About an hour later -- and with the more calming presence of the young Hispanic valet fellow, I found the frickin' small pocket in which it fell. Phew. That's 90 agonizing minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I just knew this trip was going to be crap. I can't have my dad in an urban environment. What's more, things aren't good for me: I have come down with an unpleasant head cold and, no, I don't know if it's the dreaded C-word or not. What I do know is this illness struck about 72 hours after my dad got his second Moderna shot.

Is there some ability for the vaccine to stimulate dormant virus and make the just-vaccinated person especially infectious?? I dunno. I do know that I hardly interacted with anyone except him in his trailer. Conversely, it is possible it is just a garden-variety head cold. They still exist, you know, and I am prone to them.

That fucking skin infection on the back of my neck that I had last October has returned, and there is a persistent, itchy red bump, and it is highly unpleasant.

I was able to make an urgent care appointment for Monday early afternoon at a location here in MB that accepts my insurance. And the last thing I want is for them to even consider any issue other than that skin infection and my desire to get a new prescription for Cephalexin. That worked last time, sort of.

So, here I am headcold sick and sinus-plagued combined with a fucking skin infection. And my 80-year old dad was obsessing at 7:30 a.m. about setting up my apartment here in some ideal fashion, in particular, the little kitchen area. Honestly, I could not care less. I take care with the bathroom, closets, and bedroom, but I just don't really deal with the kitchen except in a perfunctory-have-to-do-it-way (and always trying to keep it clean and cockroach-free).

Nevertheless, I managed to go in the ocean today. All the sunlight and lightly roiled, warm, aquamarine-turquoise-hued water simply HAS to be good for your health.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. We need to go grocery shopping and I want to show him the South Pointe area, though he doesn't seem to have any interest in seeing it.

Oh, yes, I postponed my drivers license conversion appointment -- getting a Florida one for my D.C. one. I was supposed to do it on Wednesday. I moved it to May 19th. I hope to have at least my first vaccination by that point -- I guess, the Pfizer one, but Moderna will do. I don't want to do the J&J one, which I think is coming back after its suspension due to the blood clotting issues.

As a final thought, things have calmed down dramatically and are a lot better now. And with that I will sign off. My next entry will probably be on Monday night.