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Video Clips of Noteworthy Speeches From This Past Weekend's CPAC 2021 and Reflections on the Malevolent Apotheosis of the Covid Cultic WOKE

Osorno Volcano, with its rounded conical top, forms a powerfully beautiful, snow-crowned Titan towering above Llanquihue Lake in the Los Lagos Region (also part of Patagonia) of Southern Chile


Normally, I don't put a ton of stock in speeches, but given the current sociocultural and political climate in the country, I feel it important to show that there are political leaders and other influencers who are peaceably fighting the suffocating leftwing authoritarianism presently run amok in the United States.

A more panoramic view of the above image of Osorno Volcano and Llanquihue Lake in the Los Lagos Region of Southern Chile


That illiberal authoritarianism is running amok not because all of the ugly and socially destructive concepts embodied in it are popular but rather because of the deadly hold of the ugly, many-tentacled hydra of Big Media, Big Tech, Big Academia, and Corporate Oligarchy.

That being the case, for this entry, I would like to feature some of the most noteworthy speeches at this past weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2021 held in Orlando. Yes, the conference was held in Orlando because, as Sen Tom Cotton noted, it couldn't happen anywhere near D.C. in its current horrid condition.

ABOVE: YouTube video of CPAC 2021 speech by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. I'm really starting to like this guy. And THANK GOD IN HEAVEN that he defeated Andrew Gillum. What a catastrophe that would have been.

CPAC 2021 occurred in Orlando in my soon-to-be-home of the State of Florida in all its glorious non-Covid Medical / Health Police state of fearful terror and loathing. (I'll be farther south in Miami Beach.) That is, it took place nowhere near the ugly Covid and WOKE fundamentalist warzone-like disaster area of D.C. It is there where exists Fort Pelosi, the Kafkaesque absurd but politically useful, semi-permanent militarized garrison around the U.S. Capitol complex.

ABOVE: Fox News video of CPAC 2021 speech by Sen. Tom Cotton. He reminds me a bit of actor Sean Hayes of 20 years ago, or rather, a totally straight Southern version of him.

The Left, when not babbling incoherently about "defunding the police" and then being startled that civilization starts to breakdown and you end up with Minneapolis-as-Mogadishu, in its infantilized state is always in need of "safe spaces" maintained, it turns out, at gunpoint.

What's more, these paranoiac fevered fantasies fears that come straight out of the minds of Alyssa Milano and Debra Messing -- and amplified by the likes of Brian "Gender-Unspecified Potato-Head" Stelter and Anderson "Glorious Vanderbilt" Cooper -- will ensure that this militarized garrison I have dubbed "Fort Pelosi" remains in place for at least as long as that octogenarian harpy's claws remain firmly affixed to the Legislative Branch's levers of power.

I refer to the 5,000 National Guard troops (!) and 15-foot high scrolled barbed wire-topped fences plus armored military vehicles that have colonized and coordoned off the U.S. Capitol complex for three blocks in every direction.

ABOVE: YouTube video of CPAC 2021 speech by Sen. Ted Cruz. I have to say, Cruz has an unanticipated knack for comedic performance while speaking.

Sen. Cruz is also quite right about the staying power of what we generally called "Trumpism" but that is a much more profound movement remaking the Republican Party even as Trump is the charismatic political leader of it.

ABOVE: Fox News video of CPAC 2021 speech by Alex Berenson. He was as surprised as anyone else to be addressing CPAC, but he's right that tolerance and protection of the First Amendment is with the Right now, not the Left.

Regarding "Fort Pelosi," it is there because of the Big Media-stoked paranoiac need by the Democrat Party to include its leadership that "Trump voters" are about to "seize the government" in some sort of coup. This is a quasi-theological component of the Left's Cultural Marxist Revolution under the banner of Critical Race Theory that the ~75M Americans who voted for Donald Trump are an existential threat to the country and must be neutralized in whatever manner needed.

ABOVE: YouTube video of CPAC 2021 speech by Sen. Josh Hawley. The Left to include his Senate colleagues tried mightily to cancel Hawley.

The most vexing part of this is that Corporate Oligarchy -- i.e., Big Tech, the Big Media/Entertainment Complex (with its grotesque Hollywood appendage), and E-Commerce -- operationally work to keep this cultural civil war going because it keeps the country bitterly tribally divided, thus protecting this Overclass's amassing of power and wealth.

And also because the American-style CRT-infused Leninist-Maoist Cultural Revolution -- with its High Tech / Big Tech oligarchical-enabled Cancel Culture techniques -- is a startlingly rather good fit with a form of Authoritarianism that is uniquely American...

It is characterized as puritanically fixated on sex; obsessed with race and other "biomarkers of identity" in a zero-sum and dehumanizing way; technologically high tech but producing only a sea of misinformation; and deeply and painfully historically illiterate.

The present-day Lord Fauci-style Covid-1984 hysteria -- itself regularly contradictory with endless goalpost-shifting, self-serving for the Democrat / Big Media Establishment, wholly indifferent to the rampant destruction it has caused to every other societal institution and countless lives -- merely sets it in cement.

About the sex obsession aspect the latest Leftwing Sex Predator Panic is engulfing one who is, admittedly, a most deserving (and quite possibly actually guilty) target: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a low-rent mafioso thug in a high position.

Keep in mind that "guilt" or "innocence" is irrelevant in a sex panic, and in the present era, this lack of concern falls on the Left. (There have been times in American history when this was more characteristic of the political Right, but that ended during the latter decades of the 20th Century.) Instead, the Sex Crime is ALWAYS the way that the Left seeks to remove / destroy those who get in its Hivemind way, and Cuomo is now a liability to it.

Returning to Gov Cuomo, the result is a situation wherey the 12,000 to 15,000 unnecessary Covid nursing home deaths last spring are beside the point to the Leftwing Puritanical Fascists and woke Twitter mobs -- even if the admission of that was indirectly the proximate cause of the dam breaking.

Here's the point: Historically with American authoritarianism of any ideological stripe or flavor, but today, overwhelmingly on the Illiberal Culturally Marxist Left, it has ALWAYS been the Sex Crime that is the tool for destruction and removal.

What this means, quite remarkably, is that in over three centuries and no matter how world has changed during that time, America has never really left this weird aspect of its Colonial-era Puritanical past.

ABOVE: The CDC head harpy joins forces with the WOKE and Covid-hysterical New York Times to shriek that "things are edging back to normal" now that "new cases" in the Covid testing casedemic have fallen by nearly three-quarters (in terms of the 7-day rolling average), a fact that is horrifying to them.

ABOVE: Some Newsmax headlines on Covid restrictions being eased, most notably, the Texas mask mandate, which caused California Gov Gavin Newsom (D - Human Feminine Itch Product) to soil his French laundered slacks. But even in the most suffocating of the Blue cities, there is some positive movement.

ABOVE: Fox News video of excellent Tucker Carlson monologue from last week in which he gives an overview of how the Medical / Health Police State Establishment that destroyed so many lives in the name of "saving" society via Covid lockdowns are now rewriting history.

Thank God for Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, along with Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, that isn't all about endless lockdowns, double-and-triple masks, daily anal swabs for everyone as public school children, imprisoned in their homes by teachers and, in too many cases, ignorantly fearful parents, mentally and physically rot.

ABOVE: YouTube video of CPAC 2021 speech by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. This was a speech the text of which I would like to post in full. And I continue to feel the need to revise the foolishly stupid things I wrote about Gov. Noem about a year ago just before my massive internal transformation. I was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG then, and I admit it.

Meanwhile, their WOKE-deranged school boards and teachers unions are busy changing school names (for instance, from George Washington to Jerry Garcia) and collecting salaries for the nonsensical horseshit known as "virtual learning."

And they're creating demands such as the instance that Congress give them a $1.9 trillion as an opening downpayment and that society has large has achieved the "elimination of systemic racism and all structures, strategies, and symbols of White supremacy" before anything can reopen.

No, that's not an Onion headline. Instead, that's exactly where things are in multiple Blue Cities and their suburbs.

ABOVE: In the Left's ever-metastasizing WOKE panic, Dr. Seuss and The Muppets are now "systemically racist" and must be removed from history. In the case of Dr. Seuss, the estate instantly caved to the mole-rat-like WOKE twitter mobs screeching from their indoor burrows.

Regarding the Dr. Seuss WOKE panic, at least six of his books are will no longer be published because of some ultra-racist leftwing totalitarianism masquerading, in typical Marxist-Leninist / Maoist style, as an anti-racist liberation theology.

This is what is being taught in a growing number of (taxpayer-financed) public schools and is considered by the Left the apotheosis of CRT-infused WOKEISM

To be clear, the estate itself appears to be part of the WOKE Big Academic mob. Regardless, But at least schools can stay closed to in-person learning forever and their can never be enough anal swabbing.

Uh, oh ... The WOKE need to memory hole this image.

For the historical record, if you want to know the kind of utter malevolent lunacy of the Left vis-à-vis school children in the context of an open-ended and now-mostly-nonsensical "casedemic" Covid pandemic that has functionally zero threat to children or, really, any healthy adult, a gander at what is going on even in schools that have some semblance of in-person teaching: Yes, children in bubbles...

Who knew the Bubble Boy of the 1970s was a trailblazer in WOKE-infused, Kareny Covid lunacy nearly a half century ahead of his time??

Keep in mind the school district administrators, school boards, and teachers unions that are responsible for this abusively pyschologically destructive behavior for the most part either don't have kids or have theirs in private schools where things are more or less normal.

ABOVE: YouTube video of CPAC 2021 speech by Dan Bongino. This speech was so powerful that I feel compelled to excerpt the closing part of it:


The fight right now is for the country.

It's just us now. It's just us now in this room. I'm really sorry to tell you that...You're the real renegades now. Everyone in this room. You're the misfits. You're the new hippies. You're the renegades. YOU ARE....And ladies and gentlemen, if we're going to go down, then we're going to go down fighting.

You want to cancel us off Twitter, we'll start Parler. You want to cancel Parler, I'll start Parler Two. You want to cancel Parler Two, I'll start another platform after that. You want to dump a server farm, I'll buy a server farm. You want to shut down a Cloud support, I'll start a Cloud company, too. You want to do DDOS stuff?? Anything you want. I'll DO IT ALL. Payment processor. Shit, I'll start a bank with you. WHATEVER YOU WANT.

If we have to split this country's economy in half becuase we will speak, and we will not be silenced, then damnit we will do it in this room with REAL mistfits and renegades sitting in this room right now. Because you will get nothing, you will get nothing, from these conformist lemmings on the Left and these MEDIA BUFFOONS who are the useful idiots of our time.

You will get NOTHING. Expect nothing, and you will never, ever be disappointed.

Make no mistake as you leave. You are on the right side of everything. Free speech. The freedom to protect your family. The freedom to assemble. To make your own money. To save your own life through your healthcare. And to get your kids in a good school. That is you. You are on the right side. Be proud. Say your prayers. Thank the Lord Almighty. You are on the right side of history. Amen.

THE UNHOLY DEMOCRAT TRINITY: A corrupted, hollowed out, and dying Establishment (The Father); a neurotic WOKE harpy obsessed with dehumanizing and destructive Critical Race Theory fascism (The She-male Son); and a troll-like demi-demon agent of the Medical/Health Police State insisting upon endless, life-crushing despair and immiseration (the Unholy Spirit).


And I think it only fitting to end with the Big Man's quintessentially Trumpian barn-burner of a speech:

ABOVE: Fox News video of CPAC 2021 full speech by former President Donald Trump. I can't effectively summarize it, so I'll just feature the embedded video.

As an aside, it is often quite difficult to get the "Embed" code from the appropriate Fox News video site because, for some reason, that functionality -- listed among the four options of Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Embed -- just doesn't work and instead the video just lurches forward as if you had moved the toggle to that spot.

It takes a particular video view on a particular webpage involving "Enlarge" -- at least on this occasion -- to get to a point where the Embed functionality works.

As it is, YouTube is almost certainly working to remove this speech -- initially with a barely audible volume but soon, in Big Tech 2021 fashion, simply outright censoring it.

Neither Twitter nor Facebook will let it run since he goes on about election fraud.

For the uncorrected text from the closed-captioning function, go to the C-SPAN video site for the speech and scroll down.

Before I wrap up this entry, let me just let me reiterate that I am so looking forward to my move to Miami Beach and getting out of D.C.

As one last personal item: I have two weeks until I leave D.C. for my Miami Beach life. For the next five days or evenings, I have plans with various people. But my next planned entry will be in two or three days.


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