Tuesday, March 16, 2021

On the Eve of My Miami Beach Move, My Last Regular Entry for My Life in Washington, D.C. (and not fully formatted because no time tonight)

OK, this is my last planned blog entry as a 28-year resident of the Washington, D.C., area to include 20 years in the District proper, and less than 24 hours before my move to Miami Beach. I'm writing it from my office.

Not only am I not toing to get into any political-themed content in this entry, nor any explanation of why I am moving -- I've done that more than enough since I made up my mind and, more generally, in innumerable entries over the past five years -- but I'm so pressed for time that I can't format this entry. I'll return to it later to complete it (probably in a few days).

Above: My poor snake plant, a.k.a. Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and my personal favorite, viper's bowstring hemp, but more properly called Dracena Trifasciata, on a desk in a seldom-used office in our infrequently-used suite at L'Enfant Plaza where I have spent the past almost precisely five years of my nearly 11 year federal contracting job through two of the three companies that have held the contract.

It is also the office whence I walked from and to my apartment through most of the year-long Covid Craptacular-cum-WOKE-Maoist Revolution, which are the joint reasons why I am leaving here. My job isn't to change in my new Miami Beach life, but, obviously, I won't be going there any longer.

Above and below: The view from the roof of my apartment building -- the one I'm vacating tomorrow -- at sunset on Saturday. I was with my coworker friend, Matt, who came into D.C. We walked to Georgetown and had dinner / drinks outdoor at Sequoia. I went to Sequoia and Tony & Joe's multiple times this past weekend.

If I had time here, I would go on (and on) about all the different structures visible in this image, in particular, those in Arlington (Virginia) to include One Skyline Tower itself -- it's "stepped" top capturing the last rays of the setting sunlight.

Years ago -- in the late 1990s -- I just bepopped in there one day on one of those weird walks I used to take, went to the top floor, and into an SAIC office, startling two secretaries as I asked for and got permission to look out a top-floor window facing to the northeast. The nearly 30-story building is on a ridge and you can basically see on a really clear day all the way to the Baltimore area.

Tonight is my last night here in D.C. in this phase of my life. I don't have internet in the apartment since it was shutoff today and I sent back to modem and powercord to RCN from the FedEx store at M and 24th Street.

But it is not the tallest office building in the immediate D.C. area -- that honor belongs to 1812 North Moore (its top featuring a skeletal pyramidal struture) and now headquarters of Nestle USA.

OK, enough of that. I really have to go. Andrea is coming over tonight around 7:30 p.m. to help me load up the bulk of the stuff I'm taking so that when she comes late tomorrow mornin g possessions so that when Andrea arrives on Wednseday morning, I will really only need to make one or, at most, two trips downstairs. And then I'll drop off my key, Lee, and set myself D.C. free (OK, apologies to ).

Above: Massachusetts Ave view looking toward the Islamic Center of Washington and the Turkish flag flying at the nearby Embassy of Turkey. I was walking with Chester when we took this picture. He and I also ended in Georgetown.

OK, that's all I have to say for this entry. I intend to return to this entry and properly format it, but that might not be until next week. While on the 17+ hour train ride, I should have internet, but I also have some work stuff to finish.

And while I am supposed to have internet set up in my new apartment on Friday, the weekend is going to be busy as the first several days are a sort of de facto mini-vacation there with Andrea, Gary, and even Tim, all separately there but at least two of them because of me.


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