Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday Late Morning Interim Update: Zoomable-Virtual Working, Out-of-Sync Sleeping, and an Attempt at a Sunday Funday in a Warped Time

View from Constitution Gardens of the Reflecting Pool, Washington, D.C., 2:44 p.m., Feb 20, 2021

The pictures in this entry were taken on Saturday when I walked into the office to finish a labor-intensive recurring monthly task. Except for the lead one, I'm not captioning them.

The trees in the above two pictures are the elms along the northside of the Reflecting Pool between the WWII Mem'l and Lincoln Memorial. I estimate that no more than half of them are the original 1920s ones. I believe they came from a tree nursey in Great Britain, so literally were transported (when young and much smaller) by some sort of cargo ship across the Atlantic Ocean. Think about that.


OK, this is just an entry to replace the lead post.

My intention is to post another entry tonight.

I've actually been very busy with work-related matters for the past several days -- but in the open-ended, now-entirely-phoney Covid horseshit time, since I have a Zoomable white collar job, that means "virtual" is the ONLY way things are done.

Being a contractor and ostensibly filling in for someone on vacation, is difficult, to say the least. This is all the more so if the agency sees its contractors as a sort of combo admin/servant class workhorse.

Of course, I'm glad that I didn't have to get up early, get ready, and physically travel into an office. My sleep cycle and quality are bad enough, out-of-whack, with a strongly nocturnal existence, that trying to fit into a daytime office job is unworkable (pun intended) agony.

I am really hoping, or maybe I should say that I will really try, once I move away from D.C. and to Miami Beach next month to adjust this schedule to a more normal daytime one. And I'm hoping being so close to a tropical ocean in a vibrant location will facilitate that.

About that move and work, I'm doing so with no change to my job, a fact for which I am quite grateful.

Lastly, I should point out that I'm still trying to recover from my Sunday activities in Old Town, which ended up knocking me out more than I anticipated. That's because I'm getting so old. To be clear, all I did was go to O'Connell's and then Union Street Public House.

Even in WOKE-infused, totalitarian time of Covid, things managed to get a little raucous at the latter.

OK, signing off for now. Again, the plan is to post another entry tonight, probably a topical one.


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