Thursday, February 11, 2021

March Bound for Miami Beach ... A DC Generation Done: 20+ Years, All That Jazz, and Zero Mutual Enduring Impact of Any Sort -OR- Ciao-umbia

So, I just want to relate in this brief entry that my lease application was accepted, and I've paid all the upfront charges for the furnished apartment in Miami Beach in its historic Art Deco District of its South Beach neighborhood a short walk from the beach and from the ocean.

I paid using one of the two handey credit cards I seldom use. And the apartment is no more than 1,000 feet from the edge of the beach and 1,200 feet from the high tide mark of the near-tropical Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, I'm actively preparing to leave Washington, D.C., next month -- in the 16th to 24th timeframe, exact date to be determined, and with help from a good friend.

After 28-1/2 years (10,400+ days) in the D.C. area to include about 20 years in the District proper, my time here is over and up, and I can't wait to leave. And it will be a quick and matter-of-fact departure.

For an entry on why I'm moving, see here.

I leave here after a generation and plus, but with virtually no lasting impact -- none, in fact. And I can't wait to depart here. I'm so over D.C. and everything about it.

Thankfully, my white collar office job in the time of endless, open-ended Covid Cultural and Political Revolution allows me to leave with no muss, no fuss. And while I can envision perhaps living in Old Town Alexandria years hence, I will never live in the District proper again.

I would write more about this -- and veer off into a political-themed entry -- but I actually have a work-related monthly recurring task to do, so I'm just going to watch my old TV shows (Antenna TV, Cozi TV, and MeTV) and make dinner.

Of note, I never left the apartment on this gloomy gray, cold, overcast, forlorn day. I was going to walk into the office early-to-mid afternoon down to L'Enfant Plaza on my usual route, as has been my custom for the past 11 months of Covid crap and 8 months of Covid/WOKE crap.

However, I had a quick turnaround task that kept me home. So, instead, I stayed in and listened to the Coffee Jazz channel on And, in the end, it was actually pleasant while not having to interact with any Branch Covidian paranoiacs or schizophrenically homeless street crazy.

OK, I'm signing off for now. My next planned entry will be tomorrow night or over the weekend. And, yes, that big Three's Company-themed entry is coming up by Wednesday of next week.


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