Thursday, February 25, 2021

Late Night and Chronic Headachy Ruminations As Remaining Time In D.C. Approaches Zero... Just 3 Weeks to a New Place and Life in Miami Beach

Shortly after sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, Bal Harbour or Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 22, 2021

Of note, Tim (semi-)coincidentally spent the past week in Miami Beach and Miami-Dade reconnoitering for a possible new place, and he sent me a series of just-after-sunrise pics, a handful of which are featured in this entry.

Above: The same picture as the lead one, but close up (or rather, at the pictures's actual size) centered on the sun and foreground ocean surf, with the whole image cropped.

As for the topic of this entry, I would like to note that I've begun the process of sorting things out ahead of my move to Miami Beach that is just three weeks from now.

Shortly after sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, Bal Harbour or Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 21, 2021

However, I'm not really feeling that well. I feel tired, fatigued, and chronic headachy. In short, living here in D.C. is now physically damaging my health. As it is, I should be gone three weeks from tonight -- en route to my new life in Miami Beach after 28-1/2 years in this area including 20 years in the District itself.

Sometimes, I genuinely fear I'm going to have a brain hemorrhage or something of that nature that ends my life either outright or functionally incapacitates me.

Or maybe all these headaches -- aural migraines and otherwise -- are just some combo of daily alcohol withdrawal and wearing reading glasses for 10 hours a day in front of a goddamn glaring computer.

Stormy morning looking north from Bal Harbour or Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 23, 2021

Tonight, I went through my stash of toiletries (I tend to hoard them) but it turns out I didn't have as many as I thought -- at least after I partitioned out what I want to and can reasonably take. I was going to give some away and donate others (as in, to a homeless shelter), but now it looks like that won't even be necessary. There aren't that many remaining. Besides, any homeless shelter donation attempt would almost certainly end up a dark farce of a good deed.

Shortly after sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, Bal Harbour or Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 24, 2021

Remember that my apartment down there is furnished, and I'm taking as little as possible. With Chester's help, I'm trashing the two rickety, small tables and four rickety, small chairs I have. The only furniture, if you want to call it that, is my TV, a computer monitor I'm getting from work (in addition, of course, to my laptop), a lamp, and a box fan.

The Atlantic Ocean surf shortly after sunrise, Bal Harbour or Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 21, 2021

I'm not taking any kitchen crap. Everything I have is junk anyway, except for two dinner plates with dandelion designs that were a gift to my mother when we married my father -- almost 52 years ago in a marriage that notionally lasted a year and legally about five years.

Most of transport method will involve bins -- many of which I got from my now-ex-friend, Fred, and his husband -- that go into a car belonging to a good friend that will go on the auto-train from Lorton down to Sanford before we drive the rest of the way.

My dad, who lives in Florida but almost on the opposite end of the Atlantic coastline, knows I'm moving. My mother does not. We've not talked in a month, and things between us have been shit-bad for a while now. There was that period of maybe 18 months after my stefather Ray passed in early 2017 that we were kind of close, but that was the aberation in the past half century of my existence.

It was mildish today under sunny skies but with widely varying temps based on proximity to water. The Wednesday ASOS station high temps across the region were (and departures from normal daily highs):

KDCA: 60°F (+11°F)
KBWI: 63°F (+16°F)
KIAD: 66°F (+17°F)
KNAK: 55°F (+8°F)

It's supposed to rain a lot between Friday night and Monday. At this point, I think snow chances are almost over this season.

Oh, yes, in my new apartment, I am going to be responsible for the electricity, and today I set up an account with Florida Power & Light.

I tried to do it over the phone, but that didn't work. The voice listening function is far too sensitive and one-way emphatic, and there's not human operator option. I did it instead online. I also cancelled my RCN internet service here as of March 15th, but I have to return the modem and power cord.

I will mail it in (via the FedEx system RCN has set up) because I'm not schlepping over to dangerous parts of D.C. where its two drop-off stores are located, nor spend $50 and wait all day for some scary guy to show up at his leisure.

Winter bare trees, 1900 block Virginia Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:37 p.m., Feb 20, 2021

My idea is that on March 17th, when I leave, I have as little as possible to load into my friend's car for our journey down to Miami Beach -- hers, roundtrip, mine, one way.

I'm home tonight watching TV, the window a/c purring away. I just finished watching Perry Mason ("The Case of the Envious Editor," although I didn't pay any attention to it). I've now flipped the channel from MeTV to Cozi TV to watch The Nanny and a quartet of Will & Grace reruns.

Constitution Gardens, National Mall, Washington, D.C., 2:44 p.m., Feb 20, 2021

OK, I think I'm going to sign off now. Honestly, I may not have a lot of entries between now and when I leave.

I intend to have a few goodbye luncheons or goodbye drink-eons with some friends, mostly in Old Town Alexandria given how open-ended Covid hysterical, repressive, and deeply unpleasant it is here in D.C.

Reflecting Pool sparking in the Sun, National Mall, Washington, D.C., 2:44 p.m., Feb 20, 2021

About that, last night I went to Joe's down by the White House where I met Brian and Chris, and we had a very nice time. But I took the Metro from Dupont to Metro Center. To clarify, I worked home both on Monday because the weather was sleety nasty and on Tuesday because I was so busy and it didn't make sense to walk down to L'Enfant Plaza.

The walk from Metro Center to the restaurant was through part of downtown D.C., and it is absolutely horrible in a sort of vaguely dystopian totalitarian yet lawless way. The whole city is this grotesque and scary, loveless, joyless, outright frightening place where I can simply no longer live. It's destroying my mental and physical health.

However, to reiterate, dinner with Brian and Chris was very nice, and, yes, Joe's is quite expensive. Brian drove me home, which spared me having to take the fucking ghastly, horrific, disgusting Metro or walk through this dystopian hellscape.

A large cruise ship on the Atlantic Ocean, silhouetted on the morning sky, as seen from Miami Beach, Fla., Feb 24, 2021

OK, now I really will sign off. My next entry will be in a few days.


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