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AOC's Democrat Party, the Apotheosis of NPD and Recovered Fake Memories, Plus Deconstructing Big Media's WOKE Tw@tter Mob, Tw@t by Tw@t -- All Interspersed w/ Second and Final Batch of So-Cal Pacific Coast September Vacation Pics

Two boys racing along the surf's edge, Dana Point headlands, Calif., 4:43 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

This entry contains the final batch of my Southern California Pacific coast vacation pictures back in late September, primarily in Oceanside where Gary and I stayed. I posted the first big batch in this entry posted on Oct 5th, 2020.

Looking north / northwestward from an overlook at Dana Point, Calif., 3:27 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

In the very far, hazy distance (45 miles direct?), it was possible to see the Palos Verdes Hills and related Palos Verdes peninsula. That's about as close to the L.A. area itself as I've ever gotten.

The Palos Verdes Hills, part of the Transverse Ranges System, marks a portion of the Southern California coastline that juts into the Pacific. Forming the southern end of the "bight" of the immediate Los Angeles coastal edge, it also marks a distinct break in the very gently arcing coastline that otherwise stretches southward all the way to San Diego. Long Beach sits on the coastline just to the east of the "PV" peninsula and due south of LA.

The pictures are topically unrelated to the written content of this entry. Below this intro section, they are posted in chronological order. I may not caption all of them -- but the file names contain location and time information.

Date palm at dusk, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 6:26 p.m., September 22, 2020

Included in the images are series of pictures of San Diego itself taken on ascent from the airport at the start of the 5+ hour flight back to BWI (masked, no food, no drink, no nothing in the Covid era). I was ensconced at the very back seat row of the jet on the left side.

Light fog rolls in from the Pacific and over the marina in Oceanside, Calif., 11:05 a.m., Sept 23, 2020


OK, this entry was written intermittingly over the course of about 5 days -- beginning last Wednesday night (Feb 3rd). For that reason, it is somewhat disjointed in terms of the personal update. What's more, I wrote two entries in the meantime (see here and here).

Last Thursday (Feb 4th), I did something unusual: I never left my apartment because I couldn't deal with the groteseque world of Washington, D.C., 2021. But from a work point of view in the time of open-ended "maximal telework," that's no big deal.

Taking off from BWI Airport with the Baltimore City visible in the distance, 4:50 p.m., Sept 19, 2020

I just didn't feel like walking to the office at L'Enfant Plaza, nor did I feel like interacting with any aspect of the goddamn lunatic D.C. and its WOKE-minded Branch Covidian zombie paranoiacs.

I hate it here. But my intention is to be gone from here -- with no impact to my job -- and moved to Miami Beach by April if I can arrange it. I'm in the process of doing that. I'll know more tomorrow.

On ascent from BWI Airport with the Baltimore area spread out below, 4:51 p.m., Sept 19, 2020

I spent the day inside doing work and listening to the Coffee Jazz channel on JazzRadio.com, which was nice. Of note, on Wednesday night, I went to Joe's Seafood near the White House -- and the place was, as everything is nowadays here the District of WOKE Covid Paranoidumbia, nearly empty, but it was still nice.

The next day (Thursday) was a more "normal" day, which meant interacting with this functionally absurd and ethically obscene city.

Note: The image directly above and the next two below are pictures of colorful and enjoyable drawings that Gary's mom created and showed us when we visited where she was living inland about six or seven miles but still in Oceanside, Calif., on Sept 20, 2020. The images are cropped to focus on the drawings.


OK, I'd like to post a link to this very insightful New York Post op-ed by Michael Tracey [link embedded]: How AOC links the personal with the political, stifling dissent.

Below are several paragraphs from the op-ed.

AOC is a highly skilled political communicator. So when she invoked what she said was a past sexual assault during the telling of this tale, the point was to connect the “trauma” from that alleged incident to the “trauma” she incurred on January 6.

This heightens the emotional salience of her demands for extreme remedial action — everything from the expulsion of members of Congress to censorship purges.

Her appeals to Apple and Google shortly after the riot were swiftly accommodated, as the mega-corporations moved to boot the alternate social media site Parler from their app services. And now, questioning anything to do with AOC’s “lived experience” on January 6, or her proposed policy remedies, is denounced as compounding her apparent lifetime of trauma. Disputing what she has to say is suddenly tantamount to “abuse.”

Does the claim she advanced on Twitter, for instance, that Sen. Ted Cruz personally conspired to have her murdered seem a tad far-fetched? Sorry, that’s just her “lived experience” borne of “trauma.” It must therefore be respected and believed.

From the standpoint of political strategy, this is a brilliant rhetorical maneuver.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from the Oceanside pier, Oceanside, Calif., 6:45 p.m., Sept 21, 2020

DC is turning into some kind of bizarre public psychotherapy session in which elected officials compete for who can exhibit the most overbearing narcissistic personality disorder — which is fitting given that Donald Trump, previously the undisputed champion by that metric, has been relegated to semi-retirement in Palm Beach.

Pedestrian pathway near the Dana Point headlands, Calif., 3:20 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

Tracey has that right -- D.C. is a deeply mentally warped dystopian nightmare at the present time, and it is why I am moving away, likely in the spring.

As for AOC's wild manipulations and even wilder exaggerations to the point of outright lying tied to her adroit control of Big Media's willing and eager-to-please narratives I offer the following broader-based historical comparison, or rather, inverted comparison:

Walking with Gary on Dana Strand Rd, Dana Point, Calif., 3:22 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

AOC and the lunatic Illiberal Left are basically the modern day version of the Salem witch hunt persecutors -- but in early 21st Century, postmodern, post-factual, Bizarro World style, they are the persecutors facilitated by the WOKE-crazed and wholly inhuman Twatter, I mean, Twitter mobs they command.

The shimmering Pacific Ocean as seen from the winding clifftop road Dana Point, Calif., 3:23 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

AOC herself is clearly mentally deranged in a sociopathic way with her endlessly pliable versions of truth recalling the "recovered memory movement" collective insanity of the late 1980s / early 1990s.

This phenomenon, I would argue, are simply incarnations of America's recurring religio-Puritanical witch hunt latent tendency. Except the people in the early 1990s weren't highly influential Members of Congress with tens of millions of worshipful zombie followers.

The shimmering Pacific Ocean as seen from the headlines of Dana Point, Calif., 3:42 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

As for these Twatter mobs, always remember that only 22% of the U.S. adult population actually Twats, er, Tweets. What's more, about 80% of the daily adult-generated Twats, I mean, Tweets in the U.S. are generated by about 10% of Twatter users, which means 22% * 10% = 2.2% of the adult (18+ years old) population in the United States.

A significant fraction of these are from angry, Marxist-minded urban lesbians and upper middle class CRT-addled antiracist racist Karens, but that's a significant fraction of just 2.2% of the adult population.

Pacific sunset view from the train near San Clemente heading back to Oceanside, Calif., 6:37 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

Let's assume two-thirds of the 2.2% are these types. That translates to just 1.5% of the U.S. adult population of 209 million or about 3 million people who are generating four out of five of Twatter's leftwing hysterical shrieking and Orwellian language control efforts on any given day. This is actually under 1 percent of the total U.S. population of 331 million. Not sure how the Zuck-Suck-FuckBook numbers break out, but it's probably the same general idea.

Pacific sunset view from the train near San Clemente heading back to Oceanside, Calif., 6:40 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

These Twats, of course, come overwhelmingly from LA, San Francisco, New York, and D.C., plus wherever there are sizable university populations. Included in this Twatting cohort are nearly all the roughly 37,000 journalists in the U.S..

Most influentially, the journalist cohort includes the 500 to 1,000 or so big-named "blue check" Junior Anti-Sex League radical journo-media-advocates of the sort you find at CNNLOL, PMSNBC, and CNBC, as well as NY Times, WaPo, LA Times, Vox, HuffPo, Slate, and Salon.com. (Keep in mind these publications are all now functionally the same.)

Pacific sunset view from the train near San Onofre heading back to Oceanside, Calif., 6:42 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

I refer not just to the biggest of the big names -- Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Jake Tapper -- but especially the Millennial generation's crude, ethically warped, and sometimes outright socipathic games of gotcha, language policing, and even outright thought control.

I'm not going to get into the details of that case but I refer you to what Glenn Greenwald aptly described as "an unholy mix of junior high hall-monitor tattling and Stasi-like citizen surveillance."

I would like to exerpt Greenwald's piece at length, but that would take me too far down a rabbit-hole that I don't want to enter in this entry. He is spot on in saying the individual in question -- from the New York Times -- is "malicious, disgusting, and sociopathic," but this is, alas, just par for the course for the perversion that is journalism these days.

But the New York Twat Times and its Big Twat of a publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, can't enough of this horseshit. Ditto Jeff Bezos and his Washington WOKE Post. They want that.

These are the dangerous totalitarian crazies who have real power today. And that gets me to my larger point, Dear Children: This is how such a miniscule fraction of the population has such an angry lesbian Bolshevik-like chokehold on the entire country, its sense of self, and its many institutions.

As for drooly Uncle Joe, precisely because he's a nearly 80-year old guaranteed one termer who has been throttled by the lunatic left, he is governing as a lunatic leftwinger via endless Executive Order and related edicts. Now at 52 and counting, they're all basically all wildly unconstitutional, but none of that matters nowadays.

Here is a nice summary from Rich Lowry in the New York Post [link embedded]: Biden is the most radical left-wing president in US history, period.

So, let's just summarize it:

The American Illiberal Left is now a psychotic BORG-like hive-mind entity that exists in some multiple gendered yet sexually neutered and undefined, impotent and sterile, loony hyperdimension where all humans, having lost their humanity, are Social Media-addled, mentally damaged, historically wholly illiterate, Western Civilization-hating, Critical Race Theory-demented, nihilistic, Branch Covidian frenzied paranoiac, self-loathing troll-baby dolls lacking any character or dignity, incapable of even existing outside in the physical world, but instead only in some vampire-like virtual existence.

OK, I think it safe to say we all need a breather from that ...

Pacific sunset view from the train near San Onofre heading back to Oceanside, Calif., 6:43 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

Above: It really is amazing how close the trainline is to the shoreline on that stretch of the Southern California coastline.


The Corporate Oligarchical Overclass and Ultra-Rich are fine with this mass socially and even personally suicidal illiberal techno-dystopia because it allows them to amass an ever-increasing amount of not just money but power/control.

A large seagull on the beach in Oceanside, Calif., 11:53 a.m., September 23, 2020

Above: It doesn't matter where you are, these seagulls aren't afraid of people and are ready for battle.


In terms of where we are right now with all the malevolent and totalitarian-minded Big Media entities, their obsession with former President Donald Trump is still off-the-charts. He indeed occupies much space in their minds, rent free, which is darkly humorous considering how Trump and his father made their fortunes.

The Mission Brewery Plaza building as seen from Interstate I-5, San Diego, Calif., 8:59 a.m., September 24, 2020

The Big Media Borg and their Democrat Party Siamese twin are deep into some a mass psycho-sexual frenzy over the Jan 6th Capitol Hill erection insurrection (yes, that mistake is being made repeatedly) with a weird after-the-fact "impeachment trial" now underway at the time of this entry. The only point of his absurdly unconstitutional proceeding is to keep the Left's base in a state of manic frenzy.

The tarmac at San Diego Int'l Airport (SAN) and the nearby skyline of San Diego, Calif., 10:56 a.m., Sept 24, 2020

Above: This airport -- formerly Lindbergh Field -- is unusually close for a major airport from its associated city. Indeed, the skyscrapers of the San Diego central business district literally less than 2 miles away.


To say this "impeachment" is textually farcically unconstitutional goes without saying, but Upchuck Schumer and Pelosi the decissicated black widow spider, as well as Big Media, just can't get enough of it. The Left craves Trump. He is the Emmanuel Goldstein of WOKE journo-pundits and leftwing Twatter mobs everywhere.

Ascent from SAN over San Diego with Coronado visible, 11:07 a.m., September 24, 2020

Trump's attorney, former Republican prosecutor David Schoen, told the ass-hat House impeachment managers led by ringleader Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin to go pound sand when they demanded that Trump "testify" before the Senate.

It remains unlikely that Trump will be convicted by the necessary two-thirds even in this farcical trial with its kangaroo court political proceedings.

Ascent from SAN with downtown San Diego and Naval Base Coronado (NBC) visible, 11:09 a.m., September 24, 2020

The much more worrisome issue here is that the Democrat Party / Big Media complex are demanding a war against "domestic terrorism" and "the enemy within" by using 9/11-style extraconstitutional methods against their "enemy combatants" (i.e., 75M Trump voters) to include torture, brainwashing, family breakups, and whatnot on American citizens -- is not going away.

Ascent from SAN with downtown San Diego and Naval Base Coronado (NBC) visible, 11:09 a.m., September 24, 2020

As for Big Media blue checks, there is much heavy breathing about "QAnon" in the past year. Indeed, this is a topic the Left has been fetishizing about for a good part of the Trump era.

This is what Big Media, the Democrat Party, and the Deep State Establishment want: The criminalization, arrest, imprisonment, and following endless show trials, destruction of all 75M Americans who voted for Trump in 2020. PMSNBC's Nicolle Wallace is even sexually fantasizing on air with her guests about U.S. military "drone strikes" on Trump supporters, presumably in their "Red State strongholds."

Below are my remaining five Southern California trip pictures featured in this entry to include four taken during the awesome arc-ascent over San Diego and the Coronado peninsula.

Think of it as the formal extra-legal institutionalization of the ongoing Cultural and Virtual / Digital Reign of Terror now underway in the United States against all conservatives, especially white "cisgendered" men, but really anybody can be swept up in this open-ended mass lunacy that has engulfed American society.

On the point of the Virtual / Digitial Reign of Terror, I don't want to dive too deeply into the massive and systemic campaign of censorship, deplatforming, and "cancellation" underway by the Big Tech hydra. Suffice it to say that Big Tech believes -- quite possibly correctly -- that there will never be a backlash, social, political, or otherwise, against its multi-tentacled, multi-headed malevolency.

We may be in a quasi-permanent state of culturally Illiberal Leftwing, economically Corporate Oligarchical Overclass authoritarianism, if not outright national government-level / Blue State dictatorship.

Above: This is such a cool picture showing a large part of the City of San Diego and the entire "thumb" of the Coronado peninsula.


OK, I'm going to sign off for now. Oh, but before I do, I want to post a copy of Trump's letter dated Feb 4th to SAG-AFTRA President and all-around WOKE witch when she sent him some letter about the organization's absurd "Disciplinary Committee" move to kick him out because of his role in the Jan 6th "Insurrection" at the Capitol. It's pretty damn funny what he wrote in vintage Trump way:

Remember that Hollyboob, I mean, Hollywood remains -- like the other big mass media, cultural, and political institutions of broken American society --in the throes of an anti-Trump monomaniacal frenzy even though he's now just a private citizen. It's the Debra Messing paradigm of Hollywood values. (Say, how goes her ongoing virtual bitch-slap fight with Susan Sarandon??)

OK, now I am really going to sign off. This was an entry that was supposed to take a few hours to compose and instead ended up taking nearly a week in fits and starts and revisions.

Leaving Southern California by jet: Somewhere over the arid, wrinkled wastes of San Bernardino County, Calif., 12:39 p.m., September 24, 2020

My intention is to post one or two more entries before I post -- finally -- that Three's Company-themed one and keep it as the lead one for about a week. I intend to do that around Monday (Washington's Birthday -- have the WOKE cancelled him yet??).


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