Tuesday, January 19, 2021

On Eve of Notional Biden Presidency, CRT-Crazed Illiberal Left Seeks Racial Purge of 26,000 Nat'l Guardsmen Brought To D.C. For Democrat Militarized "Safe Space," Prelude to “Cleansing” of Trump Voters; WOKE Karens Still Running Amok

National Guardsmen and a large truck blocking 23rd Street NW by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Washington, D.C., 3:54 p.m., January 16, 2021

I think this picture sums up the essence of the dystopian nature of our time: A massive National Guard presence in Washington, D.C., with the National Mall completely blocked off by 10 to 12-foot high chain link fences and automatic rifle-toting troops in the biggest military presence the District as ever experienced.

Yes, the troop presence surpasses what was here in the 1968 riots (and forget the "Summer of Love" riots of 2020.) But the 26,000 National Guard troops serve the political performance art sake of creating a WOKE Illiberal "safe space" at the point of a machine gun against the Trump Voters.

Trump voters are now the Big Media / Hollywood entertainment complex's "Domestic Terrorist Enemy" that must be "neutralized" and "cleansed from society," their children "reeducated."

Yes, that's PRECISELY how they talk on social media -- and "Zuck" and Nehru Dorsey are FINE with that. And it must be done so that the Deep State military / industrial / surveillance complex and related Oligarchy it serves can get back to the work of its "Great Reset" of civilization.

National Guard informal checkpoint, 21st and K Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 1:41 p.m., January 15, 2021

Such a reset has been enabled by the Covid pandemic into a Culturally Marxist-based, identity politics-riven, net zero-energy constrained army of paranoiacs living in terror via the endless hysteria of an open-ended "public health emergencies" for purposes of social control.

In case it isn't clear, that's the relevance of the PAHO building (see lead image), which resembles an old car engine air filter in its grotesque 1960s Modernist architectural style.


So, here we are on the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States in all his ever-more withered, bad tempered, increasingly dementia afflicted state of mental confusion -- I mean, just look at him in a screenshot from two days ago -- for a duration that is almost certain to be less than 4 full years precisely because of his rapid cognitive decline.

But this entry isn't about the turkey vultures of the species Amendment XXV that will be circling the White House 24/7, nor the Shakespearean level of court intrigue to erupt between Kwanzaa Kamala, the Hateful Harpy Co-President-in-Waiting, Susan Rice, and Uncle Joe's snarling, vindictive wife "Doctor" Jill.

Rather, it is about a new facet of Illiberal Left racial fascism and civil as a result of the Absurdist Theatre level of militarization of the Capital that the otherwise "Defund the Police" Illiberal Left have brought about to the tune of 26,000 National Guard troops now occupying a fully militarized monumental core and downtown Washington, D.C.

I refer to the WOKE Left's new race-based panic in the form of a fear of white, male National Guard units from around the U.S. who are here and who may hold WrongThink views and therefore must be targeted for cancel culture elimination. That is, there may be elements of the 26,000 troops who are not up to Madam Mayor Muriel Big-Breasted Bowser's highly-WOKE, lowly-IQ snuff.

This aspect of the hateful Illiberal Left hydra is being stoked and facilitated through the usual toxic combination of Big Media, Big Tech, Corporate Oligarchy, and the Deep State combined, it must be said, with Quisling Senate Republicans.

It is still more CRT-infused poison being brought to society by monomaniacally identity politics-fixated (i.e., openly race-based fascistic) Illiberal Left with the goal of stoking to stoke open racial conflict and national dissolution.

More specifically, it is is part of the aforementiond Hydra's demented, ultimately nationally suicidal desire for a Cancel Culture-driven "War on Domestic Terror" against anyone white who is not demonstrably ultra-WOKE in that D.C. suburban upper middle class Karen Covid paranoiac way.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's push back on this in a tweet is worth reading with screen capture below:

This garbage was started by that revolting specimen of a human called Steve Cohen, an ass-wipe septuagenarian Congress-Cretin from, of all places, Tennessee, where he represents a majority-minority district encompassing Memphis.

A word about Congressman Steve Cohen ...

This man -- who in the UK would be termed a bald-headed git -- will always be moust famous for KFC fried chicken-gorging spectacle at a hearing in May 2019 in which Attorney General Bill Barr simply didn't show up.

Above: Christ, look at him: What a fucking disgusting old man pig, but he doesn't have any obvious CRT-based "biomarkers" that the Left can use to demand that we declare what we're seeing is actually beautiful.

Image how gross is his bathroom in the morning after he uses it?

Congress-Pig Steve Cohen eating his dinner


In terms of the current state of extreme fear, loathing, and general paranoia and how that is affecting the massive federal government militarization of the Capital city, a few thoughts ...

Above: A compendium of three Alex Berenson tweets from last week. I think I already posted this image, but it is important enough that it warrants a reposting.


What's happening is that the CRT virus has infected the FBI and at upper echelons of the Pentagon (spreading downward), so that now the Cultural Marxist identity politics (i.e., race-as-all-encompassing determinate of zero-sum conflict) values, beliefs, and methods of AOC's Squad are steadily infiltrating these institutions.

As a result, they are increasingly being driven by paranoidal and fascistic desires for purges of race-based purges, i.e., white men (and women) on the basis that the "toxicity" of their "whiteness" makes them dangerous to the New WOKE World Order.

Above and below: Two street images of downtown Washington, D.C., that I took last week -- specifically, while walking south on 21st Street NW -- showing on a gray, forlorn, January day the militarization and desertion of the capital city. As of Sunday, it became impossible to cross the National Mall because it is completely blocked off.

Ironically, though, my Metro ride between Foggy Bottom and L'Enfant Plaza has never been easier -- a straight, nonstop shot since every in-between station is closed (Farragut West, Metro Center, McPherson Square, Federal Triangle, and Smithsonian / National Mall).

And what's happening here is that Big Media, Big Tech, and E-Commerce / FIRE-sector Corporate Oligarchy are joining with the Deep State in an attempt to launch a full-scale "War on Domestic Terrorism" against anyone suspected of harboring WrongThink and general ThoughtCrime views, which is to say, ANYONE and EVERYONE who voted for Trump.

General militarization of Constitution Ave by 21st St NW, Washington, D.C., 2:00 p.m., January 15, 2021

Above: At least snowplows in D.C. are being put to some use because they sure as hell aren't needed for snow removal.


Now carrying out such a massive "Cancel Culture Purge" against nearly 75 million Americans who voted for Trump poses a slight operational problem for the WOKE Left for a variety of reasons.

For starters, many Trump voters live in parts of the country in which the WOKE Left doesn't have a suffocating chokehold the way it does in big Blue cities -- and its stranglehold on every aspect of mass culture simply doesn't matter in those areas.

What's more, the vast majority of the country's food supply is produced and distributed by Trump voters since kale grown in a window sill above a feces-and-used needle-filled homeless encampment in San Francisco or vegan-friendly sprouts mixed with hemp grown in a Fort Totten DC community garden aren't enough to feed the country.

This doesn't mean that certain deranged lunatics aren't trying their hardest to organize a sort of virtual -- if not actual -- Reign of Terror against Trump voters.

About the militarization here in D.C., where I actually live and through which I have to navigate on a daily basis, this extended clip of Tucker Carlson addressing the matter sums it up nicely.

In this clip, Tucker Carlson quotes the question-and-answer of the late, notorious Huey Long on the likely nature of a future fascist government in the United States:

"Do you think we will ever have Fascism in America?” Said the Kingfish: “Sure, only we’ll call it anti-Fascism."

As for the current situation here in D.C., I'm actually doubtful that the monumental core will be demilitarized in anything approaching a "normal" state for a while -- and I won't give a date but much like the Covid media-driven pandemic, it's just an open-ended power grab.

Remember the Illiberal Left's incentive structure is to have open-ended terror-mongering, fear-driven paranoia, and ultimate destruction of life itself because they themselves are twistedly demented people who are on a long, slow suicidal trajectory. (This is actually a topic I'd like to address in a subsequent entry.)

On a personal note, there's nothing, obviously, I can do. But my own bit of happiness will come in specifically not wearing a face diaper while on the National Mall greenway as part of my daily walk to and from the office. Remember, a "face mask mandate" will be among Pervy Joe's initially flurry of executive edicts, in this case, "on federal property including interstates" -- however the fuck that is supposed to work.

That cartoonishly ineffectual "mandate" will send the lockdown-loving Left into bouts of orgasmic ecstasy to include the WOKE Karens of Montgomery County, Maryland. They are quickly turning their children into severely mentally ill zombies unable to ever function again in society. But the Karens like that. That's their "New Normal" of the Great Reset.

Of course, that "mask mandate" will be enforced as much as it is anywhere else outside in D.C. Indeed, the real problem are not the police but the WOKE Covid paranoiac Karens -- the sort who have yet to mate and produce offspring -- who infest the city and cannot be avoided enough.

OK, the remainder of the images in this entry are from my Flagler Beach / Daytona Beach trip last August. I have posted all of them previously, but I'm reposting them to add some seaside and vibrant life imagery as a counterpoint to all the fucked up charcoal gray, WOKE, dystopian misery of fucking Washington, D.C., in the current time.

Yes, that's a full time job while outside in D.C. and its immediate suburbs because the lunacy here is intense, malevolent, and deep-seated. Nor will it be going away anytime soon.

And let me be clear about something: The WOKE Karen Covid paranoiacs of which I speak still act in horror and engage in endless sidewalk, street criss-cross dodging EVEN IF are "masked up" -- precisely because the of demented PMNSNBCNNBC paranoia and hysterical fear is off the charts.

The WOKE zombie Karens come in several different flavors including those with pussy-whipped male frog-in-the-making. This entry isn't about that, but I wanted to note it. I don't know which one is worse -- but they are all DEEPLY psychologically damaged and will NEVER again be normal. I mean, they were already fucked up but a year's worth of COVID, COVID, COVID has put them over the top and into mental insanity.

What's more, any offspring they have WILL be SEVERELY mentally fucked up and incapable of functioning in anything approaching a normal way. This is already rampantly underway in the Montgomery Counties of the U.S. where brigades of WOKE Covid paranoiac Karens run and ruin everything. (I was going to post a standalone entry on this, but think I'll hold off. I mean, what the hell can you say??)

A second bigger bit of happiness will be going down to Florida multiple times between this week and late August.

These include visits to Deerfield Beach Jan 22 - 26; Flagler Beach to visit my dad (who now has internet and I can actually do work while there and needn't just use vacation time) in late April and late June; and a week-long Daytona Beach hotel stay (like last year in the same hotel) in late August.

(Yes, workwise the later part of the months are better for me to travel.)

I'm also hoping Gary and I can do another trip to Oceanside, Calif., in late Sept or late October -- on the assumption that Gavin "Pussy" Newsom still doesn't have the state in total, ineffectual lockdown.

OK, I think that wraps up this entry. Looking ahead, I intend to post one or two more entries this week before Gary and I head down to Fort Lauderdale on Friday for a severely needed vacation out of dystopian D.C. with its phalanxes of gender pronoun-unspecified, fully WOKE-demented, Covid paranoiacs sucking the life force out of the sunlight, air, and water themselves.

OK, signing off for now. My next planned entry will be tomorrow night.


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