Thursday, January 28, 2021

Noontime Update on a Midwinter's Windy, Very Cold Day with Some Items Both Problematic and Hopeful Via Alex Berenson's Twitter Feed

The Motherland Calls compositional statue on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)

There's no two ways about it: This is a frickin' amazing and powerful statue, not to mention ginormous at nearly 280 feet tall.


Windy, very cold, but otherwise mostly sunny noontime.

I say "very cold" even with a noontime air temperature of about 35°F because the 25-mph NW wind surging to 40-mph is putting the wind chill around 20°F even here in D.C. proper, which let's face it, by present-day, globally warmed / warming standards and recent winters, is extremely cold.

While Gary and I were in South Florida earlier this week, there was a minor snowfall that brought the first accumulating total of the season to KDCA with 0.3 inches falling -- prior to that, the total has been the usual "trace."/div>

For KBWI, it was 0.5 inches, bringing its seasonal total to 2.1 inches. And for KIAD, it was 0.2 inches, bringing its seasonal tally to 2.6 inches.

There was also light rainfall.

All of these seasonal tallies are way below the present 30-year average, which as I've noted in other entries, gets its decennial update from 1981 - 2010 to 1991 - 2020 later this year and should reflect a significant (10 to 15% range?) drop in the average annual snowfall.

A more significant weather system for the Saturday - Monday period has the potential -- though not necessarily the likelihood -- of bringing an outright snowstorm even to the immediate D.C. Metro area. It would be our first "snowstorm" of any note in a few years, maybe more. I've lost track.

The recent Euro, UK Met, and hapless Canadian models have been bullshit bullish on the likelihood of snow while the GFS shows an incoherent system in two parts that doesn't do much.

This entry is a noontime update ahead of one ahead of mostly-written but not yet formatted, bitterly jeremiad-toned political-themed posting that is interspersed with approximately two dozen pictures from my recently concluded and all-too-short South Florida vacation centered on Deerfield Beach. I should have that one posted later this afternoon.

OK, I need to get ready and walk into the office.

About that walk, and despite being so unhappy to be back here in shitty D.C. -- a city these days that combines the State-sponsored Branch Covidian paranoiac lunacy suggestive of present-day Pyongyang with the Kareny WOKE fundamentalism akin to Tehran 1979, and general sense of hopeless despair one might have felt in Stalingrad 1942 -- I will admit to being surprised that the ENTIRE mass and absurd militarization of the National Mall greenway itself has been removed.

Above and farther below are a series of images of Alex Berenson tweets from yesterday and today involving Covid-related matters. These are explained toward the bottom of this entry, although eachis fairly self explanatory.


True, Pelosi, her Squad, and the Democrat / Big Media complex have kept about 5,000 National Guard troops here -- down from the super-militarized Space Space-and-anti-Trump voter show of aggressive force peak of 26,000 last week at Biden's ugly inauguration -- and what's more, the CRT / WOKE Cancel Culture Thought Police are busy accusing these very same troops (guess which ones?) of racially impure thoughts.

But that's just part of the ongoing much larger Cultural Marxist war being relentlessly waged by the Illiberal Left.

Above and below are parts 1 and 2, respectively, of a letter sent to Alex Berenson on CDC adjustments to its baseline death figures -- and the dramatic consequences of even minor changes to the baseline figures on "Covid deaths" (both with and from).

Anyway, the point about my walk is that I can now walk between my apartment and L'Enfant Plaza including the Mall portion with the usual ease now -- no 12-foot high chain-link fences or other bollards or barricades, no physical street barriers and checkpoints, no armed personnel carriers, no machine gun-toting National Guard troops, and no tanks (well, actually, I never saw any of those).

Finally, before I end, I'd like to post a Branch Covidian update, specifically, to note two items, one bad and one good -- and both via Alex Berenson.

First, as shown in the screenshots images above, Berenson shared a letter from a reader who explained how the CDC's rigging of the baseline figure of expected deaths -- a 2-percent increase versus a 1.5-percent decrease -- has massive consequences for the number of "with / from" Covid deaths. To show this, I created a screenshot-based compendium of the four-tweet thread while separating out the original email from a reader who ran and presented some calculations.

The second tweet -- featured in a tweet images and composite images and below -- is some (finally) hopeful news out of Israel -- a country that has vaccinated a large fraction of its population through the two doses of the mRNA vaccines. Both the Pfizer and Moderna ones are very similar to each other. Other efforts in development -- such as a Lilly one -- take a different approach.

To clarify, Berenson has been a relentless vaccine skeptic, touting via this Twitter feed all manner of implicit, anecdotal, and circumstantial news on the adverse consequences of the two vaccines, which is in contrast to Big Media, which has nothing but positive things to say about it. In keeping with this approach, Berenson noted that the U.S. appears to be coming down anyway from the giant third wave of cases.

Alright, I think this is a good point to sign off. Again, I should have that other entry posted later today or tonight.


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