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More Developments Related To and Thoughts On the Digital Reign of Terror Unleashed by Big Tech Oligarchs In Cahoots with WOKE Cancel Culture Dems and Jake Tapper-Style Big Media Borg

A winter sky seen through the bare limbs of willow oak trees, 21st Street and Virginia Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 1:24 p.m., January 8, 2021


As a follow-up to my previous entry, and because the events are happening so quickly and explosively, I note in this entry that key components of the virtual Big Tech oligarchy -- Amazon, Apple, and Google -- have engaged in a coordinated Digital Reign of Terror attack that has all-but-removed Parler from the internet at midnight last night to the extent that Parler relied on these three illiberal leftwing WOKE-minded, wholly unaccountable super-state entities for its servers, app availability, and general internet accessibility.

Image of message from CEO Parler John Matze; click on image for larger version


And there is nothing that can be done because these corporate leviathans are, indeed, super-state entities now beyond the reach of the law, or at least American law given the country's abysmal political state in this year 2021.

What's more, this is just the beginning of a Democrat-led Reign of Terror and "de-Trumpification" purge that presently just involves Washington Consensus / Establishment-blessed Cancel Culture strictures. But as soon as the Biden rump presidency / Kamala - Pelosi Reign of Terror begins in 10 days, it will involve the full power of the U.S. Government.

Re. the above and below screenshot images of Brit Hume and Byron York tweets, it isn't clear how much of this is due to a systematic purge by Twitter and how much is actually people quitting Twitter. As it is, I've watched Alex Berenson's twitter following -- which had climbed slowy from 175K when I first started following him about six months ago -- plummet in a few days from 240K to the current 220.3K.

Now, this isn't the end of Parler. The upstart social media platform for conservatives should be able to get back online, slowly, in the coming weeks as new servers are found. Remember: You don't need these monstrosities for your online existence. The Matrix-like engineering substructure of the internet means that, ultimately, there are always ways to get information or views from one point to another.

It just helps mightily to have them.

Our star, Sol, central organizing entity of the Solar stellar System, as seen on a winter day in Old Town Alexandria, January 9, 2021


Now as you know, it's the Big Media Illiberal Left thought police who are actively propagandizing on air for the removal, suppression, and criminalization of all views they don't like.

Basically, at this point, to be a Trump supporter or, more generally, a Republican who isn't functionally a groveling WOKE Democrat asking about where to make BLM reparations payments, is to be a "white supremacist" in the Big Media narrative.

This is the logical culmination of the efforts of Big Academia over the past two to three generations, namely, "teaching" virulent anti-American / anti-Western poison that has found its apotheosis in the outright race-based fascism of Critical Race Theory.

The millions of individuals -- functionally, they are heads of cattle -- that exist in the social media hive-mind and hopped up on PMSNBCNNBC hysteria are welcoming totalitarianism, indeed, are "giddy" at this Digital Reign of Terror "Purge" of their enemies.

Above and below: Screenshot images of tweets that President Trump sent out from his POTUS account after Twitter permanently banned him personally from its social media platform.

Let me just say to whoever reads this entry in the years to come, and whatever you think of Donald J. Trump, just keep in mind two things:

(1) Donald Trump was at the time still the sitting and, yes, duly elected President of the United States when a company, i.e., a non-state actor in the form of a corporation, Twitter, felt sufficiently empowered, to "deplatform" him; and (2) Twitter's actions are flagrantly illegal vis-a-vis its role as a telecommunications utility under Section 230 and related statutes, yet the company knew that it could undertake this action against him with no consequences. In fact, its actions would be widely hailed as heroic.

If you as, for want of a better term, an obscure nobody vis-à-vis the vast and complex organism of society are fine with this, then you are basically a brainless lemming who understands nothing about constitutional freedoms and safeguards. Instead, as a bribed tool of overclass intrigue, you can and will willingly surrender to any form of corporate authoritarianism and, for the sake of any moral panic or, for that matter, open-ended "public health" emergenices, could be easily corraled into a prison or concentration camp.

And no one will be there to speak for you.

This is where we are in the world of early 2021 when it comes to what are ostensibly "progressive" ass-wipes who celebrate the destruction of basic Constitutional freedoms. Think Debra Messing followers. And I actually don't like saying that because Debra Messing was terrific on Will & Grace (a sitcom I watch in late-night reruns regularly).

On a personal note, while we're talking about endless deplatforming, I told one of my last ultra-left ex-friends to fuck off. To clarify, this has been building slowly but relentlessly. What's more, I've been my own version of "cancel culture" banning from my life of any WOKE-minded, totalitarian-embracing, face diaper-fetishizing Branch Covidian paranoiacs afflicted with incurable "TDS."

Hahahaha ...

Just FYI, I created my own Parler account last night. (To clarify, I've never had a Twitter, Facebook, or even My Space account, and never intend to.) I don't intend to post to Parler, at least not now, but I felt it important to have account. I haven't checked if Parler is offline today. I assume it is, and I assume it will be back up at some point.

Now, it will be interesting to see how the federal lawsuits that will now follow will play out. There are so many ultra-urgent issues here that must be addressed.

Of course, if we rely on ex-conservative SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, all we'll get "penumbras, formed by emanations" horseshit about how this is perfectly Constitutional.

My own view is that if you want to break up the United States, you couldn't pick a better way to hasten its demise, or rather, it's "Split" than given what is happening now via informational warfare and cancel culture. Yes, the Illiberal Left is presently ascendant and running amok, but that will change. Of course, Illiberal Left, being as collectively stupid as they are in their Borg-like hive mind, never, ever consider the consequences of their actions.

It was probably always going to be the case that the United States would meet its demise through its own internal contradictions and doings to include technology and our commercial mass culture combined with weird puritanical moral panics, even the secular sort such as is WOKEISM.

In terms of the "deplatforming," if I can be a bit philosophical, it should go without saying but here it is: It's probably a good thing to be off social media. It's a digusting poison. There are other ways to communicate.

As a final topic for this entry, and as you surely know, this current Digital Reign of Terror and Big Media white-hot hysteria demanding "de-Trumpification" punishments and show trials was "triggered" by the events of Wednesday at the Capitol here in D.C.

I will not engage in the de rigeur virtue signaling about how the Citidel of Democracy and Democratic Lighthouse of the World needs to be protected from "Pearl Harbor" and "domestic 9/11" attacks by white supremacist Nazis who would destroy our nation.

As I wrote, the entire Stop the Steal rally was a mostly peaceful protest and the maylee at the Capitol complex featured noisy but unarmed protesters. The deaths resulted from the Capitol police -- the same ones who sort of winked and nodded as the mob "stormed" the place.

But I will note the always deeply annoying Big Media double standard whereby months of BLM/Antifa violence that laid waste to multiple American cities, turning them into dystopian hellscapes, during the 2020 "Summer of Love" -- to include endless attacks on federal buildings, especially in Portland -- was simultaneously celebrated as "social justice" in action and downplayed as "mostly peaceful protests."

And, of course, Democrat pols with Big Media welcomed and encouraged all this violence on the bizarro-world grounds that it was all about realizing "social justice" -- and they did so during the "Covid pandemic" but with the active encouragement, as well, of the Medical / Health state complex and its legions of endlessly self-proclaimed heroic "Front Line" medical workers.

But Wednesday's events, because they involved the WRONG sort of people, i.e., white working class, "cis-gendered," "hetero-normative" men with conservative view points, i.e., the antipode of any BIPOC-approved group taught about and celebrated in any institution of higher learning and that are the truncheon of the Democrat/Big Media narrative, it represnts an "existential threat to civilization," and its perpetrators must be destroyed.

Looking back on history, it's quite remarkable that when other FULLY ARMED groups have stormed the U.S. Capitol -- Puerto Rican nationalists on March 1, 1954 and again with Black Panthers in on May 2, 1967 -- well, that's just fine and celebrated, if not then instantly memory holed.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Millennial and Gen Z CRT-crazed WOKE fundamentalists can't get enough of shit like that. Of course, being complete historical illiterates, they have no knowledge of those events.

Finally, let's note the historical farce in the fact that Dems are intending to impeach President Trump -- a second impeachment -- on the very last day he will be in office. This is a Botox Nan specialty. In her octogenarian, fully desiccated, decrepit black widow state (see image above), she can only live both by sucking the life force out of young people around her and forever feeding on the large carcass of Donald J. Trump.

It's how she seeks, ultimately and thankfully unsuccessfully, her immortality.

And as I noted here, this is also the way in which Big Media will seek to maintain its white-hot civil war for purposes of power and profit in the coming months -- an endless, ever-metastasizing anti-Trump terror campaign.

I just wish someone would note Jake Tapper's Coca-Cola problem.

To quote journalist Linda Ellberee (whatever happened to her??), "And so it goes..."


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