Friday, January 8, 2021

Long-in-the-Making Illiberal Left Reign of Terror Explodes as the Unholy Trinity of Cancel Culture-Crazed Marxist Dems, Big Media Borg Merchants of Hate, & Big Tech Oligarchs Unleash Their Fury

"Une Exécution capitale, place de la Révolution"
By Pierre-Antoine Demachy, c. 1793; Carnavalet Museum, Paris


As I write this on the night of January 8th, 2021, the United States is literally in a kind of leftwing political and corporate Reign of Terror.

To be clear, this Reign of Terror is essentially just digital and virtual. At least for now.

This Reign of Terror is a long-brewing spasm of insanity, half-contrived, half based on the mass psychosis that afflicts the Democrat Party caused by the CRT virus and its WOKE fundamentalist manifestations so that all Republicans are to any Democrat, ipso facto, a white supremacist. And it is brought to you by a Frankenstein monster hybrid of Democrat pols, Big Media borg-like thought police, and Big Tech oligarchs.

The fear, loathing, paranoia, and lunacy of this digital and cancel culture witch's brew is stewing in that old D.C. swampy broth of Washington Consensus Beltway pundits and the military / industrial / surveillance complex. It is seasoned by a feckless and paranoidal Republican Party, in particular, Republican Senators who seem to fear and loathe their own base supporters.

In this Satanic stew is an Unholy Trinity consisting of:

(1) A lunatic Democrat Party pols attempting to impeach or 25th Amendment forcibly remove President Donald Trump (whose term ends in 12 days anyway) while simultaneously demanding multiple Republican Senators resign on the pretext that simply questioning the electoral certification process was thhe same as the "violent insurrection" at the U.S. Capitol complex on Wednesday.

(2) Big Media shrieking rage-a-holic shrieking and generialized a psychopathic-sexual paranoia about a rightwing "insurrection" (because of happenings at the Capitol on Wednesday). It's hard to overstate the level and sheer degeneracy of the Big Media paranoia stoking for purposes of cultural and even civil war.

(3) Big Tech digital Reign of Terror involving mass deplatforming not just of President Trump but pretty much all Trump supporters (and, for that matter, any Republican who is insufficiently groveling and "where do I pay my BLM reparations??" apologetic).

In the case of Big Media and Big Tech, these societally destructive entities are using the pretext of Wednesday's events at the Capitol to launch this an all-out cyber-violent assault on Donald Trump and his supporters.

What's more, Google and Apple are in the process of deplatforming the Parler platform, in part because Trump FINALLY joined it (and only after his Twitter ban). What's more, scared and/or WOKE-infected publishers are cancelling book contracts of sitting Republican Senators (I refer to Simon & Schuster and Sen Josh Hawley).

This assault on all the institutions of American conservatism and its underlying racial, ethnic, and religious overtones -- i.e., a war on anything considered "traditional American" as now "systemically racism" -- has been building for a while. But it had a specific trigger.

Much like the Democrat Party-stoked Antifa and BLM "Summer of Love" urban civil war was "triggered" by the George Floyd killing on May 25th, the current Reign of Terror was triggered by the events of Wednesday, Jan 6th. That's when a bunch of badly dressed, angry, unarmed Trump supporters -- part of a much larger "Stop the Steal" rally during the electoral certification process-- "stormed," or rather, were encouraged to storm, the U.S. Capitol complex for a few hours.

Yes, reportedly 5 people died, but that was Capitol police's doing. Regardless, using it as a pretext, and despite the searing hypocrisy of the months' long celebration by Democrat pols of all the Antifa / BLM violence that laid waste to so many American cities, Big Tech and Big Media have launched this digital Reign of Terror. It is directed not just Donald Trump himself, who is now personally "banned" from both Twitter and Facebook, but many of this top supporters.

About this Reign of Terror, it doesn't help matters that so many Republican Senators are basically contemptuous of their base voters even while they are genuinely afraid of the leftwing juggernaut and have turned audibly on Trump. We're not far from having Republican Senators urging Sen Hawley and Sen Cruz to resign. I will be interested to see if, when, and how any federal lawsuits play out over all of this -- Sen. Hawley promised to see Simon and Schuster in court.

Far more disturbing than this digital lynch mob assault on the outgoing President is the larger Reign of Terror being unleashed by the aforementioned Unholy Trinity. Let's look at it in more detail.

Both the Big Media and Big Tech hydras are filled with two sets of people: (1) Millennial and Gen Z CRT-crazed WOKE cultists (a group that heavily populates the staff of Twitter and Facebook); "anti-racist" identitarian politics-based fascists; barista-by-day / Antifa violent vermin-by-night; and other assorted zombies. (2) Ageing Baby Boomers, that degenerate, suburban-dwelling, capital-owning upper class that refuses to go the fuck away in a war against the working class and traditional American blocs.

Yes, let's say what that means: The white working class. It also means any traditional religious groups, small business owners, the civilian police (the military is sort of a hybrid and, so far, not really on anyone's side), and any other bloc that refuses to mouth their Cultural Marxist WOKE creed. And Branch Covidian paranoia is another mark of this leftwing juggernaut.

Common to all groups is a virulent illiberalism that seeks thought control (especially, the social media hive-minded Millennials and Gen Z) and immortality (obviously, the Boomers).

Above and below are two segments of Tucker Carlson's show -- one from Jan 7 (above) and the other brief one from Jan 8 (below). It is likely YouTube will be removing these soon. This is part of the massive combined corporate and illiberal leftwing assault on Trump and Trump supporters designed to "cleanse" the country of them.

Yes, those are the words Big Media personalities and their "producers" are openly using on social media. Of course, since it comes from the Left and is directed against the segment of the population they wish to exterminate, it's more than fine on those platforms. In fact, it's encouraged.

UPDATED 6:41 p.m. 1/11/2021: I replaced the above and below video links with the one above from Fox News itself rather than via YouTube.

As Trump leaves office, Big Media will seek to maintain this white-hot level of manic frenzied hatred by the assortment of urban illiberal liberals and other thought control-minded, fear-laden, hive-minded, Covid paranoidal, WOKE zombies.

Big Media -- yes, PMSNBCNN, the WaHoPo, the New York WOKE Times, NPR, and the rest of the digital corporate borg -- will do this by continuing its cancel culture-minded warfare against suspected Trump loyalists, the Republican Party in general, and other non-BIPOC-approved groups.

But thinking through consequences of actions has never been high on the Left's priority list.

Glenn Greenwald had a good twitter thread about how a new "War on Terror," but this on, domestically based, unlike the first one. This entry contains a series of screen shot images of the eight tweets (three of the images contain compendiums of two tweets).

Greenwald was interviewed on Tucker Carlson earlier tonight and he explicitly stated that the power and profits of the Democrat Party and Big Media depends on off-the-charts fear of Donald Trump and his supporters -- and the need to maintain this is what will drive what I'm calling a Reign of Terror and what Greenwalkd calls the upcoming Domestic War on Terror.

Fanned by hate-mongering Big Media BORG and given legal cover by totalitarian-minded Democrats and their Twitter medieval mobs, this terror campaign will be run by the surveillance state turned inward against the citizenry. They will have the active and sustained aid of that tiny cabal of absurdly powerful, beyond-the-reach-of-the-law Silicon Valley Big Tech oligarchs.

Of course, sundry other corporate oligarchs of e-commerce and communications will also play essential roles in this grotesque "reset" of society into a dystopian panopticon.

There will also be a Medical / Health police state component given the open-ended Covid "health emergency" and its authoritarian value.

Grifting onto this parasitically like flies-to-shit will be all those Bush era Neocons who formed the basis of the DC-based "Never Trumper" fake Republicans. This group is desperately in need of a new parasitic grift.

OK, I'm out of readily available topical pictures and I just want to post this damn entry and then drink while watching my old late TV shows ...

Still, part of me wonders exactly you carry out this sort of cultural reign of terror, to say nothing of a "hot" civil war against 74 million Trump voters -- trying to destroy their livelihoods for being "white supremacists" simply because they support Trump or anyone like him. Keep in mind how many of these people grow and raise the nation's food supply and maintain its coast-to-coast surface modal transportation systems (i.e., trucking and freight).

My own view is that with such a white hot war raging, it will suck up any oxygen for the Democrat Party that has now the Presidency and (super narrowly) both Houses of Congress in the party's attempt to legislatively create it's socialist utopia.

I refer to the Medicare for All, free higher education (i.e., free entrance to Big Academia's poisonous maisma of anti-Americanism and CRT-based fascism), the Green New Deal (with its "net zero" energy-constrained oligarchy), and open-ended urban guerrilla warfare-enforced Marxism and "public health emergencies" to destroy all non-BIPOC / non-WOKE small businesses.

The "Defund the Police" part refers to the replacement of what had been civilian police forces with scary goon squads to enforce leftwing identitarian terror. And it happens all while creating dystopian lawless hellscapes out of America's once economically and culturally mighty and beautiful cities, as has already happened to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland.

Honestly, I'm not even sure how the United States really holds together for more than 5 years in such a dystopian scenario. But it is a scenario that as of this writing seems the most likely to happen.

On a personal note, I'm actually not even sure how long this blog will last. Eventually, the corporate thuggish censorship and deplatforming that now define both the Silicon Valley oligarchs' social media platforms and even the Google search engine will reach down to the level of an obscure blog such as this. As for the internet itself and the world wide web, they seem immune to direct censorship and control by these social media and search engine hyper-giants. But it wouldn't take much -- with the help of a government actor - to change that.

With all that swirling about in my mind, I've decided to back off the political commentary for a bit. My next entry (planned for tomorrow) will be a cosmological / metaphysical one and the one thereafter (barring some major reason otherwise), my long delayed Three's Company-themed sprawling entry. I intend to keep that entry posted as the lead for a week.

The following week, Gary and I are supposed to go to South Florida for a four day vacation in Deerfield Beach -- and get away from winter and open-ended Covid hysteria and semi-lockdowns of ordinary life here.

OK, I'm signing off for now.


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