Friday, January 29, 2021

A Review of Biden's Highly-Destructive 1st Week EO Frenzy, Public Teachers Unions Professional Self-Destruction, and the Ugly Establishment’s GameStop Freak Out -- Interspersed with My Deerfield Beach and Other South Florida Trip Pics

Two swimmers in the lightly roiled Atlantic surf as seen from the beach, Deerfield Beach, Fla., 2:51 p.m., Jan 25, 2021

The pictures in this entry -- except for an obvious one -- were all taken on my just-sadly-concluded and all-too-brief South Florida trip to Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

I'm not captioning them except for the lead one and those end of the entry, but the file names contain place and time information. To clarify, most were taken in Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach plus two in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Oh, and some where taken while in flight. They're posted in no particular order over four days.

As for the written content of this entry, I initially wrote it on Wednesday (last) night and did so prior to the entry I wrote yesterday. In the end, this entry ended up much longer and more involved than I anticipated.

Because the entry ended up a lot longer than I anticipated, I posted basically all the South Florida pictures I intended to post, although I have a handful left that I might feature in a subsequent entry.

In terms of written content, this is a political-themed commentary focused on the initial manic spasm of Biden Executive Orders (EOs) in the first week as the notional head of a malaprop Culturally Marxist and oligarchical collectivist Democrat regime.

In case it isn't obvious, Democrats prefer ruling by EO because it bypasses the normal democratic representative process and has the flavor of open-ended emergencies requiring endless "emergency" edicts, which they love.

About Florida, let me say upfront that I would like to travel there several more times this year for three purposes to include visiting my dad in Flagler Beach, staying for four or five days in Daytona Beach, and going again to Deerfield Beach.

But the ongoing WOKE fundamentalist-minded, Covid paranoiac-based, billionaire Davos Set-designed, totalitarian-infused "Great Reset" remake of society could and probably will upend my plans.

This complication will happen via a likely and flamboyantly unconstitutional EO from dementia-addled Uncle Joe whereby no American citizen can travel on the pretextual Covid horseshit unless they test "negative" in a Covid horseshit test specifically DESIGNED to find as many positives at all times.

The purpose of that, of course, is to keep you in isolated, life-destroying, Kareny perma-lockdown. For now, airline CEOs are not at all keen on this "real goat rodeo" of an idea.

Regarding Biden's Executive Orders, we're in the 25 to 30 range in the first week of his malaprop notional presidency with each one is worse than the next -- and representing a veritable Smorgasborg of Democrat WOKE Bolshevik monstrosities.

To be clear, the flagrant unconstitutionality of so much of this is of no concern to SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts (so that we are relying on the other five), who will instantly find the necessary "emanations from penumbras" (or was "penumbras from emanations"??) that make all of this legal. It's akin to how the UK's lunatic BoJo or an Australian state-level leader can do literally anything and it violates nothing.

At their core, these EOs and other post-election Illiberal Left Democrat diktats are designed to create the Cultural Marxist warfare-driven, energy-constrained, Big Media-propagandized, Big Tech-censoring social media-addled, Davos Set "Great Reset" communist dystopia.

The purpose is to impoverish billions in permanent race-and-class-based violent conflict (Orwell) and/or hopped up on euphoric sex, drugs, and virtual entertainment (Huxley).

The purpose of that, in turn, is to allow the beneficiary, namely, the Corporate Oligarchical Collectivist Overclass, to forever amass more money and power in a deflationary spiraling and culturally dying world. And the end state of that -- to the extent there is an identifiable one -- is to have a mostly depopulated but ecologically-restored planet with a high tech-based overclass / underclass feudal civilization.

Among the Biden EOs, of course, is the usual outwardly feel-good pastiche of "social justice" and "racial equity" word salads that are, in fact, driven by a deeply malevolent Critical Race Theory.

Concocted in the intellectual post-apocalyptic ruins of American Higher Education (i.e., the Big Academia racket), CRT fixates in its postmodern half Marxist / half-fascist socially destructive way on creating a reverse racist apartheid legal structure and a transgendered culture in which the human male has been operationally eliminated.

Other Biden EOs involve extra-legal edicts on renewables and energy efficiency under the rubric of a "net zero energy" world. That seemingly neutral sounding term has as its pretext "solving the climate crisis" -- the hatefully contorted face of which is Greta "Goblin" Thunberg -- but is actually all about establishing an energy-constrained oligarchy.

By constraing the world's available energy supply, this Overclass Collectivist Oligarchy seeks the permanent impoverishment of several billion people -- while keeping them fully distracted by various real and virtual forms of opium and deeply divided by Cultural Marxist-based electronic (if not physical) conflicts. In this way, the 1% rich, 0.1% superrich, and 0.01% ultra-rich Oligarchy can simply acquire and, as needed, devour all the planet's resources.

The young and beefy but softly smooth guy holding the waterproof sand scooping metal detector in the above image had a beautiful body. To me, he was physically formed ideal.

But the device he was earnestly using while walking in the surf looking for mystery treasures just made him look silly. This included the ear buds for sound detection that he was wearing along with a baseball cap. To me, these devices are for old and eccentric people who, despite endless searching, never actually find anything of real value buried in the sand.

See image at left for a zoomed-in but, alas, blurry version of the image with the fit and attractive guy.

Whatever the employment and energy merits versus ecological demerits, the creation of an energy shortages and financial impoverishment are the real aims in canceling the Keystone pipeline, effectively banning all fracking on federal lands, and in John Kerry multiple mansions-and-megayachts style, telling energy industry works to "learn to code" as an alternative form of employment.

That is, the strategy is to tell them to eat shit and die, all the more so if they voted for Trump or any Republican in recent decades.

Still other first-week Biden EOs include phonebooks' worth of new and stupid regulations whose only purpose is to stifle and destroy innovation and prosperity. Again, the deeper purpose is the impoverishment of the general population and keeping them dependent on Democrat-run government.

Then there are the taxpayer-financed gender-reassignment surgeries and "correct" pronoun usage training for military personnel and requirements that adult men be allowed to use little girls bathrooms and vice versa all in the name of the fiat creation of 17 different genders and their associated "xe/xir/zhe" bullshit pronouns. I won't even mention the taxpayer-funded abortions for citizens and non-citizens. That's a Rachel Maddow given.

Beyond the EOs, the Biden Covid-crazed kakistocracy has signaled its complete support to public teachers unions coast-to-coast in their openly-stated intention to continue semi-permanent Covid-related shutdowns of actual in-class learning and instead maintaining the highly social destructive and tragi-farcical fraud of "remote virtual earning" via fucking Zoom despite no meaningful threat of Covid transmission among or from young people.

That garbage is intended to run not just until some chimerical "new Covid cases are permanently at zero" endstate but also until "historical systemic racism" has been "fully resolved." Yes, this is what ethically child abusive teachers unions and their school boards are doing, especially in the more illiberal Blue states and localities.

And you have a school board in San Fran Homeless Cisco engaged in their endless self-devouring Jacobin-like name-changing shit that is half Maoist Cultural Revolution and half Soviet Intra-Party power shifts. The result are name changes to drop every conceivable American historical figure. This includes the entire Mount Rushmore Presidential roster, though there was uncertainty in the case of "Roosevelt" if it is TR or FDR, and all because of racism, wokeness, and whatever other garbage is in their morally diseased brains.

Consider for a moment that these are actual human beings who are teaching young people. In fact, they are also so dangerous that they don't belong anywhere near minors, and the only good thing here is the mass suicide of their local public education system in which they are engaging. Those systems are too dangerous to survive.

Young people having a surf swim-and-afternoon-happy hour, Deerfield Beach, Fla., 2:19 p.m., Jan 24, 2021

Everyone of these public school teachers needs to be fired and replaced en masse for the sick perversion of their noble teaching profession. These teachers and their taxpayer-financed noxious unions are making a criminally foul mockery of the very concept of "essential works" while engaging in basically a form of psychological abuse against children and teenagers.

Yes, I can see exceptions for a genuine and medically provable health condition precluding that individual's return to the classroom. And by medical condition, I don't mean garbage such as "a peanut-based gluten allergy," "an allergic reaction to cisgendered-based systemic racism," or "Covid post-traumatic stress syndrome enhanced by fibromyalgia," among the various maladies of upper middle-class WOKE Karens.

Oh, and lastly in terms of the Biden EOs, naturally, open borders for anyone and everyone, although that one was has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge.

At this point, ever-more-senile and dyspeptic Uncle Joe is just signing whatever garbage is put in front of him -- yet has to read note cards even to know what he's signing. Media silencing efforts for him notwithstanding, Biden is in already bad and deteriorating physical and mental shape. It's doubtful he lasts much more than a year.

For this entry, I should mention the explosive issue this week -- one that has potential political ramifications -- involving the stock GameStop, specifically, how Reddit-based day traders nailed the hedge fund short sellers who run the stock market casino and were trying to crush the stock only to have their strategy blow up in their faces. There followed the explosive reaction of The Establishment to include all the usual Big Media and Big Tech suspects and Democrat national pols plus the SEC.

The worst of the worst reactions so far has been by the ironically named Robinhood investing app used for stock day trading, which banned buying or selling GameStop -- and immediately resulted in a class-action lawsuit against it.

Yes, these suprastate-like Big Tech entities in service to Oligarchy and Illiberal Authoritarianism aren't just limiting their censoring ways to matters political involving Trump and the election on behalf of their beloved Democrat pols, but it immediately spilled over into the realm of Wall Street finance. Surprise.

Above: Gary and I went to Aruba Beach Cafe, pictured above at dusk on Jan 25th, 2021. That place was fun.

The main message is that only approved groups may engage in this ruinous shorting of stocks to destroy companies while making obscene amounts of money, in this case, only that parasitic class known as hedge fund traders, not ordinary people using their own tools. Oh, and no surprise here: Big Media is hysterically denouncing the Reddit group day traders as the real enemy. It's all tied in.

Rush Limbaugh said it best on Wednesday: "You know, if everything doesn’t benefit the establishment, then it has to be censored, right? Your speech, your attitude, if it doesn’t benefit the establishment, it’s gotta be censored. It’s gotta be canceled. It’s gotta be silenced."

Matt Taibbi has a new great piece on it worthy of his Rollingstone era pieces: "Suck It, Wall Street" is the headline and the sub-headline is "In a blowout comedy for the ages,finance pirates take it up the clacker." However, his Substack site is subscription-based. (I got a year-long subscription, but if I link to it, I don't think that would help.)

It is a very important issue, though, and has a real potential to benefit the Repubican Party with working class / blue color workers if it understands why the matter is so powerful for that constituency, and proceeds accordingly. It could very well become akin to what Rick Santelli did at the dawn of the Obama era in Feb 2009. But this is a topic for another entry.

OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry. Again, I might post another one featuring the remaining South Florida pics I would like to post. The written content of that entry might involve grotesquely dictatorial are some of the flight attendants, most notably on the FLL to CLT return link. They basically do NOTHING except act as a de facto belligerent mask police, loudly threatening, bullying, hectoring, and all-around WOKE Covid Karening.

In it, I'll mention that a demon young child directly behind me -- and with a young mother who was ready to go at it with a flight attendant, who for her part, backed down, perhaps because she (the mother) was with a young child and larger family. (Had it been just me, I would have ended up on a no flight list in no time.)

Above: On ascent from FLL, crossing back over the Florida coastline with Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach visible -- and, yes, that's a dead spider in between the two window layers.

By contrast, the nighttime CLT to DCA link was serene, soothing, and wonderful with a nearly full Moon riding high above rarefied, frigid heights. It poured its ghostly white light onto the clouds below, which included an usually expansive, ground-hugging stratus deck through which creamy, diffuse orbs and blobs of lights were intermittently visible -- marking towns in North Carolina and Virginia.

On ascent from FLL, looking down on Deerfield Beach and adjacent areas, 2:59 p.m., Jan 26, 2021

Above: Marked up, cropped version of the above picture showing the Deerfield Beach pier, the Wyndham Hotel, and location of the Ocean Vista condos just inside the Hillsboro Beach line.


Also on the topic of blog entries I may post a weather-related entry over the weekend if the would-be snow event for Saturday into Monday materializes, and the Euro, UK Met, and always-wintertime-U.S. East Coast cyclone-forecasting wrong Canadian models have been showing a major Mid-Atlantic to New England snowstorm. However, the GFS shows crap, and the model showing no event is always the correct one in winter weather situations.

The Merritt Island peninsula (yes, it's really a peninsula) and Cape Canaveral itself, as seen en route FLL to CLT,
3:15 p.m., Jan 26, 2021

Yes, that's the same dead spider in between the two windows. Also, alas, it was quickly clouding up and despite having a great view of the Florida peninsula's Atlantic coastline side, I was unable to see anything by the time the jet reached abreast of Flagler Beach where my dad lives.


Finally, I intend to post my long-delayed Three's Company-themed entry next week -- corresponding to the time of the month when I get busy at work -- and leave it up as the lead for about a week.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to go to bed, but I'll first watch Perry Mason and The Twilight Zone. The latter episode is "And When the Sky Was Opened" ... How very appropriate.

Note: That above sentence was written last night.

This entry ended up much longer than I anticipated, but now I'm signing off. My next planned entry will be in a few days.


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