Thursday, September 23, 2021

Clarifications on the Difficult & Problematic Issues With Keeping Up This Blog as Result of a Certain Entry Type That I Can't Seem to Stop Composing

Trees, vegetation, sky view from Meridian Ave near 7th Street, Miami Beach, Fla., 1:34 p.m., Sept 22, 2021


In the sunny tropical light of a Miami Beach afternoon, as I start this post, allow me to clarify what I wrote in my previous entry about why I really want to take a break from this blog -- or at least composing the type of entries that I can't seem to NOT write.

For starters, I have been keeping up this blog now for three weeks shy of 13-1/2 years through (including this posting) #3,169 entries and some radical changes in my worldview commencing late last spring and change in in daily life with my move this past mid-March AWAY from Washington, D.C., where I was for far too long, and TO Miami Beach.

Above and below: The pastel pink/salmon-hued but otherwise unnamed garden apartment complex with courtyard at the corner of Meridian Ave and 8th Street, Miami Beach, Fla.

Above was taken at 2:02 p.m. Sept 22, 2021, and below was taken the previous day at 3:25 p.m. Sept 21, 2021. In both instances, I was walking to (below) or back from (above) the Publix.

Secondly, this blog was never intended to be a day-to-day political commentary sounding board filled with so much vitriol and rage and the garbage of our present broken and perverted era.

That's because it's purpose was NOT to discuss every major political, cultural, or world event in the context of the ethically degenerate monsters who run the country.

And despite the long-running political bent of the blog, I assure you it was never meant to be a sounding board of angry and upset political opinion about the Covid-based "Great Reset" of society into a quasi-feudal overclass/underclass with permanent health security-based police state.

Nor of the gaslighting by a degenerate Elite that seeks to suffocate our American society and civilization with a deeply racist, sex-and-gender identity-obliterating, sundry "intersectional" horse-shitting Cultural Marxist Revolution.

Above and below: The southside exterior of the 600 Michigan condos along 6th Street, Miami Beach, Fla.

Above was taken at 1:36 p.m. Sept 22, 2021, and below was taken the previous day at 3:31 p.m. Sept 21, 2021. In both instances, I was walking to (below) or back from (above) the Publix.

But since I mentioned it, as always in such a Cultural Revolution directed from some powerful interest or group, it is the young, easily manipulated, and confused as their Shock Troops.

And while I compose three or four such entries each week -- spending, like, 20 hours to even 24 hours (equivalent to a FULL DAY) in total doing so -- the time, effort, and energy needed to develop all these postings, regardless of whether anybody is reading them -- robs me of a bit of my spiritual and mental wholeness. And it's just too much.

Above: Senile Joe's collapsing approval rating -- down 24 points among Independents since January with 18 points of that just since June. This tiny Republican support halved from 12 points to a negligible 6 points since July.


This is, of course, compounded by the day-to-day insanities of the Democrat Party and this tragi-farce of a Biden Regime that is notionally led by an angry, brittle, senile, rage-a-holic old man who is the puppet of Oligarchs and a grotesque cabal of Karens and Soy Boys that make up "the Deep State" operational arm.

And then there is the level of pure gaslighting that is so obscene and enraging.

I refer to the mainstream media and White House race-baiting combo campaign -- liquid shit is more like it -- that is this week's "issue" involving horse-mounted CBP agents supposedly using "whips" against helpless, defenseless Haitian migrants wading across the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas.

In fact, they're just loose reins to control the animals amid a chaotic throng while the agents attempt crowd control against massive numbers of people just bum-rushing the wide-open US-Mexico border. But the disinformation campaign-from-on-high IS the point.

As additional context, an intentionally unspecified but large number of Haitians (in the hundreds of thousands) haved joined all the other hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and whoever else are crossing every week. How exactly they are flying from Haiti to Mexico and then getting to the border isn't clear.

Above: No bullshit hysterical "racism" accusation from the Left would be complete without -- as Matt Walsh says -- this race hustling parasite, "Reverend" Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton showing up. The good news here in this case is that Sharpton was angrily and loudly heckled. He looked pathetic and very old.


The "optics" of the horses, reins, and Haitians in the river "triggered" all the Karens on Twitter -- all historically illiterate, situationally clueless, and experientially wholly lacking.

But it was the Karen / Deep State cabal in the White House around Biden that inflamed, is still inflaming, the "whips-against-Haitians" hysterical but wholly bullshit meme.

In fact, it is just another fucking race-baiting exploitation by a depraved and ignorant Left that sees racism in every thought, word, deed, symbol and sign -- and to reiterate, to have people at that level stoking the racist cannard in a bitterly tribalizing disinformation campaign IS the point.

Among those senior administration people flaming this calumnious lie against the very border agents was the DHS Secretary, a little troll-like muppet named Alejandro Mayorkas, and the White House Press Secretary / human Peppermint Patty, Jen Psaki.

Above: Jesse Kelly's spot-on description of the three characteristics of U.S. elites: (1) No love of country. (2) Little to no real world experience. (3) Inherent belief in their superiority and their right to rule over the peasants as lords.


Added into this mix is the always-painfully embarrassing performance of VP Kamala Harris. As other have noted, this otherwise shockingly stupid Lady Macbeth hateful shrew who is always-failing-upwards is nothing but unchecked ambition mixed with a pathological inability to even pretend to publicly display EITHER authenticity or sincerity.

Above: The nothing-less-than-intentional complete failure of the US Government to secure the Southern border has resulted in Texas increasingly taking matters in its own hands, as the above barricade of police vehilces shows.


Just consider this:

The half muppet / half troll DHS head and White House are actively and truly grotsequely pushing, shoving, HURLING under the proverbial bus the very agents trying to defend a lawless open border with unchecked illegal migration of Covid-infection masses -- itself encouraged by the Democrat leaders and Big Media on the idea they are tomorrow's Democratic voters -- using the usual Leftwing racist claptrap charges.

As an aside, this is a fundamental error by the Left -- the idea that any up-and-coming immigrant group in the U.S. are going to be just another racial / ethnic / identity group in the Left's zero-sum Marxist worldview. (I think you get a real-life sense of that in the visceral reaction of the Hispanic locales in Del Rio to Sharpton's unwanted visit.)

This explains the inherent degeneracy of the Left and why nothing it does EVER succeeds -- even on their own terms. This also explains why the U.S. Government of 2021 is a failed entity -- one incapable of doing ANYTHING effectively.

As for Australia -- and I apologize upfront for this graphic image, but it has to be shown -- if you want to know how things are going in that Covid Totalitarian Nation, this is all you need to know:

Above: His name was Kyle Mitchell. He lived his life with family and friends in and around Melbourne, Australia. And he was just savagely murdered, executed, in the manner that you see by the Victoria Police for the Australian "crime" of protesting the government's murderous, lunatic Covid lockdown regime.

Kyle Mitchell's blood is forever on on the hands of, in no particular order, Shane Patton, Martin Foley, and Daniel Andrews -- and by extension of his cowardice and pussiness, the worthless Prime Minister Scott Morrison. They're shown in the above image montage.

Don't expect to find coverage of this on any Australian media -- it's all tightly state-controlled. The Australian media have helped ensure that 75% of the population is giddy at its own endless imprisonment.

This entry is updated 3:28 a.m. 9/24/2021 based on new information, namely, that this Kyle Mitchell did not die and is now recovering. The details of the story still aren't totally clear, and I knew in posting it there was a chance of seriously incorrect information. Now, I'm just trusting the Daily Mail is correct and updating the entry.

To be clear, this news, if true, is very good news, and we'll just leave it at that.

End of Update.

While we aren't at that level here in the U.S., make no mistake that the Oligarichal Elite's Covid-based "Great Reset" and more general cultural insanities are intended to turn civilization into a high-tech panopticon-based Overclass / Underclass quasi-feudal state.

It is an Elite with Hollywood-style values that believes not just in its own Divine Right to rule but in some demented version of an "Ecotopia" that holds large numbers of humans simply should not exist. Covid is the weapon of choice in much of the English-speaking world. But in the U.S., it also uses the battle-axe of "Social Justice" to achieve those basically genocidal ends.

As for Biden and his Bougeois Bolshevik regime, I knew it would fuck up royally, but it's still astonishing to watch it unfold in real time. Literally everything it touches turns to PURE SHIT.

This is why I'm quite ambivalent if the U.S. Government actually goes into debt ceiling-breach default next month because that's the only way to halt in its tracks this Oligarichical Elite's Cultural Communist revolution and general "Great Reset" effort.

This not-that-unusual political kabuki theatre aside, the Left in the U.S. has precisely one year left to do whatever it is going to do -- and then the change comes starting in November 2022. And it will come, is already coming as the signs are showing. Bigtime.

In terms of the open-ended Covid horseshit with forcible masking and vaxxing of two year olds in Democrat-run cities and states, the vaccination mandate and resulting labor market chaos and confusion.

What's more, owing to an unpleasant and racially-infused event at a fancy Italian restaurant, Carmines, in New York City, BLM is now actively targeting the vax mandate as discriminatory against Black Americans. This is, as Wesley Yang said a few months ago, "very interesting."

To be clear, in this case, BLM is quite correct. Vax mandates with no escape clauses or any sanity disproportionately target vaccine-hesitant groups to include Black Americans and are therefore just an American 21st Century health-security state version of Jim Crow-minded discrimination to create two separate and unequal classes of citizens. I just like how it badly fucks up the narrative of the Professional Left.

Oh, and by the way, while putting together this "Updated" part of this entry, I came across an article by someone who was once one of my favorite political philosphers -- and who I even met a couple times back in D.C., both in grocery stores, the first time resulting in a nice conversation, the next one some years later, producing dissatisfying outcome because he was basically unfriendly.

I refer to Michael Lind, and here is the piece as it appeared in Tablet on Aug 11, 2020 [link embedded]: Woke Inc. (and, yes, there is at least one other book by another author with the same title).

Sub-headline: A seemingly socially conscious corporate America is not a new phenomenon. It’s a revival of an old one.

Above: One of the vents of the Cumbre Veija volcano on La Palma in the Canary Islands is erupting. Suggestions of a mega-tsunami-triggering collapse of flank of the volcano into the Atlantic are being discounted.


Well, whatever the case, and given that every entry I write turns into this spray of helpless written anger and the socio-political and cultural situation of America in 2021 -- combined the non-trivial issue that I dread putting together these entries -- this is why I want to stop writing these type of entries for a while.

And, yes, I know I've this previously, but I really mean it this time.

I would continue to post entries but only if they were on other non-political topics. Trouble is, I can't seem to do that, hence my internal agony.


OK, that's all for now. I just don't know about how or when to post additional entries for all the reasons explained above. For tomorrow, I am flat out taking the day off and treating it like a Saturday or Sunday.


The HOLY Paraclete Said SHEW YOU. Well, Fine. Screw the Dirty, Depraved, & Degenerate WOKE, Too –OR– Taking a Blogging Break for a Bit

This entry was posted September 23, 2021.

I love my blog and the idea that there is/are at least one / some people out there who love to read it.

HOWEVER, I simply can't keep it up for the time being. I will update it, as the spirit moves me, but I'm just done.

Good night.

I apologize, Little One. Please forgive me. I'll update it soon, but perhaps not for a few / several weeks. I just need a break from political-themed entries -- which is ALL I can seem to write these days.

Updated: See entry following this one directly above or linked here.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Dumbass EFF Boi Eye, Others Embarrassingly Fail at Stoking Second "Insurrection" with Gay Ray-Ban Wearing Soy Boys, Hateful Lesbo-Hockey Players; No One Ended Up Dead Or In a D.C. Slaughterhouse Jail; DJ Kaskade Still "Eyes"-Some

Above: The northernmost boundary marker of Vietnam on the border of China taken in Oct 2019. This is one of the current Google "street view" image accompanying pictures.

And it kind of haunts me because I wonder if my late stepfather, Raymond W. Titus, who served in Vietnam as a young man in 1966 would even grasp why this is interesting to me. (He never did understand a word I said.)

And I'm quite sure in the 18 to 24 months he served there at age 19 to 20 -- both in Da Nang and in the Mekong Delta region, where he once while on night guard duty in a panicked moment shot a farmer's water buffalo and had to pay the man for the serious loss of income -- he never knew that "Vietnam" meant "Viet" (an ethnic group) and "Nam" (South) ...

Yeah, FUCK YOU, LBJ. Hope you're rotting in Hell.

Please, Dear God, take care of Ray in whatever reality he is now. Make it a good life. Please.


OK, back to our shit-weeded, ass-hatted, dick-pulled, mother-fucked, life-exterminated, "WOKE" present ...

Yesterday, on the occasion of a minor protest against the grotesque and wildly extraconstitutional human rights violations of the U.S. Government against the so-called "Insurrectionists" of Jan 6th -- ZERO of whom were armed, one of whom was murdered by a Capitol Police officer who now brags about it, and all of whom were criminally instigated by a massive antecedent FBI infiltration -- the EFF Boi Eye decided it was going to "save (Biden's) America" by planting YET ANOTHER fake "insurrection" for the sake of the Big Media coward-whore-vindictive-pussy narrative ...

And for any fool stupid enough to fall into their murderous media-shitted totalitarian-trap, to be violently tortured forever in some butcher factory D.C. slaughterhouse jail held forever ...

This is all while some federal judge appointed by Clinton or Obama whacks off like the usual "Intersectional"-approved mentally-deranged man-pretending-to-be-a-woman perv in some steam room (with or without a mask) in front of adolescent girls. (The Left LOVES that -- phalanxes of media pundits jack off to it, especially at the LA Times.)

This is part of the larger torture fetish against children of the Left, in particular, via the mask obsession. You see, the cloth mask represents the Left's desire to control, be controlled, and to annihiliate itself. Why? Because, ultimately, the Left is a mass-suicidal movement that believes the human species should not exist. (This also explains, of course, the Left's ABSOLUTE MONOMANIACAL worship of abortion, the later the term, the better.)

The desire for destruction of lives and death is clearly obvious in the Twitter mob armies of WOKE Karens and Soy Boys that spend their days tweeting and watching PMSNBC / CNNLOL -- behaving like East German Stasi-informants circa 1987, but trashed up, er, down to high-tech, low-rent garbage standards of 2021.

As for that stupid "protest" -- it was nearly entirely media and informants-on-the-payroll, which begs the question: How stupid do you think we are, you hateful, ignorant, monstrous [BLANK]??

While these soy boys in Ray-Bans pretended to be Trump supporters, the Capitol police got to dress up like some weird combo grunge Michelin Man and enraged lesbo hockey player ... all for sake of Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta.

Suffice it to say, EFFFF you, Eff Boi Eye, Dee Oh Jay, and CrapiTOL Police ... But as a pro-tip, maybe next time, get a non-enraged, carpet-munching lesbian with purple hair to "compliment" your gay Ray-Ban-wearing soy boys that you found at some gym. Stupid jackasses.

My own sense is that we are within about 10 years of the U.S. breaking up and their pussy side ending up soon thereafter a Chinese military-occupied colony in which the WOKE try to figure out their stupid made-up pronoun in Mandarin.

OK, enough of that. For the remainder of this entry, I'd like to note that the wonderful DJ Kaskade was here in Miami Beach last night at the "Story" nightclub.

Above: I just can't get enough of this song or video ...

Indeed, I discovered that fact 'cuz I was in the lovely aquamarine ocean at low tide on Friday early afternoon under a beautiful sun-washed tropical sky with ginormous puffy cumulus "congestus" clouds creating ethereal mountains to the SW/W/NW of "SoBe MB" as an airplane flew by with a banner.

I was going to go, except the cover charge online was, like, $90, and I'm too old, too fat, too short, too white, and (added into that mix) too male for anything good to happen, so I didn't even try. And with that, goodnight. And good morning.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Midweek Middle-of-September General & Political Entry Plus Noting the Death of Comedian Norm Macdonald Interspersed With Miami Beach and Flagler Beach Pics -OR- Marine and WOKE Pests

Coconut palms along the walkway / bike-path in South Pointe, Miami Beach, Fla., 3:20 p.m., September 12, 2021

The outdoor pictures in this entry are a blend of recent ones I took here in Miami Beach and some of the remaining images from my trip 300 miles up the Florida Atlantic coastline to Flagler Beach between Aug 27 and Sept 5 to visit my dad.

Except for the first two images (directly above and below), I am not captioning them. However, the files contain place / time information.

Same walker/biker path in South Pointe, Miami Beach, 3:22 p.m., September 12, 2012

Visible in this image is the ceremonial Coconut Palm at the End of the World (or at least Miami Beach).

It is, in fact, the second southeastern most such coconut palm. The actual southeastern most coconut palm -- a low, stunted one by the South Pointe Pier -- is visible in this image poking behind the trunk of the nearby small coconut palm on the left (east) side of the path (the one whose lower frond appears to be touching the ceremonial palm).


Wednesday afternoon.

This post is yet another one of my entries that indicate I am too busy to post an entry. In the end, this entry ends up a lengthy general and political-themed one.

I remain under a heavy work burden this week with two tasks: A major database analysis one and a recurring contract-wide monthly progress report production cycle.

The former involves trying to tease out greenhouse gas emissions reductions from the information in a certain database associated with a series of renewable energy activities enabled by a certain agency's grant series. The latter involves the production -- with editing and formatting -- of 34 tasks (from nearly 55 individual input files) across the contract that supports said agency.

I just got back from an abbreviated visit to the beach to go into the ocean. To clarify, it was even more abbreviated than the approximately one-hour visits that I typically make about three times during a regular work week as I live here in my Miami Beach life.

The ocean was like a lake again with only the lightest chop. The tide was again increasing -- it ALWAYS seems to be high tide or approaching high tide when I go there.

Above: The more or less standard beach warning flag system used in the United States. Clearly, this version is deeply (maybe even genocidally) racist, though, because it shows a white male lifeguard authority figure -- and all the people in the water appear to be white.

We know it's that incredibly racist because gay white soy boys such as the one in the above Tik Tok video are here to explain why it is so much White Supremacy.

The one in the above video screenshot is apparently a teacher explaining why expecting good behavior by students in class or, more likely, in a worthless Zoom "virtual" class in some Covid paranoaic Blue State is actually White Supremacy.

Think about how racist that view actually is. As it is, this guy -- or whatever gender real or bizarro-world made up by which he/she/xie/it identifies -- was probably "triggered" by the colorful flags that reminded him of a non-transgendered inclusive rainbow flag.

More often than not, it's Millennial white and WOKE middle and upper middle class women who are making the denunications of Thought Crimes on matters of race, gender, and sexual identity.

These women are also the ones who can't wait to have straight and often pyschiatrically deranged men pretending to be women parading around in locker rooms with their junk hanging out in front of actual adolescent and teenage girls.

And whenever there is push back against this gaslighting against common sense and decency, they start yowling and shrieking in unison with their Big Media communist propagandists about "transphobia."

Anyway, the beach warning flag on the life guard stands was yellow (medium hazard), which was kind of nonsensical given the quite calm conditions. The ocean was like a pool. As for the purple flag -- hazardous marine life or "marine pests" -- that's always the case. (About that latter flag, it's supposed to be purple, but often shows up in onine images as dark royal blue.)

Indeed, the quite clear turquoise-aquamarine water (I can never decide the correct color) that is chest deep very quickly, lack of wave action, and very few people in the ocean means that all I do is look for dark shadows, real and imagined, moving under the surface.

Above: An image of the beach and ocean from South Pointe here in Miami Beach taken on July 18, 2021. The point of the pic is to show the hue of the ocean.


In fact, it's gotten to the point that I'm almost paranoid in the ocean and cannot really enjoy it, always fearful of sharks or other oceanic lifeforms, however unlikely an "attack" ("negative encounter") by might. I guess it's just one more issue to go along with getting older.

Overall, the weather remains in a more or less summertime regime down here in South Florida. The first cold front of the "season" has yet to get anywhere near here. There is also scant tropical activity -- just two tropical waves that could develop, one a few hundred miles NE of the Bahama chain and another a few hundred miles SSE of the Cape Verde Islands.

The local / regional pattern involves the usual sea breeze front and its interaction with the usually weaker Gulf breeze front over the interior of the peninsula; whether or not this or that breeze front is "pinned" to its respective Atlantic or Gulf coastline; the resulting diurnal convective cycle to include "PWAT" (precipitable water) levels; and any minor impulses propagating eastward from the Atlantic or, conversely, retrograding ridges from the Atlantic.

The Sun angle has decayed noticeably -- and, indeed, the autumnal equinox is just a week away (3:21 p.m. EDT 22 Sept 2021).

And speaking of decay, I'd like to shift gears into a political discussion about Covid and its politics. And what better way to start than a Nicki Minaj tweet reply (an image of which is posted directly below) on that very topic that should be chistled into the granite side of a mountain in New Hampshire ...

The mostly bullshit Covid situation, the endless testing regimen racket and all those totally asymptomatic and meaningless "positive results" means the "pandemic" will continue ad infinitum, which, of course, is the goal of the Great Reset crowd and their totalitarian-minded Illiberal Leftwing Karen brigades.

What's more, anytime the number of cases drop, or there is bad weather, the Bourgeois Bolsheviks start in with that "Climate Crisis" horseshit that is really just another Great Reset-minded effort to create a "net zero energy" -- i.e., race-and-class-based energy constrained -- Oligarchy.

And they use all these Greta Thunberg-like types that are a cross between the demonic adolescents in Children of the Corn and the monster youngters (and their piranha-toothed biting robotic tolls) in Barbarella.

Above: Tweet from Carl Higbie showing Democrat pols with their masking theatre when they think the cameras are off -- and on.

I recommend the Glenn Greenwald piece linked below that pivots off of that annual $35,000-a-ticket event known as the "Met Gala" that this year involved AOC in a bizarre "Tax the Rich" dress that called to mind less the obscenity of the other worthless, vacuous mega-celebrities in attendance and more Orwell's Animal Farm with AOC herself one of the pigs. Greenwald discusses the larger Overclass / Underclass divide being manifested with the masking and other Covid health police state theatre measures.

Keep in mind that in 2021, America's wealthy elites ARE Democrats -- ranging from from the Bethesda - McLean - Potomac set all the way up to Silicon Valley Big Tech billionaire oligarchs. Together with the Deep State and Big Media, they seek to create a Hunger Games-type dystopian reality.

Concluding paragraph:

Even with all of this deceit and manipulation, there is something uniquely disturbing — creepy even — about becoming accustomed to seeing political and cultural elites wallowing in luxury without masks, while those paid small wages to serve them in various ways are forced to keep cloth over their faces. It is a powerful symbol of the growing rot at the core of America's cultural and social balkanization: a maskless elite attended to by a permanently faceless servant class. The country's workers have long been faceless in a figurative sense, and now, thanks to extremely selective application of decisively unscientific COVID restrictions, that condition has become literal.

Oh, it will come as NO SURPRISE to anyone to learn that Gavin "Feminine Itch" Newsom easily survived the Recall. California is two-to-one Democrat majority and said party controls in supermajority fashion ALL the levers of power.

These include, of course, elections in which any WOKE Karen can design and print her own ballot while phalanxes of purple-haired Antifa lesbian or BLM-affiliated street hustler "harvests" countless other ballots -- thus enabling those 3 a.m. "dumps" of 75,000 votes in random inner city precincts reflecting 102% turnout that is 100% for the Democrat.

But Chris Wallace doesn't want to hear that crap. Chris Wallace probably also doesn't want to hear that he's a sad and pathetic professional shadow of his father, legendary Mike Wallace.

Gavin Newsom really is EVERYTHING wrong with the Democrat Party today. Himself a cossetted and pampered Oligarch who has never done an honest day's work in his life, he is beloved by literally millions of insufferable, wealthy, white, quite racist liberals who actually believe that a "Person of Color" conservative is "the Black face of White Supremacy" -- precisely because they themselves embody a postmodern 21st Century version of Jim Crow.

That was the Communist media propaganda about Larry Elders -- who, let's face, it, didn't have much of a chance. Unlike in the last recall, he was no Arnold superstar / mega-celebrity. Elders was also the victim of a flamboyantly racist physical attack by a woman in a gorilla mask, and that was just A-OK with the ethically depraved Twitter mobs and sociopaths on Tik Tok.

The Democrat Party is now the party of illiberal authoritarian control by the wealthy and ultra-wealthy. It's a very different reality than just 20 years ago.

It goes without staying that they look longingly at how quickly democratic norms were destroyed and replaced by what is a health-scare police state-based totalitarianism in other English-speaking former representative democracies including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The only thing Democrats love are lockdowns and forcible gender reassignment surgeries of six year olds -- sometimes their own children -- while making up gibberish pronouns as part of the general postmodern version of Orwellian language control that is their thing.

Speaking of California, Gary and I are still going there next month -- but his mom has moved from Oceanside into San Diego proper, so the focus of our trip has shifted to there. Gary is still trying to work that Holiday Inn connection through his uncle but for one near Sea World, not the Oceanside one.

OK, the image directly above and the next three below were taken between 11:07 and 11:11 a.m. PT on Sept 24, 2020, by me in a jet on ascent from San Diego Int'l Airport to BWI Airport at the end of the four-day trip to Oceanside. I posted all of them at the time in, I believe, up to three entries.

We will still rent a car, and I'll still go to the ocean, but now I should have the opportunity to explore San Diego -- a city that hasn't (yet) been turned into a dystopian shithole such as the post-apocalyptic nightmare that is Los Angeles 2021.

Nor has it turned into a Rio de Janeiro rich/poor split with ever-more-sprawling outdoor violently schizophrenic homeless encampment with open-air drug markets with "residents" shitting-and-having-sex in broad daylight on public sidewalks such as San Francisco. The Liberal Dream World.

I would like to see San Diego bayfront area, Cabrillo National Monument, and the thumb-like Coronado peninsula. Last year when we went there (around Sept 20th), I saw San Diego from the airport and from the jet (leaving) but not the city proper.

Prior to that, my uncle and his friend are scheduled to visit here in Miami Beach between Oct 7 and 11th -- staying in the South Pointe area, as I recommended. After the San Diego trip, I am visiting Chris T. in Atlanta over Veterans Day weekend.

Before concluding up this entry, I need to note the untimely and sad death of former Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald at age 61 after a nine-year-long and wholly unpublicized battle with cancer.

The Canadian born stand-up comic known for his brutal punchlines delivered in deadpan, in-on-the-joke style that was totally unsuitable for today's anti-life WOKE Taliban monsters never publicly disclosed his diagnosis. That he never did so is quite laudatory in an age of grotesque self-victimization and ethically inverted indulgence.

Macdonald was no fan of the sex-panicked "MeToo" Movement, the modern day equivalent of a Salem witch hunt featuring present-day tweets-as-Medieval chastity belts -- so naturally that set off the WOKE.

Why the fuck can't it EVER be the WOKE who slowly die -- instead of being the purple-haired and androgynous nihilistic cultural shock troops of a genocidal overclass?

I would like to link to an obituary -- but not in the fucking ugly woke-suffocating "mainstream monstrosities" of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, or Washington Post. So, here are two other obits:

From Deadline by Greg Evans Norm Macdonald Dies: Influential Comedian & Former ‘SNL’ Weekend Update Anchor Was 61.

From National Review by Kyle Smith: Norm Macdonald, the DGAF Comic.

OK, that's all for now. Given my heavy workload between now and the weekend, and the fact that I would like at least Sunday free, I probably won't post another entry until Monday or possibly Tuesday next week.

That's OK. The world isn't going anywhere -- and it will be at least as shitty, if not more, by that point.