Monday, December 7, 2020

Two Trees Ginkgo Biloba; Three's Company Entry Unfinished; and Democrat Branch Covidian Math by the Big Media Meaningless, Endless Millions

One of the two large male ginkgo trees (a.k.a., Ginkgo biloba or Maidenhair trees) that grow on the grounds of USDA HQ just off the National Mall in all their brilliant yellow fall splendor.

Note: I took all the pictures on Dec 2, but screwed up in naming the files, omitting the "2" in the date. I am NOT correcting them. It's just not worth it.


Sunday late night ... well, Monday wee hours by the time I post this.

Once again, I have been attempting to finish that interminable entry involving the opening sequence of the first three seasons of the old sitcom Three's Company. Yes, you read that right.

Tonight's attempt involved a "breakthrough" in where the bicycle-falling scene occurs and finding a rooftop view of the beach-hugging bike path in Venice Beach, Calif. However, I could not finish the entry tonight if only because it's too late, I'm tired, and I just want to watch my late-night old television shows. I will note that I've literally had that entry in draft form, working on it intermittently, for two months. Yes, you read that right, too.

Earlier today (Sunday), I went with Chester on the Metro to King Street and we walked to Jones Point / South Cornerstone and thence to O'Connell's for a late lunch. Then we walked at dusk into chilly early night up the Mount Vernon bike path to National Airport, where we caught a Metro back to Foggy Bottom and I walked home.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went into the office to finish up some work that needed to be completed by Monday. I then walked in the blustery, overcast, post-very rainy frontal night from L'Enfant Plaza all the way over to a restaurant that I had been wanting to try. Located at 26th and Pennsylvania Ave NW, I refer to Ristorante La Perla. I enjoyed it and will go there again, unless the Mayor decides she wants another Democrat Covidiot perma-lockdown (always a big risk these days).

For tomorrow (Monday), I'm just going to remain home and telework rather than walk to my office (at L'Enfant Plaza). This is because I'm supposed ot have dinner with Tim at Filomena in Georgetown. Tim and I have nice time / conversation at our restaurant dinners. I have fun and enjoy being with him.

OK, that's all for now. I'm going to refrain from my political-themed commentary to include Branch Covidian matters. Well, concerning the latter, I would like to note some "fun Covid" math I figured out - and it's all based on some simple assumptions.

As an upper limit with 70% nationwide infection, i.e., herd immunity, 1.5M tests per day, and the regular 1% mortality rate per year, you get 1.0M "new cases" (positive test results) per day and 10,500 deaths per day -- yet all corresponding to ZERO EXCESS DEATHS.

Oh, and with "reinfections" and that 40-Ct PCR test, you can keep this Big Media horror show going indefinitely, forever weaponizing the mostly meaningless Covid numbers to mamimize the WOKE-infused Covidiot fear-mongering that is rampant in a place like D.C. anyway.

Just to clarify, at present, with 1.5M tests per (regular week)day, we are at 200,000 new cases per day (13% positive rate) with ~2,000 deaths per day, this is translating into an excess death rate (as of early November) in the 10% to 15% range. (There is about a three week lag in getting the near-final excess death figures.) This is down from 40% peak in March/April due to the Cuomo/Murphy nursing home catastrophe in NY / NJ and 20% to 25% during the Sunbelt peak.

Remember: This is all WITH Covid, NOT FROM Covid -- giant difference -- and with an average age of 65+ and/more multiple co-morbidities. And this wraps up into it all the deaths from dispair, overdose, and destroyed lives thanks to the Lockdown Left totalitarian edicts and a populace WAAAAY too willing to submit.

Above: One of three Reflecting Pool pics from Dec 2, 2020 on a windy, blustery early December day. As I recently mentioned, the Reflecting Pool looks so much cleaner these days.


Yes, that's your Democrat-and-Big Media-fanned pandemic apocalypse leading us to their Oligarchical, Quasi-Marxist "Great Reset" remake of civilization. And that's the cream that Gavin Newsom needs to scratch his feminine itch.

It's also why 50% of all small businesses in New York City and San Francisco have been obliterated in the past nine months -- but, to be fair, that's a feature, not a bug, of what the CRT-crazed WOKE Illiberal Left is trying to achieve.

OK, that really is all for now. I will attempt another entry tomorrow, though it won't be the above-mentioned one. I need to be able to use my office area where I have more than one monitor.


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