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Some Delayed Wednesday Political Commentary: On "Dr." Jill's Status Anxiety-Driven "Doctoral" Title Plus Wayward Hunter's Money Laundering, Influence Peddling, and Access - Selling Operation -OR- Biden and Democrat Family Viral Values

Sunny early morning flight from DCA to ORD shortly after takeoff with Dulles Airport directly below and the Potomac River shimmering in the distance, December 15, 2020.

This picture and the other flight pictures were sent to me by Tim as part of his quick trip to the Chicago area to visit his mom. I had to save the images to my phone and then download them rather than getting them by email, so the resolution is low.

Sunny early morning flight from DCA to ORD flying over the ancient, elongated folds of the Blue Ridge Mountains, their rolling peaks dusted in snow, December 15, 2020.

The Blue Ridge Mountains were formed between 400M to 250M years ago in the Alleghanian orogeny as a result of the continental collision of what are today North America and the European part of Eurasia that was part of the overall creation of Pangaea. At their highest, the Blue Ridge once reached, if not Himalayan heights, at least Alpine heights.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a subdued but still lovely vestige of the Central Pangean Mountains. Therefore, as unlikely as it may seem in our present geological age, the Blue Ridge are directly related to (i.e., the same mountain complex as) the Anti-Atlas or Little/Lesser Atlas portion of the otherwise younger Atlas Mountains of Morrocco. (The Atlas are still being lofted as Africa pushes clockwise into Europe, eventually sealing up the Mediterranean Sea for good.)


This entry consists of two parts on Incoming President Biden's family values, specifically, his wife and her functionally meaningless degree and his deeply corrupted and hopelessly wayward son, Hunter (the one he was stuck with because God, as He is wont to do, took the good one, Beau), and the general crime family operation he's running.

The first part is what I wrote last night and tonight since that is the present issue du jour, namely, "Doctor" Jill Biden's worthless doctorate title, and the second part what I wrote last week and which will be an issue during the Biden regime, namely, Hunter Biden's international money laundering and access peddling operation.

The latter is what the 23-year old transgendered s/he/xe/zhe/it IT creatures at Big Tech -- Twatter and Fakebook -- worked 24/7 to outright suppress, namely, the Hunter story, as epitomized in the freezing of the NY Post's Twatter account. Meanwhile Big Media did everything they could to black out the story ahead of the election. Oh, and Googol, er, Google, did it's part to suppress the search ability of the story.

So, without further ado ...

With still six weeks to go until Pervy Joe becomes Prez and starts drooling into his bib eating tapioca pudding and watching Matlock reruns upstairs while Kamala figures out some way to poison him and "Doctor" Jill tries to carry the Old Fart through a full term, we already have one of those Red/Blue Tribal symbolic fights that is characteristically ugly and revealing ...

It started when an op-ed by writer / lecturer Joseph Epstein appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week saying that Jill Biden's "doctor" title is basically bullshit -- coming from some weird humanities-based "Doctor of Education" she managed to get via a bullshit "dissertation" in late 2006 at age 55 that is designed to give the public perception (during a media pandemic) she is a medical doctor.

The mentally insane Illiberal Left was thoroughly triggered and went batshit crazy trying, of course, to "cancel" Dr. Epstein -- since Epstein's comments get to the heart of the complete fradulency that is the Big Academia-driven, identity politics-based epistemological, indeed, existential garbage.

The ladies on The View shit many bricks on the air. (When did Joy Behar become such a hateful bitch? She's another one whose Trump Derangement Syndrome destroyed her soul.) Vapid WOKE Wa-Postie columnists screamed sexism and Obama's ever-more-noxious harpy of a wife also screamed sexism, racism, and whatever other -ISM came to mind (Transphobism? Fatphobism? Latinxophobism??).

God only knows what happened over at Slate, Salon, Vox, and the rest of the media toxic landfill ...It probably involved retroactive abortions and spontaneous gender reassignment self-procedures.

Naturally, the Left IMMEDIATELY succeeded in getting Northwestern University where Epstein is a lecturer fired or banned or vaporized or cancelled, or whatever it is that the Big Academia racket does to a Thought Criminal. Northwestern couldn't dissociate itself from him fast enough. But that's just par for the Big Academia WOKE course.

To his credit, WSJ Editorial Page editor Paul Gigot told the Left to pound sand and go cry on Twatter.

To be clear, this issue with "Dr. Jill's" low-rent "doctorate" isn't a new point of contention. Indeed, her status anxiety over not having degree-bestowing credentials or at least an honorific title is something that Biden himself addressed flat out back in 2009 with the quote shown in the image below:

RedState has this piece delving into what "Doctor Jill's" dissertation involved [link embedded]: Jill Biden Wants Us to Call Her 'Dr.' So Here's a Look at Her Ed.D 'Position Paper' to Receive That Doctorate.

The surprise isn't that the dissertation is as poorly written as you would imagine from the wife of then-Senator Joe Biden, himself prone to serial exaggerations, seeking a more exhalted title than "Mrs." to his "Senator," but rather she wrote a bunch of things that today run seriously afoul of the CRT-poisoned WOKE left including these bits:

Pages 2 - 3: “Although there is strength in diversity as a classroom component, the lack of homogeneity in academic ability makes it difficult to teach to a single standard. [….] As a result, due to the diversity of the student population, student retention is a major problem faced by the community college.”

Page 26: "Many minority students lack basic skills such as identifying the main idea and supporting statements, identifying parts of speech or using punctuation correctly..."


If she weren't going to be the First Lady in what is their quickest and best yet quite possibly last hope to create a WOKE Neo-Stalinist identity politics-based, drug-addled Big Tech dystopia, the Black LatinX Trans-FattyX Ze-to-Non-Binary Xhe/Self Lives Matter crowd would go batshit crazy at her "hate speech" and many underlying thought crimes.

You can read this 137-page garden variety lefty academic wallpaper here. You can get a paper like this out of college admissions office gumball machine.

Now for what I wrote last week ...

Of the many atrocities of the year 2020 there was the ever-metastasizing totalitarianism of Democrat local and state pols because of the media panic-and-hysteria-fueled Wuhan China virus.

Intentional in that was catastrophic intentional destruction of specific groups for the sake of an Oligarchical-driven, Collectivist Marxist-minded "Great Reset" of society.

Concomitant with that was the hot civil war in the form of widespread urban riots, looting, spontaneous Mogadishu-like "autonomous zone" creation, and general destruction of multiple big, blue cities, all of which was fanned by Democrat pols. It was married in an unholy union to a WOKE Maoist Cultural Revolution, itself steeped in the poison of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and falling into an ever-more-schizophrenically meaningless identity politics.

This morally and ethically virulently diseased CRT-and-general-WOKE-infused Cultural Marxism is being forced upon society by both the Democrat Party leaders and their Big Media, Big Tech, and Corporate Oligarchical strategic allies since such societal conflict serves a deeply useful purpose for them, namely, squelching anything threatening their power.

Added to these as a Third Horsemen of the 2020 Apocalypse, there was the travesty of the stolen 2020 election and how it played out over weeks.

And that third factor ties directly into what was, for me, the most offensive happening of 2020 (the Fourth Horseman himself?) precisely because of the journalistic abomination embodied in it, namely:

How the toxic and unstoppable combination of Big Media and Big Tech arrayed themselves to suppress and actively censor the blockbuster Hunter Biden story in the weeks during the vote (remember that fucking election took place over six weeks, not a single day).

Hahahaha ...

Here is a good summary of it from Scott Hounsell on the Red State site: The Media Disinformation Campaign: How The Real Enemy Of Our Country Has Been The Media All Along.

But now, six weeks before the Biden / Harris Co-Presidency / Washington Consensus / Deep State / Obama Third Term begins.

It does so in the context of the China Virus Lockdowns beloved of Big Media, Big Tech, and E-Commerce oligarchs with no end in sight; a Hot Cultural & Civil War fanned by the Democrat Party; and a generation of young Americans poisoned by Big Academia's Critical Race Theory and WOKEISM ... the Hunter Biden mess has suddenly erupted, exposing ugly things.

These are things that show how the Biden Family is basically running an influence-peddling and international money laundering racket with heavy and national security compromising Chinese influence.

While the FBI has been likely intentionally slow-walking its investigation, last week the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware has announced (or rather, Hunter Biden himself announced) that it is investigating all of Hunter's international money laundering, influence-peddling on the family name, and outright access-selling to his father (former VP and incoming President) INCLUDING to the PR Chinese government, plus related crimes.

This is likely to be a big story through the first year of the Biden malaprop regime -- and, my hunch is, the Democrat Left will embrace the scandal as it tires of and turns on Old Drooly Uncle Joe and starts pushing "25th Amendment remedies" (the ONLY amendment of the U.S. Constitution it loves) in order to get Kamala the Hateful Harpy Harridan in office.

Kamala's entire reason for being now is being that 25th Amendment Lady-in-Waiting, although First Lady Dr. Jill could prove a real obstacle to her schemes. Can't wait for that political knife fight.

Botox Nan's hateful face will freeze up for good. About her, it's hard to overstate what a vindictive, hateful, hypocritical bitch she really is.

As the above HILARIOUS New York Post front cover for Dec 10, 2020 indicates, there is another important, Big Media-suppressed story involving up-and-coming Democrat rising star, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D - Honeypot) and a Chinese spy angle. Multiple political cartoons in this entry, though, reference it.

I refer to the fact that Swalwell's endless public accusations about how Trump is a willing or unwilling Russian asset, likely due to Kompromat, were all a form of massive projection of his own national security-comprising sexual relationship with a Chinese government spy named Miss Fang "Christine" Fang. The hypocrisy involved in his nonstop multi-year verbal diarrhea about how Trump is a compromised Russian asset is breath-taking, though, and indictive of a general Leftwing character flaw.

If the Republicans take the House in 2022 -- and that should be quite easy given the functional tie that now exists (220-215) -- Eric Swalwell needs to be removed from his House Intelligence Committee post. But Botox Nan with her nominal and maybe unworkable five-seat House majority cannot afford to alienate him.

Anyway, about the Hunter Biden developments, below are a few relevant RedState articles from the past two days [links embedded]:

Here is that Tucker Carlson monologue:

His take down of CNN's Christiane Amanpour is hilarious and brilliant as he mocks her self-importance and her phony pseudo-British accent:

"'You know PUUHFECTLY WELL that I'M a JUUH-nulist and a Re-PAAW-tuh,' says Christiane Amanpour, who, of course, is neither of those things and never has been. [She] is a celebrity script-reader, a half-wit, whose self-esteem far outpaces her accomplishments. She is also, it turns out, the PERSONAL FLACK for the Biden family international finance corporation...'There have nevah BEEEEEN any ess-EWWS of CORRUPTION with the Bidens,' Amanpour announced, as if she hadn't just been confronted with some."

Also afflicted with acute Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), Amanpour most recently was observed comparing some minor, innocuous action of outgoing President Donald Trump to Kristallnacht. And this is considered perfectly respectable among the Beltway Mandarin / Washington Consensus crowd.

Twenty plus years ago when she was something of a globe-traveling international reporter for CNN, I used to like her. And I loved her worldly-sounding name.

Now late in her career, she's degenerated into another opinionated Big Media personality -- all ego, no value.

As as last point on Pervy Senile Joe and his Leftwing Collectivist Oligarchical, Socialist-Minded, Control-Fixated Wannabe Regime-in-Waiting:

He and it are promising endless lockdowns, "100 days" of Branch Covidian face diaper fetishism, and another four years of "two weeks to flatten the curve" mass destruction of unwanted groups (i.e., small businesses, traditional religious groups, Trump voters, the police, and Big Academia-despised non-BIPOC groups). All of this, of course, has the usual Big Media suspects at CNN and PMSNBC positively giddy.

Above: A spot-on tweet from Senator Ted Cruz in reaction to some garbage that was spewed by PMSNBC's "medical correspondent" or in "Rachel" Levine-style, whatever s/he/it is, Vin Gupta.

GOES-17 full disk daytime GeoColor and nighttime multi-IR spectral modes, looped 1410 - 1600 UTC 14 Dec 2020

Above and below are GOES-17 (GOES West) and GOES-16 (GOES East) full disk looped satellite images, repectively, showing the lunar umbral and penumbral shadows sweeping across the Southern Hemisphere of our Planet Earth in yesterday's total solar eclipse. People in far southern Chile and Argentina got to experience totality. I tried to find news reports with footage, but there was too much unrelated and unnecessary Covid shit.

GOES-16 full disk daytime GeoColor and nighttime multi-IR spectral modes, looped 1320 - 1920 UTC 14 Dec 2020

What's also really intriguing about the GOES 16 loop is that you can see how mid-December low is the Sun angle in the Northern Hemipshere -- and it creates the strange effect of a rotating lantern or maybe a flashlight and a turning head. I'm looking forward to the April 2024 eclipse. My tentative plan is to view it somewhere in Texas.

And I think on that more uplifting note in this otherwise endlessly dark and dystopian time, I'll end the entry, which went on too long anyway.


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