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Madam Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser Honors Father Fauci, Patron Saint of the Cult of Covid, As She "PAUSES" Her Incompetent Way to a WOKE Totalitarian Wasteland of the Karens

The shadow of the Washington Monument as seen on the Winter Solstice, 1:53 p.m., Dec 21, 2020

To clarify, with respect to the photograph above, the actual winter solstice happened at 5:02 a.m. EST or about 9 hours earlier while the picture was taken almost 2 hours after local noon. That is the Department of Commerce HQ upon which the tip of the Washington Monument is casting its lowest-of-the-year early noon shadow.


For this entry on the Eve of Christmas Eve, I'd like to pivot off the fact that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D - Incompetent Handout), has declared tomorrow, Christmas Eve 2020, to be "Doctor Anthony S. Fauci Day" here in the District of Columbia.

Here is an article on about it (link embedded): Muriel Bowser Declares Christmas Eve 'Anthony Fauci Day,' Tucker Has a Field Day With It.

Tucker Carlson:

"The latest holy man to be beatified [in Washington, D.C.] is a diminutive federal bureaucrat called Tony Fauci. Fauci is the High Priest of the Covid Cult. A paper mask is his sacred garment. Cable television is his pulpit. The people of Washington BOW before Father Fauci... Now, the city's mayor, Muriel Bowser, has made it official. Bowser has declared December 24th, formerly the date of a notable Christian holiday, as Doctor Anthony S. Fauci Day.

Nominally, the reason for this is that the Good and the Great Father Fauci turns 80 years old on December 24th. (Yes, Botox Nan and now Fuck-ci Fauci, the Patron Saint of the Lockdown Left, are both octogenarians. And my own dad will be one in just one month's time.)

However, go a bit deeper into the teachings of what Tucker aptly calls "The Cult of Covid," and it's not surprising that Bowser's actions follow YET ANOTHER fucking Covid-related LOCKDOWN that has been proudly and with zero blowback declared here in D.C.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, human synecdoche of Big City Democrat-run venal incompetence, open-ended micromanaging authoritarianism, and all-around total governance failure


Now the only actual meaningful difference to this latest irrational, wholly ineffectual, and self-destructive edict from the idiot Mayor is that that indoor dining is "banned" for three weeks until Jan 15, 2021 (or maybe it's Jan 15, 3031). Everything else is just so much totalitarian-wannabe horseshit wallpaper to be totally ignored.

As a long-time resident of the District of Columbia who suffered right here in D.C. through the worst grotesqueries of this year's Covid-1984 media pandemic and Democrat Party-stoked hot civil war (via their Antifa street vermin and BLM shock troops), I feel entitled to opine on what an awful and incompetent big city mayor is Muriel Bowser.

Yes, "entitled."

Entitled is a word that Madam Mayor McCheese knows very well.

More to the point here, Mayor Bowser continues a long line of Home Rule-era comically corrupt D.C. Mayors with the exception of Anthony Williams and, despite his personality, Adrian Fenty. Yes, she has all the corruption of Marion Barry but none of this legendary status. You've heard of trust fund babies? Well, as Mayor, Muriel Bowser is a garden variety D.C. Slush Fund & Sweetheart Contract baby.

Lacking any vision, insight, or even a pretense to wisdom, she speaks in what the late, great Mort Downey Jr. called the "pablum puking" of liberals everywhere while actively harming her city in between long stretches of doing nothing.

But in the world of 2020, I need to note that the descendants of those mid-1970s liberals are the Critical Race Theory-racist crazed, WOKE cultic, Culturally Marxist illiberals. As Tucker Carlson once noted, today's Left are not your elementary teacher sort who drove a VW bug with a "SAVE THE WHALES" bumper sticker.

But in the time of Covid media pandemia and terror-mongering, like her other Big City Democrat mayor and Blue State Governor counterparts, Bowser is the de facto unchecked and unaccountable dictator in her little District of Columbia domain.

The only reason she hasn't reached Lori Lightfoot levels of destructiveness is simply that D.C. isn't Chicago. But if you want to see what her reign of error and 2020 BLM / Antifa riotous terror has produced, just look at how disgusting, boarded up, broken, and dangerous is the so-called "BLM Plaza" along 16th Street between K and H Streets.

That area is the aborted attempt as a Seattle-like CHOP/CHAZ "autonomous zone" that Antifa vermin tried to establish in Lafayette Square -- until President Trump had them kicked the fuck out.

Weird guy doing push-ups at the corner of 14th St and Jefferson Dr., Washington, D.C., 1:32 p.m., Dec 18, 2020

Just FYI, he got up and ran across busy 14th Street -- before the crosswalk signal -- and kinda narrowly dodged an oncoming car. No idea why he did that.


As a personal aside, I had to walk down there earlier today in order to go to Joe's Restaurant, where I left my debit card last night at the end of dinner. These days, I avoid downtown like the plague, walking along 22nd / 21st / 20th Streets and the National Mall to and from my office at L'Enfant Plaza.

Statue of Sor (Sister) Juana Inés de la Cruz, OAS grounds, Washington, D.C., 2:38 p.m., Dec 19, 2020


But even with all that, D.C. in the early 2020s -- after 25 years of a sustained economic boom that fundamentally remade the city including its 1970s-era "Chocolate City" demographics into a place where white, WOKE, Kareny Millennial women have craeted a sort of female clergy to this deranged secular fundamentalist cult of virulently racist identity politics.

I'm referring to the white parts of the city, not the still majority black areas in Northeast D.C. or Anacostia.

Two crane towers at a sprawling construction site between Pennsylvania Ave, 21st St, and I St NW, Washington, D.C., 2:49 p.m., Dec 12, 2020

The taller of the two towers has a nightime illuminated bluish-white sign on its right side (you can almost see it in the daytime picture) that reads BALFOUR BEATTY while in deep blue lights on the left side there are three letters BXP. The smaller one (upper right) has a plastic dark blue or black banner and white letters (not illuminated) that reads SCHUSTER. Of note, the single crane tower at 15th St and Pennsylvania Ave NW (i.e., a block from the White House) has GRUNLEY on it.


This doesn't mean the city isn't in a bad shape as a result of the horrors of 2020 because it is -- FAR worse than in was at the start of 2020 thanks to the wholesale destruction of small businesses and the hospitality industry.

In the manner of all Covid-era Democrat pols who have discovered the magic ring of infinite state-and-local-level "public health emergency" power, Bowser loves the lockdowns no matter how destructive, counterproductive, and inherently vindictive they are. But it's all just part and parcel of an out-of-control, totalitarian-minded, terror-mongering Democrat / Media / Medical Health / Police State complex infused with the disease of Critical Race Theory identitarian politics.

Slide 9 from D.C. Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser's totalitarian-minded, but totally incompetent "Situational Awareness" Covid-1984 shit presentation, December 21, 2020


With that in mind, I return to Mayor Double Patty McCheese's latest lockdown announced via a (link embedded): "Situational Awareness" 28-slide presentation dated December 21, 2020. It was greeted with much white, WOKE, upper middle class and local Big Media titillation.

This so-called "Situational Awareness" presentation covers all the usual garbage Covid-1984 health police state bases:

(1) Endless testing, the actual purpose of which is Medicare reimbursement. (2) Horseshit about why you need to remain locked down alone, terrified, and suicidally depressed on Christmas. (3) The 51st extension of the "PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY," this one through AD 3030. (4) Another lockdown as highly destructive as it is wholly ineffectual but euphemistically called a "PAUSE." (5) Dozens of requirements, all wildly unconstitutional, that sick to micro-manage all aspects of daily existence.

(6) Multiple slides about Covid vaccine distribution plans that may or may not happen. (7) A horseshit section called "RECOVERY" contingent on a hoped-for mega-billion dollar federal government bailout that, as Sen Rand Paul pointed out, are merely enabling this open-ended lockdown garbage (and that creates endless slush fund opportunities for Madam Mayor).

In the testing section, the presentation includes flat out lies with a bunch of garbage fake statistics, none of which can remotely be falsified. You know they're garbage because the "public health system capacity" one purports to show something about the contact tracing efforts. The idea that a bunch of semi-literate "contact tracers" hired by "DOH" from whatever Section 8 housing project are 99.8% effective is beyond laughable and in the realm of delusion and fantasy.

Oh, and let's state the obvious: NONE of this garbage will IN THE SLIGHTEST alter the rate of spread of Covid. The virus is now endemic and, to quote Alex Berenson, virus gonna virus. More importantly, the virus is functionally benign to anyone under 65 or not 400 pounds and suffering 18 other severe co-morbidities.

This indoor dining "PAUSE" is the only aspect of this latest lockdown horseshit that has any real-world impact, and it is unpleasant and inconvenient. it is not one that involves suffering.

By contrast, this aspect of the "PAUSE" directed against the hospitality and non-major chain retail stores is arbitrary, pointless, and self-destructive. It is also a wholly extra-constitutional ever-more-power-mad exercises in totalitarianism for the sake of Illiberal Leftwing micromanaging of every aspect of human existence.

It goes well beyond the usual liberal tic of picking winners and losers and instead involves the willful destruction of small businesses.

That's because small businesses as a political and economic group are the natural political enemy to both Corporate Oligarchy and identity politics' Cultural Marxism.

This is why in 2020's Summer of Love violence and mayhem, thousands of small businesses in riot zones were targeted.

It was very much an intentional strategy with a intended political outcome of both local Illiberal Left Democrat pols and the forces of global corporate oligarchy (especially E-Commerce and Big Tech). That it is inherently self-destructive lunacy is beside the point for the pols who encouraged it.

Based on ZERO "science," just totalitarian-minded control obsessions, this "PAUSE" shows the contemptuous indifference of whether you live or die combined with the breathtakingly stupid ignorance that underlies everything done by Muriel McCheese Bowser and her beloved Dr. "La-Q," BIPOC Medicine Woman.

It IS causing genuine suffering for thousands of people working in restaurants and hotels and right during the Christmas / New Years holiday season. And that's why these Big City hateful Democrat pols do it: Because they are as malevolent as they are ignorant. Nevertheless, certain ex-friends of mine here in and around the D.C. area benightedly celebrate this garbage.

To be clear, Mayor McNugget knows that there will be zero pushback because D.C. is 95% Democrat to include vast numbers of profoundly stupid white, WOKE women who not only eagerly wear their face diapers and burqas, but LOVE endless lockdowns since (1) it doesn't affect them financially at all, but instead (2) makes them feel "safe."

Slide 11 on the telework requirement. Fuck you -- why don't YOU telework from your bathroom?


These are the Kareny sorts who genuinely believe this Big Media (think Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper) fanned pandemic -- which statistically represents near-zero actual threat to them -- is on part with Bubonic Plague. It is certainly the worst thing their social media-stunted psychological mindset thinks they've ever suffered.

It also fits right in with their sundry other upper middle class afflictions to include gluten / peanut / milk allergies, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and restless leg syndrome among other "afflictions of affluence" made-up shit.

Of course, the big loophole to this whole extraconstitutional, suffocating authoritarianism to say you are doing something to "Combat Systemic Racism." In that case, can do anything you want from where you want in whatever fashion. That was the bottomline lesson of this summer's riots, burning, looting, and mayhem -- all of which she encouraged and couldn't get enough of.

It appears that indoor dining is still allowed in Northern Virginia but not suburban Maryland because Larry Hogan is a bad RINO drag act and Montgomery County is the most WOKE-infused, Kareny Covid paranoiac place on the planet. However, I have to call ahead to make sure, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (I nixed my trip to Glen Burnie to visit my mom.)

What I do know is that this garbage will NEVER end because what's really happening is a sort of Bolshevik Revolution married to a WOKE Maoist Cultural Revolution. Already you can see it coming out of the "the Mother Country" as BoJo's UK starts hyperventilating about "MUTATING SUPER-SPREADING STRAINS!!!" of Covid (SARS-CoV-2). In cahoots with Bill "Great Reset" Gates, BoJo has become an immediate, urgent danger to his country.

On a personal note, I will have to move away from this fucking area and will do so in 2022 if things are not dramatically improved away from this Great Reset "New Normal" ... I will not live forever in some CRT-infected Cultural Marxist / Democrat Party / Oligarchical Overclass totalitarian wasteland.

On that note, I'd like to call attention to this article from The Federalist (link embedded): I Moved From Locked-Down Virginia To Open Florida, And Faces Came Back To Life.

OK, that's all for this entry. I actually didn't post this entry until 1:30 p.m. on the 24th, but I back-dated it to just before midnight last night since I want to post one and possibly two entries today.


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