Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving and Birthday Eve Ruminations from Glen Burnie -OR- Fifty States Of Being Plus One

No, this isn't Glen Burnie, Md. Rather, it's a vista view of Hungry Horse Reservoir, Montana


Late night in Glen Burnie, Md., at my mom's place for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Yes, I'm here for Thanksgiving and we have been having a very visit here in the little apartment -- having dinner, watching TV, and talking. Earlier today, we went to a nearby Target to buy some things including a couple clothing items.

It's a normal visit despite the depravity of the larger time. And there is no giving a flying fiddler's fuck about the Covid terrormongering from the whore media and totalitarian Democrat governors stoking the paranoiac fear.

Yes, this including Tom Pussy Wolf of Pennsylvania, a real neutered numbnut. Not to worry: Richard/Rachel Levine's mother is NOT in the Covid-infected nursing home.

Of course, the source of Democrat Covid hypocrisy is boundless, inexhaustible, and too much to discuss.

This goes way beyond Gavin "Feminine Itch" Newsom, and, in general, refers to the sort that treats their citizens like juvenile deliquent children that must be punished including in the fashion of Gretchen "Abusive Mother" Whitmer or that evil, ugly bitch in Oregon. That bitch, like a few governors, has been actively encouraging citizens to snitch on each other but loves BLM / Antifa murderous mayhem.

It's worth noting, as Rep. Jim Jordan pointed out, that these are the same scumbag governors who, like their mayoral counterparts, are actively pushing the "Defund the Police" horseshit and encouraging riots and looting.

Full Moon rising over snow-capped Lone Peak, Wasatch Range, northern Utah, February 3, 2012;


Then there is the Andrew Cuomo mafioso thug sort and -- closer to home -- Maryland's Larry Hogan, a political cross-dressing Republican-in-name-only who resembles nothing in the manner of that s/he(it) thing in drag, Rachel Levine, namely, the political cross-dresser Larry Hogan.

If you want to see how a Governor should do it, here is Ron DeSantis in Florida. Anderson "Gloria Hole" Cooper and Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow are going batshit crazy.

For me, and as I've said in other entries recently, I really, really want there to be some serious federal (not state) court challenges on these flamboyantly extraconstitutional edicts and general power-grabs by Democrat governors in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, and West Coast.

Above and below are compendiums of an email that Alex Berenson received from an unidentified constitutional lawyer about the prohibitions on private gatherings in homes for Thanksgiving and posted in this tweet.

Even still, it is beyond my comprehensive that we are at this point with these cocksucker Dem Governors are going wild with this garbage with active Big Media encouragement (yeah, we're back to Anderson "Glorious Hole" Cooper and the PMSNBC crowd), yet they are the same Dems who couldn't get enough Antifa rioting, looting, and mayhem.

Regarding the above image, I REALLY HOPE the stupid Dems spend the first year of a Pervy Joe / Kamala-in-25th-Amendment-Waiting regime trying to pass some "college debt forgiveness" scheme -- something that will make Obamacare passage or Clinton gaysinthemilitary (yeah, that was another time) seem like child's play.

It will eat up endless time and energy and result in self-defeating disaster for shitty Dems.

Just out of curiosity, can the U.S. Gov't simply walk away from a debt involving its citizens? And there's the eruptive resentment this will create when an AOC Squad nutty idea explodes on contact with reality. Stupid idiots.

Speaking of Obama, a.k.a., Barry O, I never realized what a self-righteous, smarmy, pussy he is. He's everywhere lately and won't go away, which is the point.


I'm here with my mom and we're watching YouTube stuff on the, right now, a video by the "Trent & Allie" duo in the Wasatch of northern Utah (what a delightful, happy, interesting, Mormon couple), specifically, this video:

There is another guy we watched, specifically, a strange fellow in Sweden, Erik Normark, plus a man near Duluth whose YouTube series is called Northern Seclusion and still another fellow with a series called The Wandering Woodsman ("Not all who wander are lost") who is in this part of the world.

Yes, the endless ad interruption in some of these YouTube videos can get quite annoying.

Needless to say, the Anderson Glorious Vanderhole Cooper / Big Media / Big Academia sort are in a manic, mouth-foaming frenzy about their worthless masks and, naturally, they can't abide that people exist -- such as the ones listed above -- who are living their lives in happiness and fullness with meaning and completeness, not crack-addicted to Big Media fear, loathing, hatred, and Big Tech-enhanced Covid terror.

That is, not as 2020 Demo - pussy - coward - antifa - Covid - Big Media-Twitter - critical-race-theory racist-crats.

For tomorrow, Thanksgiving, we're planning on going to the American Legion hall near here for its annual Thanksgiving dinner event. I hear that the main level bar is open.

On Friday, Gary is supposed to drive up to Glen Burnie on and we are planning to go to The Jetty in Grayson, Md., assuming it's open and Larry Hogan cross-dressed his way to destroying that. Thereafter, I'll head back to D.C.

OK, that's all for now. I'm going to try to post an entry tomorrow, Thanksgiving, which is also my 51st birthday. Oh, and speaking of my birthday, I updated my "About Me" profile on the left to the following:

Age: 51. (Yeah, I'm getting tired of updating that number every year.) Ethnicity: Human. Asimovian Pronouns: I/We/Gaia. Born: Neptune, New Jersey. Residence: Inexplicably, Washington, D.C.

Special Note: Can't wait to leave D.C. and find some place more in sync with life and humanity. Not entirely sure where, though.

OK, that's all for now.


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