Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Night Double Feature for Nov 28, 2020: The Covid Thing from Another World (Do We And How) Plus Musical Twofer Sister Act

A grove of late fall bare gnarled Yoshino "Japanese" cherry trees on the National Mall, Washington, D.C., 2:25 p.m., November 28, 2020


The images in this picture are those I took earlier today on a walkabout down to the National Mall past the Washington Monument, over to the Jefferson Memorial, and thence upriver along the Potomac River to the Lincoln Memorial, and looping back home. I stopped for dinner at Grillfish before heading home.

Except for the lead image, I am not captioning the pictures. The file names contain place and time information.


Back in frickin' Washington, D.C., and safely home on this Saturday night -- the last one in November 2020 -- watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday night line up.

The Svengoolie-hosted monster movie is the 1951 film The Thing from Another World starring Kenneth Tobey and the lovely Margaret Sheridan (who died much too young), along with the 6'7" tall James Arness as The Thing.

There's also an interesting roster of other actors including actor-turned-producer William Self, Robert Cornthwaite, the once very hunky Dewey Martin, and prolific voice actor Paul Frees.

Below is an image of some of the main cast members in The Thing from Another World:

And since I gave a special referenced to him, here are three additional Dewey Martin photos from the 1950s:

Below: Dewey Martin in a movie photo release from the 1955 film starring him, Land of the Pharaohs.

Dewey Martin was married for two years to Peggy Lee. He (apparently) had no children. And, no, I've no idea about anything else such as whether he hung around with Rock Hudson and his clique.

Martin had great hair, among other features.


Well, I really don't have a whole lot to say. Instead, let me fill up the "mid-part" of this entry with some important Alex Berenson tweets -- two and five, respectively, created as compendium screenshots:


I will say this: This is just another reason to despise the very existence of Big Media as anthropomorphized in the forms of Anderson "Gloria Hole" Cooper, Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow, and Chris "Truth and Reconciliation Pussy Commission" Hayes.


Above: As a comment: I saw more people on the National Mall this Saturday than I've seen since the whole Media Cult of the Branch Covidians seized control of society. This deeply offends Big Media and while bothering Jack Dorsey's Big Tech and Jeff Bezos' e-retail-based oligarchy, because it means people are outside and not living burrowed in their basements in terror. (To be clear, Oligarchy also loves the 50-50 polarized social unrest, since that satisfactorily deflects dangerous anger from it.)


For the rest of this entry, I'd like to present a sort of mini-Jukebox Saturday Night entry. This was a once-weekly feature on this blog that sort of petered out and which I've had no particular desire to post during the demonic year of 2020.

But for this entry, I'm featuring two songs from the 1992 movie Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg and Dame Maggie Smith because I just watched the film a couple days ago while visiting my mom. As I mentioned, it's a movie I quite like, and I really like these two songs.

Both these movie video clips used to be featured at the once-very popular Monday night showtunes at JRs back in the 1990s and 2000s.

Anyway, without further ado ...

"Salve Regina," also known as "Hail Holy Queen"

Among the Latin lyrics:

Mater amata intemerata
Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus
Virgo respice, Mater adspice
Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus
Al-le-lu-ia (Alleluia)

As for a translation, well, the best I could do is this site. It would seem to be (and, no, I don't know for sure because I don't know Latin):

Beloved Mother pure (or chaste)
Holy, Holy Lord
Caring Virgin, watchful Mother
Holy, Holy Lord

Then there is the final song with what is supposed to be a papal audience:

"I Will Follow Him"

This is a lovely song with a terrific, uplifting performance that makes for a great ending to the movie.


OK, that's all for now. For tomorrow, my intention is to go to take the Metro down to King Street and walk over to Old Town to either Fish Market (bar area) or O'Connells (anywhere inside). As for Monday, I should get back to a quasi-normal schedule after a full week departure from it owing to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Of note, the weather is supposed to be sunny and cool tomorrow followed by a very rainy Monday and then blustery Tuesday and Wednesday. The pattern looks fairly active for the next 7 to 10 days for the eastern United States.

Above: I may have featured same willow tree in a picture taken on April 9th on a windy, spring day during the height of the D.C. lockdown and featured in this entry. And in just scanning through my April entries (filled with quite a few lovely pictures precisely because it was such a lovely weather month), let me acknowledge that is was just before my major shift in political views.

That shift was triggered by the Democrat Party-and-Big Media-stoked civil unrest courtesy Antifa vermin and BLM scum that destroyed the social fabric of the country, not to mention all those big, blue cities. Yeah, it's 8 months later and you got your Pervy Joe / Kamala-in-25th-Amendment Waiting, but nothing else.

Also at the time, I still believed the Covid-1984 hysteria mongering horseshit that was coming from the worthless, clueless authorities who fan the fear-mongering for purposes of open-ended, extra-constitutional power grabs and the illiberal left, control-fixated Medical / Health complex.

I will say that the totalitarian nature of these all-consuming power grabs seeking to regulate every aspect of existence is far worse in certain English speaking countries than even in the worst of the Democrat states (New York, California).

I refer to the UK where BoJo's shit show is in full Orwellian swing; Australia; and New Zealand, although in NZ, the population seems to get off on it.

But let's avoid going down that road in this entry. Instead, I'll just sign off for now. My next planned entry is for late Monday or early Tuesday.


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