Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Quick, Interim Posting on an Early Afternoon in Mid-November In a Deeply Screwed Up Time

Saturday early afternoon in November.

It is a sunny, cool, pleasant day with temps around 60F.

Apologies for lack of updates the past of couple days.

I had intended to post an entry last night, but I had a time-sensitive work-related last that really needed to be finished and so I worked on it at home into the wee hours while watching my old TV shows.

As the briefest of updates ...

On another note, I was accepted to move into the apartment in Arlington just beyond "downtown" Rosslyn.

I haven't signed the lease yet. I will do that next Friday (Nov 20th) -- assuming when I actually see the place in real life (not that Democrat virtual shit) that it isn't horrible or deeply flawed.

Assuming I do move, this will mark the merciful and long-overdue end of my fucking living-in-D.C.-proper life, although not the end of my D.C. area life -- that is still, I assume, about ten years away.

Yes, the Covid crap and cultic WOKE Mind Hive of Millennial-infected Washington, D.C., will have succeeded in driving me away after 20 years in the District proper (and 28 years in this fucking area). It's all yours, you monstrously ignorant, usefully idiotic, Culturally Marxist ass-hats. Fuck you.

OK, right now, I need to head out and up to Bethesda for a goodbye luncheon for a retiring co-worker and friend who is moving away to Massachusetts to be near her family.

Oh, and I have to take the fucking Metrorail to Bethesda riding, invariably, one of the hideously cold fluorescent lit-industrial-looking 7000-series cars and infinite loop of "CLAOUTH MASKS ARE REQUIRED" auto-announcements. I fucking loathe Metro.

Now, I'm ASSUMING Mon Ami Gabi is open in some semblance of approximate normalcy. I say that because all these fucking Democrat governors (plus Larry Hogan in Maryland, who is functionally a Democrat) are in the process of shutting everything down again with endless, and endlessly self-destructive Covid lockdowns because of the giant but mostly meaningless spike in cases of this Big Media-fueled pandemic (think CNN and Ultra-WOKE PMSNBC).

As it is, we are eating outside because everyone is in a state of BRANCH COVIDIAN terror -- except when it's time for Antifa vermin and BLM thugs to riot, loot, burn, and violently assault others who don't follow their deranged religion.

Of course, the fact that they are simply Democrat Party tools of Nancy Pelosi and sundry corporate oligarchs is beyond their ability to comprehend precisely because they are so Gen Z trans-gendered and trans-liquefied cluelessly stupid.

OK, that's all for now. Again, my intention is to post a lengthier entry tonight while (whilst?) home watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday night line up.


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