Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Morning After Summary Update on the 2020 Presidential Election - Where Things Now Stand: A Big, Fraud-Laden, Conflicted-Filled Mess That Probably Ends with President Biden and Kamala-In-25th Amendment Waiting, But It Wasn't Easy

UPDATED 11:51 p.m. Nov 4, 2020: See bottom of entry.

OK, so here we are the day after the 2020 Presidential Election, the bulk of which occurred prior to it because of the Covid media pseudo-pandemic.

Key points:

The election outcome remains indeterminate but the trends favor Creepy Joe Biden as President and Hateful Harpy Harris, a.k.a., Komrade Kamala, as his Vice President 25th Amendment-in-Waiting Co-President.

The results are extremely close with a popular vote breakdown of 69.7M for Biden and 67.1M for President Donald Trump or a percent split of 50.1% to 48.3%.

So, yes, the months' long carpet-bombing campaign of polls showing Dementia-Addled Joe up by 10 to 15 to as much as 17 were bullshit. That is, they were the PSYOP that we knew all along they were. Trump significantly overperformed nationally and in the critical swing states.

That fact cannot be changed no matter how much shit Nate Silver spews by tweet.

What is currently happening is that Biden is massively overperforming on all the mail-in ballots in a super-efficient "ballot harvesting" operation, especially in Michigan and Wisconsin -- two states that it looked like Trump was winning last night but that have since flipped back to Perv Joe. As I write this, Joe is up 21,000 votes in Wisconsin and 34,000 in Michigan, corresponding coincidentally (yeah, "coincidentally") to 49.6% for him versus 48.9% for Trump in both states.

This "flippage" occurred in the wee hours as many slept as over half a million mail-in ballots suddenly appeared and were counted overnight in Michigan and voter alterations were made in Milwaukee County (and city).

Nevada remains not called with an 8,000 vote difference for Biden or 0.6% (49.2% versus 48.6%) and votes to be counted including in Clark County (Las Vegas).

Arizona was called (too) early by the whore media -- that is, the juggernaut of AP, NBC, New York Times, CNN, and the rest -- presently at 51.0% for Biden to 47.6% for Trump with a difference of about 94,000 votes.

However, several hundred thousand mail-in ballots remain to be counted focused on Maricopa County (Phoenix). And the Trump campaign appears to be honing in on a battle here, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin.

The other uncalled states are Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania but Trump is ahead in all of them -- and by a considerable margin in Pennsylvania (54.0% to 44.9%), except only an estimated 64% of the vote counted (and a shit-ton of mail-in ballots yet to appear).

If all of this holds as is, Pervy Joe would hit the magic Electoral College number on the button -- 270 -- and win. And the Illiberal Left Media are eager to call all of these contests -- and thus allow the Democrat Party and their Antifacrat street shock troops in their hellscape big, blue cities to create the psychological inevitability of a President Biden.

How this actually plays out in the courts and streets in the coming days and weeks, well, I have no idea. But it won't be pretty.

But no matter what, President Trump massively overperformed when it came to in-person voting by Americans who love their country and want it back from the monster corporate oligarchs, Big Tech malevolent titans, Big Media and Big Academia Marxists, and the Medical/Health Police State. That is, it wasn't easy for all those forces of The Great Reset.

Oh, that brings up another not-so-minor matter: The Senate remains undecided with three races yet to be called (although the one called -- in Arizona -- could be problematic if there is, in fact, a major recount there). But Wiley Ol' Cocaine Mitch won his reelection, so at least we still have him.

On a personal note, my life here in D.C. doesn't change -- although I can't wait to move the fuck out to at least the Virginia suburbs early next year -- and there is still the likelihood of a Harris presidency and attempted Marxist dictatorship (after they 25th Amendment Creepy Joe out the door and into his basement for good).

OK, that's all for now. I really don't want to post frequent updates on all the ugly twists and turns of the coming days and weeks -- just really major decisions and outcomes, I suppose -- but I did want to provide this day-after update.

I'm going to try to post another entry tonight, but unless something major happens, it will NOT be election/civil unrest-related.


Updated 11:51 p.m. 11/4/2020

I'd like to call attention to this article in The Federalist detailing the flamboyantly brazen presidential election theft successfully undertaken by Democrat machine politics in Wisconsin and Michigan (now both called for Creepy Perv Joe) and underway tonight in Pennsylvania -- which is on the verge of flipping from Trump to Biden [link embedded]:

Some of the three-in-the-morning vote shifts to include 100,000 votes ALL for Biden are flamboyant in their brazenness, calling to mind the Big City corruption of long ago but the scale of a presidential election.

Meanwhile, the Illiberal WOKESTERS and other Thought Police at the main Big Tech's main platforms -- Twitter and Facebook -- are busy suppressing any mention of these information.

It is worth noting that it looks as though Republicans should be able to hold onto the Senate -- if so, THANK GOD IN HEAVEN -- and House Dems lost at least six seats (and counting since many races remain uncalled), which is a big embarrassment for that wizened, vicious, 80-year old crone Pelosi.

What's more, and in a manner analogous to the massive, systemic, and prolonged polling failure, neither of these outcomes were even considered a possibility by "legacy" Big Media inside their monomaniacally Anti-Trump, WOKE Marxist-frenzied, America-Hating Hive Mind.

Above: Two tweets from earlier today by President Trump.

Note the stunningly brazen arrogance of the Twitter censors -- confident and thinking it acceptable, indeed, normal to censor the President of the United States on his observations on the election outcome.

Yes, these are our 2020 totalitarian overlords:

A bunch of Jack Dorsey techno-grungy but still dork-ass, megalomaniacally mentally ill, ethically filthy, but fundamentally ignorant totalitarian wannabes.

So, in conclusion, as I wrote at the outset of this entry, we will almost certainly end up with a Biden gerontological regency awaiting Lady MacKamala. That's the bad news.

But the good news is that the election outcome itself is a stunning repudiation of the American elites -- those degenerate Baby Boomers who've presided over the destruction of the country's economic heart and cultural soul, and who refuse to go away combined with a tiny but super noisy, super malevolent cadre of Critical Race Theory-crazed Maoist Millennials.

Above: Tucker Carlson's commentary earlier tonight on the existential good that came out of the election results even with a Biden presidency.

End of Update and of Entry.


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