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A Day to Remember: Big Media Crowns Pervy Joe as Prez and the WOKE Erupt In Non-Cisgendered Joy: Some Thoughts on the Likely Trajectory of the New Kamala - AOC Marxist / Kendi - CRT / Rubin - TAP / Fauci -Levine, er, Biden Administration

Note: I didn't finish and post this entry until Sunday night.

Fall-colorful forested grove between N. Rhodes and N. Scott Streets, Rosslyn, Arlington, Va., 2:40 p.m., Nov 7, 2020

The picture above and the next four below were all taken earlier today by me while (whilst?) walking between (betwixt?) Rosslyn and Ballston to include the area where I am making plans to move in a few months in order to GET THE FUCK out of D.C., in terms of daily living.

The rest of the outdoor pictures were taken in the past 10 days or so. I'm not captioning any of them. The file names contain place/time information.

Today, Saturday, November 7, 2020, was a certainly a historically eventful day in an awful way (and one, thankfully, not involving me personally).

It was the sort of day in which the world changed and not for the better -- but we long ago crossed into that reality in this country. As in, a half century ago and more.

Assuming that yin-and-yang kind of push-and-pull to human history has any validity, it also perhaps set in motion a new world that might be born here in the United States in the coming decade. That's because what is being forcibly birthed such a grotesque abomination to what the country is at its core.

I refer, of course, to the erstwhile Greatest Nation on Earth that is to be titularly led by an increasingly dementia-addled geriatric clown, former Vice President Joseph Biden with his Vice President, Kamala Harris as 25th-Amendment-Lady Macbeth-In-Waiting.

These two will sit -- one cluelessly, the other viciously -- atop a hopelessly haphazard regime consisting of chaotic, unworkable melange of Maoist Millennials consisting of Critical Race Theory (CRT) Cultural Marxists and their WOKE-frenzied Khmer Rouge cultists plus Medical/Health police state thanks to the ever-more-meaningless media "Covid" pandemic via the vehicle of the absurd Democrat Party. All while Big Media, Big Tech, Big Academia, and sundry corporate oligarchs attempt to direct this razzle-dazzle freak show.

So what happened today, Saturday, November 7, 2020, is the malevolent entities of Big Media, excluding Fox News Channel, and with the active help of Big Tech, "called" the coin-toss of a 2020 presidential election for Pervy Joe Biden. They did so on the basis of questionable, razor-thin margins in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, plus Georgia and a blizzard of lawsuits to be worked through by th eother side, the campaign of President Donald J. Trump.

While Fox didn't join in this cabal, its news (READ: senior management) side was not-so-subtly happy to have it happen, which is weird until you think about it more deeply (refer to paragraph beginning, "I suspect that the Republican leadership is ..."). That is not the case, of course, with its main on-air talent: Carlson, Ingraham, and Hannity.

The monomaniacally anti-Trump Big Media cartel decided in this in unison and did so despite -- or maybe because of -- a blizzard of Trump campaign lawsuits in both the contested states and at the federal level that are likely to end up before a majority very conservative U.S. Supreme Court to play out between now and Inauguration Day. True, it's far more likely than not to NOT change the outcome, but those cases should not be dismissed out of hand. That's because they are not trivial based upon what appears to have happened in those states.

Hahahaha ...

I refer to the fact that this coin-toss of an election ended up involving hard-to-prove but seemingly widespread widespread, systemic, and super-efficient election theft in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and even Atlanta precincts ("240 PERCENT TURNOUTS!! 120,000 VOTES DROPPED FOR BIDEN AT 4 A.M., ZERO FOR TRUMP!!"). While this fraud was at the margins in a nationwide election involving 140M+ votes, it was precisely because the election was a draw that the consequences of the fraud is so consequential.

The outcome aside, the part that is the worst, of course, is the role of the media and academic pollsters and the lead aggregator and self-appointed God-like evaluator of the polls, namely, Nate "Still Twitter Out-of-His-Ass Spewing" Silver, who continues to defend "the integrity" and "the reliability" of whole year-long polling PSYOP.

I refer, of course, to the hundreds of polls such as Quinnipac and WaHoPo showing Biden up 15 to 20 points not just nationally but even in swing states such as Wisconsin when, in fact, they were less than 2 points (in the case of Milwaukee, thanks to those 240 percent turnouts in certain precincts). Pasty-doughy-assed Silver seems to be defending his operation that is fraudulent but highly useful to the Big Media / Democrat ecosystem on the grounds that Biden "won" and therefore the PSYOP was "objectively" correct.

Silver's financially-and-influence-peddling-based self-serving delusion is in the same vein as Crazy Queen Nancy on her lengthy passion play caucus conference call in which all those who lost (10 and counting) or nearly lost begged her to get real. But on that mass conference call -- LIVE LEAKED to the media by Members themselves -- AOC and her "Squad" repeatedly called everyone on the line who disagreed with them genocidal racists and urging that Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden focus on what really matters:

Namely, free medical care and free college tuition for all BIPOC-approved people, including illegal immigrants, and a major emphasis on transgendered bathrooms in elementary schools, all while exacting revenge against an ever-expanding list of Trump era enemies that includes, presumably, all ~71M people who voted for him equalling 47.7% of those who voted. (The final numbers will continue to change until California's quadrillion or so voting idiots and dead people have been counted.)

To be clear, compared to what was anticipated and endlessly touted, Dems did disastrously down-ballot even after cream puffy-assed Chris Cillizza spent months screaming that they would win massively and obliterate the GOP. Reasons for that narrative aside, the outcome of the election -- a coin-toss Biden win and down-ballot Republicans doing far, far better than they were supposed to do -- that was due, at least in part, to the weird fact that hundreds of thousands of bBlacks and Hispanics who voted FOR Trump while tens of thousands of white working class men voting FOR Biden but all-GOP down-ballot.

That result, of course, violently blows up the WOKE-infused Big Media narrative relentlessly peddled for a year and more.

The part I still don't understand is why Trump -- after 4 years and EVERYTHING that has happened -- is still INCAPABLE of thinking of longer-term strategically. I refer to the fact that he should just LEAVE Twitter --which is run by a bunch of illiberal leftwing, techno-geeks steeped in Critical Race Theory and WOKE identity politics but otherwise historically illiterate -- and setting up shop elsewhere. It could be Parlor or some other existing platform. Or Peter Thiel could spend a hunred million or two of his billions to set up something.

That's such an EASY and OBVIOUS decision to make -- and to do while he has 80M+ followers including all those who love him. He is on the verge of being thrown off twitter anyway, and the presidential race call by Big Media will only hasten that.

Putting that aside, THE CRITICAL ISSUE right now is whether Republicans can hold onto the Senate -- that's everything because if they can't, then the Maoist Millennials who are pumping their 25-year old poisoned blood into the wizened veins of Queen Nancy and Upchuck Schumer. (Yes, I got that analogy and image from the Ben Shapiro podcast featured below.)

I refer to incumbent Senator Thom Tillis in North Carolina, who is barely ahead of Cal Cunningham -- while we await 100,000 or 200,000 all-for-Cunningham ballots that are suddenly "discovered" in the dustbins of this or that Rayleigh or Wilmington precinct -- and the TWO run-offs that need to occur in Georgia.

In the case of Queen Nancy, the Octogenarian Empress of San Francisco Democrats everywhere, her caucus has lost definitively 5 seats and, in fact, that number could increase to 11 or 12 -- which would pare her net majority into the single digits. Final results won't be known for weeks. What is known is that she's a hateful, wizened witch trying to live off the lifeblood of the WOKE Maoist Millennials.

As for the issue of exacting revenge on all their enemies, it is worth noting that elements of the Media/Entertainment Complex combined with the elments of the Washington Consensus Big Media / Foundation-Funded Think Tank Complex -- and I refer to both the psychotic Keith Olbermann and even more deranged Jennifer Rubin -- are foaming at the mouth about retribution against "Trump collaborators" as if a Nazi regime were just overthrown.

In fact, that's PRECISELY what they believe and they are setting up what is known as the "Trump Accountability Project" (yes, "TAP") that features a "ENEMIES LISTS" for the euphemistic purpose of a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" -- which, of course, is just WOKE cancel culture destruction of lives of enemies real and imagined.

Yes, the steadily-more-hatefully psychotic Jennifer Rubin -- who was once an earnest Mitt Romney Republican -- actually believes in her deranged mind that a conservative U.S. presidential administration that never did anything to harm or her or anyone she knows and cares about is on par with a genocidal Nazi dictatorship.

Above: Chris Hayes, ageing very badly.

It's worth noting that Chris the Metrosexual Asshole Hayes is the most intense on "getting revenge" on Trump supporters to include various Republican staffers. Hayes "blames" Trump and, by extension, the staffers for the Covid situation and 230,000 DEAD!!!

On a personal note, I fucking despise Chris Hayes. I can't stand looking at him. I find him a cardboard cutout of a WOKE milquetoast wussified male feminist whose belief system is abhorrent to me and who should not have the platform that he does. In terms of talent, unlike Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes is demonstrably stupid and unlike Al Sharpton, he has the charisma of spoiled milk.

Above: Biden, newly Media Crowned President Elect, attempts to "address the nation" and instead looks like the Dementia-addled geriatric basket case that he is. And the Big Joke is that anybody -- including the WOKE Maoists and Marxists who make up the Democrat Party -- actually "want" a Biden presidency, as opposed earnestly wishing that he drops dead three months into his first term and getting Komrade Kamala into office.

These open-ended calls for revenge are symptomatic of the Illiberal Left and its totalitarian instincts -- and it's only going to dominate the "discussion" on the Left during a Biden administration, however, short-lived it turns out to be.

Above: YouTube clip of of the "New Rule" segment by Bill Maher on his most recent Real Time show in which he smartly and hilariously tiers off the impending marriage of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani -- "Rodeo and Juliet" -- to make a desperately needed case for American reconciliation and unity. This is the OPPOSITE of the "Trump Accountability Project"(TAP).


I'm genuinely curious what Fred Hiatt -- that avatar of the Washington Consensus for the past 30+ years and who is technically, er, Washington Post op-ed page boss -- thinks of Crazy Jennifer Rubin now that she is certifiably insane.

On the one hand, Hiatt likely agrees with the idea of the quick, brutal removal of all vestiges of Donald Trump and Trumpism from polite Washington society, but on the other hand, his Georgetown dinner party sensibilities don't do well around batshit-crazy hateful insanity.

My guess is he's afraid of her -- much like Jeffrey Goldberg is afraid of his "stable" of 20-and-30-something ultra-WOKE writers and editors at The Atlantic.

As for the would-be Illiberal Left "De-Trumpification purge" and other insanities, Ben Shapiro said it well in Episode 1132 of his podcast entitled "The Coming Democratic Collapse." After reviewing a bevy of Trump lawsuits underway, and around minute 30 of the 66-minute long podcast, he turns to the situation with the Democrats.

Specifically, he explains why the party is just beginning their internecine internal civil war, and that's fine with our side. That's because the AOC Squad will be too busy bullying, hectoring, social media-driven "cancelling" and just venemously screaming at anyone and everyone TO INCLUDE THOSE ON THEIR SIDE who disagrees with them.

Any disagreement with them is tantamount to being COMPLICIT IN GENOCIDAL RACISM in the manner prescribed by the Lisa Senecal sorts, i.e., they of the WOKE MIND HIVE.

Anybody else just love it when cluelessly self-parodying WHITE PRIVILEGED, WOKE, WEALTHY WOMEN send everyone else to Hell via their Glorious Prouncements made whilst seated on their Royal Bidets?? And they see nothing weirdly wrong about that.


Shapiro makes the point that as Biden attempts to govern in whatever fashion, he and the Democrat Party leadership wll have THE SQUAD, the Illiberal Left media, and numerically small but massively influential far left twitter mobs wrapped around the sternum. And they will be, as noted, yowling and howling for the most lunatic Culture War and general Marxist shit of the most self-and-societally destructively unworkable sort:

"Defund the Police" malevolent lunacy; forcible Critical Race Theory indoctrination; endless cancel culture campaigns and campus Stalinist show trials of those perceived to lack "moral clarity" in their thinking; active encouragement of transgenderism to include among adolescents and children; the "Green New Deal" with its massive tax increases and energy rationing -- and all the oligarchical consequences and impoverishment that will bring); mass confiscation of guns; socialized medicine and free college; mass amnesty and open borders; Supreme Court packing and willy-nilly creating new, far-left U.S. States (frickin' "New Columbia"??).

As Shapiro sarcastically notes, this should all work out REALLY well for Dems. In fact, he ARDENTLY hopes the Dems go down this rabbit hole.

And even assuming most of this dangerous garbage doesn't remotely come to pass, there will still be the Covid terror-mongering for purposes of endless Democrat "public health emergency" control. This is where Biden's "ALL BASEMENT / ALL LOCK DOWN" strategy overseen by Dr. "FUCK YOU" Fauci will come into play. We will NEVER be rid of that fucking megalomaniacal media troll.

Indeed, as an update before I even post this entry -- I didn't actually post it until Sunday night (see above) -- Biden is already planning on suffocating and asphyxiating "outdoor mask mandates" that are wildy unconstitutional, wildly unworkable, and wildly ineffectual (not to mention entirely redundant in all the Democrat-strangled areas) for the endless Covid horseshit. This was the the goal from the beginning -- the suffocation of all life. Let's hope all these Federalist Society judges were worth something.

Above: Pennsylvania's transgendered, transsexual, transphilic, and perhaps even trans-liquefied Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel "Richard" Levine. Looking like something out of a drag act at the old "Secrets" in D.C., s/he might be in the running for Biden's Secretary of Health and Human Services. Of course, given the gender and race-based requirements in Democrat Party politics for various positions, that slot probably has to go to a BIPOC. Regardless, in today's Democrat Party, it's a big plus if you are transsexual or just dressed in drag.

Always keep in mind, though that the Illiberal Left wants lockdowns, economic destruction, financial ruin, and human immiseration for anything involving "Trump's America" -- to include, of course, Yelp-certified "racist" businesses, church, certain non-WOKE sports, weddings, funerals, parties, and life in general -- while celebrating mass gatherings when they are for correct Social Justice purposes. This is how Aaron Asshole Rupar is able to tweet, in Newspeak fashion, the following two items barely 12 hours apart on the same day (juxtaposed next to each other):

Remember: "Blue check" media people like Aaron Rupar can't even conceive of the rank, revolting hypocrisy of it when they lecture one way and then opine the other -- and it can be simultaneously. The time lag between the two sentiments need not be anything That is, it can be in the same breath.

Returning to this Saturday and what happened here in D.C., where, totally predictably, 92.6% percent of the electorate voted for a Kamala "Let's Pack Joe Back Into His Basement" totalitarian WOKE dictatorship, today's Big Media proclamation of who is the President resulted in pure joy.

By noon when I finally got up (!), and was in the bathroom (!), I could hear endless horn honking.

A couple hours later -- as I made my way to Foggy Bottom Metro to head to Rosslyn, where I surveilled the apartment complex I am intending to move on either Jan 1 or Feb 1 in order to at least GET THE FUCK OUT OF D.C. -- I saw that most of that horn-honkiong was coming from wildly aroused lesbians.

Not only were they horn honking, they were also bouncing up and down in their Priuses, perhaps achieving orgasms, while driving around, say, Washington Circle. And they were holding "OUT NOW!" signs -- or maybe they were "ABORTIONS NOW!" signs.

I didn't go to "BLACK LIVES MATTER" plaza near the White House, where vast phalanxes of the the WHITE and the WOKE, -- NOT ALL OF WHO were properly masked -- were cheering and celebrating rather than burning, rioting, and looting (it's a fine line with them).

Well, I guess I can't begrudge them being happy even if they are WOKE-crazed cultists. It's better than having them fucking riot. I should note that there was even Jake Tapper tut-tutting about not "social distancing" among "BLM Plaza" throngs.

But given this identity politics cultural singularity, it begs the question of whether down on BLM Plaza there were pop-up abortion clinics, gender reassignment surgery MASH tents, and impromptu Ibram X. Kendi / Robin DiAngelo Critical Race Theory seminars to beg for forgiveness for their ORIGINAL WHITE SIN. Perhaps they found some "cis-gendered" NOT WOKE white men to sacrifice to their WOKE GODHEAD, but I didn't want to find out.

Oh, and OF COURSE, it was wildly warm and sunny today -- only a weak hint of fall weather, much less impending winter -- in our globally warmed world with highs of 74F at KDCA, a daily record-tying 77F at KBWI, and a new daily record high of 76F at KIAD.

There isn't a sign of cold weather coming as the Arctic polar vortex is likely to remain incredibly stable all winter (just like last year). Below is 6-hr time step loop from hour 0 to hour 120 of the 0Z 11 Nov 2020 operational GFS showing MSLP and 1000-500mb thicknesses (color coded) and effectively representing warmer and colder temperature:

As for rainfall, we could get some in the middle of next week thanks to the moisture from what is now Tropical Storm Eta. Yes, we are now up to "Eta" in the Greek alphabet -- the 28th named tropical/subtropical cyclone of the Atlantic basin season this year, a new record -- and it would be the fourth such storm to bring moisture here (three from the Gulf and this one Florida).

NWS quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) for the Lower 48 U.S. through hour 120 for the time period
12Z 08 Nov - 12Z 13 Nov 2020


Had we not at the rainfall from Laura, Delta, or Zeta, we would actually have had approx. 6 inches less rainfall -- although even that would still be above normal since we are about +12.6" above at KDCA year-to-date. (I'm not going to figure all the numbers precisely for this entry.)

Above: That's got to be one of the most extensive warm fronts I've ever seen on a weather map.

As for my trek to Rosslyn and walk from there to Ballson -- all in Arlington -- and happenings, that's worth a separate entry. I did have to deal with the usual dehumanizing masked Covid paranoiacs, especially the Kareny sort, although living here in D.C., I've gotten used to and better at dodging them.

Anyway, I'm home right now watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night line up. I'm going to end this entry now. My next planned one will be Monday or Tuesday night.


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