Monday, November 30, 2020

Daily Record Rainfall Overview and Summary Monthly, Seasonal, and Year-to-Date Precipitation Stats for KDCA, KBWI, KIAD (and KNAK); Plus, Commentary on the Anti-Human Branch Covidian Cult Infestation of Washington, D.C., Late 2020

Wet, fallen autumn leaf-strewn sidewalk, 2000 block F Street NW, Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C., 12:17 p.m., November 30, 2020

I took this picture while walking to the office at L'Enfant Plaza. The early afternoon walk there was a lot more pleasant in that there were far fewer people around than during my early dark evening walk back home -- to include all the WOKE undead humanoid zombies and related Covid-1984 paranoiacs that make D.C. such a fucking nightmare anti-life psychological dystopian place to live in 2020.

Maybe a bit more on this topic later in the entry.


View from the amorphous Wilkes Street cemetery complex, Alexandria, Va., 2:13 p.m., November 29, 2020

Regarding the above image, I trekked down to Alexandria on Sunday -- stopping by a certain grave spot and taking the above picture, along with another one after I wiped the fog on my little cellphone camera lens. Here is the same scene 13 minutes later -- after lens cleaning:


Today, Monday, November 30, 2020, was a stormy day here in the Metro D.C. and Baltimore area, the larger Mid-Atlantic region, and much of the eastern United States. As detailed below, rainfall totals achieved daily record values in both D.C. and Baltimore.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base reflectivity looped 7:28 a.m. - 8:09 a.m. EST, November 30, 2020


The weather featured a vigorous, complex, deepening, occluding low pressure system moving on a highly meridional path from the Tennessee River valley, up the Appalachians into upstate New York, and into Quebec with attendant upper level low lagging to the southwest of the surface features.

NE CONUS sector NWS base reflectivity radar mosaic looped 1138 - 1248 UTC (6:38 a.m. - 7:48 a.m. EST),
30 November 2020


There was a conveyor belt of Gulf moisture and instability (see satellite image loop below) that resulted in an out-of-season tornado watch late this afternoon for parts of the Mid-Atlantic possible weak EF-0 and EF-1 tornados. These were associated with fast-moving SSW-to-NNE low-topped squalls associated with the complex, multi-frontal weather system. The dew point topped out around 60F around here and air temps made it to about 65F.

NWS LWX radar in standard composite mode looped
9:47 a.m. - 10:23 a.m. EST, November 30, 2020

Of note, the National Weather Service (NWS) is about to launch on or about Dec 16th a whole new NWS radar graphical interface. It is actually way past due for that -- this interface has been in use for 15 and maybe 20 years (I've lost track).

You can read about the new web-based interface here or even watch a boring and unhelpful video stretching nearly 16-1/2 minutes in duration put out by State College (CTP):

Given how these things ALWAYS go, it will likely be initially rockily unsuccessfully. NWS preliminarily tried to roll out something like this about two years ago but pulled it back. Given the impending disappearance of Adobe Flash Player, it seems as though NWS had no choice in the matter.


Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) map with advisories, updated 8:14 a.m. EST, Nov 30, 2020


On a personal note, I'm feeling very miserable and depressed -- having an extremely difficult time interacting with this fucking city and its demented WOKESTER and Covid-1984 paranoiac population. But I'm going to hold off on that topic for now.

Instead, for this entry, I just want to post a summary of the daily rainfall totals across the area -- as well as provide a summary of the full November 2020, Climatological Fall 2020 seasonal, and year-to-date precipitation totals.

NWS LWX radar in standard base reflectivity looped
9:56 a.m. - 10:28 a.m. EST, November 30, 2020

When the new interface is out, it's doubtful I'll be able to download these animated gif images.


To clarify, the information is for the following four ASOS stations with the ICAO codes (rather than IATA codes) used for the airports (they only differ by a "K" in each case):

KDCA: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport; KBWI: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport; KIAD: Washington Dulles International Airport; and KNAK: Annapolis Naval Academy.

GOES-16 GeoColor mode Mid-Atlantic sector satellite image looped 1336 - 1551 Z (8:36 a.m. - 10:51 a.m. EST),
30 November 2020

There's a lot going on in that nearly 150-minute loop.


As detailed in this entry, KDCA is the official weather station for Washington, D.C., and it has been since August 1945 (though it was established in June 1941); KBWI is the official weather station for Baltimore, Md., and it has been since July 1950. Both cities have weather records that stretch back to 1871 (although snowfall and dew point came later).

As for the Maryland Science Center at the Baltimore Inner Harbor ("KDMH"), it has been offline for nearly 8 months with no sign of it coming back up -- which is just what I figured would happen.

LWX CWA map with advisories, updated 1:19 p.m. EST, November 30, 2020


The rainfall from this system -- which conveniently fell entirely in the calendar day of November 30th, 2020 -- set daily records at the three airport ASOS stations (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD), and in the case of two of them (KDCA and KBWI), more than doubled the admittedly low daily records.

The amounts for today also closed out both the month of November 2020 and the climatological season of fall 2020 (September 1, 2020 - November 30, 2020) where the latter is different than the more commonly referenced astronomical season.

NWS surface high-resolution weather map analysis for a portion of the eastern U.S., 0Z 01 December 2020
(7 p.m. EST, Nov 30, 2020)


Interestingly, the previous daily record at KBWI of 1.19" occurred in association with a record daily snowfall that occurred on the same day, specifically, Nov 30, 1967 when 8.4 inches fell at the airport (see old archival image below). To be clear, that occurred in a different and colder climate than exists today.

That long ago day of Nov 30, 1967 also witnessed daily record snowfalls at KDCA with 6.9 inches and at KIAD with 11.4 inches. Both the KDCA and KBWI records were in the airport record period.

NWS Fort Dix (DIX) NWS radar in composite mode looped 4:21 p.m. - 4:59 p.m. EST, November 30, 2020


So, without further ado, here are the daily, monthly, seasonal, and year-to-date (YTD) precipitation totals for the three airports stations and KNAK. In the case of KNAK, it really doesn't have a climate record period -- and even the 2020 records tallies might be a bit off.

NWS WPC / NDFD U.S. weather map showing surface features, isobars, and type and likelihood of precipitation, looped 06Z 01 December - 0Z 03 December 2020


Also, for weather record-keeping purposes, as we had virtually no frozen precipitation this year, "rainfall" and "precipitation" are synonymous terms for the YTD numbers. For the day, month, and season, the two terms are the same.

Oh, yes, for no particular reason except presentation in the table form below, I'm using the " symbol for inches except when explicitly referencing snowfall.

11/30: 2.39" (daily record)
Old record: 1.15" in 1934 (pre-airport record)
Month: 6.14" +2.97" (3.17")
Season: 16.53" +6.24" (10.29")
YTD: 52.38" +15.69" (36.69")

For reference, the KDCA monthly, seasonal, and YTD tallies for 2019 were: 1.37"; 8.28"; and 39.06" -- meaning the 2020 seasonal total is just a whisker under double the 2019 seasonal total.

11/30: 2.74" (daily record)
Old record: 1.19" in 1967
Month: 6.35" +3.05" (3.30")
Season: 15.19" +4.53" (10.66")
YTD: 52.80" +14.29" (38.51")

For reference, the KBWI monthly, seasonal, and YTD tallies for 2019 were: 1.10"; 7.47"; and 34.56" -- meaning the 2020 seasonal total is a bit over 1/2" more than double the 2019 seasonal total.

11/30: 1.38" (daily record)
Old record: 1.31" in 2016
Month: 3.61" +0.20" (3.41")
Season: 9.43" -1.15" (10.58")
YTD: 43.65" +5.07" (38.58")

So KIAD actually ended the 2020 season a bit below normal and 6 to 7 inches below KDCA and KIAD, which is a big part of the 9+ inch year-to-date difference.

11/30: 1.34"
Month: 4.91" N/A
Season: 16.96" N/A
YTD: 44.57" N/A

Note 1: KNAK does not have established normals -- hence no departures.

Note 2: I am skeptical of that 8.23" difference between KNAK and neary KBWI, especially since a lot of that occurred in months with non-convective rainfall when amounts are more uniform.

In terms of annual precipitation averages -- based upon the current 30-year average using the base period 1981 - 2010, all three airports are above their full yearly totals of 39.74" at KCDA; 41.88" at KBWI; and 41.54" at KIAD.

The 2018 record wet year totals are safe (66.28" at KDCA; 71.82" at KBWI; and 66.74" at KIAD). Also, it is unlikely that KDCA or KBWI will surpass the 60-inch mark this year.

That's probably a good thing.

The ground has been too wet anyway, and given we aren't likely to have much of a winter (i.e., no frozen ground), that will just screw up the natural flora including vegetation cycle in the spring.

Since I mentioned snowfall, the 2020 season-to-date totals at the three airports are all zero. These are 0.5 inches, 0.4 inches, and 0.4 inches below the 1981 - 2010 annual averages for KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD, respectively.

I'm not sure how the snowfall average at KDCA is higher than the KBWI average.

What I do know is that barring some monstrously snowy winter here -- as, ironically, happened in 2009 - 2010 just before the last decennial update of the 30-year averages -- the 1991 - 2020 snowfall averages are going to drop from the current seasonal averages of 15.4 inches at KDCA; 20.1 inches at KBWI; and 22.0 inches at KIAD.

I haven't figured out by how much they will drop, but it will be in the 10 to 15 percent range.

OK, that wraps up the weather summary portion. The rest of the entry is just some complaining on my part about life here in D.C. interspersed with some pictures I took in Alexandria on Sunday.

I'm home now -- having made a pleasant enough dinner -- and watching my nighttime comfort TV on MeTV, Cozi TV, and Antenna TV. Right now, I'm watching the back-to-back airing of Three's Company, a show that is a topic of a major entry I have had in draft for literally two months and that I'm now trying to complete.

So, as I mentioned above, the situation living here in fucking Washington, D.C., is pretty much intolerable and severely stressful for me everyday -- specifically, when I have to be outside on the streets (sidewalks) walking to and from the office or other places.

The WOKE garbage is one thing -- you just assume that this CRT poison is everywhere based on the fact the city votes Democrat by substantially larger margins than Mississippi and Alabama vote Republican. The WOKESTER Millennials and Gen Z trans-liquefied set combine with the residual Baby Boomers to produce a vortex of Cultural Marxist soul-crushing horror in a crummy and often pot-and-piss-smelly urban environment.

But it's the open-ended Covid-1984 paranoaic horseshit is making the District basically unlivable. The city is comprised of disproportionately young, white, WOKE, and females -- each one more soullessly horrifying than the next, and all of whose life-draining inhuman collective monstrosity is raised by four orders of magnitude in the Covid crap context.

And in that context, their WOKE erogenous zone is stimulated by hiding in their face diapers-as-burqas -- which act as a metaphorical chastity belt -- and by leaping out into the street when they see an UNMASKED face.

These deranged and anti-life Branch Covidian female WOKESTERS comprise up to 70% of the larger ultra-extreme virtue-signaling Millennials and trans-liquefied Gen Z set that collective comprise a significant numerical fraction (and virtually the entire cultural portion) of the population of present-day Washington, D.C.

As a Borg-like organism, they possess a Social Media-based Hive Mind. Finally, add in those fucked up ageing Baby Boomer who never moved out of the city. And put it all in an outright Cultural Marxist milieu and you get the horror that is 2020 Washington, D.C. (It's also worth noting that unlike New York and certain other destroyed big, blue cities, D.C. is not hemorrhaging people by the Ryder moving truck load.)

Honestly, I cannot spend more than another year or so -- late 2021 -- in this current malevolent, anti-life environment, and only that because I have very carefully prescribed routes that I follow and places I go. If nothing has changed by next fall, then it's time to move away. Yes, the vaccines are about to hit in December in a big way, but we are also about to have a far-leftwing Democrat national government.

By moving, I don't mean from D.C. to Old Town Alexandria (where things aren't really that different), but instead away from this fucking area. It's not like I can't work from anywhere in the work that I do. In the meantime, I just need to start biking again -- and not have to spend much time on sidewalks. Short term, that's the best course of action.

My next planned entry will be in a few days. For that entry and several to follow, I need to focus on other, happier (or at least different) topics.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Night Double Feature for Nov 28, 2020: The Covid Thing from Another World (Do We And How) Plus Musical Twofer Sister Act

A grove of late fall bare gnarled Yoshino "Japanese" cherry trees on the National Mall, Washington, D.C., 2:25 p.m., November 28, 2020


The images in this picture are those I took earlier today on a walkabout down to the National Mall past the Washington Monument, over to the Jefferson Memorial, and thence upriver along the Potomac River to the Lincoln Memorial, and looping back home. I stopped for dinner at Grillfish before heading home.

Except for the lead image, I am not captioning the pictures. The file names contain place and time information.


Back in frickin' Washington, D.C., and safely home on this Saturday night -- the last one in November 2020 -- watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday night line up.

The Svengoolie-hosted monster movie is the 1951 film The Thing from Another World starring Kenneth Tobey and the lovely Margaret Sheridan (who died much too young), along with the 6'7" tall James Arness as The Thing.

There's also an interesting roster of other actors including actor-turned-producer William Self, Robert Cornthwaite, the once very hunky Dewey Martin, and prolific voice actor Paul Frees.

Below is an image of some of the main cast members in The Thing from Another World:

And since I gave a special referenced to him, here are three additional Dewey Martin photos from the 1950s:

Below: Dewey Martin in a movie photo release from the 1955 film starring him, Land of the Pharaohs.

Dewey Martin was married for two years to Peggy Lee. He (apparently) had no children. And, no, I've no idea about anything else such as whether he hung around with Rock Hudson and his clique.

Martin had great hair, among other features.


Well, I really don't have a whole lot to say. Instead, let me fill up the "mid-part" of this entry with some important Alex Berenson tweets -- two and five, respectively, created as compendium screenshots:


I will say this: This is just another reason to despise the very existence of Big Media as anthropomorphized in the forms of Anderson "Gloria Hole" Cooper, Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow, and Chris "Truth and Reconciliation Pussy Commission" Hayes.


Above: As a comment: I saw more people on the National Mall this Saturday than I've seen since the whole Media Cult of the Branch Covidians seized control of society. This deeply offends Big Media and while bothering Jack Dorsey's Big Tech and Jeff Bezos' e-retail-based oligarchy, because it means people are outside and not living burrowed in their basements in terror. (To be clear, Oligarchy also loves the 50-50 polarized social unrest, since that satisfactorily deflects dangerous anger from it.)


For the rest of this entry, I'd like to present a sort of mini-Jukebox Saturday Night entry. This was a once-weekly feature on this blog that sort of petered out and which I've had no particular desire to post during the demonic year of 2020.

But for this entry, I'm featuring two songs from the 1992 movie Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg and Dame Maggie Smith because I just watched the film a couple days ago while visiting my mom. As I mentioned, it's a movie I quite like, and I really like these two songs.

Both these movie video clips used to be featured at the once-very popular Monday night showtunes at JRs back in the 1990s and 2000s.

Anyway, without further ado ...

"Salve Regina," also known as "Hail Holy Queen"

Among the Latin lyrics:

Mater amata intemerata
Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus
Virgo respice, Mater adspice
Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus
Al-le-lu-ia (Alleluia)

As for a translation, well, the best I could do is this site. It would seem to be (and, no, I don't know for sure because I don't know Latin):

Beloved Mother pure (or chaste)
Holy, Holy Lord
Caring Virgin, watchful Mother
Holy, Holy Lord

Then there is the final song with what is supposed to be a papal audience:

"I Will Follow Him"

This is a lovely song with a terrific, uplifting performance that makes for a great ending to the movie.


OK, that's all for now. For tomorrow, my intention is to go to take the Metro down to King Street and walk over to Old Town to either Fish Market (bar area) or O'Connells (anywhere inside). As for Monday, I should get back to a quasi-normal schedule after a full week departure from it owing to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Of note, the weather is supposed to be sunny and cool tomorrow followed by a very rainy Monday and then blustery Tuesday and Wednesday. The pattern looks fairly active for the next 7 to 10 days for the eastern United States.

Above: I may have featured same willow tree in a picture taken on April 9th on a windy, spring day during the height of the D.C. lockdown and featured in this entry. And in just scanning through my April entries (filled with quite a few lovely pictures precisely because it was such a lovely weather month), let me acknowledge that is was just before my major shift in political views.

That shift was triggered by the Democrat Party-and-Big Media-stoked civil unrest courtesy Antifa vermin and BLM scum that destroyed the social fabric of the country, not to mention all those big, blue cities. Yeah, it's 8 months later and you got your Pervy Joe / Kamala-in-25th-Amendment Waiting, but nothing else.

Also at the time, I still believed the Covid-1984 hysteria mongering horseshit that was coming from the worthless, clueless authorities who fan the fear-mongering for purposes of open-ended, extra-constitutional power grabs and the illiberal left, control-fixated Medical / Health complex.

I will say that the totalitarian nature of these all-consuming power grabs seeking to regulate every aspect of existence is far worse in certain English speaking countries than even in the worst of the Democrat states (New York, California).

I refer to the UK where BoJo's shit show is in full Orwellian swing; Australia; and New Zealand, although in NZ, the population seems to get off on it.

But let's avoid going down that road in this entry. Instead, I'll just sign off for now. My next planned entry is for late Monday or early Tuesday.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Area 51 Birthday and a Warm Wampanoag Thankful Thursday Festival Day 2020

The (NEW) Black Mailbox, near Alamo and Rachel, Area 51, Nevada, Area 51

More on the (once black, then white) old and new Black Mailbox (letterbox) here. And here.

The old (then-white) Black Mailbox for Steve Medlin and accompanying Alien mailbox. Apparently, someone stole those two.


Well, another Thanksgiving has come and just about gone. Plus, as noted, it was my previous entry, today was my 51st birthday.

Above: This image and another one below is a screenshot of a short video Tim sent me from his Thanksgiving vacation at Hilton Head, S.C.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, this Ann Coulter piece is a must read one (with link embedded): Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving!

The information about the Wampanoag and their relationship to the Iroquois and Narragansett, and why the Wampanoag were near the Pilgrims along the coast in 1621 in the first place.

Oh, yes, the Supreme Court slapped down the viciously unconstitutional "Covid" religious gathering restrictions of New York Governor Asshole Andrew Mafioso Cuomo in a 5-4 ruling.

Look, we'll take a 5-4 SCOTUS victory that tells these out-of-control totalitarian twat Democrat Governors to fuck off, but the fact that it was so close -- striking a dagger at the very First Amendment itself for the sake of a media pandemic -- is deeply worrying.

Of course, the big ethically Big Media venereal diseased warted scrotal sorts are wildly hysterical in their WOKE, triggered, Covid paranoiac, life-annihilating way, but that's good. Fuck them and the very malevolent existences of Big Media and Big Tech. Their goal, along with Big Academia, is a reverse racist apartheid society run on Critical Race Theory garbage, corporate oligarchy, and general fundamentalist illiberalism.

Kurt Schlichter says it best in this piece [link embedded]: Give Thanks and Tell the Turkey Fascists to Go Gnaw on a Drumstick.


[Y]ou can’t worship together but you can get out and riot together and that’s a beautiful thing.

Springbreakers, Orthodox Jewish worship, and Trump rallies are deadly super-spreader events; BLM and Antifa riots are a delightful flowering of love and stuff ... surrounded by a warm, healthy light of protection from racist viruses. Just ignore the concurrent case spikes that happened as these losers burned things – ignoring it is made easy by a garbage media dedicated to propping up the teetering establishment (to which alleged anarchist rebels of rebellion like the Antifa and BLM scumbags are but mindless minions).

But, I don't want to end this entry on my Thanksgiving and 51st birthday on such a negative note.

This has been a nice visit to see my mom in Glen Burnie, although the annual visit to that American Legion hall here in northern Anne Arundel County in the time of shrieking Covid paranoiac media and Democrat hysteria, including in a State such as Maryland, wasn't enjoyable.

I had an issue (yeah, when don't I??) with another Covid paranoiac -- a fat, short, middle-aged bulldog of a woman in a mask and a face shield ladling out the food in the basement rec room. (To be clear, the food was being ladled out this year with much low-rent, thoroughly absurdist health theatre.)

Without going into a lot of detail, I'm just not going to be talked to as if I'm some fucking disease vector because a single nostril is half-showing above a fucking stupid-ass, wholly ineffectual cloth face diaper (which belongs more properly over Anderson "Glorious Hole" Cooper's cakehole) especially by a belligerent stranger who is ostensibly voluntaring to serve Thanksgiving dinner. In this case, it was a Barbara Mikulski bullfrog sort.

As it is, I got something of an (unexpected and not particularly sort after) apology from the bartender lady who is there every year. Depending on how the next year goes, I'd like to try that place for one more Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we are here in the little apartment in Glen Burnie watching some nice movies including the original 1992 movie Sister Act, which I've always really enjoyed, and the 2014 movie Maleficent.

As a brief weather update ...

High-res surface weather map for a portion of the eastern United States, 0Z 27 November 2020


The weather on this Thanksgiving was sunny and, well, outright warm following the passage of a weather system that passed through the Great Lakes and into the Canadian Maritime provinces dragged a lot of very mild air up the Eastern Seaboard.

A frontal boundary with minor low is slowly clearing the area tonight.

It was an outright warm day for late November.

It reached 70°F at KBWI or just 2°F shy of the 72°F daily record set in 1979 (airport period record) and +18°F above the normal daily high of 52°F. KIAD also reached 70°F, but its daily record high is 75°F set in 1990. KDCA reached 67°F. Its daily record high is 74°F set in 1979.

As a shortened precipitation summary:

KDCA is at 49.99 inches of precip year-to-date (YTD) or +13.73 inches; for climo fall-to-date (since Sept 1), it is at 14.14 inches or +4.28 inches.

For KBWI, the numbers are 50.07 inches YTD or +12.02 inches; climo fall-to-date is 12.46 inches or +2.26 inches. Of note, the 50-inch mark was crossed today (Nov 26) with 0.09 inches recorded.

For KIAD, is is markedly lower at 42.47 inches or +4.15 inches YTD; climo fall-to-date is 8.05 inches (a full 6.09 inches less than KBWI) and is actually 2.07 inches below normal.

Looking ahead, the models (well, at least the GFS) has been advertising a significant storm for the eastern United States in the Sunday - Tuesday time frame.

And it has shown a persistent troughing pattern with below normal temps for the eastern United States, although the repeated closed, cold-core "bowling ball" lows it was advertising in runs several days ago have disappeared.

OK, that's all for now. I'm going back to D.C. tomorrow, although Gary is supposed to drive here and we are planning on going to The Jetty in Grasonville, assuming it is open in any semi-normal way. I think I already mentioned this in my previous entry. Anyway, my next planned entry will be over the weekend.