Friday, October 23, 2020

Second Half October Sonata Masked Miserabilis: The Lymphatic Big Red Gumball Meets the Covid Paranoiac Amid the Infinitely WOKE Yard Signs

Halloween decorations in the Lyon Village section of Arlington, Va., 4:25 p.m., October 17, 2020

Most of the images in this entry are from the last 12 days and were taken by me on various walks in D.C. to include the wealthy Friendship Heights and super-wealthy Spring Valley sections and Alexandria. I'm not captioning them but the file names contain generalized place/time information.

The Oct 11 pics were taken on a rainy afternoon to nightfall that included varous forested park trails leading into Georgetown. That walk was tolerable because the weather kept the Covid paranoiacs mostly away. I mention this because walking most places in D.C. these days is intolerable due to all the Covid paranoiacs, especially all the virtue-signaling, masked-and-terrified, WOKE fundamentalist white females. They are the sort who even shit social justice. (The issue of these people and how disgustingly anti-human they make life in D.C. nowadays warrants a separate entry.)

At the outset, let me note that it took me frickin' two plus days to draft / compose / format this goddamn entry. As for the potential health concern -- a nasty swollen, infected lymph node / lymphatic system on the back of my neck about the size of a large gumball -- I think I can say at this point the issue is resolving itself in a somewhat unusual way.

Specifically, the infected lump has shrunk in size by about half even while sliding over the past 48 hours down and over about four inches to under the base of my neck. It is resolving itself, perhaps, because of the leftover Amoxicillin I have been taking. However, I don't want to declare victory just yet, especially since it seems to flare up and throb later at night.

Below is the content that I wrote on Wednesday and Thursday nights, sort of blended together ...

Well, for this entry, I guess I just a have to complain quite a bit -- and will start with a potential health concern in the context of a highly, indeed, fearfully worryingly context.

For the health concern, I refer to the fact that I have a badly and painfully swollen (occipital?) lymph node on the back of my neck at the hairline. It began as a small pimple at least three weeks ago, but really grew in size in the past 7 to 10 days. But it was only about 5 days ago that I realized it was an active infection. It is about the size of a large gumball, deep red, and tender. (I guess it doesn't necessary have to be at a node but just in the lymphatic system.)

The issue for me is not going to the doctor to have it checked out, but rather, having to take what I know what will be a mandatory Covid test, which I REALLY don't want to do for two interrelated reasons:

(1) The 40 cycle threshold (Ct) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is DESIGNED to find as many positive cases no matter the actual degree of infectiousness.

(2) The far left political environment and associated abominable bureaucratic machinery in a jurisdiction such as the District of Columbia is nothing less than totalitarian, or would be except for the stupefying and hateful incompetence of the D.C. city government.

Now, it is true that I had a Covid test at the Georgetown Hospital ER back on July 25th, but I tested negative. What's more, the turn around time on that test was so fast-- less than 30 minutes -- that I suspect it was not a full 40-cycle test. Anyway, a swollen occipital lymph node is usually due to either a bacterial or viral infection. The viral part suggests a link to SARS-CoV2, i.e., Covid-19, except the evidence for that seems quite weak.

Given this situation, my intention is to go either to my primary care physician or even an urgent care facility -- either would be a MedStar facility. As MedStar is in-network and I've already met my deductible for the year, it wouldn't me cost much, if anything. However, as I said, I'm highly reluctant to get what I know will be a mandatory Covid test with a likely positive result. That's because the positive result, however meaningless in terms of infectiousness, sets in motion the vile bureaucratic abomination that exists in D.C. - as in all leftwing Democrat local and state jurisdictions -- for its purposes of social control.

To clarify, the PCR cycle threshold (Ct) number refers to the number of times a small genetic sample of virus is doubled in order to "find" it in that sample. Thus, Ct=40 number means an amplification of 2^40 = ~1 trillion times. This is such a cartoonishly massive amplification that the test finds not just active virus but, ore typically, random stray bits of anything including "dead" fragments of SARS-CoV2 RNA that -- and here is the key point -- have no "positive" correlation to how "actively" infectious a person might be. For that, Ct=25 is probably adequate, Ct=30 is definitely sufficient, and Ct greater than 34 actually has an anti-correlation to infectiousness (infectivity?).

I've no idea how Ct=40 became the U.S. standard, but in the current political climate with its toxic mix of a powerful financial incentive and political hysteria fanned by the left with the help of Big Media, its effective PURPOSE is to FIND as many postive cases as possible regardless of any connection to how infectious is a SARS-CoV2 positive individual and thus maintain the illusion of pandemic.

Above is a compendium of two very recent tweets from the indispensible Alex Berenson and below are two related images from one of the tweets showing screenshots of four death certificates from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office. It gives you an idea of what passes for a "Covid Death" in the United States.

In terms of the financial incentive, there now exists a vast nationwide medical-testing complex has that operates no small measure thanks to Federal government reimbursement largess to the tune of $1 billion per week. There is also a hybrid financial and psychological incentive to "map" as many deaths from whatever -- cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's, renal failure, Guillain-Barré syndrome, drug overdose, or hell, even a deadly car accident -- onto Covid. In this way, the Covid diagnosis, real or fake, becomes not just a "contributing cause" but for purposes of shrieking media hysteria and Democrat Party Marxist-minded social control, a Covid death, or rather, in CNN-speak, A COVID DEATH!!

This is how the U.S. has an interminable super-high plateau of positive cases -- the 7-day rolling average now at 63,000 new cases per day, not far off the late July peak of nearly 70,000 new cases per day -- combined with the 7-day rolling average of 800 daily deaths that, if anything, is creeping up again EVEN WHILE the infection fatality rate of non-elderly and healthy people is NO HIGHER (and perhaps even lower) than any seasonal influenza strain.

Here in frickin' Washington, D.C., positive cases are INSTANTLY be reported to the D.C. Department of Health [D'OH!], which sets in motion an anti-life grotesque kleptocratic bureaucratic machinery whose purpose is amassing TOTALIZING power over the individual, identity-politics-based intimidation, and systemic generalized theft.

Specifically, Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser has set up an ostensibly health-focused Stasi. It is composed of barely literate bald creeps, perfumed sociopaths, and Gucci wannabe goons from whatever Sursum Corda or Barry Farms dwellings she and Dr. Q pulled them. They roam the city looking to harass and bully with threats of law enforcement if you don't sign on for their brand of totalitarianism.

In this way, Mayor Muriel Big Breasted Bauhauser is like all far-left Blue State local and state pols who have discovered an infinitely large and externally durable "public health emergency" hole in basic Constitutional freedoms. And she intends to use it forever. The only limiting factor is the absurd levels of incompetence exhibited both by her personally and by her city bureaucratic machinery.

As an aside, and as I've mentioned in other entries, I'll be moving out of D.C. next year, I think, to Alexandria -- as a first step to leaving the D.C. area outright in 5 to 10 years, but that's a whole other topic.

Having said all this, I will admit that for as bad as the media panic porn-driven Covid hysteria is in the U.S. for what is at this point a chimerical "pandemic" (one whose lethality the public must be reminded of daily, hourly, precisely because it ISN'T in their lives at all), the situation isn't near as totalitarian-like as in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and even the UK's Wales.

Those places are under near-total lockdowns with, in some cases, people literally not allowed outside of their homes -- all for a coronavirus train whose IFR, averaged across the entire population, is only somewhat worse than seasonal influenza and for the bulk of the population is less seriosu th. Literally, everything has been criminalized in those places. It's an Orwellian society in those places.

And just like the U.S. state-specific lockdowns have had catastrophic economic, financial, social, and individual human "ancillary" (iatrogenic??) consequences, in those countries, there is a corresponding escalating series of consequences that have massively overwhelmed any supposed benefit to protecting the small cohort of the population that is actually at risk from THE COVID (namely, the elderly and those with comorbidities).

In Australia, there was the case of four newborn babiess in Adelaide who died after being denied lifesaving heart surgery because it wasn't available in Adelaide, and they couldn't be transferred interstate because of travel restrictions. More on that horrifying and needless tragedy here via Alex Berenson.

By the way, Alex Berenson's twitter feed is my lifeline as a daily, indeed, hourly against contrived Covid insanity. But I fear the social media leviathan degenerates -- which have become flamboyantly censorial in blocking access to anything that runs afoul of the Illiberal Left Party Line on, well, anything -- will be blocking his Twitter account soon. (The New York Post's Twitter account has been frozen for nearly a week now becuase of the Hunter Biden laptop findings -- and liberal journos are still cheering that.)

In this case, I'm referring to news about the Danish mask study that ALMOST CERTAINLY found no efficacy in wearing them. I say that because no major peer-reviewed medical journals to include The Lancet, NEJM, and JAMA are all refusing to publish the findings. You see, these days, WOKE terror, falling afoul of the Illiberal Left party line, and the risks of cancel culture have combined with Big Media and Big Tech active and passive censoring have created a climate of fear and loathing.

As for the lethal, totalitarian lockdowns in those countries, in each case, it is due to a far-left, control-fixated regime at the the national or national-equivalent level, as in Ireland and Wales, or at the state-level, as in Australia, that has bought into the Covid hysterics in ways tha thave no relationship to the actual situation. In those countries, it's always some hateful leftwing bitch in charge of the government and her female ultra-WOKE or WOKE-equivalent health minister named Dr. [FILL IN SOME STUPID NAME].

She's going on about the need for a never-ending "two weeks to flatten the curve" lockdown and saying over and over COEHVID, COEHVID, COEHVID or sometimes THE CAH'ROEHNA, THE CAH'ROEHNA, THE CAH'ROEHNA, like some national suicidal mantra but in an accent whose inherently erudite sound masks a lethal stupidity for everyone except her sort.

And the lockdown is ALWAYS for TWO WEEKS -- although lately, they've upped it to three to six weeks -- in the same way just like any emergency measure in California is just TEMPORARY. And even if the lockdown is partially lifted, the nanosecond the caseload starts to rise again -- which OF COURSE it will because it is a frickin' super easily transmissible but not particularly lethal respiratory virus -- there is another lockdown. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Directly below are images of some tweets from Dr. James Todaro on the inefficacy of masks and why people wear there. (And, no, there's no relation between me and him -- well, maybe he's a very distant cousin.)

Above: A very interesting tweet from the same Dr. Todaro on the role of T-cells in achieving SARS-CoV2 herd immunity. This tweet is from Aug 10, 2020 but I just discovered it tonight.

In short, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and various parts of the UK have entered some bizarro 1984-like reality. It isn't for no reason that it's called Covid-1984.

Outside of the worst of the Blue Cities and States, the United States has avoided this thanks to its federal system and a different culture.

Having said all that, though, there is one difference that is inherently more problematic in the U.S. for any "return to normalcy" via a vaccine: When one or more vaccines are released, it will be MANDATORY in those countries that all citizens get it and, overwhelmingly, they will. By contrast, in the U.S., we have Blue State governors -- like Andrew Cuomosexual and Gavin "PumpFucks Wine" Newsom -- to say nothing of likely Co-Presidents (Kalama Harris) actively undermining any faith in any vaccines.

That difference is attributable both to the natural skepticism of -- often veering into outright paranoia about -- government and to the fact that the Democrat Party understands that endless Covid hysteria is a vehicle to endless "health emergency" powers to do, well, anything, U.S. Constitution be damned. Those two reasons are NOT mutually exclusive. In other words, sometimes paranoia IS justified.

In the case of the Democrat Party pols such as Gavin Human Wussy Newsom and Andrew Mafioso Cuomioso who have found their New Jerusalem in the current Covid hellscape, there is a socipathic sickness in them whereby on the one hand, they are are busy issuing endless edicts telling people how often to chew their food while mask wearing at a Thanksgiving "virtual" dinner not involving the Fauci children. (At this point, Fauci an out-of-control megalomaniac running his own operation, and were Trump to pull off an upset reelection victory, he should can him immmediately.)

But on the other hand, these moral and ethical degenerates are happy to have phalanxes of schizophrenic homeless people living EVERYWHERE outside (not just under overpasses), shitting, shooting up with needles, engaged in violence against themselves and others, and general unlivable mayhem and terror THAT they welcome and embrace. Indeed, if you're a wacko-jacko member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (is there any other kind?) with your Khmer Rouge mindset, you CAN'T GET ENOUGH of this degeneracy and actively INVITE these people into your community.

Illiberal Left Marxists live for that while they are, of course, in their gated and guarded mansions or, a step down, in their two to four million homes in Bethesda, Kensington, Potomac, and the wealthier and wackier parts of Alexandria and Arlington in yards crowded with Biden/Harris, BLM, and "IN THIS HOUSE, WE BELIEVE IN [fill in laundry list of WOKE-infused self-righteous horseshit]" signs.

Directly related to this topic, above is a YouTube video of Ben Shapiro explaining succinctly, eloquently, and passionately why he is moving his entire Daily Wire operation THE HELL OUT OF GAVIN NEWSOM'S CALIFORNIA and to the far more humanly livable realm of Nashville, Tennessee. This is is dated Sept 16, 2020.

And so we have the grotesque spectacle in which San Francisco (though this applies equally as well to Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City itself) collapses into dystopian hellscapes the local authorities are passing "CAREN" Acts to criminalize more things as hate crimes, in this case, 9-1-1 calls.

Given the nihilistic stupidity and ignorance of the far left mind, they're proudly doing this while law and order vanishes, police forces spontaneously dissociate, vast numbers of businesses close for good due to open-ended "two week" Covid-related shutdowns, the wealthy and others who can flee as fast as they can, drug-addled and violent homeless take over the streets, and Antifa vermin (the modern day version of a KKK-like domestic terrorist group) riot, loot, and even kill at will.

Even in places not as dystopian as this -- such as the nearly 100% far-left District of Columbia and its near-in suburbs, ESPECIALLY Montgomery County, Maryland ... there is still a suffocating totalitarianism. A Trump sign in your yard is an invitation to having your home vandalized, your family threatened with grisely violence, and a social media effort to "cancel" you from your job and your life. Only an American flag in your yard can still serve as a stealth sign that you're not for this malevolent lunacy.

The rich white libs who live in places such as the District's Friendship Heights or Spring Valley and Maryland's Silver Spring and Bethesda genuinely think they are on the side of "moral clarity" (properly masked and Covid terrified, of course), and that yard signs are the way to virtue signal this to the world. (The one I find most offensive is the "THANK YOU, DR. FAUCI" sign celebrating lockdowns because these rich, clueless assholes in their $2.5M homes are luxuriously unaware of the fact that it takes a lot of working poor people to run the world for them while they and their proudly transgendered 12-year olds engage in stupid Zoom chats.)

For me, it would be fascinating to see the reactions of these unctuously self-righteous and hateful white liberals if their homes and property were overrun by violent Antifa and BLM or, for that matter, if a Kamala / Pelosi Co-Presidency sent them a reparations bill for $5 million. Actually, more than a few of them would STILL blame Trump and maybe some of them would even turn over all their possessions to the mob.

Well, at this point, I could get into a lengthy discussion about the presidential election, now notionally just 12 days away, although in point of fact, reportedly 50+ million people have already voted -- or upwards of one-third of the likely total. But I've already gone on in this entry far too long.

Let me just say: Putting aside all endless carpet-bombing campaign of PSYOP polls showing Biden up 10 to 20 points, the real story is of a race far closer than what is blared 24/7 on CNN and PMSNBC. This is suggested by state-specific preliminary voter registration and turnout information (since voter identification is basically a proxity for voting pattern in this bitterly tribalized time). Remember the polls assume a massive Democrat mail-in advantage and an energized, strongly Democrat-leaning electorate to include young people with all BIPOC ethnic and racial groups nearly 100% pro-Biden.

Anyway, putting all that aside, and wrapping up this entry, and getting back to my original topic of the badly swollen back-of-the-neck lymph node that I've had this week, I may have to go to the doctor -- my Covid testing fear notwithstanding -- and see what's what. I can't risk it if it is serious. I prefer not to drop dead just yet.

Just as an update, and as I mentioned at the start of this entry, I started taking some leftover Amoxicillin I had and I am doing so on the assumption that this is a lymph node or lymphatic system bacterial infectiojust under half.

Again, while I think I might be out of the woods, it has tended to flare up in a burning pain sensation the past two nights -- prompting me to take some left over acetaminophen -- and I don't want to declare victory yet. That is, I might still have to make a doctor's appointment. I have enough Amoxicillin for about four or five days.

OK, that's all for now. This entry ended up far more elaborate and time-consuming than I ever intended (but, then again, most of them do). I'll try to post an entry tomorrow or Sunday night. For next week, I'll probably focus on the impending election.


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