Monday, October 5, 2020

President Trump's 2 Updates on His Status Plus My Additional Commentary on U.S. Leftwing and Media-Fanned Covid Hysterics Interspersed With First Batch of So-Cal Pacific Coast Vacation Pics

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean framed by Mexican Fan palms as seen from Oceanside, Calif., 6:29 p.m.,
September 21, 2020.

I took a series of sunset pictures from Oceanside on Sept 20th, 21st and 23rd. You'll note they look almost identical. The weather doesn't change that much in a given week in Southern California. The only subtle difference are the tufts of marine stratocumulus clouds beginning to form at dusk on two of the three evenings.

Another Pacific coast sunset from nearly exact same beach-facing spot in Oceanside, Calif., almost precisely
48 hours later at 6:29 p.m., Sept 23, 2020

The only difference are the missing marine stratocumulus tufts.


Except for a few topically relevant images, the text is broken up by the first batch of pictures (44 in all) that I took on my recent trip to Southern California with Gary. I already posted a small number (six) in this entry posted on my last full day there.

The trip was from Sept 19 to Sept 24. We flew on Southwest Airlines between BWI and San Diego (direct, nonstop both ways); rented a car at San Diego International Airport (formerly Lindbergh Field); and drove to Oceanside (or perhaps jsut outside of the city proper) and stayed six nights at hotel by the marina and a short walk to the beach and the Pacific Ocean itself.

Another picture of approaching Pacific sunset through Mexican Fan palms taken from the vicinity of the pier in Oceanside, Calif., September 20, 2020


We also took a train to San Juan Capistrano one afternoon and hiked down to Dana Point. Finally, Gary visited his mom almost daily (she lives in Oceanside), and I came along one day.

Dana Point headlands promontory on the Pacific Ocean, Dana Point, Calif., 3:44 p.m., Sept 22, 2020

The trail to the Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area caves was closed thanks to frickin' Gavin Pussy Newsom's irrational and power-grabbing Covid lockdown shit (more on that later in this entry). However, we still made it down to "Strands" beach below multimillion dollar sea cliffside homes, and I went into the ocean.


A lady plopped down in the surf "swash zone" of "Strands" beach, Dana Point, Calif., 3:45 p.m., September 22, 2020

Regarding the Dana Point headlines pictures above and below, there were a lot of surfers near the promontory, and the ocean, despite looking tranquil, had a lot of force behind it even as the bottom was anything but sandy smooth but rather, filled with filled with fast-moving pebbles and larger rocks.

The pictures in this entry are posted in no particular order. Also, I'm not captioning most of the pictures that follow but the image file names contain place and time information. I will post additional batches of trip pictures in subsequent entries. At the outset of this entry, I had 145 pictures to review but upon completion of this entry, it is down to 93 to include 44 posted.

OK, finally, I've reached the point of starting the actual intended "subjective" content of this entry. I'll start with this four-minute video update from President Trump earlier tonight on his condition following his testing positive on Thursday for SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes Covid-19), a.k.a., the Chinese or Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a., the Wuhan Pangolin Flu.

One of the large, majestically graceful Canary Island Date Palms towers over a street in Oceanside, Calif., 10:11 a.m., September 21, 2020

This species of palm (Phoenix canariensis) is one of the six main types of palms that proliferate (thanks to human intervention) in the San Diego area. Oh, and, yes, palms are technically not trees but rather "monocots."


This Saturday update from President Trump, by the way, is easily one his best speeches, but not in the same way as his GOP convention acceptance speech or his July 3rd Mount Rushmore speech. Specifically, it was the most national-unifying a speech he has ever given, lacking any belligerence, and instead on the narrow and straightforward topic involving his Covid situation and "intuiting" it out more broadly.

This speech is from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. That's where President Trump went following his Covid-19 diagnosis. He did this rather than "quarantining" in the White House upstairs in a small room for two weeks and is getting the care that you would expect of that facility for a U.S. President.

To be clear, his physicians wanted him to go to the hospital since there was some initial concern on Friday about his condition. Keep in mind President Trump is 74 years old and hence in the age cohort with the highest infection fatality rate (IFR), and he was mildly ill (on Friday). But in his update on Saturday and especially on Sunday night, he seems to be doing just fine.

To that point, below is an image of a chart containing the latest CDC information on IFRs for various scenarios to include the current best estimate (dubbed scenario 5):

I'm going to write out the Scenario 5 numbers in the chart above in a slightly different way:

Ages 0 - 19: 0.00003 or 99.997% survival rate
Ages 20 - 49: 0.0002 or 99.98% survival rate
Ages 50 - 69: 0.005 or 99.5% survival rate
Ages 70+: 0.054 or 94.6% survival rate

Source here.

I'm updating this entry prior to posting it to note that President Trump not only made another update video today (Sunday). In it (see below), he looked and sounded a lot more energetic and full of stamina. What's more, he even took a ride around Walter Reed to wave to his well-wishers.

For their part, the fucking hateful Illiberal Left Media Unctuous, Self-Righteous, Preening, Hyper-Hypocritical Scolds and their larger rabid, rioting, looting Left fan base are screeching and yowling, trying to turn Trump's diagnosis into a "morality play" that "proves" them right and "therefore" means we need Covid-related immiserating lockdowns forever. This is because the lockdowns are really just a means to an end -- namely, their desired identity politics-based Cultural Marxist totalitarian state.

But the hypocrisy embodied in their wishing for Covid-related death as a morality lesson puts them in good (ugly) historical company. Alex Berenson said it best in this tweet reprinted below:

Hey, woke friends: Remember how angry you got back in the day when preachers said HIV was God’s retribution against sodomites? Remember how you insisted that attributing motivation to a disease was worse than wrong?

Who’s preaching now?

OK, returning to original entry ...

As for Trump's SARS-CoV2 "Covid" diagnosis, the degenerate Illiberal Left media and their demonic supporters can't stop celebrating to include nihilistic Twitter and Facebook mobs and Antifa violent anarchists and BLM thugs ... except the lunatic set who are convinced it's all a conspiracy.

The latter is embodied by Joy Reid. She's not only a Chris Hayes-like super-spreader of hate and division, she's also certifiably insane. The odd part is that she comes across as intelligent, articulate, and, occasionally, witty funny. But she's malevolently insane.

This is a Queen palm, which is also one of the six types of San Diego area palms.


Supposedly, Twitter has opted to remove all the "death wishes" but Facebook thinks those are just great exercises of "free speech." This turns endlessly "triggered" WOKE Cancel Culture on its head, but consistency has never been a hallmark of the Left's mindset and modus operandi.

As I wrote in this entry, the Mainstream Prostitute Media in its anti-life monstrosity are trying to "draw lessons" -- those "lessons" always being whatever they declare in their smothering, controlling, unctuous, vicious, repellent, and/or socially destructive way.

The Illiberal Left Big Media are also actively praying to their gods -- which would be their array of identity-politics idols and related abominations -- that this diagnosis destroys Trump's reelection prospects and Sleepy-Creepy Joe Biden can be carried across the finish line, whereupon Kamala Lady Macbeth Harris assumes full power (except insofar as Jill Biden clashes with her).

Remember that the media and the larger Lockdown Left are dying for more mass lockdowns and death -- except when it comes to Antifa / BLM rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem, whcih they what as street fighters and shocktroops for their Cultural Revolution.

This is an appropriate time to feature an excerpt from commenter Kurt Schlichter's most-recent Townhall piece [link embedded]: The COVID Chaos Is a Net Plus for Trump’s Campaign.

While I'm not sure I agree with the premise of the piece (as embodied in the headline), I would like to feature one paragraph in particular. The "other intangibles" part references possible political benefits to Trump from his diagnosis. (I also split the final run-on sentence.)

There are a couple of other intangibles. The first is this is yet another moment where the Democrat left comes off the leash and starts saying out loud all the things they were only supposed to say under their breath.

Their dancing around hoping that Donald Trump will die, and that his wife will die too, is repellent to normal human beings. Since normal human beings are not a key liberal demographic, they probably don’t understand what psychos they sound like.

The Democrats had to put the message out to their legions to stop rioting because that was freaking out the squares, and then stop trashing Amy Coney Barrett for liking Jesus and not being a barren, whiny, feminist shrew, because that was also freaking out the squares.

Hahahaha …

And now publicly cheering on the death of the president and his wife will further freak out the squares. And there are a lot more squares voting than edgy elitists who think being avant garde means tweeting about how they hope Trump dies.

Above: Another around 6:30 p.m. Pacific sunset-through-palms, Oceanside, Calif., during my five days there last month, this one on September 20, 2020.


Meanwhile, Sen. Upchuck Schumer actually thinks he can shame Mitch McConnell into postponing the confirmation -- whether in-person or virtual, the latter thanks to the precedent set earlier this year by Queen Nancy Pelosi -- of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett (ACB).

But the most immediate politial issue is how this diagnosis impacts the 2020 shit-show of a presidential campaign and the impending clusterfuck of an election.

Quantitatively, it's still too early to evaluate how this diagnosis is going to impact the race. Having said this, it's worth noting that Nate Silver "believes" that tens of millions of Americans will see Trump as having facilitated "super-spreader" events such as the Cleveland debate and his recent rallies -- and turn on his and run to Sleepy-Creepy Joe Biden.

As I remarked in a previous entry (can't find it now), Nate Silver has the same problem as the Good and the Great (R) Dr. Anthony Fauci: He can't stop giving what are his leftwing political opinions rather than sticking to his specific area of expertise.

What's more, as I've mentioned in other recent entries, the polls this year feel more like push-pull PSYOPs than actually reflective of any "objective" reality in the American body politic.

I'd also like to follow up to what I discussed in my Friday entry about the issue of pushback to the unchecked, indeed boundless power grabs of state and local pols in the name of "combating" the "Covid public health emergency." I refer to the power grabs that are flamboyantly extraconstitutional and/or unconstitutional in their brutally intrusive, controlling, and destructive ways of the lives of private citizens.

As a critical development on this matter, the Michigan Supreme Court slapped down Her Royal Pain-in-the-Ass Highness Gretchen Whitmer's ever-metastasizing array of Covid-related Executive Orders (EOs) as having no legal basis. In response, Queen Gretchen threw a bitchy hissy fit and promised to keep on keepin' on, thus promising more legal showdowns since she's already at odds with the Republican-led legislature.

This is in keeping with liberal Dems' trait of only obeying the law when they like it. The downside is the ruling was 4-3 -- far too close for comfort. The state legislature should just defund her office outright.

In the case of California with its far-left super-majority, it remains totally out-of-control on matters related to Covid lockdowns. As noted in this article, as part of his EO-based power grabs, Gov Gavin Pussy Newsom has done what any clear-eyed observer could see coming from miles away, namely, introduced WOKE horseshit into the Covid-related EOs. Specifically, he's introduced social justice-infused "equity metrics" garbage to determinine "when it's safe to reopen." The actual goal of this, despite Newsom's stunning stupidity, is to keep the Kafkaesque nightmare going forever.

Above: I considered making this intriguing looking image of this lifeguard stand/hut #7 in Oceanside, Calif., my lead image.


That's the actual goal -- and the push already underway to denigrate the SARS-CoV2 vaccines being developed and scheduled for release in the coming two to six months.

Indeed, the Illiberal Left media continues to wildly cheer-lead for these grotesque abuses of power and violation of American constitutional norms on the tissue-of-lies basis of "stopping the Covid."

Yeah, right. That's what they want.

But this shouldn't be a surprise given that Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Academia are all in cohoots with the Democrat Party in stoking Antifa / BLM rioting, looting, arson, and terrorizing of ordinary citizens. I refer to citizens they deem unworthy in their identity politics-fixated Jacobin Reign of Terror / WOKE Marxist Cultural Revolution. The purpose is to destroy the United States.

Of course, those that they purport to speak for -- the "BIPOC" to include urban African Americans -- are all made demonstrably worse by their efforts to include "defunding the police," but that's just par for the course.

Here in D.C., the vast majority of the populace to include 98% of the White and WOKE millennial females and the gender-unspecified plus the goddman Baby Boomers can't get enough of this Covid nightmare.

What's so infuriatingly intolerable to me (yet I have to tolerate it while outside as I have no choice in the matter) is the virtue-signaling MASKED WOKE young and healthy. I refer primarily but not entirely to WOKE fe/she/xe/ze/xyr-males whose "social distancing" behavior is simply an instrument to dehumanize and destroy those they hate. It is based entirely on race, gender, and other identities.

While most of them are too self-righteously stupid and outright insane to realize, theirs is a world of inhumanity and subhumanity. I truly loathe and wish ill (in the abstract) on them. (As for the gays, they're just self-absorbed idiots.)

Where it gets weird is how all of this involves other cohorts of people here in D.C. In the case of the truly urban and ghetto poor who exist in their own world, given the upside down nature of our current reality, these White WOKESTER female and she-male types actually don't mind at all when this group gads about maskless.

Yes, I brought these three: Randy the striped monkey, Charlie the spider monkey, and Aurora the hippo.


And taking it a step further and bizarro-world reality, when we get to the schizophrenically, homelessly insane, there is a weird stealth celebration by White and the WOKE of the former's maskless state. Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser tacitly recognizes all this in her own useless edicts.

Anyway, given the anti-human "vibe" of Millennial she-male controlled, identity politics-obsessed D.C., it's why I hate it here and can't wait to leave with my interim step a planned move to Alexandria (or even Arlington) next year.

On this topic of how people are behaving in the time of Covid hysterics, I give you this Alex Berenson tweet from Thursday:

I'm just going to repost it here in writing:

The old normal:

Schools were open.
Faces were uncovered.
Interstate travel and religious ceremonies were unrestricted.
Colleges weren't prisons.


I prefer the old normal.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be Tuesday or Wednesday night.


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