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Facing Up to the High Likelihood of a Biden / Harris Victory Plus Overview of the Hateful Left's Freakout Over Trump's Quick Covid Recovery

The tower on Christ Church, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 4:51 p.m., October 3, 2020

The outdoor images in this entry are from those I took over the past 10 days or in Alexandria and Arlington, and here in D.C. They are topically-unrelated to the entry and are intended to break up the text. Except for the lead one, I am not captioning them. However, the image file names contain place and time information. They are posted in no particular order.


So, I guess at this point, reluctantly and notwithstanding what I wrote in this entry, I have to acknowledge that based upon a vast array of opinion surveys, former Vice President Joe Biden is a good bet to win the upcoming presidential election. This will validate and affirm all the vicious, hateful, violent, and despicable behavior of the Left since late May and, more importantly, since Trump becames president.

In terms of polls, the latest batch from Democrat-aligned pollsters show Biden pulling ahead with double digit leads (13%, 14%, and even 16%). But even the Rasmussen polls show Trump's approval rating sinking markedly in the past two weeks. Putting aside these pollsters and their questionable methodologies, the president's approval numbers seems to have fallen in the wake of that shit-show of a "debate."

This drop is due, at least in part, to relentless media / Democrat manipulation of the post-debate narrative. Add to that now an even more propagandistic and hateful manipulation of Trump's Covid diagnosis, hospitalization, and recovery into a demented morality play. (More on that topic below.)

RealClearPolitics (RCP) table of Trump vs. Biden polling data results for Sept 22 - Oct 5, 2020 and poll average chart for Sept 1, 2019 - Oct 6, 2020


As much as I would like it to be otherwise, it really does seem like Trump's position has badly deteriorated in the past few weeks, and the "debate" disaster and Covid diagnosis are only exacerbating it. And the same admittedly problematic polls suggest the collapse is being driven by his collapse in support among the elderly, which if true, dooms his reelection prospects.

Therefore, unless there is some massive systemic racism systematic error in virtually all the polls, it's hard to see how the latest set of polls -- even accounting for overcounting of Democrats or methodological survey biases -- could be so flamboyantly wrong.

Yes, that happened in 2016, but the circumstances were rather different for multiple reasons including but not limited to the following:

• President Trump being judged as an incumbent...

• Endless Big Media-fueled endless Covid hysterics that have terrified 40+ percent of the population and deeply damaged our society for a decade to come to include tremendous economic and financial destruction and human immiseration ...

• Massive civil unrest stoked by Democrat Pols, Big Media, and certain corporate and oligarchical interests to create a 21st Century version of a low-grade hot civil war wrapped up with a WOKE Cultural Marxist revolution, the goal of both of which is to remake society into a thought-control-driven, identitarian-based dystopia.

To clarify, while the corporate interests part might seem counter-intuitive at first glance, in fact, for various reasons, this societally destructive outcome well suits the interests of Big Media, Big Tech, and Big E-Commerce entities just fine. Think CNN, Twitter and Facebook, and Amazon, respectively.

• And President Trump's hyper-polarizing status and chronic unpopularity. This fact encompasses the dangerously pathological, obsessive Trump hatred of the loudest and most influential voices in society, namely, Big Media and its Hollywood Big Entertainment extension. What's more, Big Media's monomaniacal hatred of Trump and the larger GOP (i.e., traditional American) worldview is inextricably intertwined with Big Academia's identity-politics based Cultural Marxism and Big Tech's WOKE-infused techno-fascism.

This brings me back to my earlier point -- and the part that is most personally offensive to me -- namely, this entire Illiberal Left hydra is quite likely going to be rewarded for their hatred-based behaviors. I refer bot to the punishing but ineffectual open-ended lockdowns (designed to destroy Trump by destroying the economy rather than "beat" Covid) and the months of violent social unrest.

Specifically, the Left will be rewarded with a Trump defeat in the upcoming elections, possibly with unified control of both Houses of Congress. They will further win with a pathetic Biden ghost-presidency that is really just a stalking horse for a de facto Kamala Harris presidency. Such a "Harris" presidency -- federal judiciary pushback notwithstanding -- will attempt "institutionalization" of the Left's quasi-Cultural Marxist Revolution and all that this entails.

Finally, through Democrat victories at the state and local level, the Left will be rewarded for using the Covid hysteria to flamboyantly destroy Constitutional rights with virtually no pushback so far. For that reason, the Left will double and triple down on using this open-ended " -- and hence double down on its efforts help of the open-ended Covid "public health emergency" to continue this unprecedented assault on basic Constitutional freedoms.

Now in talking in this entry about the likely election outcome, I'm discounting the likely legal clusterfuck and Nancy Pelosi-stoked Antifa-driven street unrest that is going to result due to the massive mail-in component of the election thanks to the Covid horseshit and just assuming a Biden victory.


But keep in mind it the voting process itself is going to be a true shit-show thanks to up 80+ million unsolicited mail-in ballots being sent coast-to-coast (21 million in California alone), dropping on random doorsteps like the old Manhattan or Greater Houston phonebook. Preliminarily, though, it appears the U.S. Supreme Court is taking an aggressive stand against leftwing activist judges who are eager to have anybody vote to include those with no fixed residence, multiple residences, no identification, and even those already dead.

Likewise, I'm not addressing any eventual severe pushback, electoral or otherwise, from certain quarters -- and against which no amount of Antifa / BLM violent street thuggery in Big, Blue Socialist cities will matter. This is especially true if the Left tries to undermine the Second Amendment (something they will invariably try to do).

Already you see glimpses of how the Left will behave: PMSNBC's wussy pussy metrosexual Chris Hayes wants a "truth and reconciliation commission" to punish Trump voters. (Soon that will be a "reparations" commission.) Based upon the context, this appears to have something to do with Covid to include being insufficiently terrified and "siding" with Trump on therapeutics.

As a microcosm of what is likely to happen with the upcoming election and depravity being rewarded, consider the current situation in Portland, Oregon.

Now 4-1/2 months into endless Antifa and BLM destructive violence, terrorizing the civilian populace, and general civil breakdown with a hot civil war against the civilian police force -- encouraged by local leadership and the Governor of Oregon herself -- the upcoming election will be a referendum on the hapless, terrified, useful idiot of a Mayor Ted Wheeler.

While Wheeler looks like he will lose, he is going to lose to a self-described pro-Antifa candidate, in the form of a deranged apparently female woman named Sarah Iannarone. (I think this is a woman, although by the demands of our WOKE Cultural Revolution , all genders are unspecified.) The point here is that the very party -- the Democrats -- who are faciliating the destruction of American society are actually going to be electorally rewarded in a big way for what they are doing.

Now in the case of Portland, that's because the city -- like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. (whence this posting is coming to you) -- is, like, 85% far-left Democrat Socialist and gender-unspecified nihilistic, fundamentally suicidal anarchists. (Actually, in the case of the Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, it's more like 95%.) In the case of the U.S. nationally, it is because of all the above-mentioned issues involving Trump.

In the case of the Trump presidency and the national political environment, the fact that the Left likely will be rewarded (with the presidency) for what it has done is more a matter of the unique issues involving Donald Trump himself. These include his personal characteristics and behaviors and the Left's fanatical, soul-destroying hatred that it has for him. This includes the "Mainstream Media" and its WOKE sensibilities.

This issue of Big Media behavior to include relentless, hate-driven manipulation brings up the Left's response to Trump's Covid diagnosis, his brief (three-day) hospitalization, and his current status (he's fine). It was probably the most disgusting media "coverage" (that's not even really the proper word) of his entire presidency.Keep in mind that all of this occured in the context of seven months of media-fueled Covid hysteria that has deeply damaged American society and the media's pathological obsessive hatred of Trump.

The topic of the Illiberal Left's psychological warfare operation regarding Trump's Covid diagnosis and quick recovery is worth a stand-alone entry. This is distinct but related to the entertainment complex's reaction whereby there was widespread publicly openly tweeted "death wishes" from numerous Hollywood celebs and others who in the year 2020 pass for luminaries.

In the case of Big Media -- especially CNN and PMSNBC -- there was the hyperventiliation that Trump's death was imminent and maybe we could just cancel the election and have Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris as Co-Presidents. Much fuss was made about his "clinical obesity" that put him at "90 TIMES!" the risk of Covid death as young people.

There was the usual insufferable self-righteous preening of the big name celebrity journo-pundits who declared this was God or their God Equivalent's Just Comeuppance on Trump.

But then, not only did Donald Trump fail to deliver on the death they insisted was inevitable, but he recovered shockingly rapidly and even tweeted the following just before leaving Walter Reed yesterday:

Yes, President Trump dared to write that he was feeling "really good!" and "Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life."

On a personal note, I actually watched as Marine One carrying President Trump landed at the White House upon his return from Walter Reed yesterday evening, and I captured three images -- to include the one directly above and the two directly below. Yes, they're blurry, and it would have been a lot better if I had been a few hundred feet farther west and had the helicopters front lit by dusk light.

By way of explanation, it was just before 7 p.m., and I was walking home from L'Enfant Plaza to my apartment on my usual route that takes me along the Mall to about 21st Street before heading north to Mass Ave and Q Street NW.

Trump's actions not only blew up the media narrative but wildly "triggered" the entire rogues' gallery. They went batshit crazy with widespread conspiracy-mongering that EITHER he was still deathly ill ("OXYGEN!!") OR that he was never ill in the first place. PMSNBC"s Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow was practically in tears. Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer demanded their viewers remain terrified and on perma-lockdown (except when engaging in Social Justice-minded rioting and looting, of course). Trump was also accused of being a "biological terrorist" and other forms of mass murder.

The Washington Post's ever-more-hatefully unhinged Jennifer Rubin demanded that Walter Reed National Military Medical Center itself be "defunded" for having treated President Trump. This response was so nutty that she managed to get into a Twitter spat with ultra-WOKE journo-advocate Yashar Ali, whom she promptly blocked.

So, Dear Reader, this is where we are as a country. In the end, Victor Davis Hanson had the best summary and evaluation of the media's response [link embedded]: Trump, Escaping Wile E. Coyotevirus.

I'd actually like to post this Hanson piece in full, as well as this one by retired physician and freelance writer Ted Noel about Covid, or rather, SARS-CoV2, that appeared on Townhall.com [link embedded]: It’s In the Wild, and There’s Not a Thing We Can Do About It.

Instead, I'm signing off for now with this final coda: For me personally, a Biden victory -- along with a Democrat-led Senate and House -- would actually be a big boon to professionally given the federal agency I support and the nature of my job. Indeed, I have the job that I do as a result of the Obama Presidency and the nature of the original Recovery Act of 2009 ("ARRA").

OK, that's all for now. My next update probably won't be until at least Thursday night, perhaps Friday night, as I have a few work-related tasks to complete this week that I will also work at while home.


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