Thursday, October 22, 2020

A New, Big-Ass Plushopotamus Hippo Joins the Bloat and the Larger Plush Family

Earlier tonight, I got a brand new plush hippo, as yet unnamed, pictured above in the dim lighting of my apartment.

This one is ginormous and joins the rest of my plush hippo pod, er, bloat (about 10 in all, pictured below), not to mention the assortment of plush monkeys and others.

This plush hippo is so large that I can't really keep him in the bed but instead he may have to stand in the corner next to the bed. Well, it's not so much a bed as a pile of quilts, blankets, and pillows all above a thick foam cushion on the floor.

Just so you know, this hippo came from the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom. I discovered on Monday night that there were two such big-ass plush hippos in the produce section (!) above the broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots along with a series of other stuffed animals including a enormous giraffe. I bought it tonight for $74.19.

That Whole Foods actually had another plush hippo -- as shown in the photograph above that I took on Sunday.


It appears that at least two Whole Foods received a big shipment of stuffed animals judging by how they were scattered about the Foggy Bottom store and the Alexandria store near the King Street Metro.

I'm omitting the details about my purchase of this hippo, namely, when I put it through the plastic partions head-first toward the young black female cashier and the look on her face to her colleague. (I think she thought it was some sort of a joke.) It was a quick purchase and I said nothing.

Above: The entire plush family (before I got the latest addition), once again in dim apartment light.


Likewise, I'm omitting any deails of my quick walk from the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods to my apartment up 22nd St openly (not in any bag) carrying this new hippo.

OK, that's all for now. I am in the process of composing a big entry to include a medical issue of some to-be-determined seriousness that I am experiencing. But that will have to wait until tomorrow night.


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