Friday, October 30, 2020

A Mostly Imageless Friday Noon Hour Upate In an Existentially Shitty, Deeply Dystopian Time

Elaborate Halloween decorations, 100 block Prince Street, Alexandria, Va., 4:13 p.m., October 25, 2020

Other than the lead image, I am not even attempting to fill up this entry with images.


Friday late morning.

It is a breezy, blustery, variably cloudy day-before-Halloween with air temp about 53F.

The remnants of what had been Hurricane Zeta raced through the region yesterday as part of a larger, complex weather system involving broad upper level trough, frontal boundaries, and surface low pressures.

Yesterday into the wee hours of today, 2 to 3 inches of rain fell region-wide. Just yesterday (Thursday), KDCA recorded 2.26"; KBWI 2.21"; KNAK 2.13" and KIAD 1.68". KDMH remains offline, as it will, probably, forever. There was additional rainfall in the wee hours -- about 0.2 to 0.4 inches. I don't have exact numbers on that yet.


Apologies for no entries the past two days.

Honestly, I fucking dread writing entries now because they take so goddamn long to create, find and insert images, and format. Literally, even a simple entry takes 4 hours.

Also, I had to do my laundry last night while watching my old TV shows. Of note, The Twilight Zone episode (original series) was the episode "Static," which really speaks to me. Plus I love the Tommy Dorsey music.

As an update, I'm not going into the office today, but I also need to vacate the apartment before 1 p.m. and remain out for several hours. I figure I'll return around 6 p.m.

This is because I am having my oven replaced. The one I have has some disconcerting (i.e., always smoking) issues -- and no matter how I clean the inside of it.

I was finally able to get the building management to address this issue in a meaningful way, but because of the now-eternal, vendible, saleable Covid paranoiac horseshit, you have to vacate your apartment when maintenance comes by.

To be clear, it's just the oven part, not the stove part. But they come as a unit.

My plan is to move out of this building within the next 12 months - although I'm unsure if I should do it as soon as I can (February) or wait until later in the year. I intend to move to Alexandria and get the motherfuck out of D.C. with its unliveable environment of WHITE, WOKE, FEMALE Covid paranoiacs.

God only knows what will happen if we, in fact, have a Biden presidency, which given the steadily deteriorating condition of the dessicated, dementia-addled, creepy old perv, means that the cackling harpy bitch Kamala Harris will be the functional president even before his far-left Cabinet attempts to 25th Amendment him off.

Of course, Jill will have something to say about that. And they won't be able to do it successfully without GOP, i.e., Mitch McConnell, help, since even if the GOP is in the minority, the murderously hateful, fully scumbag Dems won't have the requisite two-thirds majority.

The Covid horseshit, of course, will remain in full 1984-style totalitarian, terror-and-loathing-laced panic through 2021 and maybe longer, especially if Fuck Face Fauci ends up getting an even higher position in a Biden regime.

And given the condition of the Illiberal Left Media and Big Tech, which is flamboyantly censoring all anti-Biden / anti-Democrat / Trump-friendly / pro-GOP news to include ANYTHING that doesn't fit the totalitarian narrative about Covid, there is no end in sight to this cultural exterimination.

About this filthy mainstream, identity politics-fixated Illiberal Left media entertainmnent complex -- to include erstwhile leading (legacy) print and broadcast outfits such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN -- are in a manic frenzy that Biden is about to win in a massive landslide that sweeps away not just Trump but the entire Republican Party.

I highly recommend reading Glenn Greenwald's piece on why he resigned from the very publication he helped to found -- The Intercept -- because of what ihas happened to the media, namely, what it has done to itelf. Even better, is Matt Taibbi's overview and commentary on what happened. It's like I said: Maoist-minded WOKE journos and editors today are like firemen in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

About the election, we continue to be carpet-bombed with polls showing Biden up 10 to 15 points and on the verge of flipping Texas blue -- although those are down from 15 to 20 points two weeks ago -- and Biden has it in the bag.

However, with their Hollywood, Big Academia, and Twitter shocktroop mob counterparts, filled with spastic fear and loathing that someway, somehow Trump might win as he did in 2016.

The rage and readiness to riot and loot are palpable, and the Democrat Party and media are stoking these feelings, although in practice, only racially charged stuff sets off riots in urban shit holes large and small.

In point of fact, many of the state-level polls in the dozen or so main swing states show competitive races, especially factoring in issues such as "shy Trump" voters (it is basically a career and social life-ending move to declare you will vote for Trump), registration changes favoring the GOP in multiple states, and the extent to which polls ordered up by media firms are as much a PSYOP as they are reflecting any ground truth.

Oh, and there are also the pathetic Biden "rallies" in which 10 peopel show up in their designated Covid circles and a dessicated, creepy old man tries to remember who he is versus the massive, energetic, and wildly enthusiastic Trump rallies that are a big FUCK YOU to the media and its "health emergency" Thought Police. And the media Thought Police are apoplectic over that.

Honestly, I don't know what's going to happen. My only hunch is that it will be decisive one way or the other. As of the present time, the Election Projects website indicates that nearly 80M people have already voted, specifically, 84.5M, to include 30.0M in-person and 54.5M mailed in ballots (including individuals voting multiple times and dead people votes). This is 61.3% of the 2016 total turnout.

I should note that places are already being boarded up here in D.C. in anticipation of civil unrest -- i.e., Democrat Party-sponsored and -supported -- looting and rioting if the election is anything less than a Biden blowout and ESPECIALLY if it is a contested one.

Antifa and its BLM appendage are Nancy Pelosi street troops. God, she's a grotesque woman.

Of course, the worst of the worst is California's Gov Gavin Tutti Frutti Newsom, a totalitarian twat whose Thanksgiving "public health" edicts involving how many times to chew your food, taking a shit, and "singing or chanting" with your family in your own fucking home are a sort of Orwellian parody.

Gavin Newsom's sclerotic existence is evidence for active, malevolent evil in the Cosmos. Gavin Newsom is a walking, talking human cunt. Naturally, he's super-popular in California owning to its leftwing tyranny of the majority.

OK, that's all for now. As for my day, I'm actually going to VOTE at Hardy Elementary school in Georgetown. I sure as fuck don't trust the D.C. Government or the goddamn US Postal Service -- now just a groteseque parody of what it once was -- to "mail-in" vote. Besides, I like voting in person.

This will be the first time ever I have voted Republican -- and I intend to vote straight-line Republican to include at the top of the ticket, of course, for President Donald Trump.

Even six months ago, much less a year or two ago, I never thought I would say that.

Now I realize in D.C. proper (i.e., at the local level) this this is TOTALLY meaningless, since the District is a suffocating one-party Democrat-ruled WOKE kleptocracy, but that's beside the point.

I do dread being outside in D.C. given the mandatory masking (i.e., face diaper) fetish, although I've never had a police officer say anything to me. The real issue is with the Covid paranoiacs -- and I'm talking about healthy but leftwing cultic-addled WHITE and WOKE females, not the annoying elderly who have a legitimate concern.

Only my walk to and from L'Enfant Plaza on my set route is tolerable.

Afterward, I'll probably go over to Georgetown to Washington Harbour to a restaurant. They are still open -- although I'm fully expecting another dogshit lockdown because the cock-sucking Lockdown Left can't get enough shutdowns and lockdowns.

OK, that's all for now. I don't know when I'll post another entry because these entries are such a pain in my ass to write.


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