Saturday, October 31, 2020

Late Saturday Feature Film for Oct 31st, 2020: The Philadelphia Experiment Plus Halloween Runner In the Night & Election Eve Frights -OR- Just Not In the Mood ...

For this entry, I'd like to repost IN FULL a YouTube version of the wonderful 1984 movie The Philadephia Experiment.

God, I love this movie.

Above is the movie in its full 96 minute and 29 second glory as seen on YouTube -- and, amazingly, without any dickish commercial breaks. How long this YouTube video will last in this form is anyone's guess, and if it is removed, I don't know how I'll repost it.

Featured in the movie is legendary SCOTTY'S JUNCTION!! And as for the bridge in the opening scene, I think it was one of the bridges between New Jersey and Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. Specifically, it was the Commodore Barry Bridge -- except it didn't exist in 1941 when the movie is set. Here is a screenshot image:

And, Oh, Dear God In His Infinite and Eternal Heaven how I wished I had lived during World War II and not now in this hideously perverted, everything good-is-gone, riot-loot-and-murder-while-being-WOKE up your biologically trans-gender-liquefied and identity politics-toxically racist time in which the soul itself is dead.

Also featured in the movie is a wonderful low flyover of a California vineyard (supposedly near Santa Paula) set to the "Runner," a Manfred Mann musical score that was featured on the U.S. version of the group's 1982 album Somewhere in Afrika.

Above is a Vevo live version of the file

This song is distinct from "Blinded by the Light" -- a song by Bruce Springsteen originally on his 1973 debut album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. -- Asbury Park, N.J., being the town next to my hometown of Long Branch, N.J.

Of course, "Blinded by the Light" was done to perfection by Manfred Mann's Earth Band on their 1976 album The Roaring Silence -- which involves the memorable (and oft-misheard) phrase "cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night..."


As a brief update, yes, it's Halloween 2020 ...

... and it is pretty much cancelled everwhere with the fucking police on the prowl in case anybody anywhere is happy. Now you would think that given the violent war being waged upon the police by the Democrat Party via their Antifa vermin and BLM animal shock troops, they'd have better things to do, but you'd be wrong.

Such is our disgusting and horribly dystopian time of the all-life-destroying WHITE and WOKE she-males Covid paranoiacs.

And it is on the eve of a critical election that will determine whether a crazy megalomaniac (Donald Trump) can retain the presidency and thus save the United States from a catastrophic end.

I refer to a very real possibility that the country will elect a cataclysmic regime whose titular head will be a short-lived, dessicated old weirdo perv who will be Lady Macbeth'ed in 25th Amendment oblivion (Jill notwithstanding) by a cackling, harpy bitch of a "BIPOC" VP married to an Illiberal Left totalitarian media/entertainment/faux-academic Democrat Party complex.

Entry updated to include this spot-on Alex Bereson tweet.


This will happen, of course, while the endless media "Covid pandemic" rages globally and whole nations shut down and annihiliate themselves over, ultimately, nothing.

Yes, we will know in a few days if the Nate "Milquetoast Pussy" Silver, Ezra "WE NEED MORE SEX CRIME CONVICTIONS AGAINST THE INNOCENT!" Klein, and Rachel "Abortions Now Mad Cow" Maddow sorts truly, in this time, run the world or not.

This is encouraged by the "WE NEED LOCKDOWNS FOREVER!!" Jeff Bezos "e-Commerce" and BIG TECH oligarchical overclass set.

All while 6 to 10 year olds are "taught" to be raging transexual crazies with a rabidly psychotic hatred of their own country and themselves.

About the lockdowns, these are out-of-control in other English-speaking countries including the fucking UK and the liberal Democrat Party is rabidly demanding more of those here in Fauci Fucki style.

What a fucked up time. I curse the fact that I have to exist in and through it. As it is, a big reason why I stick around is because I don't want to die before my parents. Thereafter, I figure, I literally will have zero reason to remain and, for as alone as I will be in the world, it's also weirdly liberating.

As for my life, I've achieved nothing of any note or duration, and as I approach 51, I can honestly say, all I'm doing is going through the motions of existence with no purpose. And I'm very worn out it.

OK, that's all for now. I intend to post at least one more entry before the election.

As for that World War II era, I guess all I can do is pay a certain homage to it in this way ...



Friday, October 30, 2020

A Mostly Imageless Friday Noon Hour Upate In an Existentially Shitty, Deeply Dystopian Time

Elaborate Halloween decorations, 100 block Prince Street, Alexandria, Va., 4:13 p.m., October 25, 2020

Other than the lead image, I am not even attempting to fill up this entry with images.


Friday late morning.

It is a breezy, blustery, variably cloudy day-before-Halloween with air temp about 53F.

The remnants of what had been Hurricane Zeta raced through the region yesterday as part of a larger, complex weather system involving broad upper level trough, frontal boundaries, and surface low pressures.

Yesterday into the wee hours of today, 2 to 3 inches of rain fell region-wide. Just yesterday (Thursday), KDCA recorded 2.26"; KBWI 2.21"; KNAK 2.13" and KIAD 1.68". KDMH remains offline, as it will, probably, forever. There was additional rainfall in the wee hours -- about 0.2 to 0.4 inches. I don't have exact numbers on that yet.


Apologies for no entries the past two days.

Honestly, I fucking dread writing entries now because they take so goddamn long to create, find and insert images, and format. Literally, even a simple entry takes 4 hours.

Also, I had to do my laundry last night while watching my old TV shows. Of note, The Twilight Zone episode (original series) was the episode "Static," which really speaks to me. Plus I love the Tommy Dorsey music.

As an update, I'm not going into the office today, but I also need to vacate the apartment before 1 p.m. and remain out for several hours. I figure I'll return around 6 p.m.

This is because I am having my oven replaced. The one I have has some disconcerting (i.e., always smoking) issues -- and no matter how I clean the inside of it.

I was finally able to get the building management to address this issue in a meaningful way, but because of the now-eternal, vendible, saleable Covid paranoiac horseshit, you have to vacate your apartment when maintenance comes by.

To be clear, it's just the oven part, not the stove part. But they come as a unit.

My plan is to move out of this building within the next 12 months - although I'm unsure if I should do it as soon as I can (February) or wait until later in the year. I intend to move to Alexandria and get the motherfuck out of D.C. with its unliveable environment of WHITE, WOKE, FEMALE Covid paranoiacs.

God only knows what will happen if we, in fact, have a Biden presidency, which given the steadily deteriorating condition of the dessicated, dementia-addled, creepy old perv, means that the cackling harpy bitch Kamala Harris will be the functional president even before his far-left Cabinet attempts to 25th Amendment him off.

Of course, Jill will have something to say about that. And they won't be able to do it successfully without GOP, i.e., Mitch McConnell, help, since even if the GOP is in the minority, the murderously hateful, fully scumbag Dems won't have the requisite two-thirds majority.

The Covid horseshit, of course, will remain in full 1984-style totalitarian, terror-and-loathing-laced panic through 2021 and maybe longer, especially if Fuck Face Fauci ends up getting an even higher position in a Biden regime.

And given the condition of the Illiberal Left Media and Big Tech, which is flamboyantly censoring all anti-Biden / anti-Democrat / Trump-friendly / pro-GOP news to include ANYTHING that doesn't fit the totalitarian narrative about Covid, there is no end in sight to this cultural exterimination.

About this filthy mainstream, identity politics-fixated Illiberal Left media entertainmnent complex -- to include erstwhile leading (legacy) print and broadcast outfits such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN -- are in a manic frenzy that Biden is about to win in a massive landslide that sweeps away not just Trump but the entire Republican Party.

I highly recommend reading Glenn Greenwald's piece on why he resigned from the very publication he helped to found -- The Intercept -- because of what ihas happened to the media, namely, what it has done to itelf. Even better, is Matt Taibbi's overview and commentary on what happened. It's like I said: Maoist-minded WOKE journos and editors today are like firemen in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

About the election, we continue to be carpet-bombed with polls showing Biden up 10 to 15 points and on the verge of flipping Texas blue -- although those are down from 15 to 20 points two weeks ago -- and Biden has it in the bag.

However, with their Hollywood, Big Academia, and Twitter shocktroop mob counterparts, filled with spastic fear and loathing that someway, somehow Trump might win as he did in 2016.

The rage and readiness to riot and loot are palpable, and the Democrat Party and media are stoking these feelings, although in practice, only racially charged stuff sets off riots in urban shit holes large and small.

In point of fact, many of the state-level polls in the dozen or so main swing states show competitive races, especially factoring in issues such as "shy Trump" voters (it is basically a career and social life-ending move to declare you will vote for Trump), registration changes favoring the GOP in multiple states, and the extent to which polls ordered up by media firms are as much a PSYOP as they are reflecting any ground truth.

Oh, and there are also the pathetic Biden "rallies" in which 10 peopel show up in their designated Covid circles and a dessicated, creepy old man tries to remember who he is versus the massive, energetic, and wildly enthusiastic Trump rallies that are a big FUCK YOU to the media and its "health emergency" Thought Police. And the media Thought Police are apoplectic over that.

Honestly, I don't know what's going to happen. My only hunch is that it will be decisive one way or the other. As of the present time, the Election Projects website indicates that nearly 80M people have already voted, specifically, 84.5M, to include 30.0M in-person and 54.5M mailed in ballots (including individuals voting multiple times and dead people votes). This is 61.3% of the 2016 total turnout.

I should note that places are already being boarded up here in D.C. in anticipation of civil unrest -- i.e., Democrat Party-sponsored and -supported -- looting and rioting if the election is anything less than a Biden blowout and ESPECIALLY if it is a contested one.

Antifa and its BLM appendage are Nancy Pelosi street troops. God, she's a grotesque woman.

Of course, the worst of the worst is California's Gov Gavin Tutti Frutti Newsom, a totalitarian twat whose Thanksgiving "public health" edicts involving how many times to chew your food, taking a shit, and "singing or chanting" with your family in your own fucking home are a sort of Orwellian parody.

Gavin Newsom's sclerotic existence is evidence for active, malevolent evil in the Cosmos. Gavin Newsom is a walking, talking human cunt. Naturally, he's super-popular in California owning to its leftwing tyranny of the majority.

OK, that's all for now. As for my day, I'm actually going to VOTE at Hardy Elementary school in Georgetown. I sure as fuck don't trust the D.C. Government or the goddamn US Postal Service -- now just a groteseque parody of what it once was -- to "mail-in" vote. Besides, I like voting in person.

This will be the first time ever I have voted Republican -- and I intend to vote straight-line Republican to include at the top of the ticket, of course, for President Donald Trump.

Even six months ago, much less a year or two ago, I never thought I would say that.

Now I realize in D.C. proper (i.e., at the local level) this this is TOTALLY meaningless, since the District is a suffocating one-party Democrat-ruled WOKE kleptocracy, but that's beside the point.

I do dread being outside in D.C. given the mandatory masking (i.e., face diaper) fetish, although I've never had a police officer say anything to me. The real issue is with the Covid paranoiacs -- and I'm talking about healthy but leftwing cultic-addled WHITE and WOKE females, not the annoying elderly who have a legitimate concern.

Only my walk to and from L'Enfant Plaza on my set route is tolerable.

Afterward, I'll probably go over to Georgetown to Washington Harbour to a restaurant. They are still open -- although I'm fully expecting another dogshit lockdown because the cock-sucking Lockdown Left can't get enough shutdowns and lockdowns.

OK, that's all for now. I don't know when I'll post another entry because these entries are such a pain in my ass to write.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Update on Hurricane Rather Than Catherine Zeta

This entry is about Zeta ...

… No, not this Zeta.

For this entry, I'd like to note an impending late-season tropical cyclone named "Zeta" that is forecasted to strike the Louisiana coastline on the Mississippi Delta tomorrow evening as high-end category 1 or low-end category 2 hurricane.

Zeta is so named because it is now the 27th named tropical (or subtropical) cyclone of the Atlantic basin hurricane, which puts it now at the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet, i.e., Zeta.

More on Zeta and the naming system toward the bottom of this entry.

What is technically as I write this entry Tropical Storm Zeta -- but likely to regain hurricane status by morning -- formed as a depression near the Cayman Islands and intensified into a tropical storm Sunday morning.

The storm intensified into a hurricane by early evening Monday. It drifted into the Yucatan, making landfall around 11 p.m. on Monday (Oct 26th) near Ciudad Chemuyil with top sustained winds of 80 mph and central pressure of 977 mb (28.85 inches).

Weakening back to tropical storm status, Zeta exited the Yucatan near Progreso on Tuesday morning and has been moving over the Gulf of Mexico, slowly reorganzing following its interaction with land.

As of the 10 p.m. CDT update tonight, Zeta is showing signs of intensification with both favorable atmospheric conditions (low shear) and warm oceanic content. The current forecast has it strengthening to 85-mph winds at landfall, but it wouldn't surprise me it were to intensify (significantly) more by landfall.

Landfall itself looks to be right on the highly vulnerable Mississippi Delta between the Birdfoot Delta / Head of Passes and New Orleans.

One of these days, New Orleans is going to be taken out ...for good. No recovery possible. Hopefully, this isn't the storm to do it. We have enough of a nightmare year going on already.

Anyway, here is the forecast discussion from 10 p.m. CDT on what is anticipated with the storm:

The storm is expected to turn northward and move along the western side of a mid-level anticyclone centered east of Florida through Wednesday morning. A deep cold low (responsible for the southern Plains ice storm) approaching from the west will cause Zeta to sharply accelerate north-northeastward and move inland along the southeastern Louisiana coast Wednesday afternoon.

The cyclone should continue to accelerate ahead of the trough and move over the southeastern and eastern U.S. through Thursday. Similar to the last forecast, the official track forecast was moved slightly westward during the first 24 hours, not too dissimilar from a consensus of the latest GFS, UKMET and ECMWF forecasts.

The forecasted track will take the remnant center -- absorbed into a broad trough -- almost over the D.C. area around 6 p.m. Thursday, bringing potentially copius rainfall. Forecast amounts are in the 2 to 4 inch range here.

As the above discussion indicates, there is a freezing rain / ice storm striking tonight the northern Texas including the panhandle and western and central Oklahoma.

This will be the third tropical cyclone to hit the Louisiana coastline this season -- Laura (the strongest, striking near Cameron, La.), Delta (just a bit farther east than Laura near Creole, La.), and now Zeta.

Now, a few words on tropical (and subtropical) naming ...

Yes, there are 26 letters in our Latinized English alphabet, but the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)-approved National Hurricane Center (NHC) list for the Atlantic basin uses just 21 letters, skipping Q, U, X, Y, and Z, and then utilizes the Greek alphabet.

Non-retired names rotate on a seven-year cycle in the Atlantic and eastern North Pacific. Here are the lists for 2020 - 2025 or six years, inclusive. (The central North Pacific has its own set of names and follows a different rotation cycle. Ditto the Western Pacific.)

It just so happens that the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet is "Zeta" -- so it isn't technically a "Z" name but it works out that way.

It would have been better if NHC used 20 letters, since that would have made "Zeta" the 26th named storm, corresponding to the fact that "Z" is the 26th (and final) letter of the Latinized alphabet.

The 2005 season was the only other time the Atlantic basin season reached into the Greek alphabet.

In that year, there were also 27 named storms -- ending in, coincidentally to this entry, Tropical Storm Zeta.

Terra MODIS satellite image of Tropical Storm Zeta,
1345 UTC 03 January 2006.


The 2005 Zeta formed in late December 2005 (second latest named storm on record) and was a Cape Verde storm that remained sub-hurricane strength. It developed on Dec 28, 2005 and dissipated Jan 6, 2006, thus spanning two calendar years.

In this way, Tropical Storm Zeta in 2005 was the second latest tropical cyclone on record after Hurricane Alice in 1954, which formed two days later in the season on Dec 30, 1954 and dissipated on Jan 6, 1955. Hurricane Alice was thus the only other Atlantic basin tropical cyclone to span two calendar years.

Above: A radar image of Hurricane Alice on Jan 1, 1955 north of the Virgin Islands.

Lastly, I don't think any Greek letter named storm yet has been retired.

Oh, and I should note that with the Greek letters Z (Zeta), X (Xi), and U (Upsilon), you can, given a sufficiently active Atlantic hurricane season, fill three of the five English alphabet letters not used. Only Q and Y never get used in either alphabet.

OK, that's all for now. Depending on how Zeta evolves I might update this entry with additional information or post a new entry outright. As for planned entries on other unpleasant matters -- the catastrophic condition of America and the impending election disaster -- those will have to wait.

Oh, lookie thar: Another fucking chapter in America's ongoing, spasmodic, media-and-Democrat-stoked hot urban civil war masquerading in grotesque drag as a glorious "Eyes on the Prize" civil rights struggle.

For this entry, though, I'll just limit my discussion to Tropical Storm / Hurricane Zeta, and conclude it here ...


Monday, October 26, 2020

Who's The (Medical) Boss?

Let me say upfront that I didn't actually post this until much later than the 5:20 p.m. when I started it. As for why there are 33 seemingly unrelated pictures and a YouTube video involving the old sitcom Who's the Boss?, that should become clear in the entry.

So, I went to the doctor today, or rather, to the MedStar Urgent Car facility at 5454 Wisconsin Ave in Chevy Chase / Friendship Heights.

As an aside, I used to go the regular MedStar facility there for many years before ostensibly switching to the Lafayette Center one near my apartment.

Excluding the check in and check out with the nurse, the whole affair was a rotten interpersonal experience, albeit a very quick one. Having said that, I got a diagnosis and a prescription for the appropriate antibiotic, Cephalexin, along with a refill of sumatriptan succinate, both of which I filled at the Dupont Circle CVS quickly enough -- by the time I got back. What's more, it was all free because, I think, I have met my deductible for the year. And I did all this without having to have a dreaded Covid test.

As for the diagnosis, it appears that what I had was not a bacterial infection in the lymphatic system (at or near an occiptal lymph node) but rather a skin infection of unknown initial cause. Perhaps it was due to a spider or insect bite.

For reference, the Amoxicillin does not work on that sort of skin infection. OK, fine. Glad to know that.

While the nurse lady who checked me in was courteous and pleasant enough, the doctor -- or, perhaps, the physician assistant -- was a short, brash, talkative woman who was both aggressive and -- juding by her mask and plastic face shield -- a Covid paranoiac.

She not only discounted my own personal diagnosis -- a lymphatic system infection -- but just kept talking over me.

The dealbreaker for me, though, was when she basically borderline rudely (as I was speaking) ordered me to put the stupid cloth mask I was wearing over my nose.

At that point, I had it with her and argued back, telling her she was treating me like a disease vector and "Do you REALLY think this piece of cloth works against a respiratory virus??"

She never answered that -- which suggests that she has no answer and, instead, is just used to barking that order to her patients with no pushback and just, in general, bowling the world over.

She tried to say a few things in that sanctimonious way characteristic of professional setting conflicts, but I just asked her to give me the prescription. She asked if I wanted to see another doctor (PA), and I said yes, and I said I did. This all moved quickly -- she was with me for, like, 3 minutes and the other person came in within 2 minutes.

Yeah, Tony Danza was kinda hot back then.


Another even younger woman (PA?) came in -- unfriendly and not knowing what to expect. She took a sample of the infection, which hurt a bit, and wrote out the prescriptions I needed / wanted. She also suggested I get a tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis shot since that had been (well) over 5 years. The whole thing took no more than 4 minutes.

Within two minutes, the nursing assistant lady came back in and gave me, as agreed to, gave me the "Tdap" vaccine shot and took my blood pressure again -- and it was still elevated (160s/90).

And that was that. From the time the nursing lady checking me in and the time I left, the whole "visit" was under 15 minutes. I headed over to the Potomac Pizza place (a place whose ambience and food I like) before heading back to Dupont Circle on the shitty Metro and stopping at CVS (as the prescription was already).

I'm fed up with these arrogant doctors with their shitty, indifferent attitudes that don't even acknowledge you as a human being. And I sure as hell am not going to deal with all of that in the form of a fucking Covid paranoiac doctor (or PA or whatever she was).

Of note, I had a similar encounter with one of the Georgetown Hospital ER doctors in training (or maybe an orderly) back on July 25th. He was a rude pussy. I told him to just leave, you're not helping anything. And I'm beyond fed up with this Covid garbage. At this point, it's mass psychosis, irrational masking fundamentalism, and leftwing pretend health emergency-driven totalitarianism.

Not only did he order me to put on a mask over my nose (same as the woman above) but had the gall to ask me a question and repeatedly -- repeatedly, as in, like, five times -- look away at ER activities while waiting for my response. Yeah, well, fuck him, too.

So, I'm home now and watching my old TV show line ups -- right now, Who's the Boss? on Antenna TV. That network started airing Who's the Boss? earlier this month, but it comes on (5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.) well before I typically get home.

I've always liked Who's the Boss?, especially the early seasons. I like the characters, I like the chemistry and genuine affection between them, especially Judith Light's Angela Bower and Tony Danza's Micelli. I like Katherine Helmond's character Mona Robinson in her not just overt but flamboyantly sexual and yet often comical way.

And I like the house in the obvious New England setting, specifically, southern Connecticut. Above is the season 1 opening sequence of the show. I think season 2 is identical, but it changed by season 3.

About that house, it is supposed to be at the fictional address of 3344 Oak Hills Drive in the real Town of Fairfield. It features that old beat up blue van being driven out of New York City and into a quintessentially New England autumn day with gray skies but vibrant fall colors.

The idea is that the van -- carrying Tony and his young daughter, Sam, are leaving their home in Brooklyn, New York City and heading up to Connecticut. In the first few seconds of the seasons 1 and 2 openings, you can actually see the old Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the distance, as shown in image directly below:

In terms of the location of the house shown in the opening sequence, there is a wonderful website called I AM NOT A STALKER, which bills itself as "Your definitive source for filming locations." The site sleuths out the locations of buildings (typically, houses) used in TV shows and movies indicates. The website indicates that the house in the Who's the Boss? opening sequence has the real-world street address of 13 Onondaga Street in Rye, New York (spelling of the street name corrected).

Above: A frame grab of the first season opening sequence in which the blue van pulls up to the curb in front of what is supposed to be Angela's house in Fairfield, Conn., on a fall day You can see a portion of the garage on the right.

Above: Same image as previously but with the Season 1 and 2 title card. Note the bifurcated tree directly behind the van. Note the young man on the bicycle riding on the sidewalk.

The I-AM-NOT-A-STALKER entry linked above is from October 2009 and contains an image of the house and adjoining sidewalk that are at least 11 years old -- that is, they were taken (judging by the leafy green trees) no later than summer 2009 and possibly a year or two earlier. Note the large tree with bifurcated trunk on the left.

Above: Here is another view showing the street, sidewalk, and the bifurcated tree. That is the same tree as in the 1984 opening, i.e., up to 25 years earlier.

Above: A Google street image from June 2018 showing the Who's the Boss? house at 13 Onondaga Street in Rye, New York. The tree is gone by this point -- and it makes the yard seem a lot more open.

Above: Another image from the Google street view from June 2018 showing a street view at 13 Onondaga Street in Rye, New York. It shows the house driveway at the edge of the white picket fence (which, I'm guessing, is a different one from 1984) and you can see that the tree in question is gone.

Who's the Boss? ran for 8 seasons and, according to Wikipedia, 196 episodes, between Sept 1984 and April 1992 -- which spanned almost the totality of my teenage years and a lot of (crappy) changes in my own life, transitioning from my New Jersey childhood to just befor the start of my shitty D.C. life.

I always liked the actor Tony Danza from his Taxi days -- and the character, Tony Micelli, that he played on the show. He's an ex-baseball player and young widower with a young daughter, Samantha played by Alyssa Milano, and together they move from Brooklyn to Fairfield, Conn., where he becomes the live-in housekeeper and, eventually, boyfriend to Judith Light's Angela Bower.

In the end, though, Tony and Angela never get married, and that was done intentionally.

As for the now-47-year old actress, Alyssa Milano, she's a cartoonishly WOKE Hollywood B-list celeb of the Debra Messing sort. For that matter, so is Judith Light, although her big thing was gay and lesbian rights back in the 1990s. (That was before "gay rights" became the absurdly meaningless LGBTQIABC...XYZ alphabet soup that it is today.) As for Danza himself, I've always assumed his politics lean more conservative, but fortunately, it has never caused any friction between them.

Speaking of gay, child actor and New Jersey native Danny Pintauro, who played Angela's intially very young son, Jonathan, is flamingly gay in real life -- and that shown through by the later seasons. He is now 44 years old and doesn't seem to do much TV acting but rather producing.

Long-time television actress Katherine Helmond passed away in February 2019 at age 89. Helmond's career spanned five decades, but she was best known for her role as Jessica Tate on Soap and Angela's middle aged and flamboyantly sexualized mother, Mona Robinson on Who's the Boss?, and to a lesser extent, Debra Barone's mother Lois Whelan, on Everybody Loves Raymond. Her character is the anti-Marie Barone.

Above: A Who's the Boss? cast reunion on the cover of Entertainment Weekly (EW) in Sept 2016. The cast -- likely the last time all five of them met -- had dinner at restaurant in New York City, as the image directly below shows.

She also played Debra Barone's mother Lois Whelan, on Everybody Loves Raymond. Her character is the anti-Marie Barone. Those other characters were played, respectively, by Patricia Heaton, one of Hollywood's few politically conservative actresses, and the late, great Doris Roberts.

As for the show's theme song, "Brand New Life," The Keeper of All Knowledge indicates that it was written by series creators and executive producers Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter, with music composed by Larry Carlton and Robert Kraft.

What's more, there were three different singers during the shows run: Larry Weiss (1984–86) (writer of Glen Campbell hit "Rhinestone Cowboy"), Steve Wariner (1986–89), and Jonathan Wolff (1989–92), each singing variations on the theme song.

OK, that's all for now.