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Reasons for Nixing Posts for Time Being on the Virulent Topical Trio of Covid Hysterics, WOKEISM, and Critical Race Theory Garbage Interspersed with Last Batch of Florida Trip Pics -OR- The Longest Entry Back to Home Ever

Lifeguard chair, Flagler Beach, Fla., 2:11 p.m.,
August 17, 2020

I initiated this entry about 10 days ago -- before my California trip -- but only now am I finishing it. As for the topic, it is on the topic of providing reasons for nixing posts for the time being on a trio of virulent topics in the following order of virulence: Covid hysterics, WOKENESS (or WOKEISM), and the leftwing nihilistic racism known as Critical Race Theory.

All three interlinked viruses represent Democrat power grabs through fearmongering, thought control, and intentionally-stoked race-infused social unrest. I do so because I find the incessant writing on these matters soul-destroying.

Having said that, part of me still wants to write on these matters, especially as the country approaches the most consequential election -- one with existential ramifications for the country's long-term durability, if not its survival -- since at least 1968 and, I suppose, the Civil War era.

For that reason, I will probably continue to post links or excerpts of political pieces. Likewise, I'll continue to post occasional Alex Berenson tweets as a desperately needed vaccine, metaphorically if not actually speaking, to the endless, destructive Illiberal Leftwing media Covid fearmongering. Now having zero to do with a supposed "public health emergency," Covid-related panic porn is strictly an extension of the Left's combo Culture War and political hot civil war.

This panic porn is one of the more useful weapons of the Democrat Media/Entertainment complex's fanatical anti-Trump/anti-GOP PSYOP. For months, it has really aroused both Rachel Maddow (D - Dike) and Anderson Cooper (D - Gay Pussy), but now they are increasingly agitated that it is losing its effectiveness.

On the matter of the 54 images in this entry (!), they are the remaining subset of the pictures I took on my August trip to Florida and want to post. They are topically-unrelated to the entry content, but I really want to post the pictures before too much time passes.

These pictures are part of a larger batch of images -- at the peak yesterday, 325 in all -- in my Camera roll folder that I would like to evaluate with the intention of either being posted or not posted. These include the remaining ones from my Florida trip and ~150 from my just-completed California trip.

The Florida trip pictures refer to those taken between Aug 14 and 23, 2020 both in Flagler Beach, where I visited my dad, and in Daytona Beach. They also include pictures taken on the flight down there from DCA to DAB via CLT plus those on the partial return flight from DCA via ATL to CLT. It was in Charlotte on Aug 24 where I met Tim, who just coincidentally happened to be, and I rode with him back to D.C.

I've already posted 39 pictures from the Florida visit in a series of five entries posted during the trip. They are here-1 (7 pics), here-2 (10 pics), here-3 (2 pics), here-4 (8 pics), and here-5 (12 pics). The ones in this entry mark the bulk of the remainder of those that I want to post. There are still ~50 pics from the trip I never posted to include abput two dozen that I might post in a future entry. Among those are a half dozen or so of my dad that I don't want to post in this entry given its main topic.

As for the pictures taken on my just-concluded trip to Southern California -- including those in Oceanside and on the day trip to San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point, plus those on the flights between BWI Airport and San Diego -- I will feature those in upcoming entries. As with the Florida ones in this entry, they may or may not be topically related to the actual written content of the entries.

Concerning the pictures in this entry, in the interest of limiting an already massive, sprawling entry, I'm not captioning any of them (except for the lead image). However, the JPEG or PNG file names contain place and time information, so just download any in which you might be interested.

Lastly, I had intended to have an upfront section of pictures I especially liked and then post the rest posted chronologically, but the way the entry laid out and how I added the images rendered that problematic.

This entry is one of the longest and most intricate I have ever composed on this blog. And this raises another matter about entry composition and the effort I need to expend creating posts these days: Blogger's new compositional mode format and the strict demands involved in using one of its two "views" (modes), namely, "HTML view" rather than "Compose view."

In short, it is difficult for me to use either view -- the latter because it is limited and creates an unintentional HTML mishmash, and the former because it demands strict HTML language rigor to get things formatted just right.

I tend to use only "HTML view," but it lacks the easier functionality of the "Legacy" compositional mode that Blogger rudely removed a few weeks ago as even an option to use. The result is that it takes me longer to post entries -- which is exactly the LAST thing I need to have happen -- and hence I'm starting to blog less frequently. (Maybe that's a good thing.)

OK, returning to the ostensible topic of this entry, I want explain why I am opting to nix -- or at least pull back -- on posting entries on an interlocking trio of virulent poisons that have infected and are destroying American society to include Covid hysterics, WOKENESS or (as a now-preferred term) WOKEISM (yes, I'll always capitalize the term), and the worst of the worst, Critical Race Theory.

Though hopelessly interrelated in the real world of 2020, let's look at each one of these phenomenon distinctly.

First, the Democrat-controlled / Illiberal Left commercial media entertainment complex have for six months fanned Covid hysterics, creating millions of "Covidiots" and Covid paranoiacs terrified to function in normal society despite the vanishingly small fatality rates (CFR and, more importantly, IFR).

Secondly, in a diseased marriage of Big Media / Big Academia Cultural Marxists and a cowed and compromised corporate overclass, WOKENESS or WOKEISM (a term I will instead use) has been stirred up into an ascendent secularized American fundmentalist religious movement. The result is a wholesale upending of entrenched political factions and alliances. (I would like to repost in full the article at that link in another entry.)

The third is the worst in its virulence thanks to its tautological logical and Cultural Marxist-based (i.e., leftwing) racism: Critical Race Theory, the operational arm of which are BLM "cells" engaging in endless street violence.

Critical Race Theory ("CRT") is the tautologically racist governing ideology of present-day Big Academia. CRT also informs the nihilistic racist poison spread by self-loathing Cultural Marxist radicals such as Ibram X. Kendi and "pseudo-intellectual horseshit"-peddling hucksters like Robin DiAngelo. More importantly, CRT is virulently spread by corporate HR departments and their phalanxes of "implicit bias trainers" from coast to coast.

It's worth noting here, nor should it come as as surprise to anyone, that the likes of "Dr. Ibram" are going bat-shit crazy because Trump's SCOTUS pick, Federal Appeals Court Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has seven children to include two adopted ones from Haiti (i.e., "Black" children). To "Dr. Ibram" and his "racist" versus "anti-racist" Hegelian dialectical horseshit, the very fact of this is, ipso facto, "proof" of Judge Barrett's "systemic racism." The phony academic asshole, whose professional career is funded mostly by superrich white liberals and their academic "endowments," is Tweet-shitting away about how white racist "colonizers" engage in BLACK adoptions. Dr. Ibram X. Asshole is a nihilistic fraud and hateful dickhead, hence his popularity in the Big Academia racket.

Just for the sake of completeness, and by contrast, Antifa is the Democrat Pary leadership's street shock troops. Having been weened on social media from infancy, it lacks any coherent ideology or, for that matter, any historical or contextual knowledge of anything. Having said that, given the WOKE and CRT ideology on which it was "educated," it has an intense loathing of country, family, and self. Antifa is heavily comprised of inchoately enraged, bisexual young white Millennials and gender-confused, multi-racial Gen Z anarchists. And, yes, there is significant overlap with BLM radicals.

Back to the point of this entry: The fact is that part of me wants to discontinue this blog outright until the world is back to a more "normal" configuration precisely because I can't handle this present fucked up time through which we are living. That is, part of me wants to discontinue this blog for the very strong reason of simply preserving my sanity because any entry I post on the topics of political unrest and Covid crap robs me of a portion of that sanity.

One way of viewing the current sicknesses of Covid hysterics, WOKE fundamentalism, and CRT racist poison is that the United States is a culturally decaying society, maybe even in part dying. And it is filled with infantile, suicidally-minded nihilists who WANT and NEED the destruction and upheaval associated these phenomena. And the powers-that-be that are exploiting these terrors -- Big Media, Big Academia, certain corporate oligarchal interests, and various Democrat pols, especially at the state and local level -- because they realize the resulting possibilities of semi-permanent social control.

These sick individuals, to varying degrees, possess a pathological self-loathing and psychological nihilism that is driving the desire for both cultural and personal suicide. Meanwhile, these powers-that-be want -- are eager -- for all of this mayhem to be accompanied by rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem run amok, especially insofar as it terrorizes into submission those who would resist.

In short, a sizable fraction (maybe 25%) of the country's population -- disproportionately found in Big, Blue States and Cities -- are brainwashed or otherwise in thrall to these deadly trio of interlocking viruses. And it is being facilitated through the highly pernicious effect of an ever-more-malevolent mass media and mega-corporate culture that is exploiting this sick zeitgeist for its own purposes of control.

As I've mentioned before, and others have certainly explained, we are dealing with a vast commercial media entertainment complex. This complex includes a malevolent psychological operation ("PSYOP") masquerading as a First Amendment-based "news media" and is facilitated, ironically enough, by that which was supposed to be the libertarian dream, namely, Big Tech's highly poisonous social media platforms. The latter are just vehicles for social control through division, discord, and despising of the other.

Think of the powers-that-be exploiting the trio of viruses as a grotesque hydra. Big Media is one tentacle. Another is the ethically rotted husk of the trillion dollar racket known as Big Academia. It is Big Academia wherein the anti-life identity politics-fixated cultic ideas of "Critical Race Theory" was nurtured -- although it has at least a part of its origin in 20th Century post-structuralist and postmodernist notions (Michel Foucault anyone?). This piece on the "Molotov Diploma" has a good overview of the history of how radical anti-American alienation in higher education led to today's street-level violence on the part of ultra-WOKE radicals. What's more, the deadly virus of CRT found a natural host in the American public school system that symbiotically feeds into Big Academia.

The unlikely fuzzy central brain of this hydra is a totalitarian-minded Democrat Party that views human beings only as specific victimized and pressure groups to be exploited, at will, as needed. I say "unlikely" because the brain is less Orwellian and somewhow identity politics-fixated on "oppressed" groups. Now I wouldn't call this exactly Huxleyan. I'd have to think about it, but this entry is already long enough.

About the Covid hysterics, I realize that the U.S. is not alone in the way fear has been stoked to maximum effect. Other Western countries are having their own version of this particular moment. However, the Marxist Cultural Revolution component in the United States is especially acute and jeopardizes the country's long-term cohesive survival.

But back to the point of this entry: I'm just exhausted with turning this blog over nearly nightly to the same mind-numbing, soul-deadening topics. For the past 75 entries or so, all I've done is focus on the WOKE fundamentalism and Cultural Revolution; Antifa savage but infantile anarchists and BLM violent Marxist psychopaths; and lunatic Democrat state and local pols who can't get enough with deadly lockdowns and bullshit face diapering masks as a sort of combo fear-mongering and virtue-signaling burqa.

And I have talked at length about how this grotesque hydra has actively encouraged rampant property destruction and murderous mayhem -- always with an eye on terrorizing and, if necessary, killing those who they deem worthy of only death. This includes, of course, Trump voters, the police, and small business owners. This is where Nancy Pelosi's Catholicism has led her.

And every night, I feel compelled to helplessly comment on all of this and tortured length, and come up with 25, 30, and even 40+ images to break up the text and all the anti-life misery it embodies. But then it takes hours and ruins my night -- and leaves me with nothing except six wasted hours while trying to enjoy late night old television programs. I'm just fed up with inveighing against the obviously horrid and dystopian -- but for no particular purpose.

All of this is leading toward an election-of-a-lifetime now just over five weeks away (indeed, it is already underway thanks to Democrat mail-in voting schemes). It is an election whose outcome is a total mystery to me except for the high likelihood of chaos -- legal and Democrat street violence -- and includes Democrat's weirdly openly-advertised plans for electoral theft. They are doing this while simultaneously massively projecting in Rachel Maddow fashion their dark fantasies onto Trump and the GOP.

That awful uncertainty aside, I'm more deeply unsettled by the disturbing reality that I've already mentioned, namely, there exists a psychotically demented segment of the American population (in the 25 to 30 percent range) who possess a wildly outsized influence thanks to the parasitic relationship between this group and the tentacles of that aforementioned grotesque hydra. The tentacles include, as mentioned, Big Media / Entertainment complex, Big Tech's Social Media, Big Academia's and its destructive ideologies, and the Public Education mafia.

This segment of the population not only has a white-hot, fully ignorance-based hatred of their own country, but they despise, loathe, themselves. Encouraged from elementary school to deny even their biological gender, they are like screeching nihilistic banshees. Howling manically and spitting on terrified citizens peacefully dining outside (thanks to the Covid bullshit controls) who fail to bow down to them and mouth their moral obscenities. (The tacit approval of the terrorizing of outdoor diners is the most disgusting aspect of local Democrat pol acquiescence to this lawless mayhem.)

They also spend huge amounts of time engaging in Don Lemon-style "peaceful protesting" to include warring against the badly hobbled police -- lobbing Molotov cocktails, launching industrial strength fireworks while trying to trap officers inside, shining lasers into eyes. This is the twisted and perverted "base" of the Nancy Pelosi Democrat Party of 2020.

But the locus of moral authority -- if you want to call it that -- is the loathsome AOC and her "Squad" with their "agenda" that seeks the destruction of the United States. The slightly more verbally diarrhea prone of them mouth endlessly about "heteronormative White Capitalist power structures" or whatever other Marxist claptrap A.G. Sulzberger of the New York Times thinks is cute to have appear in the op-ed pages. (Not to put too fine a point on it, but A.G. Sulzberger is a scumbag and twat who destroyed the New York Times.)

The morally and ethically diseased values of "The Squad" seek to colonize wherever it goes, "naturally" and "organically" creating Mogadishu-like "CHOP" zones of drug-addled lawlessness, murder, mayhem, and a brutal identity politics-based racist apartheid, not to mention lice, and disease. And they "learned" all this thanks to the Big Academia, Big Media, and Big Tech. What a bitterly ironic end state for American progressive liberalism.

Let me just say that one mercy in all of this is that Big Academia "organism" has set itself up for its own destruction, and that CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH. Given that WOKEISM and Critical Race Theory virus have infected all of Big Academia, liquefying its interior, even now the meta-organism is slow-motion collapsing into a pile of metaphorical, if not actual, gray goo.

I do wonder if the United States will be able to survive in its present form in, say, 10 to 15 years. And I'm not just referring -- in the event of a Joe "Creepy Dementia-Addled" Biden and Kamala "Hateful Lady Macbeth" Harris Co-Presidency -- to Democrat plans to create multiple new States and pack the Supreme Court.

Returning to the point of the entry: I can't live my life whereby every night I feel compelled to post interminably lengthy social and political commentary that serves zero purpose, and not just because zero people read it.

So, this is my motivation for pulling back from entries on the following trio of society-afflicting viruses that are, in increasing order of virulence, THE COVID, WOKEISM, and Critical Race Theory that are, collectively, part-and-parcel of the Left's plan for cultural, social, economic, and political suicide.

It is worth nothing that even the most WOKE twitter mob lunatics are increasingly depressed because -- despite the blockchains of people and ideas they have "cancelled" -- they are slowly realizing that they aren't getting the piles of Covid-related dead bodies of Trump voters they were promised and demanded. What's more, they realize that if Biden/Harris co-presidents win, even that won't bring about the society-wide -annihilation that they not-so-secretly crave.

It is for that reason that the Twitter Lockdown Left WANTs lockdowns, despair, and death. Everything they do is really just an effort to set up a dystopian reality in which their sought-after cultural suicide comes about. This explains the rage they have whenever a Republican state sensibly reopens -- Nebraska, Indiana, and now Florida.

The darkly ironic thing is, if you could eliminate the destructive layers of the Illiberal Left's smothering, choke holding propaganda, things are getting better in the country -- the economy, life getting slowly back normal as Covid decreases in lethality and eventually will fall into the background noise -- and the world -- multiple Middle Eastern nations making peace with Israel, thanks to Trump's efforts.

Wrapping up this entry, the reason I want to throttle back on these entries is that I just want to come home after the stress of being outside -- having to deal with the Covid masked paranoiacs and vicious WOKESTER masked millennials that occupy D.C. -- and enjoy a peaceful night at home. I don't want to have to feel compelled to have to provide some goddamn emotively written narrative of the totality of what happened in the world that day.

As it is, during the past six months, I've managed to set up a reasonably tolerable daily routine during the week and weekend even here in a city has deranged as D.C. I find it peaceful here at home at night. I also semi-enjoy daily work week walk on a carefully prescribed route. It's a route that avoids BLM / Antifa lunatics in downtown D.C. and enables me to stop at one of several places.

What's more, I can do it without having to genuinely fear the authoritarian medical police state that exists in places I once thought so wonderful, namely, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. (Ironically, the complete lack of any social norms and urban mayhem makes that much easier in the U.S. Singapore this ain't no matter what totalitarian controls Cuomo, Newsom, and Whitmer try.)

Yes, I have to deal with endless phalanxes of be-masked, virtue-signaling, idiot millennials in all their shitty attitudinal yet total and complete clueless stupidity. Ditto having to deal with the multiply masked ageing Baby Boomer Covid paranoiacs who inexplicably still live in the District. Both, though, are ultimately, mostly ghost non-interactions. And it’s always good practice for me, I suppose, to learn to quietly deal with such crap because this crap is going to go on for one to two years.

I should also note that in the past six weeks, I've managed to travel a bit -- both to Florida last month and to Southern California, specifically, Oceanside and San Juan Capistrano (not the dystopia of Los Angeles).

OK, I'm wrapping up this entry for now, which likely the longest one I have ever written based just on number of pictures. I count 54 pictures. I'm not even sure if the entire entry will "fit" on the blog's main page. I fully expect it to knock off that main page even the entry directly below it.

About the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week, as I mentioned above, Pres. Trump just today nominated a replacemnt, Amy Coney Barrett ("ACB"). What's more, the rioting and looting that the Dems promised last week if Trump "dared" to nominate a replacement hasn't and probably won't come to pass. That's because the BLM is required for ignition of serious rioting -- and BLM just doesn't have a dog in that fight. And when Mitch McConnell says there WILL be a vote on the replacement nominee, believe him.

OK, I'm FINALLY wrapping up this entry. PHEW. Subsequent posts over the next few months will focus on personal matters, the weather, astronomy, and no more than excerpts of political and Covid matters, but not extended entries -- and nothing like this entry.


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