Sunday, September 6, 2020

Entry #2,999: The Interminable Posting That Inadvertently Attempts To Capture Very Nearly Everything I'm Pondering and Experiencing In This Frickin' D.C. Area During a Lunatic Time*

*Full disclosure: I removed a bit of content at the very end.

Potomac River evening view near Theodore Roosevelt Island, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 6:21 p.m.,
September 4, 2020

Many of the pictures in this entry were taken on Saturday but the above one was on Friday evening, but they are interspersed with others I took on Thursday. There are also political-themed images.


Towering oak tree, grounds of St. John the Evangelist Historic Church, Silver Spring (Forest Glen), Md.,
2:05 p.m., September 5, 2020


Apologies upfront: I started this entry on Saturday night and continued to compose it into the wee hours of Sunday morning, but I was so tired after my long walk and emotional rollercoaster (see below) that I crapped out at about 1:30 a.m. and went to bed. I finally completed and posted this entry Sunday early evening. It took that damn long to compose.

Well, here is the entry 2,999th entry to this blog -- one shy of the big 3,000.

As ever, there are numerous things I want to discuss both personal and "global."

But there is no way I can relate everything except via a series of entries requiring days to properly compose.

What's more, by that point, I will have moved on to new things I want to relate.

View along Forest Glen Rd, Silver Spring, Md., 2:01 p.m., September 5, 2020

Note: The photo image places in this entry that I'm denoting as "Silver Spring" might actually be the CDP of "Forest Glen." Neither are technically incorporated, although Silver Spring should be.


I'm home this Saturday night watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup.

I'm sorry to say but the Svengoolie-hosted movie The Blob kinda sucked, or at least I never got into it even though it stars Steve McQueen. Right now, the Star Trek: TOS episode ("The Enemy Within"), which I don't particularly like, is ending. An episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (episode "The Golden Man") is coming on. The latter episode guest stars that seemingly ubiquitous child actor of the 1970s, David Hollander.

House and yard with ginormous oak tree, corner of Forest Glen Rd and Carney Pl, Silver Spring, Md., 2:01 p.m., September 5, 2020


I'm rather tired, not to mention emotionally exhausted after what was at least a 15 mile walk today -- and, in fact, it might have been more in the 16 to 17 mile range -- from Forest Glen Metro to Bethesda and back home to D.C.

Yes, back "home" to secular fundamentalist WOKE cult-enthralled, BLM-crazed, Antifa-subhuman animalized, Covid panic-porn-frenzied, completely-anti-life D.C.

Enclosed backyard of house at the corner of Forest Glen Rd and Forest Glen Court, Silver Spring, Md., 2:02 p.m., September 5, 2020

Just fyi, this house had its obligatory make-shift BLM signs. But the fence itself is a symbol of the American slaveocracy.


God, I hate this city, specifically, it's awful people -- both the deranged Millennials with their WOKE fundamentalism and all those goddamn Baby Boomers who refuse to go away because they think that they are entitled to live forever. As I've mentioned, my intention is to move out of the District of Fuckumbia next year.

Mayor Muriel Chicken McCheese Breasted Bowser in the time of WOKE Covid

Just look and be amazed at how WOKE she is, but of course, in a totally appropriate Covid crap social distancing sort of way. Her message is a powerful social justice one: "Always wear your MASK when looting, rioting, burning, and committing acts of violence against the helpless and/or non-WOKE."


Grounds of St. John the Evangelist History Church & Our Lady Queen of Poland Parish, Forest Glen, Md.,
2:05 p.m., September 5, 2020

The cemetery is part of this history or old church, not the "new" one on Georgia Avenue.


A young man walking across the National Mall on the "longitude" of 12th Street, Washington, D.C., with a very ominous looking sky to the north "uptown," 5:14 p.m., September 3, 2020

A few words farther below on that sign he is passing. I had left my office at L'Enfant Plaza and was walking to Taberna del Alabardero to meet a friend for dinner. The region was under a tornado watch and severe weather was moving through the immediate area. In the end, that squall line you see in the pictures above and below just barely grazed this part of D.C.

More squally sky pictures below …

Squally sky seen from 15th Street, National Mall, Washington, D.C., 5:19 p.m., September 3, 2020

Just so you know, that sign on the ground that he is passing advertises that it will give you the answer to the deeply immoral and severely divisive question, "How much is a BLACK life worth?" It is associated with some WOKE-minded display nearby involving a cage -- yes, a cage, such is the total lack of any self-awareness by the WOKE Taliban -- that purports to show you how irredeemably evilly racist is the United States.

In it, you find out that no Black American has ever gotten beyond 1830 and only fundamentalist WOKE whites can make that difference.

Yes, Andrew Jackson is still U.S. President and will ALWAYS be U.S. President. But you already knew that.

That cage has been there for weeks, and I'm sure it'll become a permanent display since the NPS wouldn't dare move it. Eventually, if left to itself, it would  grow "organically," metastasizing into some CHAZ/CHOP zone.

Anyway, back to the main narrative of this entry: That move is just an interim step -- to Alexandria -- to be followed in, I guestimate, five to ten years moving away from the D.C. area for good.

Of course, depending on how the election goes, we could have a full-bore civil war here (and in dozens of Big, Blue Democrat cities around the U.S.) that is actively encouraged and stoked by the local and national Democrat pols. In such a case, I would necessarily need to leave D.C. sooner. Anything is possible in the next six months in this country.

Taberna del Alabardero interior, Washington, D.C.,
7:57 p.m., September 3, 2020


My more immediate point is that the level of pathological behaviors in D.C. during this now-mostly-bullshit Covid media pandemic is truly anti-life and soul-destroying.

And in proverbial Gordian knot fashion, it's inextricably linked to the anti-Trump monomaniacal hysteria with the face burqa mask-wearing and "social distancing" horseshit itself forms two types of extreme virtue signaling. Realizing this doesn't make them any less offensive.

No, Joe. You look like a dementia-addled drooling fool who will be an instrument of any leftwing crazy.

Nearly 50 years of public service and zero to show for it. And now just a tool.


The worst, though, are the young, healthy Millennials (i.e., those with no obvious connection to a "sensitive group") and the searingly unctuous, always-aggressive, all-around-vicious lesbians.

Corner wall of pictures of celebrities and other notables, Taberna del Alabardero, Washington, D.C., 8:06 p.m., September 3, 2020


Anyway, as for my walk this Saturday, I took the Metro from Dupont Circle to Forest Glen -- and as with my trek yesterday to Old Town Alexandria to meet Tim, I mercifully got a non-7000-series car, which means I wasn't subjected to that never-ending, soul-destroying automated voice braying in stilted fashion about wearing a face diaper / Covid virtue-signaling burqa.

The house at the sloping, woodsy residential intersection of Newcastle Ave, Woodley Ave, and Linden Lane,
Silver Spring, Md., 2:15 p.m., September 5, 2020


The 7000 series cares are also grotesque in their cold institutional blue-white lighting and prison-like d├ęcor. Sclerotic Paul J. Wiedefeld couldn't order those cars fast enough. The fact that I lucked out like this was partly because Metro, amazingly, has moved to "Phase 2" of reopening from the Covid media pandemic. As part of Phase 2, the system is using more of the older cars (i.e., non-7000 series).

Newcastle Ave, Forest Glen (Silver Spring), Md., 2:17 p.m., September 5, 2020


I figured the lazy, lifetime sinecure-possessing, incredibly incompetent kleptocracy that is Metro would remain in Phase 1 lockdown forever since that involved maximum pay for minimal work by WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus employees.

House and shady tree-filled yard along Newcastle Ave, Silver Spring, Md., 2:17 p.m., September 5, 2020


About my Friday, I took off a few hours from work and went down to Alexandria, where I met T. I went to his very nice condo -- its near the top floor of a 20-story building that is part of a trio of structures between the King Street and Eisenhower Avenue stations.

Same house and yard as shown directly above, 2:18 p.m., September 5, 2020


He has such a lovely view in multiple direction across Arlington and Alexandria including north and northeast into D.C. He has great a great view -- removed by about six to seven miles -- of the "Monumental Core" and downtown plus more distant larger structures.

Low-res picture showing view to the north across Alexandria and Arlington toward Washington, D.C.,
1:14 p.m., September 4, 2020

This was taken by my low-res flip-open cellphone camera.


The more distant structures include the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Hughes Memorial Tower and -- through a small pair of binoculars -- what appear to be the buildings in downtown Silver Spring). The National Cathedral, however, seems to be hidden from his perspective by the nearby George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

About D.C.'s Monumental Core, those structures including the Washington Monument are still standing, notwithstanding Mayor Cheesy McQueef and her WOKE Taliban's attempt to "contextualize" everything into Maoist Cultural Revolution-style ruins. Of course, that'll change if Biden wins.

Another house (or two) along Newcastle Ave, Silver Spring, Md., 2:18 p.m., September 5, 2020


T. has such a nice place with such nice things including a lovely full piano. The view is also lovely. And watching all those train tracks and lines below -- Metro, VRE, Amtrak, and CSX -- is, in fact, hypnotizing. He had mentioned that before, but I didn't think it would be.

I would post additional pics from there, but I really don't want to even obliquely violate his privacy.

Still another tree-cloaked house along Newcastle Ave, Silver Spring, Md., 2:19 p.m., September 5, 2020


We went to the Whiskey & Oyster restaurant in Alexandria, specifically, utilizing the dining outdoors. As I've mentioned, I tend to avoid outdoor dining these days despite the Covid media pandemic and resulting emphasis on outdoor dining. I especially avoid it in D.C. because roving mobs of violence-prone BLM/Antifa animals are often on the prowl. Their modus operandi is to start swarming -- engulfing outdoor diners, demanding that the diners bow down before their demented ideologies, and then start screaming profanities as part of their bullying, intimidating, and thuggish behavior against defenseless people.

Just remember one thing about Antifa -- as summed up so well in this excellent American Greatness piece by Paul Bradford: Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries -- They Serve The Powers That Be.

Devoid of any coherent ideology, and reflective of the characteristic post-factual stupendous ignorance of Millennials and Gen Z types, Antifa are basically just street-level thugs who dutifully target the mostly defenseless enemies of squishy elite liberalism.

That is, they target those powerless people that the Left to include the mainstream commercial media sector have deemed expendable: Small business owners, and Trump voters, and despised police officers who have been abandoned by their local leaders.

In short, Antifa vermin don't actually threaten the military-industrial-surveillance complex or the FIRE sector, nor would they ever do that as that would bring about opprobrium from CNN, PMSNBC, the New York WOKE Times, and the WaHoPo.

Mr. Bradford writes:

For all their bluster about the revolution, Antifa ultimately is a tool for liberal elites. That’s why the Democratic Party, corporate execs, and major media outlets sanction their violence.

In this way, in the most darkly humorous of historical ironies, they are the very "tools of reactionary intrigue" once described by Karl Marx himself.

All that aside, and in this case, Whiskey & Oyster is on a sort of semi-quiet side street in Alexandria just beyond Old Town. Everything was fine. Thereafter, we walked to the King Street riverfront, where I caught a Potomac water taxi to Georgetown (the "Miss Mallory," which does that route in a sort of half-tourist way).

Blacks Bar & Kitchen, Bethesda, Md., 5:04 p.m.,
September 5, 2020

On Saturday, I had a nice experience at Black's Bar & Kitchen. This followed a horrendous, truly dehumanizing experience at nearby Rock Bottom, a place now 25+ years old, badly showing its age, plus filled with Covid insanity -- and whence I will NEVER again go.


In Georgetown, at dusk, I met A. and she and I went to Bangkok Joe's for a lovely evening. There, too, we outside. Even though in D.C., it was safe in that there were no BLM Marxists, WOKE Taliban, nor Antifa shock troops around to cause mayhem.

More skyscrapers going up in Bethesda, Md., 5:14 p.m., September 5, 2020


On Saturday, as mentioned and as the many of the pictures in this interminable entry indicate, I took the Metro to Forest Glen station and walked thence on a lengthy, helter-skelter route back to D.C. My route took me to Bethesda, where I stopped for what amounted to an early dinner, and thence on the Capital Crescent Trail to the D.C. line by Sibley Hospital.

Trees and sky, Capital Crescent Trail, Bethesda, Md.,
5:33 p.m., September 5, 2020


At that point, rather than walking directly back to Georgetown (which I probably should have done), I followed a very complicated route throw Palisades, Glover Park, and Georgetown -- finally arriving home in my Dupont / Embassy Row neighborhood by 8:10 p.m.

Corner view, Newark St and Sherier Pl NW, Palisades, Washington, D.C., 6:26 p.m., September 5, 2020


After all the rainy and stormy weather, the weather on Saturday was very sunny with wispy cirrus streamers in a clean blue sky. It was a lot drier with highs around 82F and dew points about 53F.

As for the walk, I followed a complicated walk that was occasionally very nice and occasionally awful. I'm not sure I want to go too much into it.

Street view, Palisades, Washington, D.C., 6:28 p.m., September 5, 2020


My route at first -- Forest Glen Road to the tiny Capital Beltway overpass road of Linden Lane -- was very nice. But, eventually, I ended up on East-West Highway (I should have taken Jones Bridge Road) as part of my walk to Bethesda. And there is a stretch of East West Highway that is HIGHLY pedestrian unfriendly. (And all the residential side streets form a suburban "woodsy" wending warren that, ultimately, go no where.)

I followed this route to Bethesda because the former Georgetown Branch Trail ("future Capital Crescent Trail") is no more because it has on its way to becoming the Purple Line light rail mobile ghetto.

The remaining Saturday walk pictures in this entry were taken while crossing through the super-upscale Palisades section of D.C., which in some ways is more wealthy than Georgetown and on par with the Spring Valley section of the city. I'm not captioning the pictures.

When I finally got to Bethesda -- walking past the old Japanese turkey farm where I worked back in the late '00's (it has slightly changed location since then) -- I stopped for lunch, initially at Rock Bottom and then at Black's Bar & Kitchen.

My experience at Rock Bottom was, well, rock bottom. It was truly awful, and I almost would like to have a stand alone entry on this. In short, I was treated like nothing more than a disease vector by a weird young waiter and the man who claimed to be the manager didn't even want me to pay -- in fact, encouraged me to leave without paying. I'd like to dedicate a standalone entry to this.

For now, I'll just say that if someone is going to be that terrified to work -- and, no, I don't know what his home situation is in terms of sensitive groups -- but please don't be a waiter. My biggest mistake was just going inside, since the place is as tired and old (it has been there since at least 1997), the staff seem Covid horrified.

Upon leaving, however, I was able to turn things around with an impromptu but ultimately very nice stop at Black's Bar & Kitchen -- sitting right at the indoor/outdoor cusp -- and I'd like to talk about this in that entry, too.

Thereafter, I headed on the Capital Crescent Trail back to D.C., but detoured off it near Sibley Hospital rather than following it to Georgetown. This led to a big, complicated walk back that took me via Palisades into Glover Park and Georgetown by nightfall, getting home about 8:10 p.m.

A few other thoughts:

The number of super-rich, super-woke, super-guilty white liberals in Bethesda, Md., and the Palisades section of Georgetown is so goddamn annoying with their signs: BLM in Bethesda and "Thank you, Dr. Fauci" in Palisades. The latter, presumably, are welcoming endless shutdowns and all the destruction they cause -- to include supply chain disruptions and full-scale economic depression leading to societal breakdown.

Oh, wait. It doesn't work that way. Not if you say "intersectionality" three times and click your transgendered heels together. As for Fauci and his rogue operation that has precious little to do with THE COVID, at this point, he's demanding nothing less than the complete reorganization of society itself. See images of Alex Berenson tweets directly above and below.

OK, that's all for now. My next entry, as noted, is #3,000. However, I'm not really sure how to do anything "big" for it. Maybe I'll make it an astronomical / astrophysical-themed one. I've been meaning to have one, anyway. Whatever the case, it won't be until late Monday / early Tuesday or late Tuesday / early Wednesday.

Regarding the Alex Berenson tweet image above, all I can say is AMEN to that tweet. And to the implicit refusal of so many college students to adhere to the totalitarian state-like "public health" strictures that these fucking institutes of supposed higher learning have put in place.

[OK, the picture directly above (taken on the coast of Denmark) and the two below (on the coast of Portugal and Oahu) have nothing to do with anything -- I think they're just very pretty -- and instead are intended to break up the text. Very near the end of this interminable entry, I just don't want to start introducing any new sets of my own images that I need to explain.]

The administrators of these racket universities and colleges have basically just put their WOKE Thought Police approach into a "public health emergency" context for a mostly non-existent issue. There is nothing so grotesque nowadays as a "college administrator" -- they are truly horrifying. The entire financial edifice of American Higher Education needs to collapse already. It will happen and I can't wait.

OK, that's all for now. For tomorrow -- Labor Day -- I'm just going to go to Old Town Alexandria. I have evening plans right now with the usual dinner soiree, which should be nice, provided F. doesn't get aggressively political again.


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