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Endless Covid Contrived Panic; Antifa / BLM Urban Riots, Looting, and Violent Mayhem; and WOKE Lunacy Reach Democrat Apotheosis: So Begins America's Political Fall of 2020

Capital Crescent Trail, Bethesda, Md., 4:30 p.m.,
August 29, 2020

For those parts of this entry in which I lack topically relevant images, I'm just posting some of the out-and-about pictures that I took on Saturday on my walk from Bethesda via the Capital Crescent Trail back to Georgetown and home.

The transmitter or telecommunications tower at 5202 River Road, as seen from the adjoining Capital Crescent Trail, Bethesda, Md., 4:22 p.m., August 29, 2020

This particular tower only has what are typically daytime-only strobe lights -- no nighttime red navigation lights, LED or otherwise.


On Saturday, I took the Metro in all its agonizing agony up to Bethesda and went to Mon Ami Gabi, whence I had not been in at least a year and where I had an overly extravagant solo lunch seated inside. Thereafter, I walked on the Capital Crescent Trail back to D.C. into Georgetown and home. It rained and was warm and thickly humid earlier in the day and then just sunny and humid for the remainder of the afternoon.

Just FYI, the mask-wearing and Culture Revolution insanity is even more extreme in Bethesda than in D.C. because the former, unlike the latter, is nothing but wealthy, ultra-WOKE, whites who never actually interact with any urban pathologies.

I started this entry last night but could not finish it. I guess now that it is climatological (not yet seasonal) fall (September 1st), this is a good time for a political-themed entry.

Another weekend come and gone. So many things I want to write. But I'm already time and mental energy constrained. That being the case, let's just cut to the chase on this Covid and WOKE hysteria.

Great Alex Berenson tweet -- all the more so for use of the word "samizdat" …


The "Covid-19" Wuhan Chinese Flu situation gets more absurd by the day with the Illiberal Leftwing Media PSYOP -- masquerading as a national journalistic enterprise -- ceaselessly hysterically yowling: BILLIONS TEST POSITIVE!!! BILLIONS WILL DIE!!! BILLIONS!!!! DEATH IN MONSTROUS INFINITY!!!! TRUMP TO BLAME!!!!!

Actual fact: Near Zero fatality among the young and healthy -- FAR less than even the Spanish Flu of 1918 - 1919. Remember that.

Case in point, the Sturgis motorcycle rally that was supposed to create a Cambodia-like virus killing field resulted in nada (see Brit Hume tweet image directly above).

What's more, all these positive tests are getting ever-more-fishy by the day as even the WOKE New York Times weirdly admitted (I say "weirdly" because this doesn't fit with their Cultural Marxist Revolution fanaticism and anti-Trump monomania).

Below are the bar charts of Covid-19 daily cases and deaths for the U.S. for 15 February - 31 August 2020. The weekly cyclicity pattern is already underway but the overall trend is down -- especially for fatalities.

More importantly, the "Sunbelt Spike" is long since past and cases have plunged -- falling toward what the daily numbers have been for months in New York and New Jersey and, adjusting for population, Sweden, and indicative of a state of herd immunity.

Keep in mind that the new cases number would have been lower except Iowa decided to count positive antigen tests instead of just PCR tests, which caused an apparent but, ultimately, fake massive spike. Multiple these reporting changes and you can get all sorts of numbers.

As ever, the indispensable Alex Berenson put it best in these two Sunday early afternoon tweets:

There is also the issue of the extent to which Covid testing -- much of it mediocre to outright poor quality -- is incentivized by massive state and federal government reimbursements. The Covid testing industry is now something on the order of a $1 billion per week industry:

Alas, here in D.C. -- a place as cartoonishly WOKE as any in the United States -- the Covid panic porn remains at its white hot anti-Trump, virtue-signaling, mask-wearing Peak Hysteria.

On a personal note, NOT masking while simply walking outside, minding your own business, not near anyone, is a nice way to give a big fuck you to the local populace and its absurdities. That's because in D.C., the Covid zombies are eager to wear face diapers and have their freedoms taken away FOREVER for bullshit reasons. To be clear, that's not something you flaunt in front of a police officer, whom you should always obey. This is true no matter what the BLM Marxists and WOKE fundamentalists insist is your God-given right to fight back with police officers including lunging for their weapons because you have "moral clarity of their systemic racism" on your side. Fucking idiots.

Clay Travis summed it up nicely in this tweet with graphs.


Of course, mask wearing and "social distancing" are wholly optional when the Antifa anarcho-animals and violent BLM Marxists are rioting, looting, engaging in arson, and even murdering. This mayhem is even while, in true "Critical Social Justice" theory style, are blaming Trump for the violence that they actively are stoking.

As an update on the situation here in D.C. with respect to the hot civil war in which the Left is actively engaged (but absurdly blaming Trump and the Right for it). Aside from the general rioting, looping and destruction, and harassment of ordinary citizens trying to eat outdoors by BLM thugs and Antifa animals, we had the ugly spectacle of what happened in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Look at her: She's so liberal and so WOKE. It's like being in the presence of Black Jesus.

I refer to what happened after Jokester Wokester Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser tacitly approved the assassination-by-mob of United States Senator Rand Paul and the killing of ordinary people as they departed the White House following President Trump's Republican National Convention acceptance speech. Mayor McCheese did this by allowing her Antifa violent vermin base to run amok with no extra protection on the part of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

Sen. Rand Paul and his wife avoided severe injury or death ONLY because of the protection of several Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers, none of whom had any backup by the fucking mayor ahead of time.

As with all Big Blue City lib Democrat mayors, Bowser ENCOURAGED and WANTED such violence as her general governing strategy.

You can watch clips of it in this 9:04 YouTube video of Tucker Carlson's show on Friday night, Aug 28th. Just FYI, I hope the punk who terrorized that elderly couple in the video gets colorectal cancer. (Sorry, Dainty WOKE Washington Post, I know that comment wouldn't be allowed due to "violation of community of standards" on your degenerate site.) 

Bottom Line: Muriel Bowser is an incompetent hateful harpy of breathtaking stupidity who is Mayor of the District of Columbia ONLY because of WHAT she is, not who she is.

As a leader, she has zero competence and ability, much less any decency of character. She's just a typical wind-up robot Big Blue City Democrat Mayor.

Thankfully, as this is the District of Columbia, i.e., the national capital and a federal enclave with only a fraud of "home rule," she's naturally limited in how much destruction she can permit by her base.

My fondest wish is to see the Antifa / BLM lunatics -- in an act of "moral clarity" -- just torch the Washington Post building and watch as its WOKE-frenzied Millennial reporters (plus those fucking Baby Boomer editors from the 1990s who refuse to retire) go crazy on twitter trying to justify it.

Eventually, the would just give up and blame Trump and the GOP because that's all they can do. Why else the bizarro-world declarations from the repulsive Joy "AM" Reid declaring that BLM causes no violence but instead it is all due to "white supremacists."

Orwellian yet braindead stupid assholes, all of them.

It was two months ago in June that Antifa / BLM lunatics set up a mock guillotine outside Jeff Bezos' D.C. home (see image above). Such a move is considered a powerfully effective message by WOKE academic Jacobins and Cultural Justice Theory Marxists everywhere. My understanding is that it is still there.

Of course, octillionaires such as Jeff Bezos don't actually interact with the world of ordinary human beings, and are surrounded by their own private armies. What's more, Bezos doesn't care about any of this Culture War shit because he just shape-shifts his holdings to pretend to be on the side of the street mobs.

For her part, Mayor McCheese is busy "teeing up" more mask mandates, readying budgets with heavy emphasis on needle exchange programs and midnight basketball, and hiring "health contact tracers" from this or that Section 8 housing project for the media pandemic.

I'd like to point out -- indeed, I wish I could tell President Trump directly -- that unlike a U.S. State, D.C.'s local government exists only by grace of Congress. What's more, the President is functionally like an absentee governor who almost never intervenes, but he could in any emergency. Well, this is an emergency in the national capital. President Trump should call in the National Guard and militarize the city. And then SHIT KICK the Antifa animals when they start violent mayhem.

Violent mayhem near the White House on or about June 1st; the picture is from three months ago but the same atmosphere of mayhem and explosive violence pervades


Considered more broadly, in the contest for worst of the worst American Big Blue City Mayor, Madam McCheese loses badly to Portland, Oregon's Ted Wheeler.

Mayor Ted Wheeler is a deeply morally confused, ethically deranged clown who has allowed his city to degenerate into a Mad Max dystopia over the past 90 days. A political pervert, Ted Wheeler is unwilling and unable to stop the rampaging Antifa / BLM mobs destroying that once-beautiful city.

Above: Ted Wheeler, an ethical dolt of historic proportions whose acute, all-encompassing failure is leading to the violent destruction of his own city, hangs out with leftwing mobs.

All that can be done by this perverted man -- who very nearly got himself killed but for his security by putting himself in the "Summer of Love" mobs -- is to blame Trump for the raging violence. As Trump pointed out in Part 1 of his interview with Laura Ingraham embedded below, Wheeler must be some combination of stupid and afraid.

Part 1 of President Trump interview


Part 2 of President Trump interview

President Trump had some interesting comments on Ted Wheeler and the rest of the Democrat pols in a good interview with Laura Ingraham that was aired last night on Fox. Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview, respectively, are embedded above.


Concerning the recent execution-style murder in Portland of the Patriot Prayer by some Antifa animal -- and the Banshee-like demonic glee of the animal's pack -- it should be said that the United States has entered a Minneapolis / Kenosha / Portland / Seattle world. Let's call it an "MKPS" world.

By that, I mean it is a world in which the local civilian police forces have fully "stood down" as Antifa/BLM organized gangs of violent thugs run amok, counter partisans in the form of rightwing militias are starting to appear. In effect, it is like Europe in the 1930s with Communist and fascist partisans engaging in endless street battles while the actual authorities are unable and/or unwilling to do anything.

While I realize this situation has no good outcomes, let me say that American left-wingers will lose any such street-level fire fight because they for as wildly violent as they are, they are also degenerate pussies whose firepower possession, not to mention knowledge of how to use it, is no match for their rightwing counterparts.

The Left has nothing but the mob, and when that breaks down into total street anarchy, they cannot win. For its members own physical safety, these Antifa animals should just go back to their Baby Boomer parents' basements and take a shit while playing Xbox and posting tweets. Of course, that won't happen.

The more pressing concern is that with law and order have fully broken down in those places, a hot civil war of raging street partisans is now inevitable -- especially if Senile Joe wins the presidency and Kamala Harris is the de facto ruler.

Then there is the more immediate issue of what happens if the election outcome is indeterminate -- something quite likely given the massive overreliance on "mail-in voting" with virtually no quality control or checks. (That, of course, is precisely the point of why Dems are doing it.)

As for Trump visiting Kenosha today, he absolutely is right to do this even if Gov Tony Evers says he should "stay away." (To be clear, Evers isn't nearly as bad as Oregon's Governor and he, in fact, asked Trump to send in National Guard troops to quell the Kenosha mayhem.)

Trump understands that a strong "law and order" campaign message is exactly what a large majority of regular Americans want -- even, quietly, a significant fraction of wussy Dems -- and commercials like this from Sen Tom Cotton are exactly what we need:

And this brings me to the final point of this sprawling entry: The state of the presidential race. There are signs of a non-trivial Trump bounce following the Republican National Convention unlike that weird, depressing "virtual" freak show of the Democrat National Convention the week before. Below are the RCP Trump versus Biden and Trump approval charts through August 31st along with the poll data making up the current averages.

There was an Emerson College poll on Monday, August 31st, that showed the race within 2 points and Trump with a net 2 point POSITIVE approval rating. This poll result deeply agitated Nate Silver, whose FiveThirtyEight site is beginning to suffer from what we might call a "Fauci Effect."

My own term, that's the effect whereby an expert (statistical for Silver, epidemiological for Fauci) start pontificating of what IS and what COULD be with what SHOULD be based on their own moral preferences. Typically in the United States, given the complete chokehold that the Left has on public culture, discourse, and academia, these pontifications tilt into ever-more-leftwing WOKENESS.

These days, FiveThirtyEight also spends too much time "adjusting" and "grading" polls -- to the point that it isn't useful but rather just Nate Silver's glorified whiny, snarling opinion. You can't trust what he's doing. This is why I just look at the RCP site nowadays.

About the polls, I realize that Trump is still behind on the order of 6 to 10 percentage points. This is an amount that is beyond the minus 5 or 6 percent range I suspect represents the differential due to "shy" Trump voters not telling pollsters their true preference. That differential is due, of course, to rampant liberal "cancel culture" and related fear of publicly revealing one's preferences.

It does not take into account how rioting and looting systematically helps Republicans and hurts Democrats -- that's a whole other topic that was the subject of the a cancel culture frenzy at the start of the civil unrest in late spring. (See June 11, 2020 Jonathan Chait piece: The Still-Vital Case for Liberalism in a Radical Age.)

To be clear, 5 to 6 percent is just my own hunch of what that number is. It could be more or less -- in the range of 8 percent or as little as 2 percent, although I just don't think it is that low given what's going on in the country.

There is also the issue in 2020 of no meaningful third party candidate this cycle, and any such modeling would have to take into account the fact that "undecideds" tend to break toward the challenger.

There was actually an interesting Bloomberg article on this very topic that appeared today (Monday) with analysis coming from Marko Kolanovic, the head of macro quantitative and derivatives research at JPMorgan. Here is the article [link embedded]:

It is worth pointing out that there are also signs that a significant number of African Americans are getting sick and tired of this garbage -- especially having WHITE WOKE Millennials, Antifa street animals, BLM Marxist lunatics, and social media shock troops (in many cases, these groups overlap). A non-trivial number are swinging to the Republican side.

In 2016, only about 8% of African Americans supported Trump. It could easily be double that in this year. The Democrat "PATH TO VICTORY!!" -- while still very real -- doesn't take that into account. The Democrat Left just hyper-arrogantly and condescendingly TAKES FOR GRANTED that 100% of Black Americans will instantly bow down before the Democrat Party, no matter the despicable or ineffectual leader.

It also assumes this despite the decades of de facto enslavement along with violent and destructive urban mayhem that have resulted from degenerate one-party Democrat rule.

Just FYI, as an example of this change, watch this amazing video by Republican Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik, who is seeking to fill the seat of the late Rep. Elijah Cummings:

The Joy "AM Aunt Jemima" Reid types can only accuse Ms. Klacik of being part of a "minstrel show" because that's the only world view these types have: Any "BIPOC" who differs from them is tool of a racist society, not a human being who arrived at a legitimate world view through their own life experiences. And that says far more about Joy AM Reid than it does Ms. Klacik.

Given how lengthy this entry has been, I'm going to avoid getting into the issue of how many legal battles and, in this year, outright civil unrest could result from a indeterminate and contested election -- something that is nearly guaranteed to happen with the extent of unchecked mail-in voting.

I'm just including the above Alex Berenson tweet concerning that Emerson College poll on who plans to vote by mail versus in-person, and how those groups break for Biden or Trump.

Late summer Moon low in the southeastern sky as seen from Georgetown, Washington, D.C.,
8:04 p.m., August 29, 2020

I had stopped at Tony & Joe's after my walk and was walking the final leg home.


OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry. I don't know how this CH visit is going to go and how my job is going to go, but I guess the next few days will tell me. My next planned entry will be on Wednesday night -- and it won't be nearly as lengthy as this one.


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