Thursday, September 17, 2020

Early Thursday Afternoon Update: First Entry Using Blogger's Mandatory, Wholly Awful New Compositional Mode; Plus, Exhausted and In Need of Major Topic Refocus

So, Blogger is now forcing me to use only its "new-and-fucking-worse" format for creating blog entries. This is because it removed the "Revert to the Old Format" option.

It sucks.

I ought to take this as an opportunity to simply end this blog. I've been keeping it for nearly 12-1/2 years through just over 3,000 entries, and I'm tired of doing it.

This is especially true in a time as fucked up as 2020 with the trio of viruses ravaging American society. They are in ascending order of virulence: Covid hysterics; WOKE cultic lunacy; and Critical Race Theory nihilistic enthnocide.

Anyway, as for composing entries, while I think I know enough of the HTML coding instructions (commands?) to be able to continue to blog more or less as I was, the "HTML Compose" mode is not at all in sync with the regular "COMPOSE" mode -- because Blogger assumes you're going to only work in the latter. The result is a nearly unworkable mishmash in the HMTL coding that is difficult to adjust -- including just altering the font colors and adjusting image sizes.

Putting aside the compositional difficulties, I am also very tired of keeping up this blog because of the focus of the entries for the past nearly three months. This is a topic that I would  like to return in an upcoming entry to this topic of feeling compelled to spend 4 to 6 hours almost every night composing entries to inveigh in pointless fashion -- screaming into the ether, as it were -- about everything happening. I'd also like to talk about what I might do about it, namely, moving away from such an entry focus.

OK, I'm going to sign off for now. I'm going to TRY to post one and maybe two entries tonight. However, I also need to finish for work the monthly progress report cycle for which I am responsible for our big federal contract.

I need to do this by tomorrow -- and have everything free and clear for my upcoming 4 to 5 day trip with Gary to Oceanside, Calif. Also, I just get tired of feeling forced to compose entries every night, thus eating up my entire night while only causing aggravation.

OK, signing off for now. 


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