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The Chaotic Collapse of Multiple Big, Democratic Run US Cities Into WOKE Cultic Madness and the Mayors Enabling Related Antifa Violence and BLM Looting Plus Massive Urban Crime Waves

The castle structure at Fort Reno Park, Washington, D.C., 4:10 p.m., August 9, 2020


So, I wrote this entry last night but simply did not, could not, finish it. However, I still want to post the entry, so I've completed it, but this means that I'm avoiding the whole topic of Biden's VP pick -- the vindictive, prosecutorially abusive Kamala Harris.

They'll be time to talk about that in future entries.

Another view of the castle building at Fort Reno Park, Washington, D.C., 4:14 p.m., August 9, 2020


Returning to the posting at hand, this is a follow-up to my previous entry about the current, extended spasms of WOKE-STOKED Antifa / BLM violence gripping multiple large, wholly Democratic run American cities in this time of could very well be the start of American societal dissolution.

This nihilistic, highly destructive violence is a de facto hot Civil War. It is in addition to the simultaneous cold UnCivil War via social media and cancel culture. Both are being encouraged, either tacitly or actively, by ethically degenerate, morally malevolent, and intellectually retarded Democrat Big Blue City pols who are otherwise luxuriating in their Covid-19 media pandemic panic porn to amass power.

I refer to the Big City mayoral figures of Lori "Angry Lesbian" Lightfoot, Eric "Super Spreader" Garcetti, Bill "Comrade" de Blasio, Ted "The Wussy" Wheeler, Jenny "Dingbat" Durkan, Jacob "Foolish Failure" Frey. They are part of a farrago of wholly worthless Democrat mayors either too terrified, too ethically perverted, or both to keep safe the cities they are sworn to protect.

I also refer to the occasional Big Blue state governor such as Andrew "Sour Pissy" Cuomo (he of the nursing home warehousing mass elderly Covid death policy) and Gavin "Stupid Pussy" Newsom. Ditto grotesque national Democrat leaders such Nancy "Fallen Facey" Pelosi and Chuck "Upchuck" Schumer, not to mention that degenerate Marxist-Leninist Squad of AOC & Angry Harpies Company.

You'll note that among the mayors, I did NOT include D.C. Madam Mayor Muriel McCheese Bowser, but that's NOT because she isn't part of this group -- which is to say, as functionally pathetic and ethically compromised as the rest of them. Of course she is.

Rather, she is omitted simply because the District hasn't (at least yet) ignited the way those others have. What's more, ironically, the Capital of the Empire itself -- uptight Washington, D.C. -- is, oddly enough, NOT in a suicidal death spiral in the manner of Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle, or Minneapolis.

Now this doesn't mean that there isn't violence -- because there most definitely is lots of "garden variety" gun violence of the sort at "block parties" in Southeast D.C. Why, just consider:

Yes, the Washington Antifa Post itself published that piece. About the WaPo, a few points:

(1) The WaPo -- about as cartoonishly WOKE as the filthy abomination of the New York Times, as evidenced by its recent Antifa fashion show -- shut off comments to the crime article as a way to keep the WOKE Millennial Mind Hive feeling "safe" and "non-triggered."

I'm of the view that their billionaire publishers and/or owners -- READ: Bezos and Sulzberger -- make common cause with Antifa / BLM radicals as a way of diverting unwanted attention about their own criminal enterprises. More on that below.

(2) Anytime you see the terms "block party" and "Southeast D.C." in the same sentence, they are synonymous for "drive-by shooting" and "left three dead, including a child."

(3) Reading the article, you realize that Mayor McCheese's heart is much more into mask wearing than actually stopping "block party" drive-by shootings.

As such, she's as absurd and dangerously dumb as any Big Blue City mayor. She just happens to be mayor where the mayhem isn't as city-wide acute but is mostly safely confined.

Naturally, the WOKE WaPo goes identity politics gaga over her because of WHAT she is -- a black woman, likely a lesbian. Admittedly, she's naturally more likeable and less problematic than Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Speaking of Lori Lightfoot, this brings up the topic of my previous entry, I didn't give it the full context.

For starters, I noted in the update that the Lake Michigan lakeshore event Lori Lesbian Lightfoot freaked out about was a mostly gay white male one -- and hence Lightfoot, herself a black, angry, and pugnacious lesbian, went into such a dark place. This is why she sought to sic the police on these silly gay men.

And I mentioned that Mayor Lightfoot characteristically ignored the massive spasms of weekend "ordinary crime" violence that has turned Chicago into some combination of Beirut 1982, Sarajevo 1994, and a 19th Century Wild West saloon town. Finally, I mentioned that there was Antifa / BLM rioting and looting, but I did not mention where it struck or why.

Specifically, there was rioting and looting struck Chicago's "Magnificent Mile," leaving destruction in its wake. This round of looting in Chicago's toniest of neighborhoods occurred after the usual violence on the city's South Side ended with a police shooting someone with gun who opened fire on them. This, of course, prompted a Rwanda-like social media-fanned "car caravan" riot to converge there.

Looting on the Magnificent Mile was a bridge too far for even some of Chicago's one-party-state Democrat councilmembers who, like their counterparts in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and New York, can wait to defund and destroy the police and turn their city into some identity-politics based Khmer Rouge-like Marxist-Leninist utopian dystopian nightmare.

Speaking of bridges …

Many of the bridges over the Chicago River were actually raised in to stop another riotous caravan coming up from the South Side. That surely made Mayor Lori Lesbian Lightfoot sad. But Mayor Lori Lesbian Lightfoot knows she can't actually allow rioting and looting in those parts of "community areas" such as Near North Side, Lincoln Park, or Lakeview. Thus, she's pretending to "do" something.

Hence, her blather about a "robust" plan that even her police superintendent, David Brown, knows is pure horseshit.

What I would like to note is that a BLM agitator -- Ariel Aktins -- involved in "organizing" the lootings storefronts on the Magnificent Mile proudly gave the ethical justification for these actions on the grounds that it represents "reparations" for the racially oppressed.

What's really interesting to me is that if you are a WOKESTER -- especially one of those self-loathing white females wholly brainwashed into this ethical cesspool (see image at left), you have no choice but to excuse, indeed, welcome the looting. That's because the logic of the Cult of WOKENESS must lead you to excuse any and all violence -- even killing.

It requires this for the sake of "CRITICAL SOCIAL JUSTICE" with its Marxist precepts of ceaseless, existential "maximal conflict" between "oppressor" and "oppressed."

Turning from Chicago to America's other greatest city, New York City, the situation there is almost indescribably bad and getting worse by the minute. This is due to the horrifying combination of an unchecked and unaccountable, actively and openly Marxist-Leninist Mayor in the form of Bill de Blasio (itself an adopted name), and the black hole-like accretion disk of Covid-era WOKE insanity.

NYC is rapidly collapsing into a dystopian Escape From New York-like reality.

But here, too, the WHITE AND WOKE true believers can only excuse the mayhem while their very own safety and that of their families is daily jeopardized. Like any cult, it leads the true believer to a Jonestown situation.

However, this is such a huge topic that I am really reluctant to do a deep dive into it except to say I could see the city easily disintegrating in the next ten years -- the outer boroughs breaking away, especially Staten Island and Queens. For this entry, I will simply embed a link to this National Review piece by Kyle Smith: New York City’s Downward Spiral.

Here is a quote from the piece with an excellent sociological observation:

Mask compliance is almost universal on the Upper West Side: easily 90 percent. The area is defined by college-educated white folk over 40. These are rich people, they’re rule-followers, and if following one more rule might help them ace the virus the way they aced every other test in their lives, they’re going to follow it to a T. Mask wearing, like every other habit, is also a kind of class signifier.

There is the same mindset here in D.C., except D.C. is tiny compared to New York, plus it isn't as oddly isolated version in its island-bound massiveness. But the life-draining, soul-destroying WOKENESS -- including a sort of Covid medical wokeness -- is the same.

And here is the conclusion:

There is no push for law and order in New York. The next mayor of the city will likely be to de Blasio’s left, not his right. He or she will argue that New York’s troubles are the fault of the plutocracy, the patriarchy, and white privilege, and whatever Upper West Siders remain behind will enthusiastically applaud. New Yorkers aren’t hypocrites; they’re masochists.

On the other side of our continent-spanning country in Portland, Oregon -- ground zero of the Antifa Marxist-Leninist urban anarcho-civil war -- Mayor Ted Wheeler is so pathetic it's painful to watch.

Even after "the feds" left the city -- as the Antifa degenerates demanded -- the rioting continued unabated with uninterrupted nightly destructive and potentially lethal violence with no fewer than 12 "declared" riots in the ten days since that departure.

My solution to Portland's problem is straightforward: Cut off the fucking food and water supply to these Antifa Millennial and Gen Z douchebags. I guarantee you the mayhem will end REAL quick as the pussies scream, flail, and cry for home.

As for Wheeler, he's a mental simpleton who doesn't know what he doesn't know.

This is how the leader of a major city could walk right into a potentially deadly situation by gadding about all doofus-ass liberal into a rioting mob. It was only by grace of his body guards did he avoid a really bad outcome.

Fucking idiot.

In Seattle, where the brain-dead city council voted to DEFUND THE POLICE, the lead-up to the vote witnessed mayhem in the Capitol Hill neighborhood -- until recently, home to the short-lived anarcho-Antifa / BLM state of "CHAZ/CHOP." Specifically, there was rioting and looting to an Amazon store, a Whole Foods, and a bank.

As I mentioned above in reference to the Washington Post, my hunch is that Jeff Bezos actually is fine with the WOKE insanity.

What's more, I suspect Bezos is even OK with the occasional Antifa / BLM riot that destroys some fly-speak piece of his holdings (an individual store) -- since, again, it works to deflect any unwanted attention to this own criminal empire.


Because this is how a billionaire -- or in his case, a near-trillionaire -- oligarch strategically deals with social unrest.

This includes the messy and violent situations embodied in the Summer 2020 of American WOKE insanity and Antifa / BLM riotous mayhem. Besides, if push came to shove, he would just hire his own private army to OBLITERATE the Antifa and BLM rioters.

Yes, children, that's how it works. Defund the police and break down civil society -- and get instead an oligarch's mercenary army.

This fact is lost, of course, on he/she/zhe Emily Todd VanDerWiff and in her Vox "safe space."

Finally, if you're curious about how all this Cult-of-the-WOKE / Antifa "DEFUND THE POLICE!!!!" horseshit will play out, look no further than the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Minneapolis, where all this shitstorm initially erupted due to the George Floyd killing. Specifically, see this article about all the companies that can't wait to get the fuck out of Minneapolis.

And this is just the beginning of the exodus that will fundamentally remake -- impoverish and destroy -- multiple liberal Democratic cities. Indeed, if the United States survives in some form in, say, 20 to 30 years, it will be, the rural and, ironically, Southern parts.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey -- another idiot clown of a Democrat mayor who, despite himself, is contributing the destruction of his own city.

About that killing that triggered all this society-rending WOKE lunacy and the Antifa / BLM anarcho-domestic terrorists, it is looking much more problematic of an event than any Millennial would ever dare admit. More broadly speaking, is based on a set of assumptions about race-based police brutality that simply not in sync with reality. But at this point, that is simply immaterial to the current situation of what is happening in the United States.

OK, that's all for this entry. I am going to skip any detour into the Covid-19 media pandemic and panic porn garbage since that would just open up a whole new shitty vista for this entry that is best avoided.

I'm going to try to post one more entry before my Florida trip starts on Friday. While on that trip, I won't be able to post anything until at least Wednesday night, Aug 19th, when I'm supposed to start the Daytona Beach hotel part of the visit.


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