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Masque of the 0.65% IFR, Age 70+ Covid Death*: Reposting Alex Berenson's Tweets On the Media Infotainment Complex Fatality Fetish; Kiwiland Lockdown, Quarantines-at-Gunpoint, Round 2; Plus, Some Weeping Willowy Friendship Fails

*With appreciation to Edgar Allan Poe.

Corner house of Macomb and 36th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 4:46 p.m., August 9, 2020

This house has always been one of my favorite ones in D.C. The rest of the D.C. pictures in this entry are also from my walk on Sunday from Friendship Heights back home. I'm not captioning them but the file name contains place and time information.


For this entry, I'd like to "retweet" -- or as much as a Blogger blog can retweet anything - six tweets sent out on Wednesday (yesterday) yesterday from Alex Berenson. That's because the tweets are so insightful and spot on concerning the societal mindset -- well, I would say pathologies -- that have spawned the media infotainment complex's 24/7/365 Covid-19 shrieking hysteria and all-panic porn / all-the-time.

The URL to the first tweet and the five "replies" that form the six-tweet thread is here. What's more, I want to include the actual text and not just screenshot images of the text precisely so that I have the written content on this blog. I'm not embedding the twitter links.

The image below contains the first three of the six tweets, which I think I captured in chronological order. The text of those three tweets is as follows:

Tweet 1:

I’m increasingly convinced that #SARSCoV2 is a creation of the media/technology complex. (NO - I do not mean it’s not real or was bioengineered.) What I mean is: aside from a couple of weeks in a handful of cities worldwide - including, sigh, the world’s media capital...

Tweet 2:

The overall effects of this epidemic have essentially been impossible for the average person to see without a microscope. Hospitals are not overflowing. Bodies are not piling up in the streets. Most of us will never know anyone under 55 (65? 70?) who has died of #Covid.

Tweet 3:

But instead many people feel like the world is ending? Why? More than anything else, it’s the obsessive - almost sordid - fascination with death counts, updated in real time and presented without context (average age of victims, how many people generally die in a year, etc)...

The image directly above is the second half of the six tweets, posted as text below.

Tweet 4:

Why are we counting deaths this way? We’ve never done this for any other illness. Never. And there are lots of reasons, but maybe the most important is that we’re doing this largely because we can - because the technology now exists to aggregate these counts almost instantly.

Tweet 5:

And then both conventional and social media are blasting out these figures not just every day but every second - from the @cnn deathmeter to @nytimes heatmaps to everyone screaming on Twitter. True story: at this point #SARSCoV2 worldwide is slightly worse than a bad flu year...

Tweet 6:

And the 700,000 people it has killed worldwide are less than half the number who have died or traffic accidents OR diarrhea OR tuberculosis this year, less than 2% of all deaths.

There has never been anything like this before, but not because of the virus.


Here are a few more Alex Berenson tweets from Aug 12th that are relevant or that I just like …

The finding -- not yet peer-reviewed -- appeared on the MedRxiv preprint server is here or at least the abstract [link embedded]: Viable SARS-CoV-2 in the air of a hospital room with COVID-19 patients.

I immediately see a real problem with this finding -- if it is further verified:

The media panic porn purveyors and their phalanxes of medically and otherwise WOKE twitter shock troops will begin nonstop demand-braying that everyone has to wear one of those fucking plastic face guards or other makeshift hazmat suit that doubles as a WOKENESS burqa.

Yes, this means Anderson Fuck-Faced Cooper, Don Loser Lemon, Chris Ass-wipe Hayes, Ezra Stalinist Sex Crimes Show Trials Klein, and Rachel Abortion Queen Maddow, as well as the entire list of trans-liquefied WOKESTERS in the New York Times and Washington Post "newsrooms" and at Salon, Slate, and Vox.

And then expect half-pussy, half-wussy, all-around-ethically grotesque local and state Democratic pols -- the same sort who can't get enough non-socially distanced Antifa violent rioting and arson mixed with BLM "reparations"-themed looting -- to instantly jump on that totalitarian control-minded bandwagon.

That's because these morally and mentally deranged pols are in perfect totalitarian-minded sync with the CNN / MSNBC / NBC / ABC / CBS / Slate / Vox / Salon / NY Times / Washington Post Hive Mind.

OR maybe I should quote Glenn Reynolds via Stephen Green:

"The infotainment industry — I refuse to keep calling it the news business — is a Democratic PSYOPs operation against the American people."

But that's how it is going to be for at least the next few years once we have a Kamala Harris administration and single-party Democrat rule: Antifa violence-stoking and BLM looting encouragement in one breath and wildly unconstitutional attempts by the federal government to coerce ordinary citizens into some North Korea-like Hive Mind frenzy in another breath. This includes what (and who) you eat, drink, wear, think, hate, and love.

As noted in the image two above, Senile Joe is eager to create some "national" mask mandate, which hopefully any Federalist Society-vetted judge would void and tear up in a New York minute.

It's a grotesque violation of civil liberties based upon a fucking lie of an idea.

But it's increasingly apparent that this Covid media-fanned pandemic in which the severity of it has to be continuously browbeaten into everyone -- with its 0.65% IFR, itself as high because of its impact on the elderly -- is going to continue for several years in this fashion. And there will never be a fucking "magic vaccine" -- this is just the new, totalitarian normal, and it will rend society in very ugly ways, bringing it to a very different condition by, say, 2025.

The new normal will be to endless extraconstitutional emergencies with endless lockdowns until there are zero cases -- on a timescale of years. But, of course, that can't happen. That's not how viruses work.

What's more, in the case of Covid-19, you want herd immunity among the young and healthy.

If this was a Chinese government / military-constructed virus in Wuhan lab, it is achieving its goal of destroying Western societies.

I should point out, though, that the situation is far worse in parts of Australia and the entire nation of New Zealand. In those places, ONE random case causes a thermonuclear detonation of shit-flinging horror with North Korea-like totalitarian responses that involve literally the outright destruction of civil society.

Alex Berenson on the matter:

Like her American twitter mob WOKESTER counterparts, the New Zealand Prime Minster herself seems to get genuinely aroused hard lockdowns. And why do they always have some idiot wildly flailing about in sign language standing next to them -- thus turning the whole thing into an even bigger farce than it is already.

OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry.

I have one more entry teed up that I'm going to post tomorrow before I head down to Florida.

Interior Sette Osteria, Connecticut Ave and R Street, Washington, D.C., 6:17 p.m., August 4, 2020

I like that picture of a French clown on the wall (visible in the picture).

As an aside, I took Fred to dinner there a few nights ago for a belated birthday dinner, paying for everything. I was looking forward to it -- especially as this Sette Osteria (there is another one on 14th Street) is one I go to occasionally, seated at a little table by the door.

We had a nice time until Fred and his far-left socialist / pathologically anti-Trump politicization of existence itself sort of ruined our evening -- and right at the end of dinner. Specially, at the very end, he casually announces while putting on his sweaty mask how "we're going to have to have" a second round of hard lockdowns.

Given our previous conversation that had me kind of emotional talking about some family stuff, this really set me off. It was a combination of his aggressively, even obnoxiously self-righteous leftwing politics and what a shitty way it was to end the night.

I'm not really sure a good approach as a rapprochement because I'm rather pissed off -- and he's just oblivious, so I won't be getting any apology for him. Of note, this is the third shitty turn of events involving yet another of my very limited and always highly-problematic-in-nature number of gay male friends.

There was a situation at the start of this month involving Chris in Atlanta in which we have ended our friendship (for the second or third time). In this case, Chris was upset at my incident on July 25th -- something that didn't involve him and happened 500+ miles from where he lives. But he got pissed off and nasty in his texts. It would be funny all around except it isn't, if only because it reminds me WAAAY too much of how my mother reacts to any adverse situation of whatever degree involving me.

Finally, there is BKinNYC (oh, I'm not supposed to mention him on this blog). Well, he's not "inNYC" anymore -- rather, "inCT" these days. Having known him since high school, on and off, and his personality, I guess I just don't like him anymore.


OK, now I'm really wrapping up this entry. One more entry to follow tomorrow before I depart for Florida for ten days.


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