Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuesday Afternoon Interim, Brief Update During Our Summer 2020 WOKE and Media Panic Porn Pandemic Madness

Dramatic cumulonimbus cloud complex as seen somewhere in Fairfax County, Va., July 4, 2020; image by Chris Duncan and featured in this CWG entry.


Apologies for lack of entries.

I am in the process of composing two entries.

One on the widespread thunderstorm outbreak last night that cloud-to-lightning-laced deluged the immediate D.C. area and points southeast of the District with 2 to 4 (and isolated 4 to 6+) inches of rainfall. KDCA recorded 2.47 inches of rain while KBWI picked up 1.41 inches and KNAK 1.08 inches. (KDMH is still offline.)

KIAD, west of the main complex, received 0.63 inches.

It followed a hot (95°F-ish) and very humid (dew points 75°F) early summer day and abundant instability enhanced / triggered by a major storm outbreak over eastern Pennsylvania and a resulting series of outflow boundaries.

Scene from the July 4th fireworks display on the National Mall

This year, there were three fireworks launch spots -- the base of the "Watergate Steps" behind the Lincoln Memorial; around the base of the Washington Monument, and one near the Jefferson Memorial (possibly on a barge in the Potomac). Needless to say, the crowd was quite thin by normal July 4th standards. 

Enjoy July 4th fireworks on the National Mall -- as opposed to on your crime-infested, pot-smelling, urine-infused city street -- before Colin Kaepernick and Kamala Harris "cancel" them during a Biden presidency in which he is a pathetic figurehead trapped upstairs in the White House (and maybe even removed per the 25th Amendment, which the libs have discovered they love).


I also want to post another entry on Summer Madness 2020 involving our WOKE "Year Zero" Cultural Revolution, the Antifa/BLM rioting and looting, Democratic pol culpability, Trumpian self-destructive ineffectuality, GOP invisibility, and a country generally out-of-control and whose very survival, possibility, is not assured.

And also the entry, of course, involves the Covid-19 media panic porn pandemic that at this point has morphed into 20% real / 80% Democratic Culture War horseshit and thus ties into the aforementioned WOKE "Year Zero" Cultural Revolution.

Re. the above entry, the apocalyptic media infotainment and propaganda complex are apoplectic that the death rate has dropped so much, especially while the new cases are supposedly spiking.


My hope is to have the first entry posted later tonight and the second entry completed tomorrow night, although that is one of those sprawling entries with abundant written content and very nearly 40 images.

Hahaha ...


OK, that's all for now. Let me get this frickin' day started. As I've mentioned, being out and about in D.C. is like living in fucking North Korea these days, although I sense the insanity level has notched down a smidge this week.


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