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The Federalist Correctly Calls Bullshit on Derecka Purnell's Total Lie of a Story on Police Shooting of Young Child; The Atlantic Issues Tiny-Print Major Correction; Yoni Appelbaum In Safe Space

**This entry was posted July 22nd, 2020.**

A storm-heralding developing cumulonimbus cloud as seen from the corner of 22nd St and Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, D.C.,7:17 p.m., July 21, 2020

Yesterday evening, there was a batch of dramatic-looking, lightning-laced, drenching thunderstorms (second consecutive night) in over the Metro D.C. area, focused more on the Northern Virginia suburbs that in the end dropped 1/2" to 1" of rain in spots in Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria, about one-tenth to one-quarter inch over D.C. proper.

Looking at the hourly obs, KDCA had 0.52" for the event while 0.21" fell at KBWI and just 0.04" at KIAD. In Annapolis, KNAK had a scant 0.03" and KDMH (Inner Harbor) remains offline. Of note, KADW picked up just 0.13" despite what looked on the radar like a favorable spot.

For the remainder of the week, the weather forecast calls for the region to remain in a hot and humid (i.e., elevated dew point) pattern with lots of evening chances of thunderstorms. Good.

Rooftop view toward Rosslyn / Arlington, Va., 8:22 p.m., July 21, 2020

It's a badly blurry pic, but it's as good as I could get. In the ominous sky, that's a jet inbound to National Airport.



Thanks to old-school investigative work using a few modern tools by Christopher Bedford of The Federalist ...

... it turns out that the widely-shared tale of wanton police brutality against a youngster as told in a riveting first-person account in The Atlantic by social justice warrior Derecka Purnell and "How I Became a Police Abolitionist" because of that incident never happened.

Not only was the Purnell piece made up, but The Atlantic didn't even bother to fact check it. What's more, thanks to suffocating WOKENESS, the publication can't fact check it but instead just put a teeny-tiny little "correction" that functionally negates the whole piece.

Above: A single thunderstorm cell -- rising into a bright blue sky on a hot summer day -- with a picturesque anvil head that developed over the Northern Neck of Virginia that I could see from my office about 70 miles to the SSE. The above picture was taken by someone I know from the upper floors of an Alexandria condo looking southeast.

I tried to get a picture of that thunderstorm as seen from my L'Enfant Plaza office but, it didn't come out well. The above picture was taken about 3:25 p.m. and, for reference, to the left is the radar image at the same time.

This radar image is from my friend's Smartphone app. I think it's just an AccuWeather repackaging of the National Weather Service radars -- namely, the Sterling (LWX) and Wakefield (AKQ) radars. Of course, it's often unclear how commercial weather outfits obtain their offerings including when repackaging of NWS products.

While I've never been an AccuWeather fan for various reasons, I do think its radar presentation is superior to that of the NWS, which is still using the same graphical approach from 20 years ago.


Of course, in our Brave New WOKE World, even calling out an inconvenient truth to the Social Justice Warrior Marxists will soon be a "hate crime."

While there is an element of truth in that a non-lethal shooting happened, it is so beyond any connection to "the police" and hence beyond any sane person's ability to link it to why we should "defund the police." Below are the key links:

The Atlantic piece on July 6, 2020:
"How I Became a Police Abolitionist"

The Federalist July 16, 2020 piece: ‘I’m… At A Loss For Words’: The Unraveling Narrative Behind The Atlantic’s Defund-The-Police ‘Shooting’ Tale

The Federalist July 20, 2020 piece:
Four Days Since A Police Brutality Story Unraveled, The Atlantic Still Refuses To Respond

The Federalist July 21, 2020 piece: The Atlantic Finally Admits Its Police Abolition Piece Is Based On A False Narrative.

Let's be clear: A young boy who was the writer's cousin was shot at a rec center (for unclear reasons), but it wasn't a police officer that shot the boy in the arm simply for "skipping the basketball sign-in sheet" while she and her sister were forced to hide “in the locker room for hours afterward.”

Rather, it was an armed security guard ... it had ZERO to do with the police ... and the shooter was, in fact, arrested, presumably because somebody called 9-1-1. So, you know, the system itself actually sorta worked even in a very bad neighborhood and situation.

Let me just quote this part from the third Federalist link above:

An investigation by The Federalist encompassing newspaper archives, police department records, questions to The Atlantic, the police union, and the office of the mayor, however, called the story — including facts about the neighborhood, the timeline of the incident, and if the incident described even happened ... into question.

Four days, six comment requests, and one follow-up story later, The Atlantic issued a series of major corrections that confirmed The Federalist’s investi-gation — and gutted the Purnell’s story of the police violence that made her “a police abolitionist,” rendering it a story about a private security guard shooting his adult cousin.

Although the updated story no longer involves personally motivated and barely punished police violence against children, it now includes mention of a police investigation. Additionally, a contemporary news article uncovered by The Federalist using the updated timeline details pending police charges against the shooter.

Someone in the neighborhood, it appears, called 911.

Yes, there has been a correction, but it takes the form of an unnoted change to the inline text of the article itself. The only acknowledgement of the inline changes is a teeny, tiny italicized correction notice at the bottom of the article consisting of two parts.

Of those two parts, the correction considers as more important the "misidentification" of interstate I-70 rather than the pesky fact that, you know, a cop wasn't even involved in a shooting. Specifically, the correction to the part about a shooting that forms the centerpiece of an article about rampant police brutality targeting African Americans in which said shooting plays a critical role in the young writer's "conversion" to a police "abolitionist."

That is, the ENTIRE frickin' premise of the article -- which, of course, received wide distribution across the grotesque social media world-scape during this WOKE Cultural Revolution that is being fanned by the whore-media -- was a dirty, rotten lie.

The Atlantic's "Ideas" Editor Yoni Appelbaum (balding-headed git on the left) who was responsible for the piece is much too self-aroused with WOKE sensibilities to let anything like "factual truth" -- to impede a story with such "moral clarity" from "being told" -- even if that story doesn't represent an instantiation "event" in our physical Universe.

Indeed, the very fact that Ms. Purnell and all the white WOKE revolutionaries in the media "want" and "believe" the event to have happened and for the demands of Critical Social Justice Theory render it impossible to call her to account. Welcome to America 2020, where the entire commercial media-infotainment ecosystem is a wackadoodle college humanities department.

Now The Atlantic's Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg (pictured left before he was fat and, while no longer fat, before he was old) is not only smart enough but enough of a traditional journalist to understand the gravity of such severe journalistic misrepresentation -- to the point of an outright lie -- and hence having his publication being played like a cheap fiddle at a country hoedown.

But in the current highly toxic fanatical WOKE Cultural Revolution climate in which he finds himself, there is simply NO WAY on this God's Beautiful Earth that he can call out an African American female, much less a Critical Social Justice Theory advocate on such an explosive topic.

That would be the end of Jeffrey Goldberg's career full stop -- and he'd be thrown under the bus by his Atlantic superiors and all those New York and D.C. digital journalistic colleagues who say they admire and respect him faster than a street-walker in a five-star hotel drops her panties.

And he so knows that.

That being the case, it's far better if he just finds some hapless non-BIPOC fool who happens to drunkenly stumble by order to blame him for "the violence of the systemic racist oppression" that "required" Ms. Purnell to write "the truth as she knows it."

Welcome to THX 1138 WOKE WORLD.

For it's part, The Atlantic has quickly moved onto safer WOKE matters and is avoiding pesky basic journalistic ethics -- such as, hyper-ventilating about "hostile" is the "workplace" on Capitol Hill as a result of that bit of unpleasantness between Ted Yolo and AOCwhen they had the misfortune to pass each other in the Capitol yesterday.

In that encounter, Yolo called bullshit on her horseshit assertion that the looting, arson, and mayhem in all the Big, Blue cities is because people are "hungry" and "can't afford bread" rather than due to violent Antifa / BLM mobs. The media and Nancy Pelosi, not to mention her old lapdog Steny Hoyer, are in a WOKE frenzy about the "violence" of him calling her a "fucking bitch" as he walked away.

Being the crybully she is, AOC freaked out and had to flee into Todd-Turned-Emily VanDerWerff's massive arms for a "safe space" while demanding investigations for the "hate crimes" he committed. 

Of course, that didn't stop her or the Democratic powers that be from continuing to fan the violence and hot civil war in Portland.

God, I hope Rep. Yolo doesn't apologize -- that's just what these monsters want. And it only makes matters a million times worse. You never apologize to them or their vile media enablers.

Speaking of political violence, it sounds like there are supposed to be mass WOKE and Antifa / BLM rallies this Saturday around the country. I'm a bit concerned how that will go. But at least Covid-19-related "social distancing" requirements will get the obligatory pass from the whore-media.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will either be late tonight or tomorrow night.


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